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*^* As a memorial of thhlate Rkv. Frederick 
Brown^ M.A., F.S.A,, o/Beckenham^ Kent, I 
have printed from his manuscript collections 
some abstracts of Wills^ 6*^., relating to 
Somersetshire families. Permission to print 
these important genealogical records has been 
granted by Mr. Frederick Latham Brown 
to J. J. Howard, Esq., LL.D. The super- 
vision of the proofs has been undertaken by 
Rev. F. W. Weaver, M. A., and Dr. Howard. 
One hundred and fifty copies only have been 
printed^ of which this is No. 72. 


Grove Park, Denmark Hill, 
London, S.E. 

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VyiLLIAM' HILL,* of Mells, Somerset, clerk, D.D. Will dated 
^^ Sep. 7, 1619, proved Mar. 10, 1619-20,57 his daughter Mary 
HilL [27 SoameJ My wife Edith. My sons Philip & Benjamin. 
My daughter Prudence. My daughter Hannah. My son Mark. My 
father in law, D' Bisse, dec^ gave me by will, a third part of his goods. 
My son Washer. To the Dean & Chapter of Bristol, 22/. 
Dr. William Hill, admitted to 5th stall in Bristol Cathedral Feb. 26, 1606-7. 

JOHN BISSE* the elder, of Frome Selwood, Somerset, yeoman. Will 
dated 23 Dec. 1652, proved 5 June, 1654, by his son Samuel Bisse. 
[491 AlcAt'n.'] My wife Mary. My son Samuel Bisse, ex5r. My grand- 
children, Morgan Coward, son of Morgan Coward, of Merston Bigoot,' 
baker, &. John Hayce, son of Richard Hayce, of Frome, aforesaid, 
clothier. My son John Bisse. My daughter Mary. My daughters 
Frances Hayce, & Jane Coward. My friends Gilbert Bisse & Stephen 
Norrice, Overseers. 

JAMES BISSE, of Foxcott, Somerset, esq'. Will dated Feb. 28, 1643, 
proved Nov. 10, 1646, by his grandson, William Orange.* [171 
Tfvisse,'] To be buried in Batcombe Church, in the aisle belonging to 
my Manor. Poor of Stoke Lane,' 40/. My grandchild Eliza Scuda- 
more, wife of Thomas Scudamore, of White Oxmeade,' & George 
Scudamore, her son. My daughter Ellinor Chiche^^ of Batcombe. To 
my grandchild Joanna Orange, my plate which I had with me when I 
removed last from Batcombe to sojourn at Foxcott, now in the use of 
Eliza Orange, her mother. My three grandchildren, John, Humphrey, & 
Francis Orange, j£s each. To my daughter Eliza Orange, the Advow- 
son of Batcombe & my Manor of Inglishcombe ' & Inchbar[row]. Her 
son William Orange. My daughter in law Mary Bisse. My friends, 

' Married as his first wife, Sarah, daughter of Dr. Philip Bisse, of Batcombe. 
' On the Bisse family see full data in " Miscellanea Gen. et Her." N.S. toI. ii. 
by the late Mr. F. Grigson. There is a very full pedigree. 
' Marston Bigot, near Frome. 

* B. 81. ' Otherwise Stoke St. Michael * In Wellow. 

^ His daughter Elinor married Thomas Chicke or Cheeke, of Mottiston, in the 
Isle of Wight. See 6enry*s *< Hants Genealogies," 98. 

* Inglishcombe is locally called Inkscombe^ and this Barrow is near Rush HilL 
There is also Inglishbatch close at hand. 


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Upton Bisse,^ of Almesford, clerk, & Richard Hodson, of Camerton, 
clerk. John Bysse, a witness. 

James Bisse died August 8, 1646, buried at Batcombe. 
t DWARD BISSE the younger, of Spartgrove,* Somerset, esq. Nun- 
^ cupative will Sep. i, 1644, proved Feb. 3, 1646 (1646-7), by his 
relict, Elizabeth Bisse.* [38 Fi'ms.'] To his son Edward Bisse, the par- 
sonage of Inscombe, Somerset Household stuff to his wife Elizabeth, 
& after her death to his eldest son, George Bisse. His daughter Mary 
Bisse. His youngest daughter Lady* Bisse, ;£^4oo out of the Par- 
sonage of Wells. His wife Elizabeth, extrix. Henry 2k>uch, clerk, a 

JORDEN BISS, of Wormister.' WU dated Oct. 29, 1650, proved 
Apr. a8, 1651, by Beatrix Bisse, the relict [60 Griey.'] My son 
Jordea My four daughters, Ann, Frances, Joane, & Bessie, all my 
lands, &c, at Cure, during my son James's life. The Parke, &c., to my 
wife Beatnx, extrix, to whom also residue. 

JOHN BISSE, Citizen & Stationer, of London. Will dated June i, 
1653, proved Aug. 13, 1653, by his brother, William Bisse. [168 
Brmt!] To my brother William Bisse, land called " Pynam," in Shepton 
Mallett, Somerset, now 'Metten to Edward Bisse and two others." 
Elizabeth, wife of my s* brother William. My brother in law John 
Whitboume, & my sister, his wife. My sister Ann Plympton. My 
sister Dorothy Coxe. My cousin Philip 3isse, Citizen & Vintner, of 
London. Children of my brother William, & of my sister Dorothy, & 
my sister Whitboume. My said brother William, Exor. 

JAMES BISSE, late of Wells, Somerset, dec^ Admon. Apr. x8, 1659, 
to his relict Joane Bisse. 

PHILIP BISSE, late of Almesford, Somerset, bachelor, dec^ Admon. 
Apr. 30, .1659, to his father, Upton Bisse. 

EDWARD BISSE, of Foxcott, Somerset, died March 16, 1661. 
Nuncupative will [date not given]^ proved Apr. 8, 1662, by his 
relict, Joanna Bisse. {Archdeaconry of Wdls^ My wife & my four 

NICHOLAS BISS, of Halton,* Somerset, husbandman. Will dated 
10 June, 1662, proved 20 Dea 1666, by Margaret, the relict 
[173 Mtco^ My son John, a brass pan which was his mother's. My 
grandchildren, Richard, Walter, Anne, Avice, Eidward, & Agnes Pitman, 
all under 21, children of my son in law, Richard Pitman, & Agnes my 
daughter, late dec^. My now wife Margaret My grandchildren, Giles, 
Elizabeth, Nathaniel, & Mary Day, all under 21, children of my son in 
law, Giles Day, & Elizabeth my daughter. My grandchildren, Anne, 
Nicholas, Walter, & Magdalen Pitman, all under 21, children of my son 
in law, Walter Pitman, & Magdalen, my daughter. My grandchildren, 
Margaret & Michael Pitman, under 21, children of my son in law, 
Michael Pitman, dec^ & Margaret my daughter. My grandchild, John 
Gothier, under 21, son of my son in law, John Clothier, & Margaret my 

^ Instituted to Rectory of Almsford, Dec. 27, 162a ' In parish of Batcombe. 

' She was daughter and co-heir of Thos. Hawker, of Heytesbury (see 1623, Visita- 
tion of Wilts, p. 58), and vras married at Milton-Clevedon, il Nov. 161 7. 

^ This was a frequent Christian name in the Bisse family. The mother of Elix. 
Bisse, and grandmother of Lady Bisse, was Lady^ daughter of Wm. FilloU, of 
Mamhull. See Harl. Soc. zx. 39, and Marshall's Visitation of Wilts, p. 5S. 

' Worminster b a tything of Wells. 

* Holton, near Wincanton. 


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daughter. My grandchildren, Stephen, Elizabeth, & Michael Pitman, 
under 31, childi^n of my son in law, Stephen Pitman, & Edith my 
daughter. My wife extrix. My brother John Bisse & my brother in 
law, Stephen Phillips, Overseers. 

MARGARET BISSE, of Halton, Somerset, widow. Will dated 
Apr. 16, 1669, proved 9 Feb. 1670-1, by the Exor. [15 Duke,'] 
My daughter Elizabeth, wife of Giles Dey, husbandman. My grand- 
child Elizabeth Dey. My grandchildren Giles, Nathaniel, Mary, & 
Grace Dey, all under 31, diildren of the said Giles Dey. My daughter 
Margaret, wife of John Clothier, of Clapton, par. of Maperton, Somerset, 
yeoman, & their children, my grandchildren John, Elizabeth, & Edith 
Clothier, under ai. My grandchildren Margaret & Michael Pitman, 
under ax, children of Michael Pitman, of Clapton, aforesaid, dec^ My 
daughter Edith, wife of Stephen Pitman the elder, of Halton, husbandman, 
& their children, my grandchildren Stephen, Elizabeth, Michael, Agnes, 
Edith, & Sarah Pitman, all under 21. My grandchildren Nicholas, 
Anne, Walter, Magdalen, & Edward, all under 21, children of Walter 
Pitman, of Higher Wolston, parish of North Cadbury, Somerset, 
yeoman. My grandchildren Richard, Anne, Walter, Edward, & Avice 
Pitman, all under 21, children of Richard Pitman, of Lower Wolston, 
par. of North Cadbury, husbandman. My brother Stephen Phillipps, of 
Halton, butcher, & his six children, viz., John, Daniel, Richard, Stephen, 
Elizabeth, & Deborah Phillipps. My son in law Stephen Pitman, of 
Halton, husbandman, Exor. 

STRODE BISSE,* late of Sherbom, Dorset, gent, Nuncupative Will 
Oct. 23, 1679, proved Feb. 12, 1679-80, by Joyce Bisse. [14 
BathJ] ^ To my sister Joyce Bisse, all my estate, &c, sole extrix. 

WILLIAM BISSE, of Bristol, dec*. Admon. 20 Jan^ 1680-1, to 
the relict, Mary Bisse. 
JAMES BISSE,^ of Shepton Mallett, Somerset. Will dated June 28, 
1680, proved Sep. 4, 1689, by his son James Bisse. [118 -E«/.] 
My wife Margaret. My daughter Hester Bisse, ^100. My daughter 
Elizabeth Browne. My daughter Mary Banister. My grandchildren 
Hester & Mary Browne, under 21. My grandchildren James, Thomas, 
Charles, Edward, Mary, Jane, Margaret, Elizabeth, & Katherine 
Banister, all under 21. My grandchildren James, Margaret, Katherine^ 
Amy, & Ann Bisse, all under 21. My son James Bisse, Exor. My 
brofiier Robert Bisse, Overseer. 

ROBERT BISSE, of Tinehead, par. of Edington, Wilts, gent Will 
dated 14 Sep. 1683, proved 2 July, i6<px, by his daughters Sarah 
& Susanna Bisse. [no Vercl My wife,* ;6ioo. My daughters Sarah 
& Susannah Bisse, both under 21. To my son Robert Bisse,* messuages 
in Titherington in Frome Selwood, & lands in Marston Bigott, co. 
Somerset. My daughter Sarah Bisse, jQ6oo. . My said daughters 
ExtrTces. My brother M' James Bisse, & my brother in law M' Edward 
Wadman, Overseers. 

^ Son of Strode Bisse, of Croscombe, and grandson of Wm. Bisse, of Croscombe, 
whose will is ^ven in 1st Series, p. 95. He was bnried at Sherborne 28 Oct 1679. 

' He married : i. Mary, sister of John Joyliffe, of Boston, New England. 
2. Margaret .... 

' He was twice married. His second wife was Susanna, daughter of John Wadman, 
of Westbttiy, co. Wilts. 

*• He died 1723, leaving one surviving daughter (M. I. at Semington, Wilts.) Of 
his sisters, Sarah died unmarried ; Susanna married Peter Davis, of Wells. 



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ELEANOR BISS, of Wells, Somerset, widow. Will dated Aug. 3, 
1 688, proved Jan, 8, 1688-9, py ^^^ daughter Catherine Biss. 
[i -£«/.] I formerly recovered of & against James Biss, of Batt- 
c^mbe, esq., by a Decree of the Exchequer, ;^3oo. My son William 
Biss, j£io. My grandchild Amy Biss, daughter of my dear son 
Edward Biss, a gold ring. Residue to my daughter Catherine Biss, Extrix. 

JAMES BISSE* the elder, of Compton, in the parish of Pilton, 
Somerset, gent. Will dated 3 Mar, 1704, proved Oct 21, 1707, by 
the relict Catherine Bisse. [220 Foley."] My now wife Katherine.* 
My leasehold estate in Yatton, held of Lord Paulett, also of Churchill 
& Corscombe, held of M' Fortescue, to my s* wife for life, then to my 
son James Bisse, under 21. The Manor of Pilton. My daughters 
Margaret & Katherine, ;^3So each. Money bequeathed by my late 
father. Property in Presleigh.' My mother Margaret Bisse. My son 
Robert Bisse, under 21. My son John Bisse, under 21, property in 
Shepton Mallett & West Pennard. My sister Hester Bisse. My 
daughters Anne & Edith, under 21, & unmarried. My brother John 
Rogers. My kinsman Thomas George, of Crosscombe. Property in 
Norwood Park,* Somerset. My said wife, Extrix. 

JAMES BISSE, of Batcombe, Somerset, Esq. Will dated 31 Aug. 
1713, proved 9 Oct. 1713, by his son James Bisse. [220 Leeds.] 
My wife Grace.* My son Thomas, a white cow & all my sheep. My 
son George, my scarlet waistcoat. My son James Bisse, Exdr, to whom 
all my lands. 

ROBERT BISSE,* of West Compton, parish of Pilton, Somerset, 
clothier. Will dated Sep. 16, 1 721, proved 27 Jan. 1725-6, by his 
mother. [2 Flymouth.] To my brother M' John Bisse (after death of 
my mother M" Catherine Bisse) my estate which I now hold of Thomas 
Homer, esq', in Prestley, parish of Dowlton,^ Somerset, given me by my 
father M' James Bisse, after my mother's decease. Mjr sister Margaret, 
wife of Rev* Elias Rebotier, of Axbridge, ^10, & ;t 5 to ^er children 
Elias & Katherine. My sister Katherine Bisse, ;^io. My sisters Anne 
& Edith Bisse, jQio each. My brother John Bisse. My said mother, 
Harl. Socxx. JOHN STRANGWAYS, of Mamhull, Dorset, gent. Will dated 
86-7 ; Hutch- J Nov. 23, 1680, proved June 3, 1681, by Elizabeth Strangways, the 
^i. 149, u. ^^^^ j-jQQ North.] My wife Elizabeth. To my son in law James 
Bisse, of Badcombe, Esq., ;^8oo, he to settle an annuity of ;^i2o on 
my daughter Grace, his now wife. My daughter Elizabeth, wife of W" 
H^nicott My godson John Andrews, under age, son of Tho* Andrews, 
of Melbury Osmond, Dorset. Residue to my wife, sole Extrix. 

FRANCIS GUNTER, Citizen & Skinner of London. Will dated 
Jan. 21, 1587, proved July 9, 1588, by Jane Gunter,' the relict. 

' He died 6 Aug., 1707, aged 53, and has a monument in Pilton ChanceL 

* She was sister of John R<^en. 

' Prestleifh, in parish of Doulting. 

* Near Glastonbury. 

' Eldest daughter and coheir of John Strangwavs, of Mamhull, co. Dorset. Ac- 
cording to the oedigree she had three sons, who, all died s. p., and with them ended 
the l^tcombe branch of the fiimily. 

* He was son of James Bisse, of Pilton (see above). 
^ Tht local pronunciation of DouUing, 

* She was daughter of £dw. Lloyd, of Lloyenmajme, co. Salop, and married first 
Edwd. South worth, of London. See B. 102. For the Gunter family, see 1623, 
Visitation of Wilts, p. 68, and <* Genealogist," N.S. iii. 10, 8S. 


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[48 Rutland.'] To Thomas Southworth, my wife's son, ;^ioo, & I 
remit all the charges I have laid out for his learning & bringing up. To 
Henry Southworth, her son, & his wife, 40/ each. Edward Southworth. 
My brother Thomas Gunter. My sister Pelsant.* My brother sir 
Thomas Forman. My wife Jane Gunter, Extrix, &c 
T ANE GUNTER,* of Wells, Somerset, widow. Will dated Feb. 24, 
J 1612, proved July 9, 1617. [66 Weldon,"] To be buried in the 
Cathedral Church. My son Henry Southworth,^ & my daughter in law 
Elizabeth, his wife. To his daughter Jane, my goddaughter, a dozen of 
Apostle spoons & £^0, My tenements in S* Mary Hill, London, to 
my son Thomas Southworth. His wife Jane. My daughter Phillis 
Kempe, wife of William Kempe, of Essex. My daughter Blanch James,' 
wife of Francis James, of Wells, esq'. Henry Billingsley, Thomas Bil- 
lingsley, & Francis James, sons of my daughter Blanch James, her 
daughter Jane James. My brother Hugh Lloyd. My sister Trever. 
My sister Muclestone. My cousin Saxey Heath. My cousin Thomas 
Kineston. My sister Williams. My cousin Philip, wife of William 
Fellgate. The 2 daughters of my cousin Brigges. Henry & Thomas 
Southworth, Exors. 

B. 102. T-T ENRY SOUTHWORTH,' of Wells, Somerset,'esq', rightlie Citizen 

J—*. & Mercer, of London. Will dated May 23, 1625, proved Nov. 12, 
1625, by his daughters Margaret, wife of D' Arthur Ducke, & Jane *' BulL 
["122 Clarke,'] To my daughter Margaret, ;;^i4oo, to equal the portion 
that her sister Jane Bull hath had, in preferment of her marriage. My 
sister James. My brother Southworth. My brother Smith. My brother 
Fellgate. My deceased wife. To be buried in the Chapel of Wike.* 

B. 102. HTHOMAS SOUTHWORTH, of Wells, Somerset Died at Barrow.* 

J* Nuncupative Will, Sep. 8, 1625. Proved Dec. 20, 1625. [139 
ClarkeJ] ** I leave all to my wife Jane." 

He was Recorder of Wells. He married Jane, daughter of Nicholas Mynne, of 

Collinson, iii. 'T'HOMAS GATCHELL, of Angersleigh, Somerset. Admon. Sep. 6, 
73- J- 1623, to his relict Susanna Gatchell. . 

HENRY GATCHELL, of North Petherton, Somerset, Gent. Will 
dated i Feb. 1667, proved Mar. 18, 1667, by his son Thomas 
Gatchell. [29 Hene,] iAy wife Alice. My sons Henry & John. To 
my daughters Mary Glasse, Elizabeth Taylor, Agnes Gatchell, & Jone 
Gatchell, ;^3oo each. My grandchild Horsford. Henry, son of 
Thomas Gatchell, my brother. My son Thomas Gatchell, Exor. 

THOMAS GATCHELL, of Clawsey Farm, Somerset, gent. Will 
dated, Apr. 8, 1678, proved May 30, 1678, by Mary Gatchell, the 
relict. To my wife Mary, ;^ioo. My daughters Elizabeth & Mary, 
;;^5oo each. My sons Thomas & Henry Gatchell. My brothers in law 
John Taylor & Henry Glasse. 

MARY GATCHELL, of Clawsey, in North Petherton, Somerset, 
widow. Will dated Dec 6, 17 13, proved Jan. 8, 17 14, by her 
son Henry Gatchell. \_Taunton jReg^»] (Crest, Two mailed arms hold- 

' He married Eliz., d. of John Pellsant, of London, merchant. 

' See note 8, p. 6. * Second wife of Fiands James, relicta Billingsley. 

* Jane married Wm. Bnll, of Shapwick, co. Somerset. 

' Wyke Champflower, near Bruton. See Collinson, i. 219. 

* Tins is Barrow Gumey, the residence of his relations, the James fiunilj. 


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ing a ring.) To be buried in the Grave of my grandfather Musgrave, in 
the Chancel of North Petherton Church. 'Die two eldest daughters of 
my son Thomas GatchelL A third child bom. My grandsons Thomas 
& Alexander Popham, & my grandsons Richar<^ John, Thomas, & 
Edmund Jeanes, ^25 each. To my daughter Joane Gatchell, ;^io, & 
the use of my pendulum Clock, &c., during die life of my son Henry, 
& her widowhood, & afterwards to my grandson Henry Gatchell. My 
granddaughter Elizabeth Gatchell. M^ son Thomas Gatchell & his 
wife, & my son Jeane, ^5 each for a rmg. My hon*^ uncle Thomas * 
Musgrave, esq', my aunt Musgrave, my sister Musgrave, & my three 
brothers, a ring each. Residue to my son Henry GatcheU, Exor. 

THOMAS GATCHELL, of West Monckton, Somerset WiU dated 
Nov. 6, 1720, proved Mar. 30, 1722, by Henry Gatchell & John 
Jeanes. [5^ AfarA^ro.] My three daughters, Mary,* Elisabeth, & 
Dorothy, j^s^ besides Uie legacies given them by their grandmother 
GatcheU. To my son Thomas my fiEum in TrulL To poor in the 
neighbourhood of Clawsey, £$9 ^ ^Y brother Gatchell shall think 
proper. Goods to my son Henry, Exor. My brother Gatchell, my 
brother Popham, & my brother Jeane, Exors in trust, & if my daughters 
marry with their consent, ;^5oo to each. My brother Henry Gatchell, 
of Clawsey, to surrender lands in Taunton Dean to my son 
Thomas, &c. 

HENRY GATCHELL, of North Petherton, Somerset. Will dated 
Mar. 27, 1723, proved June 12, 1725, by John Jeane & H. Sellidc. 
lTaufU(m £egisify^ My lands, &c, to my nephew Heniy Gatchell, & 
his sons. My nephews Thomas & Alexander Popham. My nephew 
John Jeane. Mary & Elizabeth, daughters of my nephew, Thomas 
GatchelL My sister Gatchell. My nephew M' Sanford & his wife, my 
niece, &c 
HarL Soc. "C* LIZABETH BEAMONT,' of Gittesham, Devon, widow of Henry 
vi. 21,* XL Beamont, Esq., dec^. Will dated Dec 23, 1613, proved July 14, 

'564»>^ta. 1614, by Tho* Warre. [is Lowe.'] To my cousin Thomas Warrc, son 
^00 o TOO, ^£ j^y nephew Roger Warre, a chain of gold. My cousin Roger, son 
of my said nephew, ^^ao. My nephew Richard Mallett, of S* Audries, 
one gold ring. To the eldest & youngest sons of my cousin Johan 
Lyte, £6. 13. 4. To Katherine Bluett, daughter of my nephew John 
Bluett, 50/. To my cousin Thomas Warre, the Table wherein myself 
& my late husband are pictured. My nephews Thomas Warre & Gawen 
Mallett My niece Mary Harvie. My nephew Richard Mallett My 
cousin John Willoughby. My cousin Mary Bluett, daughter of my 
nephew John Bluett Thomas Warre, eldest son of my nejihew Thomas 
Waire. My nephew Thomas Beamont. Children of my niece Dorothy 
Beamont, dec^ My cousin Glidd Beamont My cousin Thomas 
Warre, of the Middle Temple, London, esq., third son of my nephew 
Roger Warre, of Hestercombe, Exor. 

^ He died 1723, aged 89$ for the Mnsgnye fiunUv, see Collinsoii, iiL ^. 

* Maiy married Alex. Popham, R. of West Monkton. Elix. mamed Ashford 
Sanford, R. of West Monkton. Dorothy married Henry Fytch, R. of Lydiard 
St Lawrence/ 

' She was daughter of Sir Roger Bluet, of Holoombe Rogus. Her sbter Cathe- 
rine Bluet married Richard Warre, of Hestercombe. Richard ICalet manied Joan, 
daughter of Richard Warre. She had no children ; her husband. Hen. Beamont, 
conveyed the manor of Gittisham to a junior branch of the fiunily. See 1564, Visita- 
' tion of DcTon, p. 16. 


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B. 6i. Tiyr ARMADUKE JENNINGS, of Curry Rivell, Somerset, esq. Will 
J-^ A dated Jan. 20, 1657, proved June 8, 1658. [307 IVotton.] My 
sons Marmaduke & Thomas Jennings, 10/. each. My 3 daughters Eliza- 
beth, Mary, & Ann Jennings, ^500 each at ages of si. My aunt 
'Towse. My brother Jonathan Pitt My cousin Marmaduke Powell. 
My mother in law M" Bridget Trevellian. My cousin Richard Tre- 
velian. My sister Overton & her husband. My godson Marmaduke 
Trevellian, My wife Elizabeth,^ Extrix, 

THOMAS JENNINGS, of Burton in Curry Rivell, Somerset, Gent. 
Will dated Dec. 27, 1674, proved Mar. i, 1679-80, by Mary, the 
relict. [38 BaihJ] To my son Thomas, under 21, Camshill farm, pur- 
chased of Henry Waldron, esq'. My daughters Mary & Elizabeth. 
Poor of Curry Rivell & White Lackington. Overseers, George, John, & 
Hugh Speke, my brothers, George I^ng, esq., & my nephew William 
Helliar, gents. My wife Mary,* Extrix. 

HENRY ELRINGTON,* of Ciceter, co. Glouc, gent. Will dated 
Apr. 3, 1588, proved Aug. 22, 1588. [50 Rutiandi] My father 
Thomas Elrington. My brothers George & John. My sisters Ann & 
Gertrude. My wife Margaret. My brother Arnold Oldisworth &: my 
cousin John Turberville, Overseers. 

JOHN ELRINGTON, of Broadwaye, Somerset, gent Will dated 
Feb. II, 1617, proved Apr. 29, 1618. [34 Meade."] The five 
daughters & eldest son of my brother Richard Staunton, jQ6. 13. 4 each. 
My cousin M' Giles Greene, of Dorchester, gent. My friends M' 
Thomas Muttlebury,^ of Jourdaines,' Somerset, esq', & Nicholas Estmond, 
of Lodge, Dorset, my lands, &c. 

JOHN DYNHAM, of Ilminster, Somerset Will dated Nov. 9, 1618, 
proved Jan. 10, 1618-19. [^ Parker,'] My daughter Eleanor, 
j£ioo. My son Jasper Dynham. My daughter Katherine. My son 
in law Edmund Rooche^ & my daughter Agnes Rooche. My wife 
' OHN WEBBER,* of Dulverton, Somerset, gent Will dated Apr. 4, 
1618, proved Apr. 10, 1618. [35 MeadeJ] To Sir Julius Csesar, 
Master of the Rolls, my honourable Master, & my Hon^Ladie, a piece of 
plate of ;^io. My brother Edward Webber, ;^io. My brother Wil- 
liam Webber, a moiety of Weeke farm. William his eldest son, & 
Grace, wife of the said son. My brother Alexander Webber. His 3 
sisters Jone, Christian, & Jane, £So, at 21. My cousin John Tanner. 
My cousin Mary Browne. My cousin Susan Bower (or Bowen), widow. 

JOHN WORNELI^ of Long Ashton, Somerset Admon. Feb. 6, 
1564, to his relict, Joyce Womell. 
B. 119- T AMES WORNELL, of Yatton, Somerset. Will dated Feb. 3, 1560, 
J proved Sep. 4, 1567. [25 Stonarde."] John Yede the elder, & John 
Yede the younger, my wife's brothers. My father in law John Yede. 
To my brothers all my Kyne at Laurence Wyke. Residue to Jone my 
wife, Extrix. 

' Daughter of John Piper, of Curry RivelL 

' She was daughter of Geoige Speke, of White Lackin^on, the chief supporter of 
Monmouth in 1685, and was hersellf deeply implicated in his rebellion. 
' This was an Essex flEunily. See Marshall's <' Genealogists' Guide " and Harl. Soc. 

nii. 49> 392- 

* B. 70. ' Jordans is in the parish of Ashill. 

* For Uie Webber family see Collinson, iiL 20, and also ** Chronicle of the family 

II. 9 . c 


Digitized by 


SAMUEL WORNELL, of Yatton, Somerset, Yeoman. WiU dated 
Mar. 15, 1617, proved Ma^ 7, 1618. [40 Meade.] My mother in 
law Jane Wornell, My wife Elizabeth. 

THOMAS WORNELL, of Yatton, Somerset, Gent WiU dated July 
10, 1627, proved Feb. 13, 1631, by his son Thomas. [25 Audeley.] 
My daughter Florence ;£"ioo at age of 21, or marriage. To Thomas 
my son, all my household stuff in my house at Ballam Str., Bristol My 

JOHN WORNELL, of Yatton, Somerset, gent. Will dated June 17, 
1633, proved Nov. 6, 1637. [148 Goare,] To my son James, " my 
Ring with my Arms engraven on it," & my Bible. My son Joseph, the 
lease of the parsonage house of Yatton. My wife Fredeswede.* My 
daughters Phillip, Mary, & Florence. Residue to Henry Hanham, of 
Ditcheat, gent., Ex5r. William Coxe, of Ashton, gent, an Overseer. 

THOMAS WORNELL, of Yatton, Somerset, gent Will dated Mar. 
8, 1668, proved May 14, 1669. [64 Cok^,] Lands in Bristol & 
Yatton, among my daughters Frances, Margaret, Agnes, Mary, Elisa- 
beth, & Anstice, joint Extrices. Joseph Womell, an Overseer. 

THOMAS YOUNGE, now of Woodspring, Kewstoke, Somerset, esq. 
Will dated May 11, 1618, proved June 25, 1618. [55 Meade.] 
To be buried in Kewstoke Church. Ann Franklin my sister's daughter, 
^300. My kinswoman & niece Jane Estcourt, wife of Edmund Est- 
court, esq., Extrix. My friend M' Samuel Crook,* of Wrington, ^5 to 
preach my funeral sermon. 

ARTHUR THORNE, of Asholt, Somerset, yeoman. Will dated 
June 7, 1618, proved Nov. 19, 1618. [in Meade.] My wife Ann. 
My son in law Charles Crosse.' 

ANN THORNE, of Aysholt, Somerset, widow. Will dated May 31, 
1620. Codicil Oct 7, 1620, proved June i, 1622, by Charles 
Crosse. [54 Savilie.] To be buried at Aisholt, near my husband, 
Arthur Thome, dec*. My son in law Charles Crosse the elder. His 
daughters Ann, Susan, and Frances. My daughter Susan Thome. 
Land in Spaxton. 
CoUmson, fj UGH SEXEY, of S* Giles', Cripplegate, London. Will dated Aug. 
-Tl 19, 1619, proved Aug. 21, 1619, by Ursula Sexey. [81 Parker.] 
My manor of Blackford to my wife. Thomas Bancke & Ann his wife, 
my kinswoman. Residue to my wife Ursula,* Extrix. Edward Horner,* 
a witness. 

Hugh Sexey, of Bruton, Esq., married at Cloford, Somerset, Ursula Champeraoun, 
Dec 19, 1611. He was the founder of Sexey's Hospital at Bruton. 
From thi Bruton Haters. 

1556. Not. 18. Hugh [blank], baptized. 

1557. Not. 22. EUuibeth Sexey baptized. 

1560. Sep. 8. Toane Sexey baptized. 

1 56 1. June 14. John Sexey buned. 
I56(. Jan. 15. William Sexey buried. 

^ Daughter of John Hannam, of Yatton. 

* This Rector of Wrington was a noted preacher of Puritan leaning, temp. Charles I. 
He dioi l6<3. A tablet to his memory is in the porch of Wrington Church. See a 
Memoir of him in "Bath Field Club Proceedings,^' March, 1873. 

' For Crosse, of Charlinch, which is near Asnolt, see A. 105. 

* She was fourth daughter of Gawen Champemowne, by the Lady Gabrielle Roberta 
Montgomery. She mamed, i, Hugh Sexey ; a, Sir Geraid Sammes, Kt., of Lanchfoid 
Hall, Essex, who died 1630. She died 1634. 

* Hutchins* Dorset, ii. 667. 


L 211. 

Digitized by 


EDMUND KEANE, or KEENE, of Wrington, Somerset, Tanner. 
Will dated January/ 1628, proved June, 1630. [60 Scfvop^j] 
A marriage shortly to be solemnized between my daughter Agnes Keene 
& John Locktj son of Nicholas Locke, of Pensford. Elizabeth Locke, 
my daughter. My wife Mary, Extrix. 

Edward Locke, of Brockhampton, Buckland Newton, 
Dorset. Churchwarden, 1^73. 

I w. Frances Lansden, ^ Nicholas Locke, bom 1574, mi- at 2 w. Elizabeth Keene, 

" " grated to Somerset. Clothier, widow of , 

of Sutton Wick, died 1648, married 1624. 

buried at Chew Magna. 

married at Publow, ca 
Somerset, died 1612. 

Frances Locke, 
bom Oct 5, 
1604, married 
Edmund Keene. 

John Locke, 
bom Apr. 29, 
1606, married 
July 15, 1630, 
Agnes Keene, 
sister of Edmund 
Keene, clerk to 
Francis Baber 
and Alexander 

Peter Locke, 
bom July 
13. 1607, 
buried 1686. 
Ann . 

Edward Locke, 
bom Nov. 7, 
1610. His will 

Thomas Locke, 
bom Feb. 10, 
161 1-12. WUl 

Issue, see Registers 
at Chew, 1639-56. 

John Locke the Philosopher, 
bom Aug. 29, 1633. 

Thomas Locke, bom at 
Pensford, bap. Aug. 9, 

MARY KEENE, of Wrington, widow. Will dated Nov. 16, 1636, 
proved Dec 8, 1638. [180 Zee.] My sons Richard, John, & 
Edmund. My daughter Jane Peryn. My daughter Agnes Locke. 

GILES PENY.* Will dated Jan. 9, 1558, proved Oct. 10, 1560. 
[48 MelUrshe!] Lands in Wyke, Halstocke, West Crocomb, Chid- 
dington, &a, which I bought of Thomas Bampfield, esq., in Dorset, & 
in Nether Adhere,* Somerset, to my son & heir, & Dorothy his wife. 
My wife Ann. My son & heir Gyles Peny, Ex5r. Sir Hugh Powlett, 

RICHARD JEFFERIES, Vicar of Kingston, Somerset. Nuncu- 
pative will June 6, 1593, proved June 15, 1593, by Thomas Hoyle. 
[52 NevilleJ] To be buried in the Chancel. Legacies to children of 
William Catford. 
A. 131. T^HOMAS SYMCOCKS, of the Middle Temple, London, esq. WiU 
J- dated Feb. 15, 161 1, proved Nov. 13, 1619, by Alice Symcocks, 
the relict [96 Parker^ As touching my lands & goods, forasmuch as 
I do much desire to express my true love & affection to Alice Symcocks, 
my most dear & well beloved wife, and my especial respect & care of 
the continuance in prosperity of my House, name and blood after me, 
so long as yt shall please God, therefore I give, devise, lymmit, & 
appoint my lands & goods in manner following, /.^., where my brother 
William Jesopp,' esq", is interested in my lease of Moorehouse for the 
sum of threescore pounds, parcel of the money which he claymeth to 
have of me as debt by speciality, my will is, upon the payment of the 
said debt, the lease be conveyed to my wife. I have purchased the fee 

^ John Huntley, of Milbome St. Andrew, Dorset, married Edith, daughter of Giles 
Fennye, of Coker, Somerset. See A. 38. 

• In parish of Trent 

* For Jessop, of East Chickerell, see Hutchins' Dorset, ii. 494. • 


Digitized by 


farm of the Rectory or Parsonage of Budeleigh/ Somerset, with the 
rights, &c, to me & my wife & heirs. I- have also procured the 
supposed title to the right of patronage of the Vicaredge of Budeleigh 
aforesaid, with part of the money I had for her portion. I devise all 
this right, &c., to my said wife & her heirs. But if my brothers or other 
kynne should pay my wife ;^ioo yearly for her life, that then she shall 
convey the reversion after her death to him. All my goods & chattels 
to my wife Alice, Extrix. 

Thomas Symcocks, Esq., son and heir of Christopher Symcocks, by Maiy, daughter 
of Nicholas HalsweH, married Alice, eldest daughter of Sir WiUiam Sutton, of Aram, 
Notts, Knt, He died Oct. 3, 1619, aged 60 ; buried at Butleigh, Somerset. 

Christopher Symcoke, of Butleigh, bs Mary, daughter of Nicholas 
Somerset, 159 1. Will proved Apr. Halswell. 
1608. [39 IVindebank,] 

I 1 H i 1 1 1 1 

Alexander Thomas Dyer Alice, Margaret, Jone. Humphry. Xtopher. 

S3rmcocks Symcocks, Symcocks. married to married to 
married of Notts, William Bryan 

Margaret, married Coward. Pope. 


I Jessopp. ( 1 1 r 

Guppye. Xtopher. William. Mary. Elizabeth. Joan. 

daughter of Margaret 

William Jessopp. 1 ^ 1 1 \ \ 

DYER SYMCOCKS, of Butleigh, Somerset, gent. Will dated July 8, 
i6a8, proved Aug. 29, 1628, by the Overseers. [78 Barrington,'] 
£$ to Wells. Poor of Wells, ;^io. ;^2o to Butleigh. Poor of But- 
leigh, £$. To S* John's, Glastonbury, jQ$^ & to the poor there, ;^io. 
My cousin Mary Symcocks, daughter of Alexander Symcocks, ;^ioo, & 
to her brother Xtopher, j^"!©©. Alice Adams my cousin, jQa^^ to 
remain in the hands of my brother Humphrey Symcocks, & my cousin 
Xtopher Coward.* Thomas Symcocks her brother, jQ$ for life, & the 
same to my cousin Alexander Symcocks. My sister Margery Pope, 
£60. My sister Alice Coward, jQioo, My cousin Christopher Coward 
& Joan & Frances, his sisters. Joan Marshall, ;^ioo. My brother 
Xtopher Symcocks, ;^ioo. My brother Humphry Symcocks. My 
cousin Andrew Bourman* & his wife, 20/ each for rings. M' Richard 
Phillips. Capt. Coward's wife. M' William Coward. My sister Alice, 
;^ioo. M' D' Godwin & his wife, 20/ each for rings. ;fe2oo for my 
funeral & ;^ioo for a monument to my father, mother, & myself. 
Residue to Thomas Symcocks, Esq~, my nephew. Overseers, M' 
Robert Hopton,* esq., & my cousin Xtopher Coward. 

WILLIAM SYMCOCKS, of Durweston, Dorset, Clerk. Will dated 
Feb. 27, 1628. proved Apr. 29, 1629, by his sister Joane 
Symcocks. [31 Ridley.\ My uncle Dyer Symcocks, of Butleigh, was 
indebted to me jQ$o. To my brother John Symcocks, £6, My 
mother, 10/. My brother Hugh Symcocks. My sister Elizabeth. My 
father. My sisters Jone & Susan. My brother John Symcocks. My 
sisters Katherine, Ann, & Mary. My uncle Christopher Symcocks. 
My cousin Ursula Hiscocks. 

ALICE SIMCOCKS, late of Durweston, Dorset, Spinster, dec*. 
Admon. Feb. 14, 1629, to her sister Joane Simcocks. 
JOHN SYMCOCKS, of Durweston, Dorset, gent Will dated Apr. 
28, 1630, proved Nov. 26, 1630. [99 Scraope,^ My brother Hew 
Symcocks. My sister Elizabeth Phillpton. My sisters Joan & Susan. 

* Butleigh. ' B. 30. » B. ii. * B. 57. 


Digitized by 


My brother John. My sisters Catherine & Ann S3rmcocks. My uncle 
Christopher Symcocks. My sister Mary Maultus. My &ther M* 
Humphry Symcocks, £x5r. 

HUGH SYMCOCKS, late of Durweston, Dorset, bachelor, dec*. 
Admon. Nov. 30, 1633, to his father Humphry Symcocks. 
CATHERINE SYMCOCKS, of Durweston, Dorset, singlewoman. 
Nuncupative will June 11, 1635, proved Sep. 3, 1635, by her sister 
Susanna. [98 Sddler.\ To her sister Ann Symcocks the greatest part 
of her money. The rest to her sisters Mary Maultus, Elizabeth 
Phelpton, Susanna Symcocks, & her brother John Symcocks, divided 

JOHN SYMCOCKS, of Blandford forum, Dorset, gent Will dated 
Jan. 18, 1638, proved May 25, 1639. [93 fforv^-'\ My uncle 
Dyer Simcocks, of Butleigh, Somerset, gent., dec'. His Exor Robert 
Hopton, of Witham, lately dec*. I desire to be buried at Durweston. 
My father Humphry Simcocks, dec^ 
B. 121 TT UMPHRY BLAKE the Elder.* WiU dated Sep. 21, 1618, proved 
J—*. June 27, 1620, by his son Humphry Blake. [71 Saam€l\ To be 
buried at Over Stowey. Advowson of Aisholt to my son Edmund, in 
default to Mary my daughter, then to my son Robert. Elizabeth, wife 
of Humphry my son. To Ann Blake my wife, 100 marks. My son 
Richard. My son John. Robert Peny,* gent. Humphry Blake, of 
Bridgewater, gent. William Blake. Richard Blake, of Stogumber, 
gent Robert Blake. 

ARTHUR BLAKE, of Wiveliscombe, Somerset, gent Will dated 
Nov. 3, 1652, proved June 16, 1653, by the Overseers during the 
minority of Elizabeth Blake. [343 BrentJ] Arthur Blake my nephew 
& godson. My two youngest brothers. Mary my youngest daughter. 
Jane my now wife. Elizal^th my eldest daughter. My unde Edward 
Blake, my brother Humphry Blake, & John Michel, Overseers. 

RICHARD BLAKE, of Neather Weacombe, Stogumber, Somerset, 
gent. Will dated Sep. 17, 1654, proved Dec. 15, 1666, by his 
relict Ann Blake. [172 MicoJ] My wife Ann. My eldest son John. 
My 2** son Richard, &c. 

HUMPHRY BLAKE, of Planisfield, Over Stowey, Somerset, gent. 
Will dated Jan. 17, 1664, proved Dec. 22, 1665, by Elizabeth, 
the relict [152 Hyde,'] My son John Blake. To my son Nathaniel 
Blake, the Advowson of Aisholt, & an annuity of ;^3o. To my son 
Arthur, an annuity of ^10. Tenement in Charlinch, late in the 
occupation of my brother Richard Blake, dec"*. To my son Roger, an 
annuity of jQio out of the tenement in Lowe Aisholt which I bought 
of Edward Huish,' of Donyford, dec'. My daughter Elizabeth Blake, 
;^3oo at age of 21. Elizabeth, now wife of my son John Blake, & 
Dorothy, daughter of John Blake, 20/ each for rings. My daughter 
Mary Blake, a silver tankard, & ;f3oo, at age of 21. Residue to 
Elizabeth * my now wife, Extrix. My Mends D" John Sellick, of Nether 

* " Here lycth the body of Humplurev Blake, of Over Stowey, clothier, deceased : 
who was buned March 20, 1619. AJso Ann, his wife, Dec. 11, 1645." M. I. at Over- 
stowey, Colllnson, L 260. 

* B. 84. • A 31. 

* Elizabeth, wife of Humphrey Blake, was daughter of — Upton, of flfehead. 
Humphrey Blake was buried June 14, 1665, at AshoU. M. I. in Asholt Church to 
him, and also to Humphry lus son, who was buried Sep. 27, 1664. (CollinsoD, L 238.) 


Digitized by 


Stowey, D.D., John Pratt, of Thurloxton, & George Upton, of Fifehead, 
Overseers. Codicil. ^200 to my son Arthur Blake. 

ARTHUR BLAKE, of Midd% gent. Will dated Mar. 13, 1724, 
proved July 26, 1725, by Sarah Blake, the relict. [151 Romneyf\ 
My father M' Arthur Blake, of PadnoUer,^ Somerset, gent. Edmund, 
Nathaniel, Elizabeth, & Joane Blake, & M" Catherine Ritson, children 
of the same Arthur Blake, and John, Jane, Elizabeth, & Catherine 
Ritson, children of Robert & Catherine Ritson, 10/ each for rings. 
My wife Sarah Blake, Extrix. 

SAMUEL WATTS,* of Axbridge, Somerset, gent. Will dated July 7, 
1620, proved Oct. 17, 1620. [93 Soamef\ Edmund Watts, son of 
my brother William. My wife Joan. Children of Edward Watts, of. 
Congersbury. Children of John Watts, of Sandford 

EDWARD WATTS, of Congersbury, Somerset, yeoman.- Will dated 
Sep. 15, 1624, proved Feb. 3, 1624.5. [19 Clarke.'] To be buried 
in the Chancel there, near my grandfather, Edmund Watts. My sons 
Samuel & Erasmus, & my daughters Elizabeth & Ann. My sister Agnes, 
wife of Thomas Jennings,' of Churchill, My sons Edmund & Arthur Watts. 

JOHN HILLIER, of Wincanton, Somerset, gent Will dated May 
20, 1619, proved Oct. 23, 1620. [93 Soame.] My son in law 
William Mogge, & Dorothy his wife, Exors. 

AGNES WILDE, of Combflorie, Somerset, widow. Will dated May 
24, 1619, proved Oct. 2, 1619, by her son John Wilde. [92 
Parker.^ To be buried there near my husband. Jane Sandford, my 
grandchild. My grandchildren William & Francis Wilde, & Margaret, 
Elizabeth, & Alice Sandford, £$. My grandchildren Anthony & John 
Sandford, ;;^io. Richard Hill, parson of Comb Flory, 20/. Residue 
to my son John Wilde, Ex5r. 

A. 64. JOHN MITCHELL the elder, of Old Cleeve, Somerset, merchant. 
J Will dated June i^, 1614, proved May 9, 1616. [68 Cope,] Lease 
from Abbot Dovell,* of lands for 99 years, Nov. 13, 23 Hen. VIII. 
My wife Isott. My son John Mitchell. 

A. 62. t1[7 ALTER POPPEHAM, Senior, of Porlock, Somerset Will 
W dated 18 April, 1538, proved at Mynehead, Nov. 9, 1544. 
{Taunton Will.'] To be buried in Porlock Churchyard. Residue to 
Melissa my wife, Extrix. 

MARMADUKE POPHAM, gent. Will dated July 27, 1558, 
proved Sep. 23, 1558. [Taunton WiliJ] The manor of Durlye 
to Tane Popham, my wife, & Nicholas my son, Exors. To my daughter, 
53/4. My son Nicholas to maintain & keep at school, &&, my three sons, 
Jonn, George, & John (sic\ & to pay them, at the death of their mother, 
£6. 13. 4 each. 

WALTER POPHAM, of Porlock, Somerset. Will dated Oct 27, 
1579, proved Sep. 3, 1582. [35 TyrwAite,] To be buried in 
the South lie of Porlock Churdi, called the Lady He, near my parents. 
My three children, Richard, Walter, & Eglyn,^6o amongst them, all 
under 21. To Elizabeth' my wife, the Estate of Landshore, in West 

^ In the p^sh of Cannington. 

> For Watts, of Shanks, in Cucklington, see B. 117 ; for another branch, see A 89. 

' See Proceedings of Somerset Arch. Soc xxxi. part ii. 43. 

* William Doveii (succeeded August, 15 10) was the last Abbot of Qeve. See 
CoUinson, iit 512. 

* Daughter of Nicholas Berry, of Berrynarbor, Deyon. 


Digitized by 


Quantock, & Browns in Huish Champflower. To my nephew John 
Trotte, minister, my best coate. My daughter Sarah, wife of John 
Trotte, a ewe lamb. 

EDWARD POPHAM, of S* Clement Danes, ca Midd^ esq., dec*, 
Admon June 15, 1659, to his relict Ann Popham. 
JOHN POPHAM, of Westhome,* Somerset, widower, dec*. Admon. 
Oct. 8, 1659, to George Popham, uncle & guardian of John Popham, 
a minor, son of dec*. 

ALEXANDER POPHAM, late of Taunton S* Mary, Somerset, dec*. 
Admon. Sep. 14, 1736, to his relict Dorothy Popham. 
SAMUELL WATTS, of Churchill, Somerset, gent. Will dated 20 Oct, 
1649, proved 3 May, 1680, by Tho* Watts, Dorothy Watts, & Mary 
Watts, surviving Exors. [68 Bath!] My wife Mary, my silver gilt tankard, 
&c. Lands, &c., in Congresbury, Churchill, & Bumham. My daughters 
Elizabeth & Eleanor Watts. My sons Edmund & Peter, Samuel & John. 
To my son Samuell Watts, lands, &c., in Banwell, which I purchased of 
Edmund Kenn. Residue amongst my sons & daughters, Peter, Thomas, 
Dorothy, & Mary, whom I nominate & appoint Exors. W* Prowse,* 
gent. John Watts, of London, merchant, my brother in law M' Miles 
Wolfe. Thomas Jennings the younger. Richard Lewes, of Loxton, & 
Matthew Wolfe, son of the said Miles Wolfe, Overseers. Wit : Giles 
Earle, John Kelson, Matthew Wolfe, Tobias Weare. 
A. 119- T'\AME MARGARET KEMYS, of Kevenmabley, Glam., widow. 
JL-' Will dated Apr. 20, 1682, proved Jan. 25, 1684, by her daughter 
Mary Kemys. [138 Hare,'] My son Sir Charles Kemys. Residue 
equally to my children, Mary, George, & Anne Kemeys. 

KATHERINE KEMEYS, of Chaldecott Monmouthshire, widow. 
Will dated Apr. 9, 1684, proved Aug. 2, 1684, by her daughter 
Mary Kemeys. [103 HareJ\ My daughter M" Mary Kemeys, Extrix. 
Lands, &c., to my son M' George Kemeys. My son & daughter 
Prise. My granddaughter M" Mary Watkins. My niece M" Mary 
Moon, of Porsett,' a 20/piece of gold. M' Rowland Watkins, 20/. My 
niece Prowse of Axbridge. My nephew & niece Cooke. My daughter 
Kemis, of Kemis, & her children. My goddaughter M" Katherine 
Kemeys. M' Edward Kemeys, of Kemis, 20/. 

LEWIS KEMYS, late of Llanavie Discoed, Monmouthshire, now of 
Nash, Somerset, gent, well stricken in years. Will dated Dec. 12, 
1693, proved July 12, 1696. [120 Bond,] My cousin M" Mary 
Kemeys, of Caldicott, spinster. Court Baron held for Dame Jane 
Kemeys, Lady of the Manor, last day of April, 1660, when I surrendered 
certain lands, &c ^ 

SIR CHARLES KEMYS, of Kevenmabley, Glam., Bar». WiU 
dated June 8, 1702, proved May 5, 1703, by Mary & Ann Kemys, 
spinsters, & Thomas Morgan. Further admon. July 7, 17 10, to Sir 
Cha* Kemys, Bar*, son of testator. [133 2?<gy.] The Will of my late 
dec* wife to be fuUy performed. My daughters Jane & Mary, under 
21. ^5000 to be raised for them. My late brother George Kemeys. 
If my son Charles die without issue, then my Manors, &c., to my 

^ There is a place called Westholip, in the parish of Pilton. 

* A. 64. B. 89. 

* Mrs. Mary Mohan, of Portishead. In the upper end of the north aisle of Portishead 
CSittrch are inscriptions to Wm. Mohun, Esq., who died March 23, 168 1, and Mary 
his wife, who diea July 26, 1692. (ColUnson, iii. 145.) 


Digitized by 


daughter Jane for 99 years. Afterwards to the use of Edward Cooke, 
of Highnam, Glouc., esq., Edward Kemeys the elder, of Bartholey, 
Monm : esq., Thomas Morgan, of Llannimney, Glam., esq., & Thomas 
Edwards, of Bristol, gent, in Trusts, &c. My sisters Mary & Ann 
Kemeys. Their issue to take the name of Kemeys, if they inherit, to 
preserve my estate in that name. Then to Edwauxi, son of the above 
Edward Kemeys, then to George Kemeys, of Kemys, esq. My wife 
Mary Kemeys. I wish to be buried at Michaelston with my ancestors. 
IV/r ARY KEMEYS, of Nash,* Somerset, spinster. Will dated Dec. 
^^^ II, 1701, proved Oct. 17, 1708, by her sister Ann Kemeys. 
[211 Barrett,'] To my sister Ann Kemeys, spinster, all my Mansion 
house of Nash, & lands in Clapton & Wraxall, which I purchased of 
Edward Gorges, esq., & the other Trustees of Edward Winter, esq', 
dec^ & my estate in Lanvabon, Glam : purchased by me & my sister, 
of Rowland Lewis & Elisabeth his wife, & land in Landnoch, devised 
to me by my uncle George Kemys, of Llanvair, Monmouthsh., esq', & 
lands I am entitled to by the last will of my mother. Dame Margaret 
Kemeys, or my uncle William Whitmore, dec*, or George Kemeys, my 
uncle, dec*. Residue to my sister Ann, Extrix. 

ANN KEMEYS, of Nash, Somerset, spinster. Will dated Nov. 8, 
1701, proved Feb. 18, 1708-9, by James Baskerville. [46 Lane.'] 
To be buried with my sister Mary Kemeys. To my Trustees, all my 
lands for 500 years, in Trust, that they may mortgage the same, &c. 
To my truly honoured & respected friend, D' Ken,' the deprived Bishop 
of Bath & Wells, ;;^ioo, which I humbly entreat him to accept as a 
small token of the great duty & affection, which my said sister & I bore 
to him. To my cousin Margaret Matthews, 20 guineas. To my nephew 
Sir Charles Kemeys, all my lands in &: near Kevenmabley Park, pur- 
chased by my mother Lady Margaret Kemeys of the Earl of Pembroke, 
& all my estate in lands at Uske, mortgaged by my cousin Powell, to 
my grandfather Sir Nicholas Powell. If it shall please God to restore 
my niece Mary,* daughter of my brother Sir Charles Kemeys, to perfect 
understanding, & to free her from her indisposition & fitts, then to her, 
all my lands, &c., except what I have given to her brother, she to 
continue under the care of my niece Tynte, & so long as she so 
continues, I give to my niece Tynte the profits of my lands. If she be 
not willing to take the care, the profits to my cousin Matthews. My 
friend Sarah Grossman, ;^20 a year. If my niece do not recover, I 
give my lands to my nephew Sir Charles Kemeys for his life, then to my 
friends, Edward Cooke, esq., & Margaret Matthews in trust, for him to 
receive the profits, &c., then to his i*, 2**, 3"" son, &c. To my niece 
Tynte, ;^2oo, & I forgive her & her husband all the money laid out for 
her wedding clothes & otherwise for her use. To my nephew Sir 
Charles Kemeys, my best diamond ring & ruby jewdl, & my other 
diamond ring which was my brother George Kemeys*, esq'. My own 
diamond budcle to my niece Tynte. To my much honored the late 
deprived Bishop of Bath & Wells, ;£^2oo, tb be distributed by him 
among the deprived and nonjurant Clergy. Five shillings to as many 
poor women as I am years old. To my niece Tynte, my princewood 

^ In the parish of WraxaU. 

* Thomas Ken, consecrated Bishop of Bath and Wells, Jan. 25, 1685 ; deprived, 
1600, died at Longleat, and was buried at Frome, 17 10. 
' Mary Kemeys died a spinster 1708, aged 18. 


Digitized by 



Cabinett Table & stand. My cousin Matthews & my friend James 
Baskervill, Ex5rs & Trustees. After legacies paid, ;^ioo more to D' 
Ken, & ;^ioo more among the deprived Clergy. To M" Mary 
Goswell, ;^38o. Codicil, Nov. 9, 1708. To Halswell & John, sons of 
my niece Tynte, ^£50 each. To my cousin Mary Romsey, ;^io. To 
3 daughters of my cousin Walters j£io each. To my cousin Mary 
Smith, ;^io. To S' John Tynte, 20 guineas. 

MARY GOSWELL, of Nash, Somerset, spinster. Will dated Mar. 
30, 1709, proved Apr. 8, 1709 [75 Lane.'] Money bequeathed 
to me by M" Mary & M" Ann Kemeys. My nephew Sackville Goswell 
of S* Giles in the Fields, &c. 

ID ACHEL KEMEYS, wife of George Kemeys, of Keventilley, Monm. 
■'■^ Will dated Aug. 6, 17 12, proved Sep. 13, 1712, by George Kemeys. 
[171 BarnesJ^ Lands, &c., to my s* husband for Ufe, then to Thomas 
Lewis of S* Pierre. 

JAVID SELLICK, of Morebath, Devon. Will dated Apr. 20, 
1624, proved Nov. 24, 1624. [97 Byrde,"] My wife Margaret. 
My son Walter Sydenham. Catherine Sydenham, my godchild. My 
daughter Dorothy Sydenham.* My son in law Thomas Sydenham. 
John & Robert Sellick, my brother's sons. 

TX7ILLIAM SELLECKE, of Planisfield," Somerset, gent.' Will 
^^ dated Aug. 21, 1639, proved May 10, 1640. [60 Coventry.'] 
Poor of Overstoway & Asholt. My wife Joane. My daughter Elizabeth, 
;^5oo. My son William Sellecke, ;^6oo. My sons Robert & William. 
My daughters Elizabeth & Joane. My son Robert Sellecke, Exor. 

CHRISTOPHER SELLECK, of Morebath, Devon, yeoman. Will 
dated Mar. 20, 15 Charles, proved May 18, 1640, by Dorothy 
Sydenham, widow. [60 Ccn^entryJ] To be buried near my wife. 
M' William Sellecke, my cousin. My cousin Dorothy Sydenham, of 
Morebath, widow, Extrix. 

ANN SELLECK, late of Nether Stowey, Somerset, spinster, dec^ 
Admon. Oct. 9, 1649, to her mother Ann Selleck. 
JOHN SELLECKE,* of Overstowey, Somerset, dec*. Admon. May 
26, 1658, to his relict Joane Sellecke. 

WLLIAM SELLECKE, of Oke, Somerset, dec*. Admon. 23 
Jan. 1 660- 1, to William Bacon, jun', Thomas Venn, & Walter 
Catford, testamentary tutors, named in his will, during the minority of 
Robert Sellecke, son & Exor. 

JOAN SELLICKE, of Overstowey, Somerset, widow. Will dated 
Mar. 19, 1659, proved May 17, 1661. [81 Mayl] Poor of Over- 
stowey, 40/. My son in Jaw John Slape, & my daughter Joan Slape. 
My son in law John Pratt. Robert & William, two sons of William 
Sellicke. Residue to my son AVilliam Sellicke. 

ROBERT SELLICK, late of Lawrence Liddiard Somerset, dec*. 
Admon. Feb. 18, 1684-5 ^<> Jo^^ Perrenn (?) chief creditor, Alice 
Sellick the relict refusing Admon. 

JOHN SELLICK, the elder, of Wells, Somerset, D.D., Archdeacon of 
Bath. Will dated Dec. 2, 1686, proved Oct. 9, 1690. [159 Dyke?^ 

^ She married Thomas Sydenham, of Westowe, in Lydiard St. Lawrence. See 
B. 100. 
" Planchfield, in Over Stowey. 

' Disclaimed at Taunton at the 1623 Visitation, see B. 131. 
* He was rector of Over Stowey. See CoUinson, i. 260. 

II. 17 ^ 

Digitized by 


Poor of Wells, Clifton-Campville, Stafforde,^ Nether Stoway, Stogursey 
North Petherton, Stanton Drew, & Elworthy, Somerset, & Buscomb, 
Berks. My sister Joane Sellick. My dwelling house, at Nether Stowey, 
My son John & his wife Elizabeth. My son Nathaniel & his wife 
Susannah. My daughter Theophila Wyne. My cousin William Pratt 
& his wife Mary. My cousin Robert Sellick. My brother in law 
Nicholas Aish, &c. 
Hutchins' JOHN ANKETYLL, of Penne, Somerset, dec*. Admon Jan. 21, 
Dorset, iii. 62. J 1647-8, to his relict Ann AnketylL 

'"'' 5^3- TVr ATHANIEL SELLECK, of Clifton Camville, Staffordshire, Clerk. 
-LM Will dated Dec. 2, 1690, proved Jan. 4, 1700 (i 700-1), by Susanna 
Selleck the relict. [9 Dyer.] To be bur* at Clifton Camville. To my 
wife Susannah, all my Leases of Farringdon Hill in Stogursey, Somerset 
as John Selleck the younger, & John Selleck, D.D., ought to have enjoyed, 
by Lease Jan. 2, 1681, between George Pollard, of Kilve, Somerset, gent., 
& John Selleck the younger, son of Doctor John Selleck of Wells, & also 
lands in Nether Stowey, &c. 

Rev. Nathaniel Selleck, A.M., instituted to the Vicarage of Buckland Newton, 
Dorset, March i, 1679, resigned 1690. A monument in the Church to his wife Ann 
Selleck, relict of Dr. Henry Dean, Chancellor of Bath and Wells, and daughter of 
Rev. William Peirs, Archdeacon of Taunton. She died May, 1680. 

ELIZABETH SELLICK, of Stanton Drew, Somerset, dec*. Ad- 
mon. May 14, 1698, to her husband John Sellick. 

Daughter of William Cooke, of Highnam, co. Glouc See Visitation of Gloucester, 
1682 (Fenwick and Metcalfe), p. 48. 

PENELOPE SELLICK,' of Stanton Drew, Somerset, widow. Will 
dated May 26, 1722, proved Aug. 11, 1722, by John Sellick her 
nephew. [163 Marlboro,] My nephews John Woodward & Newton 
Woodward, ;^ioo each. My sister Hester Seymor, ;;^io. My sister 
Eleanor Wade, ;^io. My brother Jarvis Newton, ;;^ioo. Penelope 
Hopkins, jQ^ for a gold ring, & the like sum to Elisabeth Hopkins, 
daughter of James Hopkins. My best diamond ring to my sister 
Hester Seymor, and after her decease to my nephew John Sellick. My 
lesser gold watch to my niece Susannah Sellick, with my six gold tea 
spoons. To Elisabeth Hopkins, sister of James Hopkins, my best suit 
of black silk cloathes. To my sisters, Hester Seymor & Elianor Wade, 
my best linen apparel To my sister Dorothy Newton, my grandfather 
Aeires picture, set in gold; & after her decease to my kinsman 
Anthony Aeres. Among the poor relations of my husband, jQio, My 
nephew John Wines, jQ^, All my other goods, &c., to my nephew, 
John Sellick, Exor. 

^ILLIAM ABELL, of East Claydon, Bucks, esq., dec*. Admon. 

Aug. 29, 166 1, to his relict Mary Abell. 

[OHN MYCHELL, of Kilve, Somerset, Clothier. Will dated 

March 15, 1625, proved Nov. 15, 1626, by Ann Mychell, relict. 

[117 HeleS] My wife Ann, Extrix. My daughters. Joane and Jane. My 

son John Mychell. My son Charles Mychell. His grandfather Medlam. 


* Clifkon-Camville is in the Co. of Stafford. 

• She was daughter of Sir John Newton, of Barrs Court, Bart, (by Mary, daughter 
of Sir Gervase Eyre, of Rampton, Notts, Knt.), and was 2nd wife of John Sellick, 
Esq., son of Dr. John Sellick, Archdeacon of Bath. She died May 28, 1722, 
aged 63. Buried at Stanton Drew. See Collinson, ii. 437. 


Digitized by 


My daughter Joan Pollard. My son in law Lewis Pollard.* My grand- 
child Elisabeth Pollard. My sister Thomasine Pitt My cousins Henry, 
Ann, Joan, & Angel Grymes. Richard Daniel, my brother in law. 
John Medlam, my father in law. 

JOHN TREVILIAN, of Kingsbury, Somerset, husbandman. Will 
dated Aug. 28, 6 Edw. VI., proved Jan. 21, 1552. [i TasA^J] To 
be buried at Kingesbury among my predecessors. To S* Andrew's, 
Wells, 4*. To John Trevilian my eldest son, 40/., & six silver spoons, 
his mother to have to have the use of the said spoons during her life. 
To his four children, four calves. To Richard Trevilian my 2** son, 
jC4, 8., & his two children. Raflf, my 3"* son. William my 4*** son. 
My wife Isabel, Extrix, to whom residue. Thomas my youngest son. 
Mary my eldest daughter & Joan my youngest daughter. 

THOMAS TREVELIAN, of Yearnscombe, Devon, esq. Will dated 
Aug. 16, 1565, proved Jan. 4, 1565 (1565-6). [Barnstaple WiiL^ 
By deed I have enfeoffed Roger Bluit, K*, Richard Fortescue, Esq., 
John Denys of Orley," esq., John Trevelian of Saintlether,* esq., Humphry 
Westcote, esq., & Simon Isaack, gent, of my manor of Innyswood, &c., 
in Cornwall, &c. To my son Bartholomew, ;^ioo, &»to my sons 
Nicholas, William, George, Henry, & Lewis, 100 marks each. To my 
daughters Dorothy, Avice, Ann, Alice, & Agnes, ;£'ioo each. Residue 
to my wife Dorothy. 

A will of this Thomas, of the same date, bat proved May 7, 1569, in p. c. c. [11 
Sheffield^ is given in Somerset Wills, 1st series, p. 41. 

RICHARD TREVELIAN, of Mydelney,* Somerset. Will dated 
Mar. 6, 1567, proved Feb. 8, 1569. [5 Lyon^ Proved again 
Nov. 7, 1581, by William, Joan, & Mary Trevelian. [39 Darcy!\ My 
sons Ralph, John, & William, under 20. My da' Marie & Joan. 
William & Thomas Trevillian, & Edmund Dawe, Overseers. 

THOMAS TREVILLIAN," of Middleney, Somerset, husbandman. 
Will dated Mar. 3, 1584, proved May 22, 1585. [27 Brudenell,'] 
To be buried at Drayton. Poor of Kingsbury, 20* ; Mutchelney, 20*. 
Poor box of Curry Rivell, 3/4. My sons Ralph and Edmund. My wife 
Joan. My daughter Mabelie, 10/. yearly. Lands at Hambridge to 
Ralph, my son. To my daughter Marie, ;^26. 13. 4. My daughter 
Mabelie, jQ2o, Witnesses, Robert Jennings the elder, John, William, 
& Raphe Trevelian. 

JOHN TREVELLIAN, of Cotleigh, Devon, yeoman. Will dated 
May 5, 1602, proved June 5, 1602. [43 Montague,'] My wife Mary, 
certain lands in Drayton, Somerset, of the demise of John Prigge of 
Drayton. Robert Style of Honiton, & John Darke, Overseers. Nothing 
left to my children. 

RALPH TREVILLIAN. Will dated Apr. i, 1624, proved Nov. 27, 
1624. [97 ByrdeJ] Monev to the poor of Lamport, Curry Rivell, 
& Drayton. My sister Agnes, j^^^^' My brother Robert. My father 
Raphe Trevillian. M' Marmaduke Jennings. To my brother Thomas 

' B. 87. 

■ For Denys of Orleigh, near Bideford, see 1564 Visitation of Devon, p. 80. 

* For a pedigree of the Trevelyans of Basil in St. Cleather, see Visitation of Corn- 
wall, 1620 (HarL Soc ix. 242). 

* A hamlet of Drayton. 

' He married Joan, daughter of Marmaduke Jennings, of Burton, in Curry Rivell. 
See B. 61. 


Digitized by 


all my latin books. To poor of the Almshouse of Westover.* Robert 
& Agnes Trevillian, Exors. 

Curry Rivell Church, Somerset. Raphe, son of Raphe Trevillian, died Apr. 1624, 
aged 27. 

RALPH TREVILLIAN the Elder, of Middleney, Drayton, Somer- 
set, yeoman. Will dated Dec. 11, 1627, proved May 24, 1628. 
[45 Barringfon.'] To be buried in Drayton Churchyard. Mary my 
sister, wife of Matthew Alford of Weston. Alice my wife. My son 
Richard. Richard Bragge, my brother in law. 

GEORGE TREVILLIAN, of Burrow, in Kingsbury, Somerset. Will 
[date not given], proved Nov. 18, 1631. \^i2Z St. John.'] Johan 
my wife. My sons John & Thomas. 

RALPH TREVILLIAN, late of Middleney, Somerset, dec*. Admon. 
May 6, 1643, to his son Thomas Trevillian. 
THOMAS TREVILLIAN, dec*. Admon. Nov. 4, 1646, to Joan 
Trevillian, Widow. 
JOHN STILLARD, of Kingsbury, Somerset, Yeoman. Will dated 
March 22, 1624, proved May 28, 1625. [46 Clarke.'] My brother 
in law Thomas Trevillian, of Muchelney. 

THOMAS TREVILIAN, late of S* Martin's Vintry, London, dec*. 
Admon. Nov. 4, 1646, to his relict Joan Trevilian. Another grant 
in March, 1651. 

ROBERT TREVILLIAN, of Curry Evell,* Somerset, yeoman. 
Will dated Mar. 4, 1648, proved June 25, 1649. [104 Fairfax.] 
Poor of Langport, Curry Evell & Hambridge. My brother Thomas, 5/. 
His two daughters. My nephew John Gould, son of my sister Agnes 
Gould, & of her deceased husband William Gould, tenements, &c., in 
Drayton, given me by my father Ralph Trevillian. 

GEORGE TREVILIAN, Minister of God's Word in Holcumbe 
Rogus, Devon. Will dated Jan. 24, 1654, proved July 27, 1655. 
[61 Aylett] To poor of Holcombe Rogus & Kingsbury, Somerset, 20/. 
My brother John & his son John. My sister Alice. My cousin Mary 
Trevellian. My cousin George Trevellian. My sister Ann Trevellian, 
now living in Cornwall. My sister Elizabeth, wife of John Linton, of 
Ilminster. My brother Richard Samways. Jasper Jennings. Mary 
Samways. My cousin James Trevellian, in Cornwall. My cousin 
Richard Atkins, of Dorchester. My cousin Edmund Baker, Minister of 
Longworth, Hants. My wife Mary, Extrix. 

MARY TREVILLIAN, of Holcombe Rogus, Devon. Will dated 
Aug. 16, 1662, proved Oct. 15, 1662, by her brother Jasper Sam- 
waies. [132 Laud.] My cousin Betty Lincoln to pay legacies when 
due to my brother Thomas Trevillian's children, my brother John 
Trevillian's younger daughter, & George Trevillian his brother, which 
legacies were bequeathed to them by my husband. My cousin Joseph 
Samwaies. My brother Jasper Samwaies & his children. My god- 
daughter Mary Trevillian. My brother Richard Samwaies. My sister 
Lincoln. My cousin Mary Samwaies. My sister Mary Samwaies. My 
cousin Mary Pites,* of Charde. My best wedding smocke, with my 
best ring to my sister Samwaies. My books to my brother Samwaies. 

RICHARD TREVILLIAN,* of Middleney, in Drayton, Somerset, 
gent. Will dated Jan. 31, 32 Ch. II., proved Dec 23, 1680, by 

' In Drayton. « i.e. Cuny Rivell. • Sic for Pitts. 

* John Trevillian, of Middleney, died Dec. 19, 1749, aged 78. See CoUinson, L 39. 


Digitized by 


Elizabeth,' the relict. [173 Bafh,] To be buried in Kingston Church- 
yard, by my former wife & son. My estate in Langiey to my wife 
Elizabeth for life, then to John Trevillian my son, then to my daughter 
Millicent Trevillian, rem' to my wife Elizabeth, she not to leave it, on 
any terms, to her four brothers or their children, or to any of that name, 
nor to Robert Colmer, of Drayton. To my daughter Millicent, ;;^Soo, 
at 21 or marriage. Neither Edward, John, George, or Joseph Damer, 
nor Robert Colmer, shall have anything to do with my childrens estates. 
Elizabeth Paul, my daughter in law (step daughter). A long suit at law 
I had with M' John Damer, dec*, & with Edward Damer his son, & 
Hugh Paul, dec*. M' John Paul, my wifes first husband, son of Hugh 
Paul. My son John Trevillian to be sent to Oxford, & afterwards to 
the Inns of Court, to study law. My grandchildren, ^£5 each. My 
daughters Agnes Taylor & Mary Talbot, ;£'3oo each. My daughter 
Elizabeth Trevillian, ^100. My daughter Joan Gould, dec*. My 
grandchildren Benjamin, Hannah, & Joan Gould, children of John 
Gould. All my lands, &c., at Middleney, to my son John Trevillian. 
Land purchased by my daughter Elizabeth Trevillian, of George 
Trevillian, of Drayton. John Taylor, husband of Agnes, my daughter. 
M' George Trevillian the elder, of Drayton, to be a Trustee. My wife 
Elizabeth,* Extrix. 

ELIZABETH BUSH, of Charleton in Creech S* Michael, Somerset, 
widow. Will dated Mar. 7, 1715, proved May 4, 1719. [78 
Browning,'] My son John Trevillian,* esq', & my daughter MUb'cent, 
wife of William Ceeley, esq., all my broad gold & rings. Robert & 
Elizabeth, children of Margaret Talbot, of Drayton, widow, ;;^io each. 
My granddaughters Elizabeth & Millicent Ceeley, my silver spoons. 
My grandson John Ceeley, esq. My cousin Ann Colmer, daughter of 
M' Robert Colmer the elder, J^$. i/Ly daughter in law Elizabeth Tre- 
villian, 20 guineas. Money to my son John Trevillian, & John Talbot, 
of Drayton, gent, in Trust, &c. Millicent, my daughter. My only son 
John Trevillian, Exor. 

THOMAS TREVILLIAN, late of Litton, Somerset, dec*. Admon. 
March 21, 1681-2, to his son Thomas Trevillian, Elizabeth Tre- 
villian, the relict, renouncing. 
; OHN TREVELYAN, late of Yamscombe, Devon, widower, dec*. 
Admon. May 6, 1687, to his son Anthony Trevelyan. 
I ALPH HARDINGE, of Long Bredie, Dorset, gent. Will dated 
May 5, 1606, proved Oct. 8, 1606. [90 StaffordJ\ To be buried 
there. My daughter Cicely Trevillian, ;£'ioo. Anstice, Garthared, 
Henry, Catherine, Cicely, & Agnes, children of Cicely Trevillian. Henry 
& Leonard, my brothers. William Courte & Dorothy his wife. My son 
Henry Hardinge, Exor. 
A. 18. C IMON COURTE, of Bridgwater, Somerset, gent. Will dated Oct 
^ 15, 1621, proved Nov. 24, 1621. [92 Dale^ Poor of Bridgwater 
& North Petherton. My wife Joan. My kinsman John Courte. To 
Simon Courte, son of Thomas Courte, my late nephew, dec*, ^50, at 
age of 17. To three of the younger daughters of the said Thomas 

^ She was a sister of Joseph Damer, of Came, co. Dorset, Earl of Dorchester. 
Collins' Peerage, iii. 209 (1779). 
* She remarried — Bush. See her will following. 
'High Sheriff of Somerset in 171 5. 




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Courte, ;£io, at ages of 14. My kinswoman Jane Henborough. John 
Courte, Exor. 

HENRY BROWNE, of Beechworth, Surrey. Will dated July 30, 
1545, proved May 16, 1548, by Eleanor Browne, the relict. [30 
FofulweJl.'] Eleanor, my wife. Richard Browne, my son. My son 
Alexander. My eldest son Thomas Browne, &c. 

LEWIS POPE, of Taunton, Somerset, gent Will dated June 22, 
1623, proved Dec 20, 1623, by his daughter Johane Pope. [126 
Swann,'] My wife. Thomas Moone, my wife's son, & Roger Prowse, 

JAMES MEWE, of Ditcheat, Somerset, yeoman. Will dated Feb. 17, 
16 James, proved Feb. ii, 1619, by Joane, the relict [10 Soame,\ 
To the church 13/4, & to the poor 10/. James Hannam, my daughter's 
son, jQio at age of 21, & to her daughter Joane Hannam Uie like sum 
at age of 21. Residue to Joane my wife, & Henry Hannam my son in 
law, Exors. John Hannam, Gent., & William Roberts, my brother in 
law. Overseers. 
B. 31. T OHN CUPPER, of Almesford, Somerset, gent. Will dated Oct 23, 
J 1619, proved Feb. 3, 1619-20, by Elizabeth Cupper,* the relict. [12 
Soame.'] To my son John Cupper one parcell guilt ball weighing 19 
ounces, one Mazer guilte. My daughter Ellen Arnam, & Agnes, her 
daughter. My daughter Mary Hodges. To my vdfe Elizabeth toy 
messuage in Redcross Street, London, with my goods, &c. John Cupper, 
my son. John Cupper my grandchild- Agnes Arnam, daughter of my 
daughter Ellen. Elizabeth & Mary, her daughters. Eleanor Hodges. 
Francis Arnam, son of Nicholas Arnam, my son in law. John Hodges, 
my son in law. Residue to my wife Elizabeth, extrix. Overseers, 
Hercules A'barrow,* gent, Walter Carie, & John Taunton, Vicar * of 
Castle Carie. 

JAMES GOURD, alias Brooke, Parson of Ashbrittle, Somerset. 
Will dated Apr. 1619, proved Feb. 12, 1619-20, by Joane Gourd, 
widow. [21 SoameJ] Bom at Holcombe Rogus. My friend M' Philip 
Pointz. M' John Doble. My brother in law John Govier * (?) &c.. 

JOSEPH COMBE, of Combe S* Nicholas, Somerset Willdated Mar. 21, 
1619, proved Apr. 28, i62o,by Winifred Combe, the relict. [31 Soam£.\ 
My daughter Agnes, ;^ioo. My daughter Joan, jQ^o at 21. My wife 
Winifred. My brother Edward Rossiter, & my brother Edmund Combe, 

MARY COMBE, of Otterford, Somerset, virgin. Will dated July 
30, 1646, proved Jan. 8, 1646-7, by her mother Joane Combe, 
[i Fines!] Church & poor of Otterford, Buckland S* Mary, & Church 
Staunton. My uncle Edmund Combe, & my Aunt Combe, & their 
children Elizabeth, Agnes, & John. My uncle William Buncombe, 10/. 
Marie Buncombe, daughter of Xtopher Buncombe, my cousin. My 
aunt Lucretia Keene. My aunt Marv Poole, a gold ring. My brother 
Giles Combe, a piece of gold of 1 1/. Residue to Joane Combe, my 

* Daughter of Peck. * A I. B. I. 

» i<92-i623. He was appointed during vacancy of the See of Bath and Wells— 
probably by a commission. There is no notice of his institution in the Registry at 

* Probably Gover. See B. 18. 


Digitized by 


mother, Extrix. My uncles Edward {sic) ^ Combei & William Buncombe^ 

FRANCIS TERRY, late of Yatton, Somerset. Will dated Feb. i6, 
1618, proved May 31, i6ao, by Agnes Terry, widow. (^39 Soame.] 
My wife Agnes. My sons Thomas & Francis, Nicholas (stc) & Joane 
his wife. My daughters Katherine & Margaret. My eldest son Xtopher. 
My house in North End, Yatton. My daughter Florence Terry. 

SUSANNA ALLEN, of Wiveliscombe, Somerset. Will dated Nov. 
29, 1619, proved May 10, 1620. [45 Soame.'] Many Yeas* men- 
tioned. My son Strowde Allen, Exor. My daughter Jane Yea. 

JOHN ALLEN, of Evershot, Dorset, gent. Will dated Aug. 29, 
1649, proved Mar. 5, 1649.50, by Susan Marriott {stcy & Eli^beth 
Marriott, sisters of dec", Edward Kenne renouncing. M' Francis Law- 
rence, £S' To my uncle M' Edward Kenne, the Parsonage of Banwell, 
Somerset, he to pay out of it ;£'io to Alice Stone. To my cousin Mary 
Allen, 10/. My younger sister Susan Allen, all my goods, &c. I was 
bom at Evershot. A lease of my father Strode Allen, cent. My late 
mother Elizabeth Allen gave my sister Susan Allen ;feioo at 16, & 
^10 a year till that time. My sister Elizabeth Marriott. My kinsman 
John Strode, esq. My uncle M' Edward Kenne, Exor. John Strode 
& John Gould, gents, to be Overseers. 

THOMAS TROWBRIDGE, of Taunton, Somerset, Merchant. Will 
dated July 6, 1619, proved May 6, 1620. [45 Soame.] To be 
buried near my wife, in S' Mary Magdalen's, Taunton. Children of my 
son John Trowbridge. My nephew Thomas Trowbridge. My kins- 
woman Jane Parry, wife of Steven Panye, gent. Martha, Agnes, & 
Alice Webbe, daughters of Benedict Webbe & Alice his late wife, my 
daughter. Frances & Mary Godsall, daughters of Robert Godsall & 
Dorothy his late wife, my daughter. M' Rowland Davies, Minister of 
S' James's. Residue to my son John Trowbridge, Exor. 

He founded a charity at Taunton Dec. 4, 16x4. See CoUinson, iii. 24a 

EDWARD JORDAN,* of Bath, Somerset, gent. Will dated Apr. i, 
1619, proved May 18, 1620. [46 Soame.] Poor of Chitteme, All 
Saints, Wilts. My brother Thomas Jordan. My brother Sir William 
Jordan, Kn*. My sister M" Mary Stoughton, widow. My brother in 
law D' Jordan. His sister Lucie Jordan. My uncle M' John Temys,* 

LEONARD LESTER, of Charlton-Horethome, Somerset, gent. 
Will dated Mar. 3, 1619, proved June 10, 1620. [56 Soame.] To 
be buried in the church there, with Dorothy my late wife. Poor of 
Atworth, Wilts. My daughter Ann Lester. My daughter Edith Bond, 
wife of Thomas Bond, lands in Charlton, which I bought of Ann Poynt- 
ington. Leonard Bond, their son, & Elizabeth, their daughter. My 

^ Edmund. See preceding wUl. 

* For the Yea family, formerly of Oakhampton in Wiveltscombe, and now of Pyr« 
land, near Taunton, see CoUinson, iii. 289. 

' This should be Susan Allen. See lower down. 

* From the Registers of Bath Abbey :— 

i6H> March 19. Edw. Jordan, gent., buried. 

1632, April 4. Edward Jorden, D» of Phisicke, buried. 

1636, July 28. Mrs. Lucie Jorden, widow, buried. 

* ? Kemys. 


Digitized by 


daughter Israel Watts. Children of my daughter Ann Chaunte, dec*. 

Allen & Dorothy, son & daughter of John Lester, my son. George 

Lester, son of my brother John Lester. My son John Lester, Exor. 
B. 4. TAMES AYSH, of South Petherton, Somerset, bachelor. Admon. 

J Feb. 12, 1681-2, to his mother Ann Aysh, widow. 
A 85. pHILlP HOLWORTHY, of Bridgewater, Somerset, gent Will 

A proved Nov. 4, 1591. [85 5/. BarBe."] My wife Margaret.* My 

son John. My 2nd son Hercules Holworthy. My daughter Katherine 


HERCULES HOLWORTHIE, of Kiddesbury, Somerset, Esq. 
Will dated May i, 16 19, proved June 19, 1620, by Dorothy Hol- 
worthie, widow. [60 Soam€f\ To be buried in Bridgwater Church with 
my uncle Robert Holworthie. Poor of Bridgwater, Chilton, & Wembdon. 
My daughters Mary, Dorothy, & Elizabeth Holworthie, minors, ;^ioo 
each. My brother in law M' William Frauncis, of Cranbome, Dorset, 
Overseer. My son William Holworthie. My wife Dorothy Holworthie. 
M' William Frauncis, my cousin. Edward Walker, of Stowey, gent., 
my cousin Richard Holworthie, of Bristol, merchant, & my cousin 
George Hurd, Administrators during the minority of my son William 
Holworthie. John Pyme, of Brymmore, Somerset, Esq., & Thomas 
Saunderson, of Lincolns Inn, Esq., Overseers. 

He married Dorothy, daughter of Edward Arthur, of Clapton in Gordano. See A 2. 

HELEN SAUNDERS, of Charter House-Hydon," Somerset, widow. 
Will dated July 4, 1595, proved Feb. 4, 1595-6, by Catherine 
Maye.* [13 Drak€.\ To be buried at Blagden, Somerset. Poor of 
Bridgwater, Wembdon, Taunton, Creeche, & Cheddar. ;^ 100 on my 
funeral. To Katherine Maye, my daughter, ;;^3oo, & all my plate, 
jewels, &c. To William Cuffe, my daughter's son, ;^ioo at 21. To 
Elizabeth, Ursula, Jane, & Frances, my daughter's four children, ;^ioo 
each at 21. Their mother, my Extrix. Henry & Joan Shercombe, my 
sister Christian's children, ;^2o each. Richard & Hellenice, (?) my 
brother John Hollworthie's first wife's children, ^20 each. Ann Warren, 
daughter of my sister Agnes Beere, ;^4o, of which ;^2o is in the hands 
of John Payne, her brother in law. Susan, sister of the said Ann 
Warren, ;^io. Hellena Payne, daughter of the sVid John Payne, ;^io. 
To my brother Robert Hollworthie, my Tablett. To my brother John, 
a fiat chain. My daughter Katherine Maye, Extrix. Witnessed by 
George Carent,* Parson of Blagdon, & Francis Arundell, vicar of 

WILLIAM OWSLEY, of Crewkeme, Somerset, gent. Will dated 
Apr. 24, 1620, proved June 9, 1620, by Florence Owsley, widow. 
[6^ SoameJ] William, son of George Owsley. My wife Florence 
Owsley. Samuel & Mary, son & daughter of my son Edward Owsley. 
Joane, wife of my said son Edward Owsley. Mary, daughter of Thomas 
B-74. /^YLES MILBORNE, of Milbome Porte, Somerset, Esq'. Will 

^^ dated Dec , 1574, proved July i, 1575, by the Exors. [29 

Pickering^ To my wife Grace my capital Messuage called Milborne 
Place, in Milbome Porte, & all my houses & lands there, & in Kingston, 

* Daughter of Edw. Walker, of Nether Stowey. 

* This place, which is near Cheddar, was a cell to Witham Friary, and is even now 
part of the parish of Witham. See Collinson, ii. 235. 

•B. 73. * Hutchins* Dorset, iv. 112. 


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Kin^bury Regis,^ Weeke,^ & Compton Dundon, Somerset, and my lands 
mentioned in Indenture (June 14, 8 Eliz., between me & John Warr of 
Queens Camel, Somerset, esq.) for her life, & after her death to Richard, 
my son. Nicholas Wadham of Merryfield, Richard Watkins of HoU- 
wall, John Warr of Haselgrove," Esq", & John Huntley of S* Andrew 
Mylbome, Dorset, shall receive the profits of all my lauds in Dunkerton 
& Camerton, Somerset, until they have levied ;;^ioo, which I give to 
my daughter Dorothy on her marriage or age of 21. They also to re- 
ceive the profits of my lands in Were, Okey,* Crotheme,* Sutton Mon« 
tague, Gorton, G^ Marston, Q. Game^ Lotisham Greene,' Somerset, & 
Spetisbury, Dorset, & after the death of Julian Page, my mother in law, 
for the use of Grace, my wife. If Dorothy should die, j^ao to my sons 
George & Richard. Grace my wife, & Geoige my son, Exors. 

His wife Grace was daughter of John Warre by Elisabeth Wadham. See B. 116. 
The Milbomie £ui|ily dates from at least the time of £dw. III. (CoUlihson, iL 
355, 386.) 

WILLIAM MILBORNE. Will dated July 12, 1660, proved 
June 20, 1662, by his uncle Henry Milborhe. [87 Zaud.y My 
lands to Heniy Milbome & his heirs. To my father^ jfe 200. Tq every 
brother and sister, ^40. To Henry Milbome, my uncle, ;^3oo. To 
mj uncle Charles Milbome, ;;^io. Poor of Milbome Port, Somerset, 
;^io. Residue to my brothers Charles & George, the lands to be 
divided between themu 

JOHN MILBORNE. Will dated July 2z, x66i, proved May, 1664. 
Ftuther admon. Feb. 10, 1670, to his daughter Mary Milbome, alias 
Kerwood, wife of Nicholas Kerwood. [58 Brua."] Estate settled Nov. 
1654, on William Milbome, then my eldest son, he to pay me ;;^3So. I 
was cast into prison for part of my debts, which he was to discharge for 
me. My late wife, Susan. My wife Ann, Lady Morgan, Extiix. . 

HUGH SAFFYNE,' of Monksilver, Somerset. Will dated Dec. 19, 
1594, proved Jan. 27, 1594-5, by bis brother William SafTyn. [3 
Scoff."] To my wife Johan, goods, &c, in my house in Woodford. John 
Prowse, my half brother. My mother Elizabeth Saffyn. My sister 
Agatha Doble, &, Maigaret Gregory, her daughter. My sister Johane 
Sweeting, her daughter Elizabeth Poole, & her other children, Edith, 
John, & Xtopfcer. Katherine Ancastle, my sister, 40/, '& her children, 
Richard Chilcott, my son in law, ^20. My son in law John Stalling, 
& Margaret, his wife. My father William Safiyn, dec^ Elizabeth- 
Percevall, my sister, a piece of gold of 30/ value. John & Hugh 
Sa£^, my nephews. John, son of Geoige Saffyn. Maude Yenn, my 
sister in law. Poor of Munksilver & Bicknoller. Overseers^ John 
Sweeting, of Thomcombe, & Alexander Harrison. 

EDWARD SAFFYN, of Stogumber, Somerset, gent , Will dated 
Nov, I, 1620, proved Feb. 15, i62o*x, by Joan the' relict [16 
Dale."] My messuages, &c., to my wife Joan for her life, & then to my 
lawful heir, Edward Saffyn, son of John Saffyn, of Halberton, Somerset 
(Devon), gent Joan, my wife, Extrix. 

* Tythini 

• Wooke 

igs of Milbome Port. * In the parish of Queen CameL 

* The Samn fomiljr were origmally of WoWereston, or Woolston in Bicknoller. See 
their pedigrees, Harl. Soc. vi. 249, and 1682 Visitation of Gloucester, p. 151 ; also 
Jewitt^s "Reliquary," av. 236. 

11. 25 e 

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JOHN BROWNE, of Ilchester, Somerset, gent. Will dated Oct. 29, 
1620, proved Feb. 14, 1620-1, by Xtopfcer Browne. [16 Dale!\ 
My son Xtopher Browne. My sons, Edward & Robert Browne. 

WALTER CHARLETON, of Shepton MaUett, Somerset, Clerk. 
Will dated June 20, 1620, proved Mar. 13, i62o«i, by Susannah 
Charleton, widow. [21 DaUJ] My father in law, the Worshipful M' 
Thomas Jeay. To Susannah, my wife, ;;^3oo. My only son Walter 
^ Charleton. My daughters Mary, Anne & Susanna, zoo marks. My 

kinsman M' Edward Bower, of Wells, gent., & M' Gilbert Hawthorne, 
of Candle Bishop, Dorset, Clerk. 

JAMES ELYE, of Somerton, Somerset, gent. Will dated Dec. 16, 
1620, proved June 25, 1621. [47 Dale,"] My daughter Dorothy. 
My son James Eiye. My son John. My daughters Frances Elye & 
Joane Prattent 

WILLIAM COLINGE, of Wedmore, Somerset, gent Will dated 
Sep. 10, 1620, proved March 10, 1620-1, by Temperance Colinge, 
the relict. [21 Dalef\ To be buried at Wedmore. My wife, Temperance 
CoUinge. My lands in Worcestershire. Thomas Tuckey, my brother 
in law. My mother Beatrix Colinge to be helped by my wife. My 
uncle Thomas South worth, ^ of Wells, Esq., & my wife, ExOrs. To my 
son in law Robert Browne, 40/. My aunt Johan Southworth, jQ$ for a 
ring. To Thomas Edwards, my sister Catherine's son, 40/. To my 
cousin James Edmunds, 40/. 

CICELY ARUNDELL, of Lanheme, Cornwall, dec*. Admon. Jan, 
26, 1579-80, to her brother Edward ArundeU, esq'. 
B. 30 T OHN COWARD, of West Pennard, Somerset, Yeoman. Will dated 

J Oct. 9, 32, Eliz., proved Feb. 7, 1591-2, by Thomas & Elizabeth 
Coward. [16 Harrington,'] To be buried in the churchyard, near my 
father* & wife. My father Robert Coward, dec*. Edward Coward, my 
son. Thomas & Elizabeth, my children. John Whytinge, my brother 
in law. Cogitation of marriage between Thomas Coward, my son, & 
Mary, daughter of William Watkyns, of Wells, gent 

THOMAS COWARD, of Wells, Somerset, gent. Will dated Jan. 7, 
1619, proved Apr. 27, 1621, by Mary Coward* the relict, & Thomas 
Coward the son. [30 Dale."] To be buried at S* Cuthberts.* To my 
younger son William Coward, the mansion in Chamberlain Street, where 
Hugh Halswell, Esq'., now dwelleth. My son Thomas, & my wife 
Mary, Exors. Arthur Duck, Chancellor to the Bishop of Bath & Wells, 
Timothy Revett, D.D., Archdeacon of Bath, Thomas Southworth, 
Recorder of Wells, & Henry Southworth, Overseers. My sister Elizabeth 
Walton, widow, & her four children, ;^io. The wardship of my son 
Thomas to Mary my wife. 

MARY PHELIPSr of Wells, Somerset, widow. Will dated Jan. 16, 
1659, proved July 4, 166 1, by William Coward. [115 MayJ] To 
be buried in S' Cuthberts, near M' Thomas Coward, my i" husband, & 
if hot room, then near my late husband, M' Richard Phelipps. KaUie- 

^ Recorder of Wells, he died i62<'. See B. 102. 

' His father was Robert Coward, of Winterboume-Gunner, co. Wilts. His wife 
was Catherine, daughter and heir of Thomas Leigh, of Wells. The pedigree in Sir 
Thomas Phillips* yisitation of Somerset is much fuller than B. 3a Christopher and 
Francis (see hetow) are both mentioned. 

' Daughter and heir of William Watkins, of Wells. 

^ They buried in the south transept and adjoining chapel. 


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rine Coward, my late daughter. Arthur Phelipps, son of my late 
husband, Richard Phelipps. My son William Coward the Elder. My 
cousin Thomas Coward. Mary Coward, daughter of my late son 
Thomas Coward. Mary Coward, daughter of my son William Coward. 
Katherine, daughter of my son William, & Katherine his wife. Kathe- 
rine, wife of Thomas Coward, my son. John, Frances, George, & 
Mary, children of my son William. My cousin M" Margaret Blower. 
William, Xtopher & Edward, sons of my son William Coward. Francis 
Coward, son of my late son Thomas Coward. Jane & Mary, daughters 
of the s** Francis Coward. 

CHRISTOPHER COWARD, of Cutteryne,* in Evercreech, Somer- 
set, gent Nuncupative Will dated Feb. lo, 1640, proved March 
24, 1640, by Francis Coward, Widow. [31 EvelynJ] To the poor, 
;^20. Christopher Overton, his son in law. Frances his wife. Children 
of his sister Smith. 

CHRISTOPHER COWARD, of Cutteryne, Evercreech, Somerset, 
dec*. Admon. June 20, 1656, to Humphry Orme, nephew & next 
of kin, of goods left unadm* by Francis Coward the relict, dec*. 

THOMAS COWARD, of Wells, Somerset, dec*. Admon. May i, 
x66o, to his son Thomas Coward. 
FRANCIS COWARD, of Wells, Somerset, Esq^ Will dated May 6, 
1665, proved Mar. 24, 1655-6, by Elizabeth Coward. [38 MicoJ] 
To be buried in the Lady Chapel. My wife Elizabeth Coward. My 2 
daughters Jane & Mary, under 24. Lands to my brother in law D' William 
Piers, my kinsman, Mr. Timothy Revett, my friend M' Edward Strode, 
of Downside, & M' George Helliard, of Whitchurch, to sell to pay 
debts. My sister in law Catherine, widow of my deceased brother 
Thomas Coward, ^^40 a year. My sister, wife of D' Piers. My son 
Thomas Coward. 

His danehter Jane married Thomas Roberts, of Wells, and his daughter Mary 
married WUIiam Sands. 

CoUinson, iiL CIMON MUSGRAVE, of Broomefield, Somerset, yeoman. Will 

37, 548. *^ dated Nov. 18, 1620, proved May 2, 1632, by his son William. [41 

Daie.'] My daughter Mary, £so. My daughter Collett. John, my 

son, ;44o. My sons Simon, Thomas, & Philip. My sister Agnes, 40/. 

Residue to my son William, a minor, Exor. 

THOMAS SYMES, of Poorestock, Dorset, yeoman. Will dated 
Mar. 22, i6r5, proved Apr. 11, 1616. [28 Cope."] To Alice, my 
wife, ^200. Agnes, Joan, Edmund Bridger. My sister Margaret 
Israel. My sister Joan Dabinott. My brothers Christopher,. John, & 
William Symes« 

CHRISTOPHER SYMES, of West Milton, Dorset, gent. Will 
dated Sep. 20, 1620, proved Jan. 23, 1620-1. Church of Peere- 
stock {sic). My wife Agnes. My sister Margaret, wife of William 
Isaac. My sister Joan, wife of Xtopher Dabyn. My brother in law 
Nicholas Putt. My brother John Symes, to whom my lands in West 
Milton, & residue. 
1st Series, 73. JOAN DOBLE, of Ashbrittle, Somerset, widow. Will dated Nov. 22, 
J 1625, proved Feb. 23, 1625-6, by her son, William Doble. [21 
JleU,'] My aunt Christian Hills alias Perry's legacy. To my son 
Bartholomew, ^^loo. My house at Vexford. To my son John Doble, 

* Now Cuttera Mill, 

Digitized by 


^^'aoo, at 21. My daughter Christian Nutcombe.^ My son Nicholas 
Nutcombe. Joan Nutcombe & Mary Nutcombe. Residue to William 
Doble my son. My brothers & kmsman, Robert Talbot, George & 
Bartholomew Doble, & John SuUey. My son Bartholomew Doble & 
Nicholas Nutcumbe, Overseers. 

A. 25, B. 40. TAMES GODWYN the Elder, of Wells, Somerset, gent Will dated 
J Oct. 19, 14 James, proved Dec. 18, i6i6. [120 Cope,"] To be 
buried in North side of the South He in S* Cuthberts Church, between 
the Tombe of my brother John Godwyn ^ the Wall in the said He. 
Poor of the Almshouse, jQ$. My daughter Margery, £s^o^ given her 
by my brother John Godwyn. My (laughter Mary, 500 marks. My 
sons James & John. My daughter Elizabeth, ;^20. My brother in 
law Richard Coxe, 40/. My son James, a minor, Ex5r. Overseers, 
Will. Claxton, of Bedminster, gent., George Richards, of Bristol, gent, 
John Lund, Edmund Bower, Thomas Coward, Edward Wykes, Henry 
Baron, of Wells, gent., George Richards, my brother in law. A plaine 
tombe to be erected upon me, fixed in the stone which is laid on my 
corpes (of allabaster or some other strong stone), proportioning out 
the shape of my body as yt shall be prepared for my grave, after my 
decease, about the same Tombe (for the preserving thereof) a frame 
made with speekes & barrs of iron, made with the leavell of the parti- 
tion from the Chancel wall, with strong bands of iron round about, & 
likewise compas (?) over the same fixed into the wall for the strengthen- 
ing thereof. The tombe to be a foote higher than the pavement in the 
Church, in that place, wherein my tomb shall stand, & ingraven in 
some stone or brasse set in the Chancel waU, the day of my departure 
out of this world ; the said tomb to be fashioned with the form of a 
pillow under my heade, my bodye lying thereon, as yt were on my 
backe, my legges straight out, with my feete one athurt another, as I 
have commonly used, in my lyfetime, to lye in my bedd, my hands 
closed together, framed upright, resting on my brest, & the shape * of the 
sight of my eies fixed towards Heaven, where I hope to receive the true 
comfort of my sowles health, thro the innumerable merits of our Lord 
& Saviour Jesus Christ* 
No vestige remains of this tomb. 

B. 76. TD OBERT MORGAN, of Maperton, Dorset, esq. Will dated July 
-T^ IS, 1567, proved Sep. 25, 1567, by Mary* the relict. [25 Stonarde,] 
My daughters, Anne, Elizabeth, Margery, & Philippa, ;6io<^ ^^ ^^ 
ages of 21. My wife Mary, & my brodier Edward Morgan to have the 
ordering of them, To my son Christopher Morgan for his life, my 
lands at Netherbury, Nethersturt, Atlington, &c. My lands, &c., at 
Wartishley, Brode Winsor, &c., to my son & heir app* John Morgan. 
My third son, George, to have the occupation of Cumbarton, co. Wore' 
& not to be disturbed there. Nicholas Rose, or Rosse,* & George 
Sydenham, Gents., to receive the profits of my Manors, £suins, &c., of 
Maperton. To Mary my wife, the Vicarage of Poorstodce. Lands in 
Wartishley, &c., to Christopher & William Morgan, my sons. Over- 
seers, Thomas Morton, Xtopher Cheverell, & my brother Edward 
Morgan, gent. 

^ Harl. Soc yi. 202. * i.^., direction or expression. 

' Daughter and coheir of John Wogan, of Silvinch, in Ummster. ^ 6. 95. 


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CHRISTOPHER MORGAN^ esq. Will dated Jan. 7, iS9o,admon. 
Feb. 30, 1590, to Ann Moigan^ Widow. [11 S' Barbe,'] Debt of 
^400 due to me by my brother Alexander Brett» or the Exors. of his 
deceased father, to my two daughters Elizabeth & Mary Morgan, & 
;£'2o more out of my lands & goods. To my friends & feoflfees Amias 
Bampfield, esq., John Crewkeme, esq., & William Morgan, gent, my 
brother, my Manor of Witherston, lands in Broad Winsor, & MamhuU, 
Doreet, after the decease of Mary Stourton my mother, until my heir 
attains the age of si. My mother Stourton shall have the custody of 
my evidences to the use of my heir at his full age. To my wife Ann 
Morgan, all my living beasts & cattle. My kinsman & servant Edward 
Morgan. My son Christopher, Exor, my wife to have the Adm" during 
his minority. Overseers, my mother Sturton, M' John Strangwaies, & 
M' William Gibbes, esq" Admon. Jan. 23, 1609, to Ann Luttrell alias 
Morgan, relict of the dec** testator, in consequence of Christopher Morgan 
(the son) havmg died. Further Admon. Dec. 7, 1627, to Elizabeth 
Trenchard alias Morgan, wife of Sir Thomas Trenchard, kn*, & Marie 
Broadripp alias Moigan, wife of Robert Broadripp, daughters of 
Xtopher Morgan, of goods unadministered by Ann Luttrell alias 

Buried at White Stanton, Somerset, Mary Morgan, eldest daughter of John Brett, 
Esq., and Margaret his wife, and wife of Christopher Morgan, of Maperton, Esq. 
She died Jan. 4, 1582. 

Ann Bampfield, widow of Christopher Moigan, maiiied 2ndly, John Luttrell. His 
will III Soame. 

GEORGE MORGAN, of Wormister, Somerset, dec*. Admon. June 
3, 1595, to Mary Sturton alias Moigan, his Mother, & William 
Morgan his Son. 

JOHN MORGAN,' of Wormister, Somerset. Will dated Aug. 22, 
1622, proved Nov. 28, 1622. [95 Saville."] My wife Mary. My 
brother William Morgan. My daughter Mary Morgan. My son John 
Morgan. Manor & Prebend of Wormister. My brother John Cam- 

WILLIAM MORGAN, senior, of Worminster, Somerset, dec*. 
Admon. 10 Feb., 1666, to his son William Morgan. 
WILLIAM MORGAN, of Wells, Somerset, gent. Will dated Jan. 
31, 1652, proved Mar. 21, 1653, by the relict. [178 Alchin.'\ 
Poor of Pulton & Wootton, 40/. To my wife, the parsonage of the 
same, & my house at Wells, then to William Morgan, son of my brother 
John Morgan. My brother George Morgan. My sister Mary Canning- 
ton, Wife of William Cannington, of Burtell. My cousin Mary Fry. 
Moneys which my brother Baskerville & my brother Robert Morgan 
gave. My cousin Mary Ivey. John, son of my brother John Morgan. 
My wife Extrix, 
He married Gertrude, daughter of Tristram Tucker, of Newcot, ca Devon. 

GERTRUDE MORGAN, of WeUs, Somerset, widow. Will dated 
Aug. s, 1657, proved Feb. 18, 1657-8, by William Morgan. [91 
Wootton,'] To be buried near my husband in the Great Church of 
Wells, called S* Andrews. Poor of Cleyhidon & Hemiock, Devon. 
Poor of Pilton & Wotton. To William Morgan the younger, son of 
William Moigan, my husband's nephew, ;£2oo, of which ^^150 is in his 

^ He married Maiy Baskenrille. 

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fathet's hands. My cousin John Morgan. Robert, son of WUliam 
Cannington, of Burde. My cousin, William Morgan's wife. My cousin 
Tucker, &c. William Morgan the elder, of Wells, Exor. 

ROBERT OWEN, of Bristol, Merchant. Will dated Sep. 5, 1614, 
Codicil Sep. 4, 1615, proved Feb. 16, 1615-16. [8 Cope^ My 
wife Mary, ^400. My son Robert, ^200. My daughters Mary & 
Joan. Messuages in Portburie, Somerset. My brother Griffith Owen. 
My sisters Mary & EUinor. My brother George. Mary & Robert (w), 
Exors. My cousin Rice Davies, esq. My brother in law William Pitt, 
B. 3a. "D ICE DAVIS, of Tickenham, Somerset Will dated Aug. 28, 1638. 
-f^ proved Apr. 23, 1649, by his daughter EUinor, wife of Nicholas 
Poyntz. [41 Fairfaxl\ My wife Mary, dec*. To be buried in the 
Chapel at Backwell, between my late wife Dorothy, daughter of Maurice 
Rodney, esq., dec*, & my late wife Isabel Lygon. To my daughter 
Eleanor Poyntz, & her husband Nicholas Poyntz, all my manor of Tic- 
kenham, &c., they to pay ;;^3ooo of debts, &c. Money owing to the 
Exors of Sir Daniel Norton. My daughter Joan Browne. My daughter 
Elizabeth Williams, her husband Roger Williams, & her son Rice 
Williams. Thomas Smyth & William Winter, Exors. My daughter 
Cox. A Codicil witnessed by John Baber. 

Rice Davies, Esq., of Tickenham, married ist, Dorothy, daughter of Maurice 
Rodney, Esq., and sister of Sir George Rodney, by whom (who died Jan. X2, 1604) 
he had 3 daughters — Elisabeth, married to Roger WiUiams, of Renhily (r), Monmouth- 
shire ; Joan, married to Richard Browne, of Backwell, and Margaret, wife of — Cox. 
He married 2ndly, Isabel, daughter of Henry Lygon, of Colne Rogsu^ co. Glouc.,^ 
ard Basset. His 3rd wife was Mary Pitt, widow of Robei '^ 

widow of Edward Basset. His 3rd wife was Mary Pitt, widow of Robert Owen, of 
Bristol, merchant, by whom he had one daughter, married to Nicholas Poyntz. Their 
daughter Eleanor married ist, Major Will. Goodriche ; 2ndly, . . . Glanville. 

B. 60. JOHN IRISH, of Wells, Somerset, bachelor, dec*. Admon. May 10, 
J i633> to his brother Matthew Irish. 

EDMUND IRISH, of Banwell, Somerset, dec*. Admon. Dec 22, 
i633» to his relict Martha Irish. 
1623 Visita- CIR ROBERT BAYNARD,' of Lackham, Wilts." Will dated Mar. 
tion of Wilts, ^ 16, 1635, proved Mar. 28, 1639. [19 Harvey^ Money to the 
34» 79' Church & poor of Laycock. My son in law Capt. James Montague' & 

my daughter Mary, the Manor of Lackham, & all lands, &c., in Wilts, 
& to their children in succession, & in default to my nephew, only son 
cf my younger brother Edward Baynard, lately dec*. My niece Elizabeth 
Wakeman. My kinsman Will Barrett of Allington. My kinsman 
William What . . . My kinswoman Bathsheba SnelL My kinsman 
Robert White. My kinswoman Elizabeth, wife of Thomas White, late 
of Bi;omham. My kinsman Thomas Burford. My cousin Sarah White, 
My cousin George Baynard. My kinsman Thomas Smith, of Hilperton. 
My cousin Thomas Baynard of Wanstrow. The grandchildren of my 
cousin Henry Baynard, dec*, ;£'3o among them. My nephew Col. 
Talbot, one piece of hanging which formerly was my Lady Stapleton's, 
his Grandmother. My kinsman Tho. Wameford, of Hankertpn, Wilts. 
Robert Eyre of Little Chalford, Wilts. 

^ Knighted at Theohalds, 8th January, 161S. He married Ursula, daughter of Sir 
Robertdtapleton, of Wighall, co. York. 
' Buried June 7, 1636. 
' Third son of Henry, Earl of Manchester, Lord Privy SeaL 


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EDWARD BAYNARD, of Laycock [Wflts]. Will [date not named] 
proved Nov. . . . 1575. [56 PickeringJ] Lands to Robert my 
son, under 21. To my son Nicholas an annuity of ;;^io. My sons, 
John, Giles, Philip, & Edward. My daughter Marie. My brother 
Willoughby. My brother Laurence. My daughter Ann, lately bom. 
My son Benjamin. 

EDWARD BAYNARD, Citizen & Fishmonger, of London. Will 
dated Jan. 31, 1643, proved Apr. x, 1642, by Mary Baynard the 
relict. [34 Cram!j To be buried in Tumwheel Ch., Dowgate. My 
wife Mary. My sister Elizabeth. My children, Edward, Benjamin & 
Elizabeth. William Johnson, of Bowden, Wilts, gent, an Overseer. 

ROBERT BAYNARD, of Cliffe, Dorset, bachelor, dec*. Adipon. 
May 2, 1682, to his father Thomas Baynard. 
THOMAS BAYNARD the Elder, of East Chickerell, Dorset, esq'. 
Will dated Oct 14, 1682, proved Dea 3, 1684, by his daughter, 
Grace Baynard, & others. [169 Hare."] To be buried at Tincleton, 
Dorset, near my wife. If I die in Somerset, then in Wanstrow, among 
my ancestors. To my son George Baynard & his wife, £$ each. To 
my daughter Grace Baynard, ;^6oo, & to my other five unmarried 
daughters, Joane, Catharine, Mary, Frances, & Elizabeth, ;^5oo eadi. 
My son Thomas Baynard, £100. My son John Baynard, my leasehold 
estate in Parkpale, &c., which I purchased of James Long, esq'^, & land 
in Tincleton. John Young, of Little Dumford, Wilts, my son in law. 
Lands in Cloford, &c. 

GEORGE BAYNARD, of CUffe, Dorset, Esq'. WHl dated Sep. 25, 
1693, proved Nov. 17, 1693, by Elizabeth Baynard, the relict 
[177 Cok€r.'\ Poor of Tincleton, where I now live, & of Wanstrowe^ 
Somerset Residue to my wife, Elizabeth Baynard, Extrix. She to be 
guardian to my three childreui Ralph, Mary, & Rachel, till their ages 
of 21. 

JOHN BAYNARD, of Wanstrow, Somerset, esq'. Will dated Sep. 6, 
1704, proved July 5, 1705, by Mary Baynard, the relict, [iii Cr«.] 
Deed of Indenture of lands, &&, to Edward Baynard, Robert Montague, 
&c My children, Rachel, Mary, Edward, John, & Ralph Baynard, 
^2,700 for them at 21. My son Edward Baynard. My wife Mary, 
Extrix. To Ralph, if he be bred a scholar, the next avoidance or 
presentation of Wanstrow. My eldest son Thomas Baynard. 

JOANE BAYNARD, of co. Dorset Will dated Jan. 2, 1706, proved 
June 10, 1707, by her sister Katherine Baynard. [134 Azpy.] My 
sister Mary, £lo^ & my diamond ring. My sister Frances, w^e of M*^ 
John Page, ^^20. My sister Elizabeth, spinster, jQioo. My sister 
Mary, widow of my dec*^ brother, Thomas Baynard, of London, a broad 
piece of gold, & to Rachel his daughter, ;^5o. Elizabeth, widow of my 
dec' brother George Baynard, of Clifife, & to her daughter, my niece, 
Mary Perkins, jQ^o^ & my silver skillet To each of the four sons & 
two daughters of my brother John Baynard, of Wanstrow, late dec^ a 
broad piece of gold. Poor of Radipole, jQ^ & of Broadway, jQ^. 
Residue to my sister Katherine Baynard, Extrix. 

EDWARD BAYNARD, D' of Physic, Fellow of the College of 
Physicians. Will dated July 18, 17 17 (the anniversary of my 
Birth). Codicil Aug. 27, 1717, proved Sep. 17, 1717, by Thomas 
Lloyd, esq. [165 Whitfield.'] Lands in Guemhald, Flintshire, which 
came to me by my dear wife, to Thomas Lloydj her nephew. My kins* 


Digitized by 



Francis Moore, of the : 
Priory, Taunton, died 
1595. (P.CC 49 

> Grace, daughter of 
John S' Albyn. 

Thomas Moore, died 1623. 
55 Skynner.) 

(P.CC sp Rachel, daughter of Sir John Wynd- 
' ham,ofOTchardydiedi6oi. (P.CC 
21 Laud.) 

Thomas Moore,' oa I w. Bridget,' ea 2 w. Elizabeth, 

of Hawkchurch, 
Dorset, and Spar- 

Sove, Somerset, 
edAug.6, 16959 
aged 78. 

daughter of 
Sir Th. 

daughter of Sir 
John Bampfield, 
of Poltimore, died 
1697. (P.CC 44 



Moore, A da. mar- 

of Bag- ried William 

boro» Brottncker. 

Grace,^ married 
Thomas Coward, 
of Winton. 

Rachel, mar- 
ried Hugh 

Gertrude, mar- 
ried Anthony 

hlixguttf married 
Thomas Wynd- 
ham, who died 
1698. (P.CC 195 
Lort.) Ancestor 
of Yatdcy Wynd- 

died un- 

at Bat- 

Thomas Coward,'«y:Mary 


1687, died 

born 1690, 
died 1766. 

I. John Bay- ep Mazy, 
nard, of Wan- 
strow, died 
1705 (P.CC. 
Ill Gee). 

Thomas Ck>ward, 
bom 1713, died 
1800, married 
Amy, 3rd dan. of 
Wm. Provis, of 
Shepton Mallet. 

X (jeoige< 
died Sep. 



of Lon- 




Ralph, died Dec. 
34, 1696, aged 13. 

Mary, wife of 
George White, 
of Stafford, 

Rachel, wife of 
. . . Pinkney, 
of Salisbury. 

I I 

Thomas. Edward. John. Ralph. 




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Fiancb Bluet, ^r Joan Thomas Bavnard, iv> Rachel Moore» 

killed at Lyme, 
1644. (P.CC. 
246 Fines.) 


of Cliffe, Dorset, 
and Wanstrow, 
Somerset, died 
1683. (P.CC. 169 

married 163$, 
died Not. 13, 

Joanna, John Bhiet, ■« Elisabeth, daufffater Frands Raaie],wile 
wife of ob. S.IK 1700. of John BnckUnd, Bluet, of William 
Joseph (P.CC 163 married Apr. 14, ob. s.p. Symes, of 
I)ayison. NoeL) 1664. 1692. Poandsford, 

aged 49, 


4. Joan Bay- 
nara, died 
134 Poley.) 

3. Gnoe, 
married at 
1694, to 
M' Arthur 

C Catherine 
died 1729. 
(P.CC. 157 

6. Mary Bay- 
nard, died 
1 719. (P.CC 
42 Brown- 

7. Fhmces, 
married at 
1604, to M' 
Rector of 

8. Elisabeth. 

Rachel, wife 
of John 
Yoonff, of 

1 SMsko A 53, and Hirtehinif DontC, W, Af 
S Tberft k anots in die Batoomb Register that 

* She was married 

te in die Batoomb Reguter that Thenas Moore was buried at Hawlcdnndi oa Mtk Aofiul^ 169s* 

Moore, died at Spumn Aqg, 18th, buied at Hawkdiuich Sept. ist, 1696. 

ried in 1651, and died ^.p. 

Inacripiiao in Batcombe Omicli. " Giacta lu. Tho. Coward de dritate Wiaton in oooi. Sootlitoa, 


fiKa TIm. Moore et Eliz. nz. ^ns de Spamove in oool SomerMt, variolanim labe jpoerperio correpta in ipe returrec* 
tioois -ad ritam Ktemam deceirit .... die Jolii A« 1689." Her husband. Thos. Coward, at Winton and Spargrove, 
was living in X7XO. Her sister Bridget died of smaU-poK within a lew days of Graoe, and is auo buried at J^ On 

the stone with the above inscription are the arms c 
£M, m camtwm or. with a creeceat for diierenoe. 

» Children of Thomas and Mary Coward :— 1, ,..^ .- -^ 

sgth, baptised Sepc a4tii, 1711. e. Thoaias» bom at Spaigrove June and, 1713. y. Mary, boni at Spargrove May soth, 
>7>S 4. John, bon at Wmton Oct zst»X7i6k buried Sept 0^x717. 5. Anna, bora at Winton April S5th,z7x8. 0. wuUaai, 
bora at spargrove Dec. adth^ 1719. 7. Jomi, bon at Spargrove Apnl nth, 1709. S. Susannah, bora at Spargrove Ang. 

s, Jn' 

days oi; Grace, I . 

of Coward :— ^r. 0m m ckgtfmt gu. 3 mmrtUU 4^ thiJUid; «s m ciu^f 

of Thomas Coward, Bsii., born at Spargrove Aug. 


rre June 

9b Jane, bora at s 

July stidi, i7«7. 



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num Edward Farmer, of Bennett Coll. ChSdren of my uncle Capt 
Benjamin Holder, of Chiswick, ^200. Tombstone in Barnes Church- 
yard. ^80 or ^100 for rings. My godson Edward Baynard, son of 
John Baynard, late of Wanstrow, Somerset, 10 guineas. 

MARY BAYNARD, of Fenacre, in Burlescombe, Devon, spinster. 
Will dated Oct. 23, 1718, proved Mar. 26, 1719-20, by George 
White, esq., Mary his wife, having died. , [42 Browning.'] To be 
buried at Holcombe Rogus, under the management of M" Bridget 
Serjeant. My messuage of Vinegar, alias Fenacre, to George White, of 
Stafford, Dorset, Esq', & my niece Mary, his now wife, & their heirs in 
trusts, &c. My sisters Katherine & Elizabeth Baynard, spinsters, my 
Chariot, horses, &c., & jQ$o each. My sister Frances, wife of John 
Page, gent, jQio for mourning, & £i6 per ann. out of Vinegar Farm, 
for her separate use. My nephew Thomas Baynard, son of my dec* 
brother, John Baynard, silver plate, sugar chest with Baynard arms on 
it, ^£200, & jQioo which he owes me on account of his estate of All 
Tree, near Wanstrow, Somerset My nephew Edward Baynard, ;i^2oo, 
to be lodged in the hands of his brother Thomas. To John Baynard, 
ditto, ;i^3oo, till they are 40, they to have the interest meanwhQe. To 
Rachel & Mary Baynard, sisters of Thomas Baynard, jQsoo each. To 
Rachel Baynard, daughter of my dec* brother Thomas, ;&4oo, which is 
on mortgage on her estate at Wanstrow. To my niece Rachel Pinkney, 
;£io for mourning. My sister in law M" Elizabeth Baynard, widow, 
;^io & my gold locket My cousin Elizabeth Constantine. To M' John 
Davison, nephew to my late dear relative M' John Bluett, dec*, my 
silver tankard. My friends, M" Ann Sanford, wife of William Sanford, 
of Ninehead, esq., Samuel Clarke, of Chipley, M" Mary Colman, 
daughter of William Colman, of Gomhay, esq'. My godson John Jones, 
son of John Jones, late of Pugham, dec*, gent., jQio. My goddaughter 
Elizabeth Jones, daughter of John Jones, of Langford, esq'. Bluett 
Jones, son of Bluett Jones, late of Bristol, gent, jQ$. Richard Bere, of 
MorebaA, & Mary his wife. M' John Serjeant, Gierke, ;^io, & jQ$ 
for mourning & books. M' Bulgin, Minister of Holcombe Rogus, j^$. 
M' Peter Kerslake, of WTiipcott, & Mary, his wife. Mary, wtfe of M' 
Will. Courtney, of Taunton. My servant Bridget Seaijeant, ;^ioo, & 
all my estate in my tenement in Holcombe Rogus. Legacies to many 
servants. Poor of Holcombe Rogus & Burlescombe. Residue to my 
niece Mary White, Extrix. 

CATHERINE BAYNARD, of Redlands, Dorset, spinster. Will 
dated July 22, 1725, proved June 3, 1729, by Thomas Bajpard, 
Esq. [157 Abbott,^ To be buried at Broadway, Dorset, according to 
my birdi, & ^80 on my funeral as my nephew Thomas Baynard shall 
tiunk fit M' Charles Langrish, of We3rmouth, with others named, to 
cany me into the Church. A place to be left for my sister Elizabeth 
Baynard, by my side. Inscription to be set up. Poor of Bradway, ^3, 
& of Wanstrow, Somerset, jQ^. To my cousin John Baynard, ;fcSo, & 
to his sister Bjachel, of Wanstrow, ;^ioo. Her sister Mary Baynard, 
;^ioo. My niece Rachel, of London, daughter of my dec* brother 
Thomas Baynard, ^^50. To my nephew Thomas Baynard, ;^25o, in 
trust to pay to my sister Page, during the life of her now husband, M' 
John Page, the interest thereof at ^5 per cent If she survives her 
husband, then all to her. My cousin Rachel Pinkney, wife of M* 
Pinkney, of Salisbury, ;^ioo, &c To my niece Radid Baynard, of 


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Wanstrowy a silver tankard, &c. To my sister Elisabeth Baynard, plate, 
&c My sister Baynard, of Clifie, M" Elizabeth Frampton, & my 
cousin Pinkney, of Sanmi, &c, rings. All my lands, &c., to my sister 
Elizabeth Baynard. My cousin, George White, of Stafford, Dorset 

SIR STEPHEN CULPEPER, of Campden, kn*. Will dated July 
II, 1606, proved June 3, 161 1, by Lady Elizabeth Culpeper. 
[6a Wood.'] To be buried at the discretion of my Extrfx. My lands, 
&c, to my wife Elizabeth, Extrix. Poor of Astwood, Worcestershire, 
6/8, & of Campden, 10/. My cousin Walt^ Savage, esq., my uncle M' 
John Savage, & M* John Price, of Campden, Overseers. 

RICHARD MEREDITH, Dean of Wells." WiU dated July 23, 
1621, proved Feb. 15, 1621-2. [18 Saville,'] D^Revett to preach 
my funeral sermon. To vicars in Wells, £6, 13. 4. to sing my requiem. 
Funeral expences & a marble stone, J6^oo. W D** Bourne & M' 
Henry Southworth, Overseers. Proved by D* Timothy Revett, Thomas 
Southworth, esq., & Anthony Cavell, gent. 
B. 138. T OSEPH RATTLE^ of Over Langford, in Churchill, Somerset, Esq. 
J Will dated Mar. 10, 1620, proved Apr. 30, 1622, by Mary Rattle, 
widow. [29 SavHU."] To be buried in Churchill, near the grave of my 
first & late deceased wife Katherine. M' Allen to preach my funeral 
sermon on iht text, ^ veiy precious in the sight of the Lord is the death 
of His Saints,'' according to the Geneva translation. To my father in 
law M' John Smithes, my cousin M** John Cox, my sister Agnes Heale, 
my nephew Thomas Latche* & his wife, nephew Joseph Latche, cousin 
Edmund Stjrverd* & his wife, cousin Edmund Parsons, & cousin William 
Cooke & his wife, doaks to each. M' William Jackson, M' Myles 
Jackson, & their mother in law M" Jackson, rings of 30/. Myles Wolfe, 
my sister's son, my nephews Joseph & Thomas Latch, my cousin 
William Cooke, & Elizabeth & Grace Heale, ^£20. John Rattle, of 
Kenn, my brother's son. Joan, daughter of my brother Philip Rattle, 
dec*. My brother Robert Rattle. My lands, &c., & my law books, to my 
son John Rattle, under 16, to whom also my farm at Pellhay, which I 
bought of Lady Stallinge. To Mary,* my now wife, the tithes of Con- 
gresbuiy Marsh. Witnesses, John Smithes, Henry Allen, Robert 
Pearce, Thomas Latch, John Baker & Will. Cooke. 

ROBERT RATTLE, lateof Yatton, Somerset, dec*. Admon. Oct 5, 
1626, to his relict, Alice Rattle. 
JOHN RATTLE, of Churchill, Somerset, gent Will dated July 26, 
1636, proved Dec. 31, 1636, by Mary Cox,' widow. [119/^. J M* 
Richard Compton, my Schoolmaster, 40/ for a ring. My brothers, 
Francis Cox, ;i^io> Joseph Cox, jQ^o^ & Samuel Cox, ;;^ioo. Residue 
to my dear mother, M" Marie Cox, Extrix. My friends M' John Bushe 
& William Prowse, Overseers. 

ELIZABETH CHURCHEY, of Nettlecombe, Somerset, widow. 
Will dated Nov. 23, 1620, proved May 25, 1622. [36 Saviile,'] 
Poor of Nettlecombe, Cleeve, Leighland, &c John Churchey. John 
Churchey the younger. Nicholas Churchey. My son, George Churchey, 
[OHN PITT, of Isle Abbots, Somerset Admon. May 12, 1590, to 
his son, William Pitt. 

* From 1607-21. • A. 98. 

* John Styvkrd, of Kenn, was diacUumed at the 1591 Vbitation of Somenet. 

* She married 2ndly, John Cox. * B. 164. 



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Dorset, i. 164; 

B. e6w 

Hants, loi. 

MARGARET PITT, of Weymouth & Melcomb R^;i8, Dorset, 
Widow. Will dated Aug. 3, 1592, proved Mch. 16, 1593-31 by 
her son, W" Pitt. [25 Nemiu!\ To be buried at Radipole. To my 
eldest son Richard, 100 marks. My son William. To Edward, eldest 
son of William Pitt, a silver goblet William, eldest son of Thomas 
Pitt, dec^ my son, ;^io. My son Henry Pitt To John, Richard, 
Susan, & Rachel, children of my son Thomas Pitt, dec^ ;^io each. To 
my son John Pitt, £,^0. To Henry Pitt, my youngest son, an annuity 
of 20 marks. Elizabeth Sanders, my eldest daughter, ;^8o. Her son 
William. My daughter Joan Barfoot, 12 silver spoons. Peter Mounsdl, 
eldest son of my daughter Johan. To Edith Harvie, my youngest 
daughter, 100 marks. Her eldest son Walter Harvie. Richard, son of 
my daughter Julian Morris, ;^3o. John Pitt, my late husband. My 
son William Pitt, Exor. My son Richard Pitt, & Thomas Barfoot, my 
son in law. Overseers. 

RICHARD PITT, of Crickett, Malherbe, Somerset Will dated 
July 21, 1617, proved June i, 1622. [58 SavUle^ John Pitt, my 
son. Houses, &c., at Weymouth. My son Matthew Pitt. 

MATTHEW PITT,* of Crickett Malherbe^ Somerset, merchant. 
Will dated Oct 10, 1623, proved Nov. 19, 1624, by Philippa 
Pitt, widow. [97 Byrie:\ My wife Phillip Pitt. My son & heir, Ben- 
jamin * Pitt. To my son Jonathan, lands at N. Perrott My daughters 
Elizabeth Crossing, Hester, Phillip, Mary, Frances, Margaret, Jolum, & 
Susan Pitt My son in law Francis Crossing. My brother John Pitt 
My brother in law John Taylor. 

PHILIPPE PITT, of Crichett Malherbe, Somerset, gentlewoman. 
Will dated Sep. 10, 1638, proved Feb. 11, 163^9, ^7 ^^} son 
Jonathan. [23 Harvey^ To be buried in the Chancel of Crichett 
Malherbe. My son Jonathan. My son Hayward. My daughters 
Trances & Margaret The will of their sister Phillip. My daughters 
Joane & Susanna, £,^0 each, besides the ^1^300 given them by their 
father's will. My daughter Margaret Pitt. My grandchildren Philip 
Crossing, Philip James, & my daughter Hayward's child. My son 
Richard Hayward, Vicar of Curry Rivell, & M' John Conant, Vicar of 

T>£NJAMIN PITT, of Standerwick, Somerset, Esq. Will dated 
-D Oct. I, 1649, proved Nov. 30, 1650, by his relict, Ann Pitt* [186 
Pembroke^ Leases of lands in Dolish Wake and West Dolish, Somer- 
set John Ashe, of Freshford, & Xtopher Browne, of Bedmigton, 
clothier, Trustees. Ann my wife, & my children. 

WILLIAM PITT, junior, of Hartley Waspell, Hants, esq., dec"*. 
Admon. Nov. 13, 1679, to his sister Abigail Stawell, aUas Pit^ 
wife of Ralph Stawell, esq. 

JONATHAN PITT,* of Curry RiveU, Somerset, esq'. Will dated 
J Aug. I, 1683, proved Feb. 11, 1683-4, by his son Richard Pitt. [20 
Hare.'\ To be buried at Crickett My son Richard Pitt My wife 

^ He married : i. Christian, daughter of John Barnard, of Shepton Mallet 
2. Philippa, daughter and coheir of John Daniell, of Beaminster (w^Im« WiU is given 

* Beniamin Pitt was twenty-three at his father's death. In B. 86, he is given as the 
only child of the first ] 

' She was daughter of Rob' Wdstead, of Bloxworth, Dorset, and married flidly in 
i6;4 Thomas Shute. 
* Son of Matthew {tee above), 


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Elizabeth. My sister Susanna Hokombey dec*. Mary, wife of my son 

RICHARD PITT, of Crickett Malberbe, Somerset, Esq. Will dated 
July 17, 1687, proved Nov. 2, 1688, by Mary Pitt, relict [Taun- 
km fVil/J] Deeds between Jonathan Pitt, of Curry Rivell, esq', dec*, 
& myself, son & heir of the said Jonathan Pitt, Mary my now wife, 
George Longe, of Downside, Somerset, £sq% & Christopher Overton, of 
Somerton, gent, by which a messuage in Burton, in Curry Rivell, & 
other lands, were granted to George Long & Xtopher Overton, for the 
use of me the said Richard Pitt, & after my deadi, for my wife Mary 
Pitt, then for our heirs, &c I have not a child. I devise all to Mary 
my wife. My sister in law M" Elizabeth Overton, my ward. My wtfe 
Mary, Exiz. Hugh Brome ^ & Thomas Daubeny, Witnesses. 

ELIZABETH PITT,' widow of Jonathan Pitt, of Curry Rivell, 
Somerset. Will dated Oct 10, 1695, proved Aug. 9, 1706, by her 
daughter Mary Long, widow. [183 £€des.] Whereas Robert Lon^,' of 
Staunton Prior, Somerset, Esq', Henry Long, of Lincoln's Inn, Midd\ 
esq., Samuel Powell, of Curry Rivell, gent^ John Dyer, of Bridgwater, 
& James Poteuger, of Martock, gent, are invested for die remainder of 
the term of 1,000 years of a messuage & lands in Kingsbury, Somerset, 
of 40 acres, formerly in the tenure of Edith Napper, widow, dec^ & 
since in the occupation of Thomas Trevilian. By Indenture from 
Thomas, Earl of Berks, K.B., Dec. 17, 1630, to Dame Ann Walter, 
relict of Sir John Walter, Chief Baron of the Exchequer, &c., the residue 
of the said term, in trust for the said Elizabeth Pitt, and then for such 
as Elizabeth Pitt shall appoint by Will, for the benefit of my daughter 
Mary, wife of George Long, of Downside, esq*. My granddaughter 
Diana Long.^ ;^3o to my grandchildren, William Hilliard, Blary Starr, 
& Elizabeth Anderton, & ;£;io to my grandchildren William,^ Geoige,^ 
Elizabeth,^ Mary,^ Ann,^ & Deborah Long/ My kinswoman, Jane Willcox, 
of Luppit^ Devon, j£$. I wish to be buried in my mother's grave, if I 
die in Somerset. Residue to my daughter Blary Long. 

WILLIAM PITT, late of Crickett Malherbe, Somerset, Esq% 
widower, dec^ Admon. Feb. 9, 1711-ia, to his son Sunuel 
Pitt, Esq'. 

DOROTHY PITT, of Norton sub Hamden, Somerset, widow. Will 
dated la May, 1725, proved 6 Nov. 1629, by Churchill Rose, 
^315 Abbott.'] My niece M" Elizabeth Rose. My cousin Churchill 
.ose, of Netherbury, Dorset, esq'. My cousin Maiy Sharley. To 
poor, p^io. 

JOHN COLFORD the elder, of Broomefield, Somerset, gent Will 
dated Mar. 13, 1621, proved May 31, 1622, by his son John.' [35 
SavOle'] Poor of Broomefield, ^1^3. My son Nicholas Colford, my 
house at South Brent John Colford, my spn. My daughter Ellen 
Jenkms. Sarah, daughter of John & Ellen Jenkins. William Jenkins, 

^ Of Stocklioch, near Ilminster, for the Broms fiunUy, aee CoUiiuoii, L 51. 

* This Eluabeth was daughter of Sir Thomas Trevelyan. She married ist, Marm. 
Jemiings, of Cuny Riyell, hjf whom she had a daughter Idaiy, wife of Geoige Long, 
of Downside. (See " Loog of Seminffton," Misce^ea, G. and H., N.S., voL iii.) 

* He died 1697, aged 90^ and was buried at Stanton Prior. His only son Henry 
died 1693. 

^ AU diildien of Geoige Long, of Downside. 

* Disclaimed in 1623. See S. 135. 


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their son. My cousin Thomas CoIIard, of Spaxton. My cousin William 
TowUl,^ of Bromefield. Catherine, daughter of John Colford, ;^ao at 
age 0/21. John, son of John Colford. Elizabeth, daughter of the 
same. Nicholas, son of Nicholas Colford.' Thomas, son of John 
Colford. Agnes, daughter of Nicholas Colford. Nicholas, son of John 
Colford. Francis, son of Nicholas Colford. Thomas, son of Thomas 
Colford, dec''. EUinor, my now wife. Residue to John Colford, my 
son, Ex5r. 

MARY COLFORD, of Bromefield, Somerset, Widow. Will dated 
Apr. 7, 13 Ch., proved Oct 29, 1637. [129 Goare.'] My daughter 
Catherine. Her Grandsire John Colford. My daughter Elizabeth. 
My son Thomas. My son Nicholas. My daughter Mary. My son 
Francis. My sons Edward & John, Exors. 

JOHN COLFORD, of Bromefield, Somerset, Gent. Will dated June 
20, 1637, proved Nov. 16, 1637, by his brother Thomas. [151 
GiHire,'] To be buried at Bromefield, near my father. My mother 
Mary Colford, dec"*. Lands in Stockland Gaunts,* Cannington, Sto- 
gursey, &c. My brother Thomas Colford. My sisters, Katherine, 
Mary, & Bridget. My brothers, Nicholas, Francis, & Edward. 

FRANCIS COLFORD, of Bromefield, Somerset, gent Will dated 
Mar. 16, 1650, proved Sept 11, 1651, by Dorothy, relict [170 
GreyJ] To the poor, 20/. To my brothers Thomas & Nicholas, 5/ 
each. To my brother Edward, ^^5. My sister Webber, 5/. My sister 
Bridget, 5/. William, Alexander, & Mary, children of my sister Webber. 
My brother in law Henry Rugg. My wife Dorothy, under 21. William 
Thome the elder, of Spaxton, Overseer. 

WILLIAM COLFORD, of Bromfield, Somerset, gent. Will dated 
Mar. 27, 1676, proved Dec 9, 1676, by Elizab. Colford. [150 
Bence."] My wijfe Elizabeth. My kinsman John Colford, son of William 
Colford the younger. Francis, brother of John Colford, then to Thomas 
Colford, then to Mary Colford, then to Thomas Colford, of Dulverton, 
gent., then to Edward Colford, of Enmore, gent., then to my kinsman 
William Colford the younger, for ever, &c. 

r^ ,?• ^' ri T? OBERT HARBIN, of Newton, in Yeovil, Somerset, gent. Will 
CoUuflon,iil. J[\^ ^^^ ^yg ^^ j^jj^ pj.^^^ j^iy jQ^ j^^^ ^^g Saville.^ John 

Harbin, my son & heir. My poor sister Emma Andros, ;^5. The four 
children of my daughter Temperance by her first husband, William 
Bramble. Children of my daughter Agnes Kemmell by her first hus- 
band, John Cleves. My two younger sons George & Robert Harbin. 
My six daughters. Bricj^et,* wife of my son John Harbin. Gartrude,' 
wife of my grandchild Robert Harbin. William Harbin, my brother. 
My sister Ann Wheeler. Residue to my son John Harbin, Exor. My 
friends & cousins Sir John Ryves, K*., & Henry Harbin, gent 

ROBERT HARBYN, of Up Mudford, Somerset, esq. Will dated 
7 Mar., 1658-9, proved 21 May, 1659, by his son John Harbyn. 
[278 PeHJ] To be buried at Yeovil, in the Newton Aisle. Parishes of 
Mudford, 20/, & Yeovil, 40/. To my daughter Ann Harbyn, ;;^Soo. 
My son Robert Harbyn, ;£'3oo. To my son Xtopher Harbyn, ^200. 

^ Collinson, i. 73. < Of Duddestone in Pitminster. S«e B. 133. 

' Or Stockiand Bristol. It formed part of the endowment of '* Th4 Counts Hos^ 
pital,'* now the Mayor's Chapel at Bristol. 

* Daughter of Wm. Drewry, of Savemake, Wilts. 
' Daughter of John Stocker, of Chilcompton, Esq. 


Digitized by 


_ ^ j_^ 

To my daughter Garthnide Edwards, ^aoo. My trustees, Robert Hunt 
& Francis Wyndham, esq". To Edward Harbyn, my son, ^300, & if 
he be dead, then to my sons Samuel,^ Robert, & Xtopher Harbyn. My 
daughters, Elisabeth Holway, Katherine Turberville, & Anne Harbyn. 
My sisters, M** Ann Reeves & M" Bridget Prowse, 20/ each for rings. 
To my loving daughter in law M" Elisab : Haibyn, my silver watch & 
20/ for a ring. My Coach, horses, & furniture to my Overseers, R. 
Hunt & F. Wyndham. All residue to my son John Harbyn, Exor. 

CHARLES HARBIN, of Yeovil, Somerset, Esq. Will dated Dec 
24, 1690, proved Dea 3, 1691, by his brother William Harbin. 
[212 Fiere.] My brother John Harbin, ;£iSo. My sister in law, wife 
of my brother William Harbin, j£ioOf 8c their daughter Katherine, 
;;^ioo. My nephew Wyndham Harbin, & Ann, Elizabeth, & Frances, 
children of William Harbin, 20 guineas each. My uncle Samuel ^ Harbin, 
& my Aunt his wife, ^£'20, his daughter Sarah. Poor relations at Trent, 

ELIZABETH HARBIN, relict of William Harbin, of Newton, in 
Yeovil, Somerset, Esq', dec*. Will dated June 9, 1708, proved 
Jnly 13, 1708, by her son Windham Harbin. [i6i £amtt,'] My eldest 
daughter Ann, my daughter Elisabeth, my daughter Frances & my 
daughter Katherine,. ;£i5o each, & my house in Marlborough Street 
between them. The plate that was my brother's, Hugh Windham. My 
sister Rachael Windham. My sister Frances Windham. My sister 
Elisabeth Stone. My son Windham Harbin, Exor. Debts of my son 
John to be paid. 

JOHN WATTS, of Weston, Somerset. Will dated June 21, 1622, 
proved Oct 23, 1622. [89 SaznlU.^ To be buried with my mother. 
My daughter Joane, ;;^ioo at 18. Mary my wife, Nicholas my son, & 
Mary my daughter, 12* each. M' Christopher Blackall, of Totness, & 
my friend Gyles Stallinge,' my father in law, Exors. 

WILLIAM GYBBES, of South Perrott, Esq'. Will dated Feb. 15, 
1616, proved Feb. 17, 161 6, by Gregory Gibbes. [11 H^eld(m.] 
To be buried at S. Perrott, near my vrife. My daughter Dorothy, 
j£6oo. My five daughters, & my daughter in law, Elisabeth Bale. My 
son in law William Lawrence, gent. My kinsman Roger Gollop, gent, 
Overseer. The daughters of my son John Gibbes. My copyhold 
lands in Gillingham. My son Henry. Residue to my son Gregory, 

He was eighty at bis death. His vrife Maiy was daughter of John Newcoiurt, of 
Pickwell, CO. Devon. * 
Buried at S. Perott, Maiy, wife of William Gibbes, Esq., 161 1. 

\ME MARY POWLETT, wife of William Gibbes, Esq'. WiU 
dated Nov. 50, 13 Eliz., proved July 5, 1571. [. . . Daper.'] 1 

make my will by licence of my said husband To be buried in my He 

of Netherbury, by my late Lord and husband. 

g^ ^ JOHN ALLOTT, ofCongresbury, Somerset, dec"*. Admon.July 16, 

J 1646, to his relict Catherine Allott 

' Apprenticed in Bristol 28th July, 1653, to Andn Kirby, merchant, and Maiy his 
wife. (Bristol RoU fff Apprentices.) 

^ In Kenn Church is a Monumental Inscription to Sir Nich. Stalling, who died 
1605. (CoU. iii. 593.) 


Digitized by 



Donet, iv. 


JOHN ALLOTT, of Congerabnry, Sometset, dec*. Admon, Mar. 15, 
1647-d, to Catherine Allott^ mother of John & Catherine Allott, 
grandchildren. Another Adm5n. 1673. 

Howe's wats, D OGER STORTON,* of Ruston, Dorset, esq'. Will dated Jan. a8, 
I. L 47. JX 1530, proved Mar. 3, 1550, by the relict, Jane Stourton. [7 Bucke,] 
To be buried at Ruston. My wife shall enjoy my Manor of Upceme 
after my decease to Dorothy Storton, my niece, during her life, if she be 
governed, &c., by Jane, my wife, or by my Lord my nephew. To John 
Storton, 40/ <& a gelding. To William Storton, my great grey mare. To 
George Storton, my black mare. To Gyles Storton, my roan mare & 
six lambs. To Frances Rogers, six lambs, five young beasts, &c, 
towards her marriage. To Mary Rogers, two young kyne. To M' 
Bueres, my wife's brother, my ambling gelding. To my sister Klin^, 
40 sheep. To Edward Rogers, my godson, two bulls, &c. To Katherine 
Rogers, my goddaughter, three young kine, &c. Residue to my wife 
Jane, Exix. My Lord Charles Stourton,' my nephew, & S' John Rogers, 
Kn*, Overseers. 

WILLIAM FAUNTLEROY, of Fauntleroy Marsh, Dorset, Esq'. 
Will dated Aug. 28, 1581, proved Sep. 38, 1580, by Cicely 
Fauntleroy, relict [3 a Darcy,] My wife Cicely. William Stourton & 
Thomas Moleyns, Esq", Overseers. 

WILLIAM STOURTON, of Fauntleroy Marsh, Dorset, Esq'. Wfll 
dated Mar, 12, 32 Eliz., proved Mar. 19, 1590-1, by Mary Stour- 
ton, widow. [18 Drury.'] All my lands in Vmte Lackington, Selvmch, 
Atherstone, Shepton, Mountague, Pitcombe, Cole & Brewton, Somerset, 
to my wife Mary & her heirs, & all my leases in Worminster, & prebend 
& parsonage of Pilton. To my cousins, Edward & Philip Stourton, 
esq**, all household stuff in Owre Moigne,' Dorset. My honourable 
good kinsman Lord Edward Stourton, one basin & ewer of silver, & to 
his brother, my cousin, Charles Stourton, ;£'2o. My brother Giles 
Stourton, ;^3o. My cousin Cicely Fauntleroye, widow, ;^io. My 
cousin & servant Richard Harrison, £^0. To my son William Morgan, 
all my household stuff in the Manor house of LitdeComberton, Wore'*. 
To my son in law Xtopher Morgan, esq., one Bed with his furniture, &:c. 
Residue to my wife Mary, Exix. My friends, John Fitzjames, Thomas 
Cludfyn, & Christopher Morgan, Esq., Overseers, & to each a silver 
bowl of ;^3 value. 
Buried at Foike, Dorset, Mr. ^^niliam Stourton, esq. ACarch 30, 1590? 

[RS. MARY STOURTON, of Wormister, Somerset, widow. WiU 

dated Dec. 15, 1595, proved July 9, 1596, by William Moigan. 

^^DraJU.} MysonTroyelusTurberviile,;;^2a My daughter Cassandra 

iirberville, ;^ao. My godson Heniy Rodney, jC^. M" Jane Rodney, 

wife of John Rodney, esq., a long cushion of clothe of gold to be 

chosen by herself. To M" Alice Wadham, my gowne of damask. 

Thomas Fitzjames, my godson, jC^. To Robert Liversegge, my 

daughter's son, £4, Poor of Pilton, 4 bushels of wheat. Poor of 

Wormister & Wootton. Vicar of White Lackington, 10/. AU my lands 

^ Son of Edward, 5th Baron Stourton, and his wife Agnes, dau^ter of John 
Fauntleroy, of Marsh, oa Dorset 

* He was 7th Baron Stourton. He was executed in 1557 for the murder of 
Wm. Hartgill. ' Or Orer Moigne. 



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to my son William Moigan & his heirs, to whom also residue, he to be 
Exor. Overseers, John Rodney, esq., & John Crokehorne, esq. 
Her daughter Margaret Morgan married Edmund Liversegge, of Vallis, May, 1623. 

T7RANCIS STOURTON, of Owcr Moigne, Dorset, Esq', dec*. 
-*• Admon. Apr. 27, 1638, to his relict Elizabeth Stourton, during a 
suit, &c. 
Harl. Soc. T^RANCIS STOURTON, of Owre Moigne, Dorset. Will dated 
XX. 85. X July 22, 1637. Codicil, July 29, 1637, proved (by Sententise) 
Nov. . . . 1638, by Elizabeth the relict [168 Zee,'] My brother 
William,* Lord Stourton, £$0. My brother Thomas Stourton. My 
sister Sulyard a green emerod ring. My sister Norton. My cousin 
Wilford. My cousin Catherine Trudgean. Money to poor CaUiolics 
in London & Dorset My cousin William Stourton, his wife, his 
daughter Marg* Stourton, & his other six children. My cousin GrisseU. 
My cousin Henry Stourton & his wife. 

THOMAS STOURTON, dec*. Admon. granted Nov. 3, 1669, to 
his brother William, Lord Stourton. 

THOMAS STURTON,' of South Petherton, Somerset, dec*. Admon. . 
Feb. 12, 1682-3, to Ann Sturton, relict. 
A. 90W TTUMFREY WINDHAM,' of Wiveliscombe, Somerset, Esq. WiU 
Jn. dated Oct 19, 1620, proved Dec 5, 1622, by Eliz. Colles. [in 
Savi//e.'] To be buried in the vault of Wiveliscombe Church, lately 
made for my deceased wife, by the care of John Colles, esq', & my 
Exix. To Ann Dugdale, my servant, 20 marks. To Margaret, daughter 
of John Colles. To Elizabeth Colles, my goddaughter, ^1,400, which 
John Colles oweth me, if she be ruled in marriage by them (sic). If 
she dies before 21, then between her sisters Margaret, Ann, & Dorothy. 
My godson Zacharias Windham, my portion of three tenements in 
Timberscombe. My sister Goodman, if she be alive at my death, ;^io 
in gold. To her daughter Maigaret, ;£$. Lands, &c., to my daughter 
Elizabeth Colles. To Humphrey Windham, son of Thomas Windham, 
my godson, my law books, &c. 

HUMPHRY WINDHAM, of Dunraven, Glamorgan. Will dated 
Nov. 28, 1679, proved May 26, 1680. [68 £a/A.] My sons 
Humphry Windham & John Windham. My brother in law John Came, 
of Ewenny. My brother Sir Hugh Wyndham, Justice of the Comm. 
Pleas. My nephew Sir William Wyndham, of Orchard, Bar*. Sir 
George Strode, Serg* at Law. My son in law Rowland Gwyn. My dec' 
brother Francis Wyndham. 

WILLIAM WYNDHAM, of Cowbridge, Glamorgan, Esq'. WiU 
dated June 20, 1690, proved Dec. 8, 1696, by John & Jane 
Wyndham, parents of Rebecca Wyndham, the relict [264 Bond,] 
My sons John Wyndham & Humphry Wyndham. My daughter Jane, 
;^i,ooo. My wife Rebecca. Farm in Porlock, Somerset, which I held 

' William, loth Baron Stourton, grandson of Charles, 7th Baron, who was exe« 
cnted in 155}. 

* He was buried at S. Petherton, Feb. 16, 1682-3. Thomas, his son and heir, was 
bnried 20th January, 1682-3. 

* He was third son of Sir John Windham, of Orchard, Somerset, and married 
Margery, daughter and co-heir of John Stevenson, of Hodsdon, Herts. Both were 
buried at Wiveliscombe. She died in 1620, ased seventy-two ; he died in 1622, aged 
eighty-four. (Collinson, ii. 490.) They had one son, who died young, and one 
daughter, Elizabeth, sole heir, who married John Colles, of Barton, Somerset. 

n. 41 g 

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for the lives of my father John W3mdham, Serjeant at Law, & his wife, 
& of Sir Edward Wyndham, of Orchard, Bar\ My mother Jane & my 
wife Rebecca, Extrices. 

William Wyndham, of Lincoln's Inn, bachelor, son of Tohn Wyndham, of Dan- 
rayen, married at Westminster Abbey, June i8, 1685, Rebecca Strode, daughter of 
Sir Nicholas Strode, of Chevening, Kent, Knight, by his second wife Catherine 
Saville, relict of Sir William Cholmeley, of Whitby, Bart. 

JOHN WYNDHAM, of Dunraven, Glamorgan, Serjeant at Law. 
Will dated Aug. 7, 1697, proved Nov. 10, 1697. [203 JPyfu,^ Mv 
wife Jane. My grandson John, son of my son William Wyndham, dec . 
My grandson Humphry Wyndham. My grandchildren Frances, Joan, 
Catherine, & Rebecca. My brother in law John Strode, esq'. My 
daughter Wyndham, relict of my son William Wyndham, dec*. 

John Wyndham, of Dunraven, married, 1659, J^^'^ Strode, daughter of William 
Strode, of Barrington-Court, Somerset This Wilbam Strode was ** Colonel Strode," 
of Somerset (See Somerset *' Arch. Soc. Proc.," vol. xxx.) 

THOMAS WYNDHAM. Will dated Apr. 15, 1698, proved Aug. 6, 
1698, by Mary Wyndham the relict. [195 Zorf.] My daughter 
Elizabeth. Son Wadham. Leasehold lands in Nursling, Hants. My 
wife Margaret My sister Ann. Hawkchurch to be settled on my 
eldest son by my wife at age of 21. ^^500 of my sister Anne's money 
in my hands. 

EDMUND WYNDHAM, of Kentsford,* Somerset, Esq. WUl dated 
June 12, 1695, proved Oct i, 1698, by the relict, Mary Wjoidham. 
[222 Zort,] Trustees, Sir John Trevelyan, of Nettlecombe, Bar*, Thomas 
Drew, of Grange, Devon, Amos Trevelyan, of Monksilver, & James 
Sheppard, of Honiton, Devon. Manors of Peswell (?) & Tale, Devon, 
& of Kentesbeare, Peyhembury, Clisthedon, &:c., to my seven sisters 
jointly. My wife Mary, Exix. 

JANE WYNDHAM, of Dunraven Castle,' Glamorgan, relict of John 
Wyndham, Serj*at Law. Will dated Nov. 9, 1697, proved July 19, 
1699, by Francis Wyndham. [105 Af^.] To be buried in S* Bride's 
Major. My brothers Edward & John Strode. My daughter in law 
Rebecca Wyndham, relict of my son William Wyndham, dec*. My 
grandsons John & Humphry Wyndham. My daughter Mercy, wife of 
my son Francis Wyndham, & their daughter Jone. 

MARGARET WYNDHAM, of Hawkchurch, Dorset, widow of 
Thomas Wyndham. Will dated Sep. 8, 1698, proved Feb. 4, 
1 701, by Col. John Wyndham & Wadham Wyndham. [31 fferm.] To 
be buried at Hawkchurch, near my husband. My daughter Elfsabeth. 
My sons Thomas Wyndham & Wadham Wyndham. My brothers in 
law CoP John Wyndham & Wadham Wyndham. My sisters Rachel 
Bickham & Gertrude Methwin. 

DAME CATHERINE WYNDHAM, of S* Martin's in the Fields, 
Midd*, relict of Sir Edward Wyndham, Bart. Will dated Mar. 1 1, 
1704. Admon. July 27, 1705, by John, Lord Gower, Guardian of Sir 
William Wyndham, a minor, who, on July 4, 17 12, proved the will, being 
then of age. [x 28 Gee,"] House & Garden, &c., & my land in Taunton 
Dean, &c, to my son Sir William Wyndham. My daughter Jane Wynd- 
ham, ;^i 2,000. My sister Lady Jane Hyde, j^^oo* My aunt, Lady 
Cartwright, £5^- 

^ In St Decumans. ' See CoUinson, iii. 490. 


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BRIGADIER HUGH WINDHAM/ now at Newton SomervUl, in 
Yeovil, Somerset, Esq. Will dated July 30, 1698, proved Feb. 7, 
1706. My godson Wyndham Harbin, ;f 20. M^ goddaughter Frances 
Harbin, ;^2o. My brother in law William Harbm, ;£io for mourning. 
Residue equally to my sister Elizabeth Harbin, wife of the said William 
Harbyn, my sister Rachel Wyndham, & my sister Frances Wyndham, the 
two last named to be Extrices. 

REBECCA WINDHAM, of S* Andrew, HtJlbom, widow. Will dated 
[date not given], proved Aug. 11, 1708. [148 JO>egg,] To be buried 
at Chevening, Kent, near my father. My son Humphry Windham, 
lands in Glamorgan. My late husband, William Wyndham. My 
daughter Rebecca. Sir Cholmely Dering & my brother John Hyde, 

Humphrey Wyndham, died 1680. (Will) -f> 

I ' 1 

John Wyndham, Serjeant-at-Law, ^ Jane, daughter of Will Strode, Humphry, 
died 1697. I of Barrington, married 1659, 


f 8y» Jane, dau 

of Barrin 

I died 169$ 

I. Francis Wyndham, ef> Mercy, daughter of 2. William 

baptized at Barrington, 
Somerset, March 5, 

Edward Strode, of Wyndham, 
Barrington. died 1696. 

: Rebecca, daughter 
of Sir Nicholas 
Strode, of Cheve- 
ning, married 1685, 
died 1708. 

John. Joan. John Humphry. Rebecca Jane. 

Wyndham. Wyndham, 

led 1 714. 

REBECCA WYNDHAM, of S* Andrew's, Holbom, spinster. Will 
dated Feb. it, 1713, proved Mch. 2, 1713-14, f6i Aston.'] I am 
seised of lands in Glamorgan, the third part of the Manor of Bincutting, 
GL, & lands in Cowbridge, &c. To my sister Jane Wyndham & her 
heirs for ever, ;£i,Soo, due of the Manor of Blackford. Bequests to 
poor. Charity Schools of S' Andrew, Holbom, & of Cowbridge, Glam., 
& Chevening, Kent. My aunt, M" Catherine Strode, Exix. 

RACHAEL WYNDHAM, daughter of Sir Francis Wyndham, of 
Trent, Bar*. Will dated June 26, 1705, proved Dec. i, 171 2. [247 
JBarms.] My brother Hugh Wyndham. My sisters Elizabeth Harbin 
& Frances Wjoidham. My nephew Thomas Wyndham, son of my 
eldest brother, Sir Francis Wyndham. My nephew Wyndham Har- 
bin, &C. 

THOMAS WYNDHAM, of Somerset House, Midd*, esq'. Will 
dated Dec. 30, 1704. Codicil, Oct. 23, 1708, proved Dec. 2, 17 13, 
by Winifred Wyndham, the relict. Further Admon. in Dec. 1725, to 
his sons John & William Wyndham, Winifred, the relict, being dead 
[283 Leeds.] To be buried at S* Decumans. My wife Winifred, my 
goods, &c. Money due to me from H. M. the Queen Dowager, for my 
wages. Lands in Norton Malreward, mortgaged to me by Sir Will. 
Bassett Edmund Wyndham, my nephew. My sons John & William 
Wyndham. My daughter Christabella. My wife Winifred, Exix. 

MARY WYNDHAM, of Nettlecombe, Somerset, widow. Will dated 
Dec. 27, 1713, proved June 17, 1714, by Sir John Trevclyan, 

1 Died unmarried in Spain. 

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Bar*. [130 Aston.'] To be buried at S* Decumens, near my husband, 
Edmund Wyndham. Rings to Sir John Trevelyan's Lady & to each of 
their sons & daughters, to Sir Thomas Putt, Lady Catherine Dillon, 
Lady Wrey, Lady Warre, M" Luttrell, widow of Alexander Luttrell, esq', 
M" Dorothy Musgrave, M" Jones, & M" Burford. My nephew, John 
Trevelyan, esq. My nieces M" Margaret, Susanna, & Ann Trevelyan. 
My nephew George Trevelyan. Residue to my brother Trevelyan. 

SIR FRANCIS WYNDHAM, of Trent, Somerset, Bar*. WiU dated 
Aug. 27, 1714. Codicil, Mch. 14, 1715, proved Apr. 21, 1716, by 
Lady Henrietta Wyndham, the relict, [36 jFox,] To be buried at 
Trent, & jj^ioo for a monument. To my wife Dame Henrietta Wynd- 
ham (Newdigate) my house in Paradise Row, Chelsea. My nephew 
William James, of Ightham, Kent. My grandson Francis Wyndham, 
son of my son Thon^as Wyndham. Lucy, wife of Thomas. 

1740, May 22. Admon. to Henry Bromley, ^Either and goardian of Thomas 
Bromley, great grandson to Sir F. Wyndham. 

FRANCIS WYNDHAM, of ClowerhalV Glouc, Esq. Will dated 
June 26, 1716, proved Jan. 30, 1716-17. [20 Whi^ld.'] To my 
daughter Jane Wyndham, ;jt5^>o at 21. To my niece Jane Wyndham 
& her heirs, all my manors, &c., in England & Wales, in trust to sell, for 
my only son John Wyndham. My poor wife a lunatic. 

He was son of John Wyndham, Serjeant-at-Law, and was buried at Newland, 
Gloucester, Sept. 23, 17 16, aged 46. His wife Mary died March 36, 1 7 19, aged 44. 
Buried at Newland. 

DAME JAMES {sic) WYNDHAM, of Cianberry, in Hursley, Hants, 
widow. Will dated June 4, 17 17, proved Oct. 5, 1720. [222 
Shaller.] To my daughter Frances, now wife of D' Thomas White, 
;^2oo, over & above what the Morleys gave her by her grandmother's 
will. To my daughter Beata Wyndham, ;^8oo. To my daughter Mary, 
;£i,ooo. My Impropriate Parsonage of Muchelney, Somerset. My son 
Charles. My daughter Charlotte. 

St. James, Taunton. Monument : — " Maria Wyndham, da. of Sir Charles Wynd- 
ham & Dame James his wife, who departed this life Tan^ 19, 17 19. Her father was 
the Son of Sir Edmund Wyndham KnS Marshall of England. Her mother was the 
d' of Maj. General Young, & grandd' of the Lord Shandos. This monument was 
erected by two of her sisters, Frances White & Beata HalL" 

SIR FRANCIS WINDHAM, Bar*, dec*. Admon. May 27, 1719, to 
Richard Mead, junior, esq', guarcUan of Frances Wyndham, spinster, 
younger sister of Francis Wyndham, Bar*, late of S* Andrews Holbom, 
bachelor, till she attain 21. 

CHARLES WYNDHAM, of Hursley, Hants, esq'. Will dated Nov. 
3, 1722, proved Dec. 24, 1723. [272 Richmond^ To my sisters 
Frances White & Charlott Turner, 1/ each. Lands, &c., to Thomas 

T OHN WYNDHAM, of S* James', Midd», esq. (of Norrington, Wilts). 
J Will dated Jan. 23, 1723, proved Apr, i, 1724, by Alice Wyndham 
the relict [102 Bolton,] My wife Alice my estate at Somerton, 
Somerset, held under lease from the Dean & Chapter of Bristol. Farm 
at Seend, in Wilts. My younger son Thomas Wyndham, ;^i,ooo. My 

* Or Clearwell in Newland, co. Gloucester. 

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eldest son John Wyndham. To each of my grandchildren £3^' ^^^f 
wife of my son John Wyndham. 

He was son of Sir Wadham Wvndham, Judge of the King's Bench, who died 1668. 
His wife Alice was daughter of Thomas Fownes, of Stapleton. Thomas his 3rd 
son, Baron Wyndham, ob. s.p. 1 745. John his eldest grandson married Ann 
Arundell, and cued I796« 

EDMUND WYNDHAM, of Hunning^on,* Wilts. Will dated Feb. 
2 a, 1 7 16, proved July 16, 1724, by his son Thomas Wyndham, the 
others renouncing. [182 Bolton,'] To be buried near my wife. To my 
two daughters Hester & Christabell 5/ each, & no more, to be paid them 
by my son Thomas Wyndham, twenty days after my death, by reason of 
their robbing me, and afterwards -defaming me with forgery & perjury, 
and offering to evidence it, with other disobedient & insolent behaviour, 
&c My brother George Dodington, of Covent Garden. Midd% esq., & 
William Betts, of Epsom, Surrey, esq', Exors, &c. 

JOHN WYNDHAM, of Clowerhall, Glouc. Will dated Dec, 10, 
J 1724, proved Nov. 24, 1725, by Thomas Wyndham. [240 J^omney,] 
All my estate to Thomas Wyndham, of Cromer, Norfolk, & to his 

Son of Francis Wyndham, of Clowerhall, and dying Feb. 12, 1724-5, aged 24, was 
buried at Newland, Gloucester. 

CHRISTIAN WYNDHAM, of S* Gregory's near S* Pauls, London, 
widow. Will dated Nov. 9, 1727, proved Nov. 10, 1730, by Richard 
Wyndham. [322 Auber.l To Elizabeth Crawley, spinster, daughter of 
Edward Crawley, of G* Gedding, near Oundle, Northants, feather beds, 
&C. M" Grosvenor, alias Gravenor, jun'., in Gloucester Str., Blooms- 
bury. My late husband, John Wyndham, dec*. His uncle Sparling. 
Residue to Richard, nephew of my late husband. M" Jane Palmer, 
alias Wyndham. 

WILLIAM WYNDHAM, of S' Martins in the fields. Esq', & late of 
Chelsea. Will dated Feb. 22, 1727, proved Mar. 2, 1730, by 
Mary Bearsley. [83 Isham,'] To Francis Baber, Esq., my great Goa 
stone. My brother John Wyndham. My sister Ann Wynd^m. My 
niece Christabella Wyndham. My son William Wyndham. 

WILLIAM WYNDHAM, of Dinton, Wilts. Will dated October 25, 
i733> proved April 22, 1734. [94 Ockham.'] My nephews, John 
Wyndham, esq., & Thomas Wyndham, esq.. Lord Chief Justice of 
Ireland, sons of my brother John Wyndham, dec*, Trustees for my 
son John Wjnadham. My son Wadham Wyndham. My wife, ;(f 500. 
My house at Hawling, Gloua My da' Henrietta, Ann & Frances. My 
son William, Ex5r. 

CATHERINE WYNDHAM, of Cromer, Norfolk, spinster. WiU 
dated May 12, 1733 ; proved May 2, 1734. [124 Ockham,'] To 
be buried in Cromer Chancel To my brother Francis Wyndham, 
;£5oo. To my brother Thomas Wyndham, ;£'20. My nephew Thomas 
Wyndham, jQioOy at 21. Residue to my sister Mary Wyndham, Exiic 

WADHAM WYNDHAM, of New Sarum, Esq. Will dated 1735 ; 
proved March 18, 1735, ^7 ^^ son Henry Wyndham. [72 
Darby!] My wife Sarah. My son Henry Wyndham. My house 
where I now live, called "S' Edmund's College." My daughter Barbara. 
Wyndham, ^200. 

* Homington. 

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THOMAS WINDHAM, of S* James', Westminster. Will dated 
July 30, 1730; proved April 28, 1736, by Abigail Evans, widow. 
To be buried in the parish where I die. All to M^ Abigail Evans, of 
Heddon Street, near Swallow Street, & to her heirs, Exix. 

JOHN ROGERS, of South Cadbury, Somerset, gent Will dated 
July 27, 1622; proved February 14, 1622-3. [13 Swann.] To 
Sarah Osbolston, daughter of Symon Osbolston,^ jC^^o at 23, or 
marriage. Margaret, daughter of the said Symon, & Rogers, Symon, 
& George, his sons. To Symon Osbalston, their father, lands, &C., and 
one annual rent of 6/8, issuing forth of the Castle called Camylott' 
Castle, now in the tenure of Matthew Ewens, esq. All residue to my 
son in law Sjrmon Osbolston. 

RICHARD PRATER, of Nonney, Somerset, gent Will dated 
Dec. 6, 1577 ; proved Oct 22, 1580, by his son George 
Prater. [37 Arundell.'] To be buried in the Church of Nonney. My 
manors, &c, of the value of ;^28. 6. 9. Messuages, &c., in Nonney, 
Glaston, Nonney Castle, Trotox Hill, Sharpshawe,' & Lighe, Somerset 
Chief rents payable by Sir John Homer, k', Elisabeth Mawdeley, &c, 
to descend to my heirs. All other lands, &a, in ditto to the order & 
disposition of my trusty & well beloved Edward Gunter, Edward Wal- 
ronde, Richard Plott, & Anthony Prater, gent., for six years, for the 
maintenance of Margaret my wife, & education of my children, & for 
my debts, funeral expences, & legacies. After six years, to my son & 
heir George Prater, & his heirs. My wife Margaret to have during the 
said term, in her own maintenance, the Castle & Farm house of 
Nonney, &c. My son George Prater, under age. To Grace Prater, my 
daughter, ^^240, & my best virginals. To Jane, my daughter, ;£2oo. 
To Humphry Prater, my son, 200 marks, & my other virginals. To 
Richard Prater, my son, jQioo^ and the lease of the tenement in the 
City of Oxon. To my sons, Thomas, William, Nicholas, & Edward, 
200 marks each. My brother Nicholas Prater, '^mypyed gelding," &c. 
My friends, WUliam Kemble, William Bridges, John Gunter, & George 
Walronde, Overseers. My son George Prater, £x5r. 

GEORGE PRATER, of Nunney Castle, Somerset, Esq. Will dated 
Apr. 10, 1622 ; proved Feb. 5, 1622-3, by his son Richard Prater. 
[16 Swann,'] To be buried in my own Chapel adjoining the Church of 
Nonney. My son & heir Richard Prater. To my mother, ^5^40 a year 
by the will of my father, & £6. 13. 4, & half of the pidgeon house & 
orchard & other grounds yearly, & her chamber in the Castle if she 
please. To my wife Mary, her Chamber in the Castle, & jQ^o a year, 
& her dyet, provided my wife's friends bring to be cancelled one Bond 
of mine of ^1000, which I did deliver to Richard Fitzjames * of Red- 
linch, my wife's father. My daughter EUinor, ^£200. My sons Francis 
& George, 200 marks each. Lands charged with an annuity of ;^3o, 
payable to my sisters Grace & Jane, & Jane Prater, & Jane Bounde. 
One annuity to my daughter in law Cassandra, if she survive her hus- 

^ From the South Cadbury Registers. 

1606. Mar. 15. George, son of Simon Osboldston, bapt. 
1608. May II. John, son of Simon Osboldston, bapt. 
1 616. Jan. 18. Margaret, wife of Simon Osboldston, buried. 
* ue., Cadbury Camp. Leland also calls it Cameht. 
' (?Sharpham in Glastonbury.) * A. 106-7. 


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band. "As for my d' Leversedge,* I think she & her companye have 
spent me more by a great deale then I did promise with her, wherefore 
I must entreat them to live of themselves, which I hope they be able to 
do shortly/' My son Richard sole £xor. Overseers, my trusty & well 
beloved Richard Mauncell, of Mauncell, esq', John Fitzjames, of 
Bruluun, esq., & Robert Woodford, of Cranmore^ all in Somerset 

From Sir Th>s, PhUlipps^ VisitaHon of Wilts. 

Geo. Plater, < 
of Latton, co. 


I [ 1 I I 1 

2. Anthony. i. Richard Prater, < 

3. George. of Eaton Water, co. 

4. John. Berks. [WUl proved 
6. Bartholomew. is8a] 


I Jane, daughter 
of Rich. Piatt, 
of Blewbcrry, 
CO. Berks. 

Hum. Ash- 
field, of 
CO. Oxon. 


Alice-aThos. Walrond, 
of Albonie, Wilts. 

MLaigaret ■» Wm. Kemble, of 

Midhill, WUts. 



I. George. 

r— I 

2. Humphry. 

3. Richard. 

RICHARD PRATER, of Hooke in Liddiard Traygoose, Wilts, 
yeoman* Will dated Mar. 8, 1641 ; proved Oct. 12, 1642. [112 
CampMlJ] To my son Giles Prater, £z^' ^7 <^' Marian Harward, 
Susan Hooper, Elizabeth George, Alice Sadler, Dulsabell Prater & Ann 
Prater. Residue to my wife Katherine, Exlx. 

GEORGE PRATER, of Nunney, Somerset, Esq, being forthwith 
going to my command in their Majesties army in Flanders ag** the 
Frendi, in case I die unmarried without issue. Will dated Apr. 1 2, 
1694; proved June 15, 1699, by his brother Richard Prater. [loi 
Pett.'] My only sister Anne hath of her own head, & to my great grief, 
without my privity or consent, very imprudently disposed of herself in 
marriage to one Thomas Pickfat,' of noe competency or fortune, & of 
mean parentage and education, & there being a convenient competency 
for her livelihood already made & provided for her out of my estate, by 
George Prater, esq., my late grandfather dec', neither she nor any issue 
of hers shall reap any further advantage out of my estate, real or per- 
sonal, except the legacy of ;;^5 hereinafter given her. I bequeath all 
my manor of Nunny & Wormister, Somerset, &c., to mybrother Richard 
Prater during his life & to his issue, male or female, & in default to 
Thomas Samboume, son of Thomas Sambourne, of Timsbury, Somerset, 
gent, he being my nearest kinsman, then to his i** son, &c., in default to 
Roger Leversadgg, son of Roger Leversadgg, of Vallis, co. Somerset, 
esq., & to his heirs. To my sister, Ann Pickfatt, £$. All residue to 
my brother Richard Prater, & if he should die or be killed in battle, 
then to Thomas Samboume. 

AMY PRATER, of S* Gfles in the Fields, Midd«, widow. Will dated 
Dec 13, 1712; proved Nov. 18, 1715, by her son John Prater. 

^ His daughter Margaret married Robert Leversedge. B. 68. 

* She married Geo. Provender, of Allington, co. Wilts. See 1623 Visitation of 

' This name occurs on slabs in Nunney Church. 


See Collinson, ii. 221. 

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[225 -^^-1 ^^^^ o^ t^® Meeting House to which I belong, j£s. My 
grandson Robert FrsLttr, j£^oo at 21. My grandda' Elizabeth Prater, 
JQ200. My grandda' Ann Prater, ;£^ioo. Residue to my son John 
Prater, Ex5r. 

JOHN PRATER, of S* Giles in the Fields, Midd', gent Will dated 
Oct 9, 174s ; proved Jan. 15, 1745-6, by Elizabeth Prater, the re- 
lict [25 Edmunds.] Tenements in Drury Lane, &c., to my sons John 
& Robert Prater. Estate in Kentish Town, in S' Pancras parish, to my 
wife for her life. My kinswoman, Elizabeth Corpe. 

ELIZABETH PRATER, widow of John Prater, of Kentish Town, 
Midd*. Will dated Feb. 22, 174^; proved June 16, 1748, by her 
son John Prater. [189 S^mAan.'] To my son Robert, silver spoons, 
ring, &C. My son John, Exor. 

BARTHOLOMEW SAFFORD, Clerk, of Enmore, Somerset, dec*. 
Admon. March 7, 1638-9, to his relict, Catherine Safford. 
ROBERT CATFORD, of North Petherton, Somerset, gent Will 
dated June 13, 1620 ; proved June 22, 1623, by William Catford. 
[56 SwannJ] Poor of North Petherton & of Hockworthie, Devon. My 
mansion house of Bowmen My wife Avice. My youngest son, Walter 
Catford. My sister Gifford. My youngest daughter Jane Catford, 
;£'3oo. To Joane, my eldest daughter, jQSoo. My second son William 
Catford. Robert,^ my eldest son. Rings of gold of 40/ to my father & 
mother & sister. My cousin, John Catford. 

WILLIAM CATFORD, of Sampford Peverell, Devon, gent. Will 
dated Aug. 29, 1625 ; proved May 20, 1625, by William Catford. 
[65 Ifele.'] My son in law Tristram Wood & Dorothy, his wife. My 
wife Johan. My daughter Dorothy Wood & her son Roger Wood. 
Agnes, my now wife. Dorothy, daughter of William Catford, late of 
Cadley. John, son of my son William Catford. William, son of Robert 
Catford, dec*. 

JOHN CATFORD, Senior, of Dulverton, Somerset Will dated Jan. 
3, 1627, proved May 13, 1634. [39 Seager,] My son Robert, 
;^ioo. My sons Nicholas & Ambrose. My daughter Margaret 

WILLIAM CATTFORD the elder, of North Petherton, Somerset, 
gent Will dated July 30, 1641, proved Sept 22, 1646, by 
Walter Catford & Tristram Wood, during minority of Walter Cattford 
the Son. [132 2\tnss€.'\ To be bur* at North Petherton. My brother 
Walter Cattford, Robert Cattford his son, &c., Trustees for a house 
called "the Church," for the poor. My brother Robert Cattford, 
dec*. My son Walter Cattford, Exor. My daughters, Avice, Joan & 

JOAN CATFORD, of Dulverton, Somerset, widow. Will dated 
Feb. 28, 1648, proved Feb. 14, 1649. [20 Pembroke.'] My son 
John Catford. My cousin Agnes Blackmore. My sister Elizabeth. 
Residue to my daughter Thomasine Moore, & Mary Moore her 

WALTER CATFORD, of Boomer, in North Petherton, Somerset. 
Will dated Jan. i, 1661, nroved May 12, 1662. [63 Laud.] To 
Sarah my wife, an annuity of £^0 out of the Manor of Hockworthy, 
Devon. Richard Lynham, my grandfather. My mother Isat Catford. 
My daughter Catherine, j^7oo, at 21. My brother in law Thomas 

^ Disclaimed in 1633. See B. 135. 


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Venn. My sister Avis Venn. My kinsman Robert Catford, of Mol- 
combe, & Elizabeth his wife. My kinsman John Catford, Minister of 
Hockworthy, & his sons John & Robert John Paine, of Huntspill, 
Exor. My three children William, Walter, & Catherine. My aunt 
Margery Catford, 40/ for a ring. 

At ThnrloxtoD, Somerset Married Dec. 5, 1655, Walter Catford and Sarah 

CATHERINE CATFORD, late of Enmore, Somerset, dec*. Admon. 
June 25, 1679, to her mother Sarah Crosse, alias Catford, wife of 
Richard Crosse. The grant, Feb. 1663, made to Isott Catford, widow, 
& Thomas Venn, during minority, for the use of William & Walter Cat- 
ford, brothers of the defunct, being revoked. 
ISOTT CATFORD, of Boomer, in North Petherton, Somerset, widow. 
Will dated Jan. 24, 1679, proved Dec 3, 1680, by John Venn. [89 
BatA.'] My son in law Thomas Venn, gent My son John Catford & 
Henry Selleck the younger, of West Monckton, gent., all my lands, 
&C., in trust to pay my debts. My grandsons Wilham & Walter 

WILLIAM CATFORD, of North Petherton, Somerset, Esq'. Will 
dated Aug. 6, 1698, proved March 6, 1700, by Jane Catford the 
relict, for William Catford the son. [35 Dyer!] My wife Jane, jQ6o a 
year. My son William Catford. My elder daughter Elisabeth, ;^5oo, 
at 21. To my daughters Ann, Mary, & Catherine Catford, ^^400 each. 
To my daughters Jane & Sarah Catford, ;;^3oo each. My faxm Boomers. 
Trustees, Sir Francis Warre, of Hestercombe, Alexander Popham, of 
Wellington & Jane my wife. 

A. 102. T OHN COLSTON, of Marsh, in Yeovil, Somerset, gent. Will dated 

J March 7, 1622, proved Sep. 27, 1623, by his son John Colston. 
[91 Swann!\ My daughters Elizabeth & Mary. My son William 
Colston. My wife Mary. My son John Colston. 

B. II. HTHOMAS BOOCHER, of East Harptree, Somerset, Clothier. Will 

J- dated Oct 11, 1558, proved Jan. 21, 1558 (iSS8-9)> by Margery 
the relict [22 JVeiies»\ To be buried at East Harptree. My sister 
Christian. Agnes Bodye. Walter Boucher. John Boucher. My wife 
Margery, jQi6, My son John. 

MARGERY BOUCHER, of East Harptree, Somerset, widow. 
Will dated Feb. 22, 1558, proved Mar. 15, 1558 (1558-9) by 
Thomas King & John Boucher, during minority of John her son. [54 
Welles,'] My brother Thomas. John Boucher, of Littleton, my cousin, 
40/. Thomas King my brother. My child John Boucher, under age, 
Ex5r. Sir John Smythe, Vicar of East Harptree, a witness. 

JOHN BUTCHER," of Bristol, Alderman. Will dated Jan. 30, 162 1, 
proved Mar. 15, 1622 (1622-3), by his son Nathaniel Butcher. 
[22 Swann,"] My eldest son Philip Butcher, lands in Axbridge, Wells, 
HaUatrow & East Harptree. My grandchild Phillip Butcher. John, 
son of same. George & Ann, cUldren of same. My son Henry 
Butcher. My son Nathaniel, ;f 500. My son George Butcher, ;^2oa 
My daughter Mary, & her husband Edward Tocknell. My daughter 
Theophihi Young. Her dec'' husband John Thrupp. My son in law 
Pellegrine Young. My daughter Elisabeth, & her husband John 
Andrewes. My wife Mary. My youngest son John Butcher. William 

^ Or Bowcher : the names of his four wives are given in B. 11. 
II. 49 h 

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Burries, my wife's son. Overseers, M' George Harrington, Alderman, 
& M' John Barker. My brother in law M' George Griffith, of London. 
My son George Butcher. 

NATHANIEL BUTCHER, of Bristol, Merchant Will dated 
Feb. 3, 1627, proved April 21, 1628. [36 Barrington,'] My wife 
Anne.* My brother George. To my eldest son John, my land Whelp- 
field, which I purchased of Sir Edw* Rodney. My sons Henry, 
Thorns, & Nathaniel. 
Buried at St. Werbuigh's, March 22, 1627-8, aged 40. 

JOHN BOWCHER, Merchant of Bristol, son of John Boucher, late 
Alderman, of Bristol, dec*. Will dated May 17, 1641, proved June 
10, 1641. [71 EvelynJ] My mother Mary. My sister M" Joan 
Langton. My brothers George & Phillip. My sister in law M" Ann 
Bowcher, widow. My sister Elizabeth Andrews. My brother in law 
M' Hooke, 

PHILIP BOUCHER the elder, of SherrolP in East Harptre^ 
Somerset, Clothier. Will dated June 23, 1645, proved Sep. 14, 
1650, by Abigail Boucher,* widow. [142 Pembroke,'] To'be buried at 
East Harptree. My wife Abigail. Lands there purchased of Sir Theo- 
dore Newton. My grandchildren Philip & Abigail, children of my son 
Philip Boucher. Philip, Edward, & George, children of my son William 
& Ann Sanders, of Compton Martin. My eldest son John Boucher. 
My second son Philip Boucher. Ann Sanders, my daughter. My wife 
Abigail, Extrix. My good friends John Buckland, gent., &, Peter 
Roynon, gent., of East Harptree, Overseers. 

WILLIAM EDWARDS, of West Hatch, Somerset, Gent. Will 
dated Oct. 12, 1620, proved May 21, 1623, by his daughter Agnes 
Edwards. [38 Swann.l To my son William Edwards, 2*. Thomas 
Edwards, my son, 5/. To Christopher Edwards, my son, all my lands 
in Chudleigh & Dawlish, Devon. Agnes, my wife. My son Marma- 
duke, ;;^2o. My son John Edwards. My daughter Mary Painter. My 
daughter Agnes Edwards, ;^ioo. My daughters Ursala & Jane 

JOHN DEVERILL, of London, Merchant. Will dated Aug. 30, 
J 1622, proved May 23, 1623. [40 Swann.'] Poor of Bruton, 
Somerset. My wife Catherine, Exix. Maigaret, wife of Thomas Higham, 
of Bruton, &c. 

THOMAS HAYSE,* of Weke, in S* Cuthberf s. Wells, Somerset. 
Will dated Dec. 13, 1579, proved Jan^ 26, 1579-80. [3 Arundell.'] 
My sister Margery. My brothers Thomas & Ralph. My sister Johan. 
My wife Johan, exJx, with my daughters Agnes & Elianor. My daughter 
in law Isabell Councell. 

'y HOMAS HAYES, of Wells,. Somerset, gent. Will dated Dec. 4, 
-^ 1622, proved May 16, 1623, by Margaret the relict [44 Swann.\ 
To be buried at S^ Cuthberts. My lands at Broadwinsor to my wife 
Margaret Heys. My sister Elizabeth Southcote. My wife Margaret, 

* Daughter of Tho. Grove, of Rochester. * Or Shrole. 
' Daughter of Hum. Andrews, of Bristol. 

* Francis Hayes died in 1623. aged 34, and was buried in St. Cuthbert's, Wells. 
See Collinson, iii. 406. and B. 88. 


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[OHN HAYES, of Worminster, Wells, Somerset. Nuncupative will 
Oct 8, 1626, proved Nov. 18, 1626, by the relict. [117 Jlele,'] 
His sister EUinor Tabor. Eustace Hayes, his wife, exix. 

B. 6. T OHN BARNARD E,* of Downside, in Shepton Mallet, Somerset, 

J gent. Will dated Sep. 9, 1622, proved May 24, 1623. [51 Swann.^ 
To my son Josias Bamarde, j^ioo,' &c. My son Nathaniel. My 
daughter Sarah. My grandchild Benjamin Pitt My cousin William 
Bamarde. My brother Edward Bamarde. My brother Jacob Averie.* 
My son in law Matthew Pitt. My son Nathaniel Bamarde, Exor. 

EDWARD BARNARDE' the elder, of Downside, Somerset Will 
dated Dec 12, 1622, proved Oct 28, 1623. [loi Swann.'] Tene- 
ment in Wootton Bassett, in the tenure of Jane Luttrell, widow. My 
daughter Joane Stephens, ;^ioo. My son Edward Barnarde. My 
daughter Christian Price. My daughter Bathshua Locke. My daughter 
Ann Bythesea. My grandchild Joane Strowde. Sarah, daughter of 
Edward Bamarde, of Stowey.* My son Edward Bamarde, Exor. My 
son in law Joseph Bythesea, an Overseer. 
Sherborne. Married Sep. 21, 1579, Edward Barnard and Christian Whetcomb. 

WILLIAM BARNARD, of Shepton Mallet, Somerset, Clothier. 
Will dated Feb. 23, 2 Ch., proved Sep. 29, 1627. [87 Sinner,] 
Johan, my wife. Children of my sister Joan Broadrippe. My cousin 
Nathaniel Barnard. 

NATHANIEL BARNARD, of Downside, Somerset, gent. Will 
dated Dec. 24, 1634, proved Apr. 2, 1635, by Ann Barnard, widow.* 
[36 Sadler.'] To be buried at Shepton Mallet To each of my children, 
;^30o, except Joan my daughter, now the wife of Thomas Cooke. To 
my son John Barnard, all my lands, &c» Adrian Bower, 20/. To 
Edward Stroud, my sister's * son, jQs* 

EDWARD BARNARD, of Downside, Somerset, gent Will dated 
June 17, 1639, proved Nov. 20, 1641, by Jane Bamard, widow. 
[131 Evelyn.'] To be buried at Shepton Mallett Poor of Shepton, in 
perpetuity. My wife Jane. My daughter Johanne Strode, & her 
youngest son William. My son in law William Strode, & his sons 
William & Edward Strode. My grandchildren Jane, John, George, 
James, & Elisabeth Strode. My sisters Joane Stephens, Bethsua 
Locke, & Ann Bithesea, jQs each. Residue to my wife Jane, extrix. 
My cousin M' Robert Bissett, Overseer. 

Edward Bamard and Jane, daughter of John Smithes, of Wrington, were married 
at Wrington Dec 28, 1616. She died April 12, 1658, aged 68. Their only chllJ, 
Joan, married Will. Strode, of London. 

JOHN BARNARD, of Stoford, Wilts, gent. Will dated Nov. 19, 
J 1645, proved Mar. 19, 1645-6, by Ann Barnard^ widow. [29 
Tivisse.] To be buried at Shepton Mallet. My wife Ann, ;^iooo. My 
mother Ann Barnard. My daughters Ann, Elisabeth, & Johanna, ;^4oo 
each. My brother Nathaniel Bamard, £zo^ 

^ He married Joan, daughter of Hugh Whitcombe, of Sherborne. 

* He married Dorothy, daughter of Hugh Whitcombe, of Sherborne. See B. 3. 
' He married Christian, daughter of Hugh Whitcombe, of Sherborne. 

* Situate between Glutton and Chew Magna. 

* Daughter of . . . Coleman, of the Isle of Wight. 

' His sister Sarah married Geoff. Strode, of Shepton Mallet. 


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THOMAS JONES, of Stowey* in Chew Magna, Somerset, gent. 
Will dated Mar. 19, 1622, proved Sep. 17, 1623, by Joan Jones, 
widow. [94 Swann.] To Symon Roynon, John Roynon the elder, John 
Roynon the younger, & William & Thomas Ro3mon, sons of Alice 
Roynon, widow, ^5 each, & to her daughter Grace Roynon, £$ at 21 
or marriage. To the three children of Francis Roynon, of Cross in 
Compton Bishop, viz., John, Margaret, & Dorothy, ;fcio each. To the 
four sons of John Roynon, of Stratford, in West Harptree, dec*, viz., 
William, Clement, Peter, & Charles Roynon, £$ each, at 21. Their 
mother Mary Roynon. Clement Roynon, brother of (jeorge Roynon 
the elder, j(^s. To Elisabeth, wife of Bartholomew [^/^wr>&], sister of the 
said George Roynon the elder, j^^. Three children of Henry Hurle, 
of Compton Martyn, yeoman, which he had by one of the sisters of the 
said George Roynon the elder, 5 marks each. Children of Grace 
Grossman, of Winforde. To ... . Roynon, daughter of Robert 
Roynon, of Milton," Somerset, 40/. Robert Leversedge, son of Francis 
Leversedge, of Frome-Selwood, Xs, at 25. Alice Crosse, my wife's 
cousin, now dwelling with me, a^o. Elizabeth Roynon,' daughter of 
George Roynon the younger, of Bickfold,* jCs^^ Barmoore, in Comp- 
ton Bishop, which I hold of Sir Theodore Newton. Joyce Woodward, 
my wife's niece. George Roynon the elder & George Roynon the 
younger, both late of Bickfolde, j^io each, to buy them a gelding. To 
the Mayor & Burgesses of Bristol, jC$So, in trust for charitable pur- 
poses. My wife Joane, Exix. Edward Bamarde, Vicar of Stowey, 
William Jones, of Bristol, now Sheriff of Bristol. Robert Perry, of 
Halse, Somerset, gent., & Thomas Hippisley, of East Court, Cameley, 
Somerset, gent, overseers. 

SIR WILLIAM JONES, Kn\ Will dated Oct. 18, 1681, proved 
May 24, 1682, by the Exors, [57 Cottle.'] To my wife all my 
plate, jewels, and ;£^6oo, and ;;^6oo per ann. My grandchild Lucy 
Pelham, j^2,ooo. Elizabeth Pelham, ^^2,000. My brother Samuel 
Jones, ;£'8oo. My brother John, ;£'8oo. My sister Hart, jQioo. and 
her son Henry Pennell, ^^400. My sister Lyde's * two children, ;£'2oo 
each. Poor of S* Giles*, Midd', ;^ioo, & to several other parishes in 
& about London, as Dr. Tillotson shall approve, ;^4oo. To poor of 
Stowey, Somerset, where I was bom, ;£^io. Residue to my son Richard 
Jones if he attams to 21. In case he should die, ^^500 to my grand- 
child Lucy Pelham, now under 18. If Richard dies, lands, &c., to my 
brother Samuel for his life, then to my brother John. My son in law 
Thomas Pelham. D' Tillotson, Thomas Pelham, & William Gore, 
Exors. Codicil Apr. 30, 1682. Building of my house at Ramsbury, 
. Wilts, to proceed. 

SAMUEL JONES, of Ramsbury, Wnts, Esq. Will dated Mar. 12, 
1686, proved Sep. 14, 1687, by Mary Jones the relict [115 
Foot,"] My son William Jones and my daughter Elisabeth, two thirds 

' Stowey Court is now a fermhouse. 

^ From the Rasters of Milton-CIevedon, co. Somerset : — 

161 3. Apr. 8. Peter Roynon, gent, & Gartrud Walron, m< 
1622. May 28. Robert Royn5, gent., buried. 

(Rob. Roynon was churchwarden in 161 7 and 1621.) 
■ B. 96. * In Compton Martin. 

* For Lyde family, see Rev. F. J. Poynton's "History of the Parish of Kelston," 
iy. 49. 

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of aQ my goods, &c. Maryi my now wife. My fiifter Ricbard JoneSi 
esq., an Exor in Trust, & Richard NormanselL 

RICHARD JONES, of Stowey, near Chew Magna, Somerset Will 
dated Aug* 17, 1688, proved June a, 1692, by the Exdrs. [in 
jFatu.} Poor of Stowey & Chew Magna. To my daughter Lady Eliza* 
beth Hart, ;;^3oo, and to her husband. Sir Richard Hart/ ;^2o. My 
daughter in law Lady Elizabeth Jones, ;^2o. My daughter in law M" 
Mary Jones, ^20. My son in law M' William Lyde, ;fe 20. My grand- 
son M' Richard Jones, ^20. M' James Chiswell, Vicar of Stowey, 
j£$. Mv grandson M' WiUiam Lyde, ;i^3oo, & to his wife j£2o. To 
her* (sic) sister Elizabeth Lyde, ;£'30o. My grandchildren Henry 
Pennell, William Hart, William Jones, & Elizabeth Jones, & my great 
grandchildren Lucy & Elizabeth Pelham, ^300 each at 21, if now 
under age. The J^soo given to my daughter Hart to be employed in 
putting her son William's life after hers into her farm of Nash House, if 
he die, then for her son Henry. All my manor of Stowey to my grand- 
son William Jones for 99 years, the remainder to Joseph Langton, of 
Newton Park, esq., 8c his heirs. Lands in Compton Magna* Mes- 
suage which I purchased of Lislebone Long, esq., called A. Tenement 
in Overweare to William Hart ;^3,ooo to be employed in such uses 
as I in my life time shall by writing appoint In default of this, then 
to such charitable uses as they shall think fit Joseph Langton, esq., 
Arthur Hart, of Bristol, Merchant, & Cornelius Lyde, of Stanton Drew, 
gent., Exors, & to each ;^5o. Thomas Pelham, esq,, not to trouble 
my Exdrs for any money that he pretends to be due to him, or his 
children, if he does, the l^acies to him to be void Codicil July 17, 

DAME ELIZABETH JONES, widow of Sir William Jones, Kn\ 
dec*. Will dated Apr. 7, 1691, proved Aug. 12, 1699, by John 
Hardistry, [135 Fett.] My son John Robinson, esq., to see me 
buried. My grand daughters Elizabeth, Mary, & Bndgtt Robinson. My 
house in Bloomsbury Square, where I now dwell My grand daughter 
Elizabeth Pelham. My son Thomas Pelham, esq. My sister Gibbs. 
My niece Thompson, &c Codicil July 2, 1699. My son Sir John 
Robinson, &c 

MARY, WIFE OF RICHARD JONES, of Ramsbury, Wilts, Esq'. 
Will dated Dec. 21, 1724, proved April 7, 1725, by Richard 
Jones, esq'. [92 J^omney.'} My husband by deed Nov. 1 1^, agreed to 
my making a will, &c. To my husband, ;£5oo. To my eldest son all 
my jewels, except my pearl necklace, which I leave to my second son, 
& A200. To my youngest son ;^4oo, and ;^3oo due to me from M' 
Gifford. To my eldest daughter ^^500, and my youngest daughter, 
■p ICHARD JONES, of Ramsbury, Wilts, esq. Admon. 1736, 

He married Maiy Gifford, daughter of William Gifibid, of Madsfoid, Berks, East 
India merchant. 

^ Sir Rich. Hart, mayor of Bristol, and one of its representatives, 16S0-1. Knighted 
by Charles II., Oct 27, 16S0. Married 1st, Margaret . . ., issue Wm. and Charles 
(of whom Wm. died young ; Charles was living in 1688). andly, Ann Hulbert, 
issue Richard, who died 1752. Srdly, Elix., daugnter of Rich. Tones, of Stow^, and 
sister of Sir Wm. Jones, of Ramsbury, when she was relict of Henry Pinnell, of Nash 
House, Bremhill. 


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WILLIAM JONES the elder, of Stowey, Somerset. Wfll dated 
Jan. IS, 1742, proved Feb. 11, 1748, by his daughters Elizabeth 
&. Mary Jones. [45 Zts/f.'] To my wife Elizabeth a third part of my 
goods, &€., in my house at Stowey, & the other two parts to my 
daughters Elizabeth & Mary. My silver punch bowl, &c., to my son 
William. Manor of Hugh Littleton, Hallatrow, & Mansion house 
there, &c. Goods there to my two daughters. Lands at Farmboro, 
KLnighton Sutton, in Chew Magna, & Bristol, to my son William, he 
paying to my daughters ;f 1,000, according to my marriage Settlement* 
My best silver tankard to my grandson Richard Jones. Codicil Dec. 9, 
He married Elizabeth, daughter of John Strachey, of Sutton Court. 

WILLIAM JONES, of Ramsbury Manor, Wilts. Will dated June 8, 
1753, proved Jan. 29, 1754, by the Trustees named in will. 
[17 Pinfold^ To Sir Robert Long, of Draycot Ceme, Sir Michael 
Ernie, of Brimslade, Wilts, Bart*, the Rev. Edward Emle, LL.D., his 
brother, & Thomas Bigge, of Chilton Foliot, Wilts, esq., trustees, all 
my lands in Wilts & Berks, &c., for my son William Jones, my son 
Richard Jones, my daughters Elizabeth & Mary Eleanor Jones, &c., in 
succession to preserve contingent remainders. My sister Mary Bayly, 
widow. My sister Margaret, wife of Nathaniel Booth, of Hampstead, 
Midd% esq., George Booth her son, & Elizabeth Booth her daughter. 
The Will of my late great aunt, M" Elizabeth Gibbon, annuity of ^100 
to Eleanora my wife. House & garden at Ramsbury to be kept by my 
Trustees. Codicils June 8 & 18, 1753. Bequests of many goods to my 
wife Eleanora. Her picture by M' Ramsay. To my brother in law, 
Sir Michael Emle, Bar*, 50 guineas. To Anthony Giflford, son of my 
kinsman, Anthony Gilford, of Nuffield, Oxon', Clerk, £,100 at 21. 
Residue to my son William, &c 

FRANCIS ALDWORTH, of Bristol, Merchant. Will dated Aug. 
231 1623, proved Jan. 26, 1623-4, by his uncle Robert Aldworth. 
[3 Byrdt^ To be buried in Gaunts Church.* My sister Martha. My 
sister Elizabeth Elbridge. My uncle Robert Aldworth, Exor. 

RICHARD WAREHAM, of Crewkeitie, Somerset, gent Will 
dated Sep. 16, 1623, proved Jan. 3, 1623-4. [4 Byrde^ My wife 
Agnes. My daughter Magdalene Gibbs. My daughter Joan Cossins. 
My son John Wareham, Exor. 

J DANE BEST, of Milverton, Somerset, widow. Will dated Mar. 13, 
1622, proved Jam 24, 1623-4, by Anstice Baker. [7 Byrde.'\ Poor 
of Milverton & Wellington, 20/. My sister Amye. My brother 
Nicholas. Hellyn, daughter of my sister Hiomsyn. My daughter 
Askym. My daughter Anstice Baker. My youngest son Nicholas 
TurberviUe, ^20. The ^20 due to me from my son Turberville. 
B. 12. 1^ SALTER BOWER, Canon Residentiary of Wells, Somerset. Will 
VV dated July 18, 22 Eliz., proved Aug. 23, 1580. [32 Arunddl^ My 
son Thomas Hawthorne alias Bower. My sons Adrian & Edmund. 
My wife Elizabeth," Exix. 

EDMUND BOWER,* of Wells, Somerset, gent Will dated Jan. 26, 
1617, proved Feb. 7, 1623-4, by Adrian Bower. [18 Byrde.'] Poor 

* Now the Mayor's Chapel. 

* Daughter of Adrian Hathom, of Botley, co. Oxon. 
^ He married Eliz. Grover, but died s.p. 


Digitized by 


of AUerton & Wedmore. My brother Thomas Bower. My sister 
Charlotte. Her son M' Walter Charlton. My sister Sapiens Parsons. 
My brother Adrian Bower, my lands in Dorset & Somerset Five 
children of William Barker, D.D., dec*. M' Walter Charlton, Gierke, 
& M' William Bower, Overseers. 

ADRIAN BOWER,* of Wells, Somerset, gent. Will dated Dec. 30, 
1629, proved Feb. 22, 1629-30, by his son Edmund. [9 Scroope!] 
To be buried in the Cathedral near my brother Edmund To my son 
Edmund 3 gold rings with 3 libbards heads engraven on them. My 
, ' son Walter. Adryan, son of my son Edmund. My son Adryan Bower. 

My son John Bower, a ring which was my unde Hawthorne's. My son 
Adryan, apprentice to Nathaniel Barnard. My daughter Helen ;6 100 
at marriage, & all her mother's clothes. My cousin Gilbert Hawthorn. 
M;^ daughter Alice Smith. My daughter Maria Towse. My daughter 
Alice, wife of my son Edmund. My son in law Tristram Towse, Ann 
and Mary his daughters, & John his son. My daughter Susan Parsons. 
My Mend D* Revett. My son in law John Smith, Clarke. To my son 
Tristram Towse, ''the best mare that I shall have at my decease, 
because he shall once a year ride to Oxford to see my son John, & 
there accompt with him." My son Edmund Bower, Exdr. 

ELIZABETH BOWER, of WeUs, Somerset, widow. Will dated 
Jan. 22, 1637, proved Feb. 10, 1637, by John Smith. [18 Z«.] 
My daughter Edburroe Meares, jQioo. My son John Smith, Ex5r. 

ADRIAN BOWER, of Wells, Somerset, gent Will dated Apr. 22, 
1644, proved Oct. 7, 1646. [136 & 148 Tkidsse,'] To be buried 
near my father in S^ Andrews Church. My father in law John Bradford 
Bond of ^200, which William Bower borrowed of me. My daughter 
Catherine, £\6oy and her mother's apparel, &c My daughter Nan, 
;^2o. My son Thomas Bower (a minor), Exor. My brother Matthew 

THOMAS BOWER, of North Curry, Somerset, gent Will dated 
Dec. 31, 1671, proved Jan' 3, 1672, by Charitie Bower, the relict 
[3 Pye.'] My children William & Ann Bower. My daughter Mary 
Bower. All ... . release by Dean & Chapter of Weils,&c. Charitie, 
my now wife, i/. Residue to my son William Bower. 
1623, Visit. VyrATTHEW HAVELAND, of Bristol, Merchant Will dated 
#H^?^^* ^*y '^' ^^23> proved Apr. 29, 1624. [29 Byrde."] My nephew 

xjd Sir M^itthew Haveland, son of my brother Robert Havcland. My brother • 

in law M' Richard Hollworthy. . 
B. 49- AXTILLIAM HEXT, late in the State's Service in Ireland, dec'. 
W Admon. May 25, 1657, to his son Richard Hext, of goods un- 
administered by Phillepe Hext, his relict, now also dec*. 

PHILIP HEXTE, of Morthoe, Devon, gent Will dated Oct. 4, 
1595, proved Feb. 5, 1595-6, by Melior Hexte. [16 Drake.^ Mv 
wife Melior Hexte shall have the Tenements called Easewill & Camel- 
ford, in Morthoe, &c., which I am to have after the death, forfeiture, or 
surrender, or other determination of the estate of Johan Hexte, widow, 
by the demise of George Carye, of Cockington, esq', for 99 years, if 
Edward, Thomas^ & Amias Hexte, my sons, or either of Uiem, shall 
live so long. In consideration whereof she shall pay to Ann & Johan 
Hexte, my daughters, ^40 apiece at 21, & to my sons Edward* 

^ He married Ano, datighter of John Dorringtoo, of CoUiDgboume, Wilts. 


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Francis, Thomas, & Amias Hexte, at 21, twenty nobles apiece a year, 
during her life, & in the meantime to bring them up. After her death, 
these tenements to my son £dward Hexte, then in succession to my 
other sons. I give to my wife Melior, one close called Hoskingesham, 
& another Close called Pulhame, in Nether Ham, Somerset, for her life, 
if Andrew & James Wattes & Francis Hexte so long shall live. If she 
die then, the residue of my estate in the said Closes, shall remain to my 
son Francis Hexte, & if he die, then to my youngest child living. 
Whereas Edward Hext, of Netherham, Somerset, by his Indenture 
March 25, 36 Elizab., did grant, &c, to me & my wife Melior, all his 
estate & term of years, of & in 66 acres of meadow & pasture ground in 
Aller More, in AUer, Somerset, which he had by the demise of Henry 
Earl of Huntingdon, & the Lady Katherine, his wife, & whereas by 
Indenture March 26, 36 Elizab., I did grant unto the said Edward 
Hexte all the estate before granted by him to me the said Philip & 
Melior, I give & bequeath all such to my wife Melior, & unto her, during 
her life, if the said Edward Hexte & EUinor Walton so long shall live, 
the yearly rent of ;£'7, which Silvester Frye is to pay me for a Mill called 
Lee Mill, alias Warcombe, &c. My mother, in consideration of mar- 
riage, did give us ^^4 a year during her life, & since, in satisfaction of 
the j£4^ did give us during her life one Close called Stowborough, & 
40/ annuity, likewise 12 Truss of Furse yearly out of the Cotte. My 
wife shall have all this during ray mother's life, for the maintenance of 
Joan Hexte, my daughter. My wife, Exix, & I desire Roger Hill,- of 
Pontsworth, Esq', my brothers James & Andrew Walton, & my cousin 
John Wilkinson, Parson of Babcary, to be Overseers. 

JOHANE HEXT, of Morthoe, Devon, widow. Will dated Jan. 20, 
1604, proved Mar. 15, 1604. [^Barnstaple QmrtJ] To be buried at 
Morthoe. My daughter Johan. My son John Britton. John Colla- 
more, my son in law. My daughter Johan, wife of William Stephens. 

JOHN HEXTE, of Aishton. Devon, Yeoman. Will dated 20 June, 
1607, proved 26 Apr., 1608, by his relict. [34 Windebank.') Siblye 
Hexte, my sister. My daughter Barbara Hexte. . To John & Matthew 
Hexte, my cousins, 40/ each. All my goods, jcc., to Richarde, my wife, 
Eadx. «' 

SIR EDWARD HEXT, of Netherham, Somerset, Kn*. Will dated 
Nov. zo, 1623, proved May 11, 1624, by Lady Dionis Hext 
[38 Byrde.] To be buried in the North Isle of the Chappie of Nether- 
ham, under a Tomb which I have caused to be made there. I have by 
Indenture, May . . ., 10 of present reign, conveyed all my lands, &c., 
then myslnheritance, or in my possession, to Sir Joseph Killigrew, KS 
my late son in law, dec', & Elizabeth his wife, my daughter, for their 
lives, the remainder to their heirs, &c., that Dionis my now wife shaU 
hold & enjoy such former estate as she had, or was intended to have, 
out of the same lands. I had granted the reversion of all such lands, 
&C., unto Humphry Weare, esq., & John Wilkinson, clerk, to the use of 
John Stawell, esq', now husband of Dame Elizabeth, my daughter, 
remainder to his heirs. I have by another deed, Dec. x, 15 James, con- 
veyed other lands in Aller & Allermore, newly purchased, to the use of 
myself for life, then to the said John Stawell & Dame Elizabeth his wife 
& their heirs, && I give & appoint the reversion of all my aforesaid 
lands, &c., unto Edward Hext, of Morthoe, Devon, & to his heirs, in 
default to Thomas Hext, his brother, then to Amias Hext, brother, then 
". 57 i 

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to Philip Hext, brother, then to the heirs male of my nephew Gregory 
Gibbsy of South Peitotl^ Dorset, esq', then to my nephew Roger New- 
courty son of Philip Newcourt, gent, my brothers, then to Richard 
Newcourt, brother of Roger, then to my right heirs. To my son John 
Stawell, esq., & my daughter his wife, a bason & yewer of double gUt, of 
;£4o. To John Stawell his son, my godson, one cup with a cover 
guilt, of ;^io. Same to Edward, another son, & to George Stawell. 
To my grandchild Elizabeth Killegrew, a bason & ewer, of £30. To 
my brother M' Philip Newcourt, ;^2o, & my black coat lined with bayes 
& laced with one broad lace. To my nephew Roger, 20/. To my 
nephew Richard Newcourt, all my wearing apparel, except the black 
coat given to bis father, & all my trunks, & £20, To my niece Mary 
Newcourt, one of the daughters of my brother Philip Newcourt, ;;^4o. 
To Frances, another daughter, ;^40. To Nanne, daughter of my 
nephew John Gibbs, jCs^ To my kinsman M* Thomas Hext, ^20. 
To Amias Hext, Fellow of Wadham ColL, ;£^io. To my nephew 
Philip Hext, now in Turkey, ;;^2o. To my godson Walter Stonehouse, 
now Fellow of Magdalene ColL, ;f 10. To Edward Stonehouse, my 
wife's nephew, ;£'io. Many legacies of money to servants. To my 
five nieces, Abbington, Hackshaw, Gough, Laurence, & Starr, a gilt 
boll of £4 value, my armes to be sett on them. To Lady Dionis, my 
wife, all my goods, &c., she to be Exix. My kinsman and Friends Sir 
James Stonehouse, K\ John Pawlett, Hugh P)me, Marmaduke Jennings, 
Nicholas Stonehouse, Gregory Gibbes, & Edward Hext, esq", to be 
Overseers. I pray M' John Wilkinson, mine old, loving & true friend, 
to preach at my ^neral, my gown for his paynes, & so in all humble- 
ness upon the knees of my heart, I do beseech Almighty God, in my 
departure out of this life, to take me to his mercy, & to send me a jo3rful 
Resurrectioa My nephews Gregory Gibbes & Edward Hext to have a 
Cloak, &c. 

Sept. 23, 1633. Admon. to Richard Newcourt, gent, ''nepoti ex 
matemo latere," of Sir Edward Hext, K^ of goods not fully adm* by 
Lady Dionis Hext, now dec^ with the consent of John Stawell, K\ & 
Lady Elizabeth his wife, daughter of deceased. 

LADY DIONIS HEXT, of Netherham, Somerset, widow. Nun- 
cupative Will July 10, 1633, proved Apr. 20, 1635, by Lady 
Elizabeth Stawell. [39 Sadler.'] To Dionis Basset, daughter of William 
Bassett, ;£'io. To her daughter Lady Elizabeth Stawell, ;^ioo, & one 
little gilt boll, one silver spoon, and two silver porringers. Witness 
Elizab. Stawell. 

EDWARD HEXT, late of Morthoe, Devon, dec*. Admon. Dec i, 
1657, to his relict Jane Hext. 
1623 VisHa- T OHN MOMPESSON, of Maperton, Somerset, gent. Nuncupative 
^» of Wilt*, J Will Feb. 10, 162 1, proved Aug. 4, 1624, by John Andrews. [61 
«># 90. Byrde."] Again proved Oct. 25, 1626, by Joseph Andrews* Joseph 

Andrews married his eldest sister's daughter Jane. Her sister Dorothy 

WILLIAM THORNE, of Chellinton, Somerset, gent. Will dated 
June 22, 1624, proved Nov. 22, 1624, by Joane Thome, widow. 
[97 Byrde,] My son Vincent. My wife Joan. My sons William, 
John, & Richard Thome. My daughter Mary. My sisters Cannon & 
Large. My brother Richard Bragge.^ 

* See CoIUnson, ii. 175 ; iii. 562. 


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i623 Visita- r^HRISTOPHER EYRE, now of Wells, Somerset, gent Will dated 

tion of WUts, \^ Jan. 31, 1624, proved Apr. 2, 1625. [43 C/drke^ To be buried 

^ at Orcheston Marie. Poor of Codford, S* Peter, Wilts. My son in law 

Christopher Poulden. Cicely Fowler, my cousm, Exix. 

B. 71. A NTHONY LUCAR, of Blackford, Somerset, gent Will dated 

r\. Ayr. 2, 1625, proved May 3, 1625. [47 Clarke^ To be buried in 

S* Buttolphs, near Billingsgate, London, with my father & grandfiather. 

My mother Lady Joan Gill, wife of Sir John Gill. My manor of 

Blackford. My sister Cicell Steynings, wife of Charles Steynings,* Esq'. 

My cousin Cyprian Pingle. Lands in Milverton. My daughter Ann 

Lucar. My cousin Emmanuel Lucar, of Maidenbrooke. 

THOMAS LAVOR, of South Peverton, Somerset. Will dated Feb. 
21, 1624, proved May 20, 1625. [51 Clarke.'] Poor of South 
Petherton, jQ^o. My kinsman Emmanuel Sandys, gent. My brother 
Edmund Lavor. John, son of John Lavor, my broSier, ;£'2oo, at age 
of 24. Amy, daughter of the same. 

JOYCE LAURENCE, of Trull, Somerset, Widow. Wffl dated Mar. 
9, 1624, proved June 3, 1625, by the Exors. [71 Clarke.] My 
nephew Sir Barrington Bullens, K\ My daughter Frances. Ra^ent 
her daughter. Sir Edward LaurencCi Gawen, Mallett, & Richard 
Broadripp, esq", Exors. 

WILLIAM PORTER, of Witcombe in Martock, Somerset WUl 
dated Oct 9, 1591, proved Nov. 10, 1591. [82 S^ Barbe.] I 
will & bequeath to the Queristers of the Quire of Martock if they will 
bestowe their labor to fetch me to the Church with singing of 
Psdms, 10/. 
Harl. Soc. «. \1 /ILLIAM TURBERVILL, of Winfrith-Newboro, Dorset, gent 
95- ' * Will dated Apr. 30, 1630, proved Feb. 15, 1630-1. [20 S^ John,] 

My grandchild John Turberville, ;^ioo, which his father in law, M' 
William Harbin, borrowed of me. My wife Elizabeth, Extrix. 
B. S3. HTHOMAS HODGES, of Myddle Chinnock, Somerset, dec*. Admon. 
J- Apr. 14, 1580, to Johian the relict Former admon. 1562 

GILES HODGES, of Middle Chinnocke, Somerset, gent Will 
dated May 7, 33 Eliz., proved Aug. 7, 1591, by Alice the relict. 
[61 ^ BarbeJ] My friend Henry Compton,* of Wigbeere, South Pether- 
ton. My son in law Walter Hodges, pf Podmore Milton, gent My 
Rectory of Charlton Adams & lands, &:c, in Charlton Mackrell. Lands 
in Chilton Domer of the demise of Bartholomew Horsley, esq'. John 
& Thomas Hodges, my sons. William Hodges, son of Thomas 
Hodges, my brother, dec*. My wife Alice. My daughters Susan, Ann, 
& Johan, all under 21. My son Giles Hodges. William, son of my 
son William. John, GUes, & Thomas, sons of Thomas HcMlges, my 
brother, dec*. John Smythe, my son in law. Alice, my wife, Exix. 
Francis Clyfton, her brother, gent John Hodges, gent., my brother, 
an Overseer. William Gibbes & Sir John Clifton, K^ 

GILES HODGES, of Midle Chynnock, Somerset, gent. Will dated 
9 Nov., 1652, proved 27 June, 1654, by Joane Hodges, relict. 
[503 Alchtn.] To be buried in the Chancel of the Church with my 
father. To my eldest son Giles the silver bowl I have already delivered 
to him, & to each of his children 12*. To my son Laurence Hodges 

* B. 104. 

* He married Mary, daughter of ... . Hodges, of Chinock. B. 29. 


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my great silyer bowle, &c. To my son James my litde silver bowle, 
&c., and my house cdled Virgins House in Midle Chynock. My son 
John. Joane, my now wife. To my son Laurence a farm, &c. To 
my daughter Marie Smyth, io/« To my daughter Susanna Ball, lo/. 
To my daughter Bridget Partridge, ib/. My daughter Joane Milles. 
My daughter Emma Hutchins. My sons in law John Smith, John 
Milles, Arthur Partridge, & Arthur Hutchins. 

ELIZABETH SEAMAN, widow of ly John Seaman, Chancellor of 
Gloucester. Will dated Aug. 20, i Cha", proved Feb. 14, i6a6-7, 
[8 Skinner'] To be buried at Painswick, Glouc, with my husband. 
My daughter Grace Walbrond. My son in law Humphrey Walkond, 
esq'. My daughters Elizabeth and Mary. My sons Samuel, Edward, 
& William. 

Dr. Joba Seaman, Chancellor of Gloucester, died 1633, aged 59, boried at 

B. 43. "D OBERT GOUGH, of Chard, Somerset, gent. Will dated Oct 10, 
•t^ 1625, proved Jan. 30, 1625.6, by his son John Gough. [10 Ilde,^ 
Church of Merriott. My brother George Gough. Ro^ft, son of my 
son John Gough. My grandchildren John, William, Mary, Amy, & 
Elizabeth, children of my son John Gough, ;^ioo each. 

JOHN GOUGH,' of Merriott, Somerset, gent Will dated Feb. 4, 
1634, proved June 23, 1635, by his son Robert Gough. [69 
SadUr.] My cousin Margaret, wife of Clement Clarke. My brothers 
in law Gregorie Gibbs & William Lawrence. My son Robert Goffe. 
My son John Goffe, ^^300. My daughter Elizabeth Goffe. My son 
Francis. My daughter Zenobia. My son Gregorie Goffe. My daughter 

WILLIAM GOUGH, Merchant, resident at Callata of Constanti- 
nople, son of John Gough, in Somerset, gent. Will dated Aug. 
21, 1649, proved Mar. 15, 1649-50. [39 FembrokeJ] My brother 
Francis Gough, sick in Smyrna. John, Hugh, Gregory, Mary, Amy, 
Elizabeth, & Zenobia Gough, my brothers & sisters, 500 dollars each. 
M' John Dodington, M' Rob* Frampton, &c., 10 dollars for rings. My 
brother Robert Gough at Frensham D . . . . , Hants. 
ColHnson,iii, HTHOMAS BYTHESEA, of Axbridge, Somerset, gent Will dated 
563- J- Sep. 30, I Charles, proved Feb. 3, 1625, by his son John Bythesea. 

[18 Jlele,] To be Buried with my wife & mother at Axbridge. My 
youngest daughter Ann ;^2oo out of the land in Hutton, which I 
bought of M' Payne. My sons John & Thomas, ;£'ioo. Matthew, 
daughter of my daughter Elizabedi. The Mayor, Aldermen, & Bur- 
gesses of Axbridge, ^4 to be put forth unto any two handycraft men 
for ever, & 20/ out of a tenement at Lawrence Week. My son John 
Bythesea, Exor. Overseers, M' James Martin, of Meer, & my kinsman 
M' Joseph Bythesea, of Pilton, Somerset 
B. 141. T OSEPH BYTHESEA, of Ham, in Pilton, Somerset Will dated 
J Dec. 6, 1639, proved Jan. 25, 1639, by Ann Bythesea,' widow. [7 
Coventry.'] To be buried in the Church of SS. Peter & Paul, Shepton 
Mallet, near my father & mother. My lands, &:c., to my brother in 
law Edward Barnard, Esq', & his heirs, & my house in the Castle of 
Bristol during my term there. My sons Phillip & William. My sons 

* He married Amy, daughter of Wm. Gibbs, of South Perrot, Dorset 

* Daughter of Edward Barnard, of Downside. B. 6. 


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Joseph, William, & Edward My wife Ann. To my daughter Janei 
;^2oo. To my daughter Anne, ;^2oo at 21. My daughter Mary. 
My daughter Christian Hobbs. My friend Robert Bythesea. 
Vyr ARGARET FRYE, of Mudford, Somerset, widow. Will dated 
iVl Sep. II, 1593, proved Nov. 14, 1593. [81 NevillJ] My daughter 
Wilmot Frye. My sons Thomas & Walter. My son John. My bro- 
ther William Collins. 

WILLIAM FRY, of Athill,' Crewkeme, Somerset, gent Will dated 
Mar. 12, 1624, proved Feb. 25, 1625. [20 Hele.'] My wife 
Sarah. My son Trystram Fry. My sons William & Henry. To 
my daughter, ^^200 at 21. Thomas Hutchins, my uncle. Richard 
his son. 
Hutchins' 13 OBERT DAWE, of Lincolns Inn, Midd^ Will dated May 19, 
Dorset, ii. Xv 1624, proved May 15, 1625. [61 ffele.l To be buried in S* 
^54- Andrew's, Holbom. My lands in Ilchester to my nephew William 
Dawe, son of my brother, Giles Dawe. My brothers John, Giles, & 
Henry, & their wives Agnes, Awdry, & Joane. My cousin John Hunt 
the Elder, of Spekington,' & Katherine his wife. Grace, wife of my 
nephew John Dawe. My nephew John Dawe, of East Chilborough, 
;£[io. His son Robert Dawe, ;^io. His children Elizabeth, Agnes, & 
Richard. My brother Henry. Hi$ children, William, Henry, Robert, 
William, Samuel, John, Dorothy, & Joan. John, Henry, Julian, & Ellen, 
children of my cousin Hunt. My cousin John Bartlett. My nephew & 
servant Richao-d Dawe. Lands & residue to WUliam Dawe, son of my 
brother Giles Dawe. 

JOHN DAWE, ofEastChelboro' (alias Lewcombe), Dorset, gent. Will 
dated Aug. 20, 1630, proved Mar. 24, 1631. [31 Audley^ My son 
John. My daughter Agnes. My brother Gyles Dawe, of Ilchester. My 
brother Henry Dawe. Grace, wife of my son John. 

RICHARD DAWE, of Lincolns Inn, Midd^ gent. Will dated 
Aug. 2, 1640, proved Jan. 9, 1 640-1. [9 Evelyn.'] l/Ly brother 
John Dawe, of East Chelborough, Dorset, Exdr. (Many Dawes named.) 
To my uncle Gyles Dawe, ;^2o. My brother in law Northcott. My 
sister in law Grace Dawe. 

ARTHUR PARRYE, of the parish of flTrary,' Somerset, gent. 
Will dated Dec: 13, 1624, proved Mar. 24, 1625, by Alice, wife of 
William James. [40 Ife/e.'] My father James Parry, gent., ;^2o. 
Children of my brothers Robert Parry & Benjamin Parry. My brother 
Owen Parry, gent. My brother Rowland Parry, gent Children of my 
brother in law William James, ;;^5o. Two daughters of my sister Sarah. 
My brother Thomas Parry, ^£$0. Owen & Thomas Parry, Exors. 

ROGER HAYNES, of Cloford, Somerset, gent. Will dated Mar. 
18, 1625, proved June 22, 1626, by Hopton Haynes. [90 Ifeie.] 
My wile Dorothy, ;;^3o a year. My daughters Mary, Elizabeth, & 
Dorothy. My son Hopton Ha3mes. My friends M' Arthur Hopton, 
M' Toby Pearce, M' James Gallop, M' George Baggett, & M' John 
Gifibrd, overseers. 

THOMAS HAYNES, of Charlton-Horethome, Somerset, gent 
Will dated Apr. 24, 1645, proved Mar. 23, 1645-6. [31 Ihaiss^Ji 
Honor Haynes, ;^5. My wife Margery, lands, &c., in Wareham, Dorset 
Children of Simon Ryall. 

* WUl. Frye, gent., of Otebill, "respited to London, & paid lOf. &/.** See B. 138^ 
' In parish of Yeovilton. * /.«., Witham Friary. 


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B. 8i. /^LIVER ORMEROD, of Huntspill, Somerset, Clerk. Wll dated 
^^ Jan. 17, 1625, proved June 8, 1626, by Joane Ormerod,* widow. 
[90 HeU.'] My wife Joane. My daughter Anne, ;f 300. My daughters 
Jane & Elizabeth. My son Richard, jQioo, My brother Robert 
Ormerod, of Bridgewater, & Mihill Morgan, of Wells, Overseers. 

OliTer Ormerod, A.M., institnted to the Church of Norton Fitzwarren, presented 
by William, Earl of Bath, March 20, 1609. 

Oliver Ormerod, instituted to Huntspill, March 31, 1617. Patron, William, Eari 
of Bath. 

JOAN ORMEROD, of Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset, widow. Will 
dated Oct. 20, 1638, proved Feb. 8, 1638-9, by her son Richard 
Ormerod. [21 Hatv^.'] To my daughters Jane & Elizabeth, ;^2oo, 
given by Oliver Ormerod, my deceased husband. My brother in law 
Robert Howe. To my son Richard Ormerod, my kinds, &c., in Norton 
Fitzwarren & Pawlett My son in law Henry Howe. My grandchild 
Alexander Howe. Overseer, John Jeane, gent. 

HUMPHREY WOOTTON, of Brewham, Somerset, gent Will 
dated Feb. 13, 1624, proved May 23, 1626. [71 Hde,"] About 
to take my journey unto the Newfoundland. My land, &c:, in Rymp- 
ton. My brother in law Edward Bennett, of Brewham, yeoman. My 
eldest sister Marye. My sisters Grace, Frances, & Elizabeth. Eliza- 
beth, daughter of my brother Richard Wootton. My brother Edward 
Bennett & my brother Richard Wootton, Overseers. 

SIBELLA ARUNDELL, of Bristol, widow. WiU dated Nov. 21, 
1625, proved Mav 5, 1626. Again proved May 13, 1631, by William 
AnmdelL [72 Hele.\ My sister Grace Barley. My brother in law M' 
Francis Arundell, Vicar ^f Chedder. His son Thomas Arundell, £$0. 
My son William ArundelL My brother in law M' Richard Hipsley, of 
Binigar, ;f 10. My sister in law M** Frances Cox, of Ashhoiild.' My 
sons Thomas & William AruhdeU. 

JOHN GATCOMBE, of Stockland-Bristol, Somerset, dec*. Admon. 
Dec. 5, 1589, to John Everett, next of kin, during minority of Joan 
& EUzabeth Gatcombe, daughters of the defunct 

JOAN GATCOMBE, of Bower, Bridgewater, Somerset, widow. Nun- 
cupative Will, Aug. 15, 1625, proved Aug. 18, 1626. [100 JIcU.'\ 
All to her grandchild, Hester Stuckey. In the presence of William 
Kinglake, practitioner in Physic, & John Devenish, Clerk, Vicar of 

JOANE GATCOMBE, of Powlett, Somerset, spinster. Will dated Jan- 
17, 1657, proved June 4, 1652, by her brother Richard Gatcombe. 
[133 Bainyeri] My brother Robert Gatcombe, £j^o at 21. My brother 
* John Gatcombe. My cousin Robert Gatcombe. My brother Thomas, 

now on a voyage, JQ20. My brother George Gatcombe. My brother 
in law Walter Poope.' My sister Elizabeth Poope. My brother Richard 
Gatcombe. To my mother, 2 calves, &c. 

WILLIAM SANDYS, of South Petherton, Somerset, gent.* Will 
dated Mar. 23, 1625, proved June 16, 1626. [83 JK^r.] Francis 
Bond, my sister's son, & Mary Bond, her daughter, ^^30 each, at 21, 
Mary Sandys, daughter of my brother Emmanuel Sandys, ;^io, at 21, 

^ Daughter of Rich. Hinkson, of Isham, Kent * Asholt. 

' Locu pronnndation for Piope. 
* He was buried at South Petherton, Ap. 11, 162$. 



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& to Francis his son, /^6. 13. 4. William & Symon his sons. My 
brother Emmanuel Sandys, Exor. 

WILLIAM SANDYS, of South Petherton, Somerset, Esq. Will 
dated Apr. 4, 1736, proved Apr. 5, 1736. [90 JDerfy.'] Gives 
all to M** Elizabeth Hill, spinster, Exix. 
B. 90. VyiLLIAM RAYMOND, of Ilchester, Somerset, gent Will dated 
^^ Oct. 6, 1625, proved June 27, 1626. [83 Jlels.] William, son 
of my brother Arthur Raymond, jf 100. His two sisters Mary & Orion. 
My brothers John, Giles, & George Raymond. 

William Raymond died Sep. 10, 1625, aged 56, buried at Ilchester. He married 
Mary, daughter of John Every, of Chaffcombe. (See B. 90, where for Querie read 

MARY RAYMOND, of Ilchester, Somerset, widow. Will dated 
-Aug. 26, 1639, proved Nov. 15, 1639. [178 Harvey.'] My sister 
Eleanor Wilshere & her son William. My cousin Symon Every, esq., 
& his eldest son. My cousin Magdalene, wife of John Pike, of Dulish. 
My niece Magdalene Bicknell, ;^5. Elizabeth, daughter of Heniy 
Hodges, esq', my god-daughter. My god-daughter Mary, daughter of 
Arthur Raymond, dec*. My cousin William Hill, of Charde. Poor of 
Charde & Chaffcombe. My sister Magdalene Hill, Exix. 

SAMUEL RAYMOND, of Michael Creech, Somerset, gent. Will 
dated Dec. 21, 1632. Admon. May 13, 1651, to Julian Huysh, 
widow, sister in law & principal creditor of the defunct, the Exor George 
Raymond having died. [105 Grey."] My wife Joan, my house of 
Wallford I^lace, which I now dwell in, for life, then to my eldest son. 
My two youngest daughters Elizabeth & Lucie, under 16, ;;^8o each. 
My daughter Sisley, jfeiso, and my daughter Katherine, ;^ioo. My 
son Nicholas, my lease in Dulish. My son Samuel, my lease of Yarde. 
My son George, lands in Creech, he to be Exor. Arthur Raymond, of 
Netherbury, Dorset, & Henry & George Cheeke, of North Petherton, 

TOBIE WALKEWOOD, Clarke, Parson of Beckii^on, Somerset. 
Will dated Mar. 8, 1624, proved June 24, 1626. [92 IfeU.] j£s 
to poor of Beckington & Limington, where I once lived. My wife 
Mairy. Lands held of Edmund Liversegge, esq. My daughter Mary. 
My cousin Richard Allen, Parson of Ditcheat. 

FRANCES ASHFORD, alias Allsopp, alias Hall, of Comb Pyne, 
Devon, dec^ Admon. Oct 30, 1646, to her husband Edmund 
Ashford, Clerk. 

JOHN DYER, of Monksilver, Somerset, gent Will dated 22 Mar., 
1626, proved June 16, 1626, by his son John Dyer. [92 Ifele,] 
My wife Francis. To Francis Dyer the younger, two silver spoons. 
My son John Dyer, Exor. 

JOHN WHITINGE,* of Mark, Somerset, gent WiU dated Apr. 21, 
1625, proved July 20, 1626, by Isabella Locke. [98 Ifele.'} Richard 
& John Whitinge, sons of my son Richard, dec*. To my daughter 
Emblem Allen, one silver cup, one sUver goblett, & six spoons. Her 
daughters Jane, Agnes, & Emblem. Elizabeth, daughter of my 
daughter Isabella L^ke. Lewis, John, & Xtopher Locke, sons of the 
said Isabella. Richard Whiting an overseer. 

^ Disclaimed in 1623. See B. 130. 


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ARTHUR WHITINGE, of Shepton Mallet, Somerset, Qothier. 
Wai {date otniiied)^ proved July 20, 1626, by Mary Whiting, 
widow. [99 Hde^ My children, George, Catherine, & Mary. My 
now wife Mary. My brothers Hercules Whiting & Richard Byrt. 
A. 94. "D ICHARD WEEKES, of Ninehead Flory, Somerset, Esq. Will 
■tv. dated Jan. 28, 1610, proved Dec. 30, 1626, by Marg* Weekes, 
widow. [145 HeU,'\ Manors of Kittisford & Easton Ninehead. 
Advowson of Kittisford. Lands in Hill-farence in the occupation of 
Michael Rosewell, gent. Trustees named. Trustees of other lands, 
&c., my wife Margaret John Poulett, of Hinton S' George, & William 
Every, of Cothay, Esq". Three daughters which John Cauley, dec**, 
had by Margaret my sister, ;£'2oo between them. The youngest 
daughter of Thomas Bickham, dec*, by Ann my sister, 100 marks, & to 
the eldest daughter of the said Ann, & now wife of Thomas Grinslade, 
^100. The daughter of Elias Harvey by Joane my sister, 100 marks. 
To Elizabeth Poulett, wife of John Poulett, ;^io in gold. Edward 
Bluett, son of Edward Bluett, dec*, jf jo, & to William Bluet his bro- 
ther, my godson, ;^5. My brother in law John Bluet & his now wife, 
;^40. Nicholas Bluet, their eldest son. Richard, son of Nicholas. 
To Nicholas, ^^300. Henry, Richard, & Tristram Bluet, sons of Johp 
Bluet, & to Dorothy, daughter of the said John, ;^ioo each, Thomas 
Grinslade, of Kings Brompton, & Isott his iRofe. John, Robert, & 
Henry Hodges, her sons. 

URSULA BANFIELD, of North Cheriton, Somerset, widow. WiU 
dated Sep. 16, 1626, proved Nov. 20, 1626, by her son Robert 
Banfield. [116 Hele.^ To Robert Banfield, son of Robert my son, the 
house in Wells, which William my son bought of one Lockstone, being 
the land of Sir Edward Rodney, Kn*. My daughter Mary, wife of Giles 
Keymer,* j^3o- Frances & Katherine Banfield, daughters of Robert & 
Jane Banfield, ;^2o each. Katherine, wife of Thomas Lewis, of Wells, 
20/. To Ursula Warman, 40/, which she oweth me, & also ^3, of which 
10/ is the legacy of her uncle William Banfield. Christian Warman^ 
ditto. Residue to my son Robert Banfield, Ex5r. My brothers John 
& Robert Lie, Overseers. 
B,8i. TD ICHARD ORMEROD, of Norton Fitzwarren, Somerset, gent 
Xv. Will dated May 23, 1669, proved Dec i, 1669. {Taunton 
I^egisifyJ] My wife Anne. Elizabeth & Anne, my daughters Extrices. 
My kinsman Henry How, &c. 

ROBERT ELLIOTT, of Drayton, in South Petherton, Somerset. 
Will dated Jan. 6, 1637, proved Feb. 22, 1639-40, by Susan the 
relict [27 Caueniry^^ To be buried in the Churchyard, & to the 
Church, 10/. My sons Andrew, Robert, & William. Leasehold in 

South To my son Anthony, i^io. My son James. My 

daughter Katherine, wife of John Prigg. My daughter Joane King. 
My daughter Jane, wife of Hugh Cornish. To my daughter Mary, 
;^4o. Two children of my son Andrew, of Over Stratton. My wife 
Susan, Exix. 
B. 117. 17 LIZABETH WATTS,' of Cucklington, Somerset, widow, gentle- 
-L' woman. Will dated May 31, 1626, proved Nov. 18, 1626. [117 
HeU.'] My cousin John Pitt My son Nicholas Watts. My cousin 
Sidrach Pitt. Children of my son Nicholas Bingham. Cicely, Sydrach, 

^ Hutchins* Dorset, ii. 638. ' Daughter of Nich. Joice, of Mamhull. 


Digitized by 


Bridget, Edith, & John Pitt, 22/ eadi. My daughters Edith Bingham & 
Elizabeth Pitt, Extrices. 

NICHOLAS WATTS, of Shanks, in Cucklington, Somerset, gent. 
Will dated July 7, 1649, proved Aug. 17, 1649, by Mary the relict^ 
[127 Faiffax^ Mary, my wife, Exix. My grounds, &c. My son 
Hugh Watts. My grandchild Nicholas Watts. My grandchUd Eliza- . 
beth Kenbuiy. My five daughta^ Mary, Elizabeth, Dorothy, Ann, 
& Rebecca, £$ each. My sons in law Francis Devenish & John 

MARY WATTS, of Yenston, in Henstridge, Somerset, widow. Will 
dated Sep. 12, 1663, proved Nov. 27, 1663. [}Z9 /uxan!\ To 
be buried at Cucklington. My son in law Jonathan Cboth. My grand- 
son Richard Watts. 

CATHERINE CLIFTON, of Boloms, in Yeovil, Somerset^ widow. 
Will dated Oct 30, 1620, proved Oct. 20, 1626. [133 Hele.'] Poor 
of South Petherton, 20/. My brother Oumphrey Ayshe, a ring of gold 
of 20/. His son John Ayshe, dwelling with my sister. Pollard, 40/. My 
sister CisceU Phdps, a ring of 20/. Her youngest son John Phelpes. 
Elizabeth Phdps, her daughter. Mary, Ann, Magdalene, Isott, & CisceU 
Phelpes, jQz each. Thomas Phelpes my godson, ^10. My sister 
Sarah Pounchard. Ann Pounchard. My cousins, Jane, Mary, Bridget, 
William, Richard, & John Pounchard. My sister Jane Pollard. Lewis, 
Ann, Dorothy, Alice, & Gartred Pollard. Bond of John Clifton. My 
brother in kw John Phelpes, Exor. 

WILLIAM GOBBLE, of Bridgewater, Somerset, gent Will dated 
July 27, 1626, proved Nov. 4, 1626, by Alice Goble. [izoJIele.'] 
My sons, William, Rjichard, & John. My daughters, Ann, Susan, Joan, 
& Marie. Parsonage of Lynge, which I hold of Sir Nicholas HalswelL 
Lands in Wembdon. My wife Alice. 

WILLIAM LACY, of Monckton Comb, Somerset, gent. Will dated 
Apr. 9, 1626, proved Mar. 22, 1626-7. [«9 Skynner.'] My wife 
Ales. My daughter Ann Tuttell. My daughter Mary Richardson. 
My house at Hanname. My daughter Elizabeth Lacy, ExIx. 
T^HOMAS JENKINS, Rector* of Backwdl, Somerset WiU dated 
-■- Oct 5, 1626, proved Mar. 20, 1626-7. [29 Sfynfur.'] To be 
buried at Backwdl. Poor of Backwell, ;^io for ever. Poor of Naylsey, 
£s for ever. Poor of Barrow Gumey, 40/. My wife Elizabeth, ^^50. 
To Humphrey Jenkins, Vicar' of Backwdl, my great gilted salt sellar, & 
my gilted cruse. Lands in Naylsey & S* Andrews, Glamorganshire. 
(^EORGE STIDMAN, of Ashweeke, Somerset, gent Will dated 
Vjr Jan. 8, .1626, proved Apr. 4, 1627, by Susan Stidman the relict 
[37 SJ^ner.^ My wife Susan. My daughter Ann & her husband 
Philip Stanley. My daughters Frances, Bridget, Mary, Margaret, &. 

THOMAS COX,* of Corstcm, Somerset, gent. Will dated Oct 16, 
1626, proved May 2, 1627, by his son Robert Cox. [49 Skynner.^ 
To be buried at Corston. My wife Margaret My daughter Ann 
Meades & her son Robert Meades. Marie, wife of my son Robert 
Cox. My son shall hold &: enjoy my lands, &c, in Overweare, which I 
purchased of George Gifford, of Tyverton, esq., & Joane his wife. His 

^ Daughter of Simon Sloper. ' Instituted March 3, 1587. 

' Instituted June 8, 1614. 

^ This &mily nuiy be related to that of Caches. B. 25. 

II. 65 k 

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sons, Thomas, John, & Edward Cox. Tenement in Stanton Prior. 
Philip, another son of Robert Cox. Elizabeth, daughter of the said 
Robert Cox. Copyhold in Corston granted in trust by Francis Baber, 
esq., unto John Cox, of Langford, gent, & William Dale, of Wrington, 
gent Residue to my son Robert Cox, Exor. 
B. 164. T OHN COXE, of Over Langford, in Churchill, Somerset, gent Will 
J dated Dec. 5, 1628, proved Feb. 13, 1628, by Mary the relict* 
[11 Ridley.'] My sons Joseph & Samuel. My wife Mary, Exix. My 
uncle Robert Coxe. My wife to suffer Francis Coxe, my eldest son, to 
enjoy lands assured to her in jointure at Flex Bourton, Somerset To 
my son Francis, ;^6oo at 21. My son Joseph, £aoo. My son Samuel, 
j^6oo. Land in Banwell held of Sir John Jennings. My son in law' 
John Rattle, ;^io. My brother Josias Coxe. My brother Robert 
Coxe, 40/. My sister Dorothy Webbe. My kinsman John Wylett, & 
his sisters Dorothie & Marie Wylett. 

ROBERT COX, of Corston, Somerset, gent Will dated Nov. 8, 
1639, proved May i a, 1640, by Mary Cox * the relict [63 Coventry,] 
To be buried at Corston. My son Edward Cox, j£$o given him by 
the will of Thomas Cox, his grandfather. Mary my now wife. My 
mansion house in Keynsham. My son Robert. My children John, 
Francis, Phillip, Mary, & Martha, -(^s each. My son Thomas* Cox & 
Joane his wife. My son in law John Tilly & Elizabeth his wife, my 
daughter. Lands purchased of Robert Baber, gent. William Strowde,' 
of Barrington, esq., my brother in law, & my cousin John Buckland, of 
West Harptree, esq.. Overseers. 

MARY COX, of Churchill, Somerset, widow. Will dated Oct 26, 
1637, proved May 20, 1641, by her son Francis Cox. [61 JSvffyn.] 
To be buried at Churchill, near my son, John Rattle. Poor of Churchill, 
jCSi & o^ Spaxton, Fiddington, Winscombe, Yatton, Congersbury, 
Banwell, & Wrington, 20/ each parish. My mother M" Joane Smithers, 
;^io if she be living. My sisters, M" Jane Barnard, M" Elizabeth 
Godwin, M" Sarah Harvey, M" Mary Bisse, M" Joan Chichester, & 
M" Judith Tavemer, ^^5 each. My three godchildren, Elizabeth 
Godwin, Elizabeth Bisse, & Mary Tavemer. My cousin John Chichester, 
my late husband's godson. My cousin John Bush, ^^5, & his mother, 
40/. M" Ann Goninge, 20/. My cousin M' Joseph Jackson, 20/, My 
sister M" Mary Bisse, "my damaske gown," &c. William Prowse, 40/. 
My son Francis Cox, ;£'2oo. My sons Joseph & Samuel Cox, ;J^4oo 
each. Their brother John Rattle, dec"*. My sons are under 21. My 
first husband, M* Rattle. My Aunt Cunningham's children, 20/ each. 
Residue to my son Francis Coxe, Exor, now under age. My cousin 
M' William Strode, William Prowse, & M' John Bush, Overseers. 
Further admon Dec. 4, 1647, to John Mitchell, one of the Creditors of 
Francis Cox. 

JOHN COX. Will dated Oct 8, 1645, proved Sep. 8, 1646, by Joan 
Cox the relict [131 Titfisse.] To be buried at Coston [Corston], 
Somerset My wife Joan Cox, Exix j land in the Marsh, Somerset, during 

* Daughter of Tohn Tuxwell, of Spaxton. 

* This should be step-s&n. See below, the will of Maiy Cox. 

* She was daughter of William Strode, of Shepton MaUett. 

* Thomas Cox died 1650, buried at Stanton Prior, Somerset, with Joan his wife. 
He died Feb. i, 1650, aeed 43. She died August 23, 1644, t^^ 38. Their eldest 
son Thomas died before his father, aged 17. [M. I. at Stanton Prior.] 

' The Parliamentary Colonel, who opposed the " ship-money *' in 16135-40. 


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minority of my son WflUam. To my said wife, ;;^8oo. My son 
William^ ;i^300. My son John, ^40p. My own mother, my father 
Pynney, & my mother Pynney, 40/ each. My brothers & sisters in 
law, my sister Hulbert, & my brothers & sisters, 20/ each for rings. 
My brother & sister Tyllie. My brother Edward. My sister Hester 
Pynney. My cousins William & Maiy Webley. My cousin Philip 
Bisse, ;f 30, he not to trouble his mistress to put him to Trade. ^^lo 
to S' Thomas P. (sic) Bristol. My cousin John fiuckland, of Hartrowe, 
& my brother Thomas Cox^ of Stratton, Overseers. My cousin William 

JAMES COX, of Corston, Somerset, Yeoman. Will dated Sep. 17, 
1687, proved Aug. 9, 1688, by his son William Cox. [105 £x^ffnJ] 
My sons Robert & James. To my son John, ;;^ioo. My daughters 
Elizabeth & Margaret, jQioo each, & to my daughters, Mary, Atm, & 
Katherine, at 21, land at Ol^^ston. My son William Cox, Exor. 

FRANCIS COX, of Sidcott in Winscombe, Somerset, gent Will 
dated Oct. 15, 1687, proved Nov. 12, 1688, by Dorothy & Rebecca 
Cox. ^ [147 £xton.'] To be buried in Wraxall Church, in my first 
wife's grave. To my daughter Cornelia, Exix to her late husband, the 
Cabinet that was her mother's. To my grandson Francis Redman, an 
annuity of j£S out of my lands at Bourton, which I bought of Fer- 
dinando Gorges, Esq., & my brother Josias Cox. My wife Dorothy. 
My granddaughters Elizabeth & Rebecca Redman. The eldest son of 
my son Jeremias. Lands in Kingston Seymour. Children of my 
daughter Mary. My son in law Samuel Goodson. My sisters Porter 
& Croome. 
A. 7. nPHOMAS BICKHAM, of S* Decuman's, Somerset, dec*. Admon. 
J- Feb. 19, 1593-4, to Anna Bickham the relict. 

ALDRED BYCCOMBE, of OldCleve, Somerset, Qothier. Will dated 
July 21, 1610, proved Feb. 2, 1610-11, by Hellen Byccombe the 
relict. [17 fVaod.'] My daughter Charitie, ^f 50, being a debt due to 
me by my brother William Byccombe. My daughter Mary, ^^35 at 21. 
My daughter Joane, ^^30. My son William Byccombe, ^£20. My son 
Aldred to succeed in the house. Isott Lanham, daughter of my late 
daughter Ann Lanham, dec'', 20/. Residue to Helen my wife, Extrix. 
My brother William Byccombe, my friend Andrew Speede, & my 
brother in law Thomas Cridland, Overseers, 3/4 each. 

JOHN BICKOMBE, of Axbridge, Somerset, gent Will dated Oct. 18, 
1620, proved May 26, 1627, by John Smithes. [51 Skynner,"} To 
be buried at Axbridge. Poor of Axbridge, Crocombe, Dodington, 
Wrington, Stringston, Nether Stowey, Stogursie, &c. Children of my 
sister Smithes, 22/ eaich for rings. Residue to my brother in law John 
Smithes, of Wrington,* Esq', Exor. John Smithes the younger, of 
Wrington, gent., & John Cox, Overseers. My sister Joane, wife of 
John Smithes. 

'Il yriLLL\M BICKHAM, of Old Qeeve, Somerset, bachelor. WiU 
VV dated Mar, 2, 1626, proved June 12, 1627. [62 Skymter.] My 
special good friend M' Malet Halswell, of Charlenge, " a pair of gloves 
of the price of 14/4.'* His sister's eldest daughter, ^. Christian 
Dovell, of Rodhuish,* £8. Aldred Bickham, junior, ji,i. 3. 4. My 
brother Aldred. My brother in law John Studdier. Residue to Ellen 
Bickham my mother, Exix. 

^ B. loi. * In Carhampton. 


Digitized by 


ELLEN BICKHAM, of Old Cleeve, Somerset, widow. Will dated 
June 34, 1642, proved June 20, 1646, by Aldred Bickham. [85 
TwisseJ] M7 sister Anne Ashe. My dau^ter Chaxitie Slocombe. 
My daughter Joan, & her husband John Studdier. Ellen, daughter of 
my son Aldred Bickham. Poor of Spaxton & Bishops Lyddiard, 20/. 
Poor of Old Cleeve, £$. My cousin Nicholas CoUes. My cousin 
Koger CoUes. My uncle John CoUes' widow. Chattels, &c., left to 
me by my son WiUiam Bickham. Residue to my son Aldred Bickham. 
B. 139. 'T'HOMAS DEBDEN, of Backwell, Somerset, gent. Will dated 
J- Apr. 13, 1627, proved May 20, 1627, by Margaret Debden, widow. 
[5 1 Skynfur.] Poor of Backwell, j£$. My wife Margaret. My daughter 
Margaret. My son Thomas, ;^i5o. My daughter Elizabeth, ^^200. 
My son John, jQ20o, My son Bichard. 

RICHARD DEBDEN, of BackweU, Somerset, gent Will dated 
Jan. 3, 1649, proved Feb. 11, 1649, by Mary Debden the relict, 
during minority of John Debden. [20 JPemdroke.j To be buried near 
my ancestors. Poor of Backwell, 20/. My eklest daughter Mary 
Debden. My eldest son Thomas Debaen. My sons Richard & John. 
My daughters Ann & Elizabeth. My sister Mai^aret Watkins. My 
land at Downside. My wife. My son John Debden, Exor. 

RICHARD MAYO,* of Lamyatt, Somerset, gent Will dated Aug. 10, 
1627, proved Oct 22, 1627, by his son William Mayo. [94 
SkynfterJ] My son William. My daughter Thomasine.* My daughters 
Joane & Elizabeth. 

MARIE SHERWELL, widow of Robert Sherwell, of Blackford, 
Somerset, gent Will dated May i, i Cha*, proved Nov. 26, 
1627. [104 SkynfurJ] To be buried at Wedmore. My cousin Richard 
Counsell. My cousin Margery Hodges. M' George Hodges, of Wed- 
more. M" Eleanor Hodges. Ann, daughter of M' George Hodges. 
FRANCIS NORRIS, widow of Robert Norris, of CorkeviD,' Somerset, 
gent Will dated July 16, 1628, proved May 14, 1629, by the 
Exdrs. [36 J^idleyJ] My son Henry, a ring of gold of 6/8 at age of 
21. My daughter Agnes. My brothers Charles Laurence, of Weymouth, 
& George Laurence, of Winterboume Steepleton, Dorset, Exors. 

She was the daughter of Riduurd Lawrence, bom Aug., 1595, married Sepi 20, 
1613, to Robert Norris. 

NICHOLAS LAMPSON, of Cannmgton, Somerset, gent Will 
dated Sep. 20, 1629, proved Mar. 23, 1631-2, by John Lampson, 
Junior, power reserved to . . . Hele, Esq. [31 Audiey.j To be buried 
at Cannington. M'^ Nicholas Costley to preach my funeral Sermon. 
To my master a pair of gloves of 20/. My nephew John Lampson, 
gent To every one of the House * of Cannington a pair of gloves fitting 
Uieir several callings. My friend Thomas Crosse. Poor of the parish 
of Linkingham, where I was bom, j£S' My dec* master, Sir Warwick 

' From the Lamyat I^iigisfers :—i6og. Elizabeth Mayo, filia [bapt.] 

Bapt Thomasine, dauefater of Richard Mayo^ gent 14th June, 1610-12. (Exact 
year illegible.) 1627. Richard Mayo, senior, was buried in August. 

' us. Curry Ri?eU. See HarL Soc u. 64, where a pedigree of Lawrence will be 

' Probably the house of Sir Francis Hele. See B. 135. 

* Knight of Wembury, Devon, whose brother Francis (afterwards knighted, see 
B. 135), married Jane Rogers, of Cannington. See Westcote, p. 534. 


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EDWARD CX)X, of die City of Bristol, Merchant Will dated 
July 36, 1627, proved Feb. 5, 1627-8. [22 Barringt<mJ] Lease 
of South Meade, Glouc. My son John Cox. M^ daughter Mary. 
My lease of years in Tyllie's Court & other lands in Glouc', which I 
purchased, & had of the grant of Sir Edward Rodney, K^ & Rice 
Davyes, esq., or either of them. My father Goddard, £%. l/Ly brothers 
George & John Coxe. My brother Thomas Collins. My sister in law 
Judith Browne. My sister Mary Goddard, my dwelling house in 
S* PhUUps, &c. 

JOHN SLAPE^ the elder, of S^ James*, Taunton, Somerset, gent Will 
dated Jan. 27, 1635, proved Feb. 11, 1627. [1627-8.] My shambles 
in the town of Taunton, to Mary my wife. My sons, Richard, Tristram, 
Peter, Robert, & Thomas. To Richard my son, my house at Balcomb 
in North Petherton. My brother John Slape, &c. 
B. 23. "p ICHARD CHILCOTT, of Nettlecombe, Somerset, Clerk. Will 
-C^ dated Jan. 23, 3 Charles, proved Mar. 32, 1637-8, by EUinor 
Chilcott, widow. [26 BamngAm.] My son John Chilcott, under 21, 
;^8o. My children Richard & Joan. To the said Richard, ;£^4o. My 
messuage called ^'Escott," in the parish of Carhampton, to my son 
Richard. My daughter Joan, ;^6o. My brother John Chilcott. My 
mother in law Richard Speed. Ellen Chilcott^ my sister in law. My 
cousin John Woolcot. My wife Ellinor, Exix. Andrew Speed, my 
lather in law, an Overseer. 

JOHN CHILCOTT, of Carhampton, Somerset, gent Will dated 
Mar. 28, 34 Charles, proved July 4, 1648, by Ellen Chilcott, widow. 
[1x4 £ss€xJ] Children of my brother in law John Benyman, £s each. 
My fJEurm of Escott, given me by the will of my father, to my wife Ellen, 
Eidx, for Ufe, then to John Berryman, son of my sister Joan Berryman, 
then to Richard Berryman his son, then to Christopher & Joane 
Berryman. My friends Aldred Bickham, my fiither in law, John 
Berryman, my brother in law, & Hugh Speede, my uncle, Overseers. 

JOAN CHILCOTT, of Dulverton, Somerset Will dated Apr. 38, 1657, 
proved June 15, 1657, by her son, Thomas Joyce. [336 Hufland.^ 
Elizabeth Mar^ail, my daughter. Richard Joyce, my son. Elizabeth Joyce, 
my daughter. William Joyce, my son. Thomas Joyce, my son, Exdr. 

EDWARD EARLSHAM, of Taunton, Somerset, gent Will dated 
Feb. 30, 1637, proved May 36, 1638. [39 Bam'figton.'] My 
brother Thomas. Edward, son of John, my brother. Jane, daughter 
of Jane Goodwin, my sister. William Price, my brother in law. 
T^HOMAS JONES, of Chew, Somerset, Yeoman. Will dated Aug. 
^ 39, i6ro, |)roved May 14, 1638. [44 Barrifigttm.'] My son 
Thomas. My wife Sarah. My daughter Anne. My aunt Joane & my 
uncle Richard Keene. 
B. 15. nPHOMAS BRIDGES, of Leigh on Mendip, Somerset, gent Will 
JL dated Sep. 3, 1623, proved May 15, 1638, by his son Edward 
Bridges. [45 Barringfon.] My wife Alice.* My daughter Elizabeth 
Tovye, ;i^iSo. Gabriel Cooke, my son in law. My daughter Margery 
Cooke. Robert Heale, my son in law. My daughter Joane H^e. 
My daughter Ellinor, wife of Walter Saimders. My son Edward Bridges. 
My cousin Edward Medlicot, of Warminster. 

* One of the same name and place wts disclaimed at the 1672 Visatatkm. (S<»nenet 
Aich. Soc. xxxlii. iL 35.) - 

' Daughter of Walter Boland, of Sutton, Wilts. 


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ISAAC BRIDGES^ of Ld^ on Mendip, Somerset, gent Will dated 
Dec 9, 1669, proved Apr. 16, 1670, by hb brother Thomas Bridges. 
[48 JPennJ] To be buried at Leigh. I have a fair personal estate. To 
die poor, j£s. Mary, eldest daughter of my brother Thomas Bridges, 
^200 at 21. Jane & Rebecca, other daughters of my said brother, 
^100. My mother Jane Brid^^ my household stuff & ;^iooo. Re- 
sidue to my brother Thomas Bridges, Eaior. 

JANE BRIDGES, of Leigh on Mendip, Somerset, widow. Will dated 
Mar. 28, 1693, proved May 22, 1695, by her son Thomas Bridges. 
[67 Irfy."] I lent my grandson Edward Bridges, ^^150. My grandson 
Isaac Bridges, land in AUam^ in West Cranmore, Somerset. My 
grandson Thomas Bridges, lands in Wanstrow. My granddaughters 
Martha, Barbara, & Sarah Bridges, if they many with their fisUher's con- 
sent, ^^150 each. My grand<£iughters Maiy & Jane Merewether, & 
Rebecca Anthony, ^10 each. My grandchildren John, Richard, & 
Martha Merewether, & Martha Anthony, £$ each. Residue to my son 
Thomas Bridges, Exor. My kinsman M' Thomas Anthony, of Bristol, 

THOMAS BRIDGES, of Leigh super Mendip, Somerset, gent. 
Will dated Mar. 20, 1703, proved Aug. 9, 1706, by his son Isaac 
Bridges. [165 JSedes,] My sons in law ^Richard Frankljrn, Xtopher 
Merewether, Thomas Anthony & John Langhome, & their heirs, my 
manors of Leigh & Coleford, &C., in Kilmmdon, Ore, &c., in trust, 
they to convey them to my son Isaac Bridges, if he pay ;f 1800 for the 
same. My daughter Martha Langhome, ^200. My daughters Bar- 
bara Bridges & Saiah Bridges, ;^oo esich, & also jQiSo each, given 
them by the will of their late grandmother Jane Bridges. To my son 
Thomas Bridges, lands in Buddand Dinham, & he to release to Isaac 
[sic]. To Thomas, ^^400. My daughter Barbara Bridges, m^ Virginals 
now standing in the Great HalL ;f 40 a year for the Minister of the 
Meeting House at Coleford. My daughters Mary Francklin, Jane 
Merewether, Rebecca Anthony, & Martha Langhome, ^^5 each. My 
grandchildren, 40/ each. My grandchildren John, Richard, & Martha 
Merewether, & Martha Anthony, ^5 each, being legacies given them by 
their grandmother Jane Bridges. George Stedman, my dec' father in 

JOHN MANNINGE, of White Laddngton, Somerset, gent Will 
dated Dec. 28, 1627, proved May 24, 1628, by Dorothy the relict 
[45 Barrtfiigtam.'] To be buried at vhiite Lackington. My son Geoige 
Manninge, all my lands, &c. My daughter Alice Manninge, j£So. 
My daughter Dorothy, ^20. To George my ''siderwring" & all my 
hogsheads, &c. My son William. My landlord. Sir Geoige Speke. 
My wife Dorothy, Exix. 

WILLIAM IRISH, of Banwell, Somerset, dec*. Admon. Apr. ai, 
1627, to his fitther, John Irish. 
B. 6a JOHN IRISH the elder, of Tower Head, Banwell, Somerset, gent 
J Will dated Feb. 20, 1627, proved May 21, 1628, by his son, Matdiew 
Irish. [47 BarnrngtonA To my wife Christian * my mansion of Tower 
head, Scc^ which I purcnased of Sir Robert Gorges, K\ for the term of 
years unexpired, remainder to my youngest son John Irish. My sons 

^ Now ADuun. 

* Christian Irish was danehter of James Avery, of Mells. See B. 3, 6a At the 
latter reference she is made daughter of William Welsh, of AUerton. . 


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Gabriel, Joseph, George, & John. Lands in Kingston Seymour which 
I purchased of John Poulett, now Lord Poulett My son Edmund. 
My daughter Maigery, ;£ioo. My son Matthew Irish. Children of 
my daughter Alice ^ Sheppard. My daughter Mary * Sheppard. My 
brother William Irish. My son John & Mary his wife. 

JAMES IRISH, of Congersbury, Somerset gent. Will dated Apr. 3, 
1650, proved Feb. 4, 165 i-a, by Elizabeth the relict. [34 Bowyer.] 
My son Henry. My daughters Sarah & Elizabeth. Jointure of my wife 
Elizabeth. My son John Irish, fiarm house &: 52 acres. My son & heir 
Matthew Irish. My brother Arthur Irish, & my two sisters, a/6 each. 
Residue to my wife Elizabeth, Exix. 

B. 86. TJONOR PYNE, widow. Will dated Mar. 23, 1573, proved Oct 
AJ- 12, 1574. [Barnstaple Will.'] Philip Pyne, my son. My sons 
G^i^^ John, & Richard Pyne. My daughters Mary, Julian, Margaret 
& Susan. 

miLIP PYNE the elder, of East Down, Devon. Will dated Aug. 
3» 15991 proved Feb. 27, 1600. [Barnstaple WillJ] All my lands 
&c., to George Pyne, to hold till Jun^ 24, 161 2, in trust, the profits to 
my four daughters, Honor, Elizabeth, Dorcas, & Ruth. To my sons 
Edward & Philip Pyne the younger, ;;f 200 each until 21 {sic, but? at 
21). To Lewis my son, under 23, a moiety of my goods. Residue to 
my wife Dorothy. My brother George Pyne. 

A 67. T ULI AN P YNE,« of Cory Mallet, Somerset, widow of John Pyne, esq. 
J Will dated Jan. 30, 1624, proved June 30, 1628. [54 Bam'ngton.} 
My sons, Hugh, George, & John Pyne. My daughter Ann, wife of 
Thomas Harvey, gent My daughter Mary, wife of Albian Knapton, 
gent My daughter Elizabeth, wife of WiUiam Langford, gent My 
daughter Dorothy, wife of Andrew Sparke,* gent My daughter Mar- 
garet, wife of Robert Jones, gent John, son of my son Thomas Pyne, 
dec'. Arthur, son of my son Hugh. Thomas, son of my son John. 
William, son of my son George. John, son of my daughter Ann Harvey. 
My grandchild Ajin Harvey. Amy, wife of mv son John. Julian, 
Mabley, & Magdalene Harvey. My dec' daughter Frances, wife of 
Thomas Marshall, dec'. Their son John Marshall Margaret Frie, 
wife of George Frie, daughter of my daughter Marie Knapton, & 
Bernard Langford, her late husband. My brother Tristram Towse. 
Valentine, Humphrey, & Susan, children of my son George Pyne. My 
son Thomas Pjme, Exor. John Symmes, esq., James Rosse, esq., & 
George StUe, gent. Overseers. 

[A veiy long Will, foil of details of personal efiects.] 

A. 67. TJUGH PYNE, of Cathanger, parish of Fivehead, Somerset, Esq'. 
JLJ- Will dated Oct, i, 1624, proved Nov. 28, 1628. [95 BarringtanJ] 
To be buried near my wife. "My most vertuous, lovinge, dutifull, 
deere, wise, and understandingly religious wife, whose example & sweete 
& temperate conversation I desier & requier my two children, Arthur & 
Christabella, not onelie to follow, but to tell & report the same unto 
their children as farr as they shall be able to remember the same." My 
son in law Edmund Windham & my daughter Christabell, his wife, 

^ Alice married Edmnnd Sheppard. Mary married John Sheppard, both of 
Wicks, St Lawrence, Somerset 
' She was daughter of John Towse, of Swell, by Agnes Newton. 
* In A 67 for AntL Speake read And, Sparke, 


Digitized by 


i^ooo marks for lo years, loo each year. Thomas Windham, father of 
the said Edmund, ;62oo9 ^^^ placing out, &a, some of my brother's and 
sister's children. To my son Arthur, leases of my land of Cathanger, 
Somerset, Luton, Dorset, Manor of Pentrich, Dorset, & Rectory of 
Muchelney. "My humble duty to my dear & revered mother." 
Thomas Pyne, son of my brother John Pyne, ^£4 yearly for him at 
school, & ;f 10 at 14. To my son Windham, 20 marks for a silver 
bowl with a cover, in which shall be engraven the Arms of Pyne, 
Wyndham, Staverton, & Williams. To the poor of Cumnor, Berks, 
where I was married, & by it had & obtained my greatest worldly 
blessing. To the poor of Michledever, Hants, where my son Arthur 
was bom. To the poor of Monckton, Dorset, where my daughter 
Christabell was bom. Poor of Fivehead, where I dwell, 20/ to each of 
the aforesaid parishes. My kinsman & servant Alexander Towse, my 
best satten suit My son Arthur, Exor. Codicil, Nov. 10, 4 Ch. To 
Edmund Windham, ^1,000, & to his daughter Mabel, ;t^,ooo, at 16, 
or marriage. To Richard Pyne, ;f 50 to bind him apprentice. To 
Humphrey, son of my brother George, ^20. A monument to be 
erected in Curry Mallett Church, where my &ther & mother are buried, 
& another monument in the He, where my wife is buried, & where I 
intend to be laid beside her, all at the cost of my Exor. 1639. June 18. 
Com*" to Christabel Windham alias Pyne, sister of Arthur Pyne, of 
Cathanger, Somerset, dec"* (Exor of the aforesaid Hugh Pyne), during 
tiie suit between Grace Pyne, relict of the said Arthur, & Christabel 
Pyne alias Wyndham. Admon. Feb. 18, 1639-40, to Grace Pyne, now 
Lady Philipps, relict of Arthur Pyne aforesaid. 

Hugh pyne, second son of John and Julian Pyne, of Cuny Mallett, was Connsellor 
at Law. He married Mabel, daughter of Heniy Staverton, Esq. She predeoeHed 
him, 1618. 

Christabel Wyndham was wet mine to Chades IL 

ARTHUR PYNE, of Cathanger, Somerset, Esq', dec*. Admon. 
July 20, 1639, to his relict Grace Pyne, Letters of Admon. to 
Christabella Windham alias Pyne, sister of dec'', having expired. 

THOMAS PYNE^ of Lyme Regis, Dorsdt, gent. Will dated May 22, 
1644, proved June 2, 1646. [80 TMsse.'] My sons Hercules & 
John Pyne. Lands, &c., in Axmouth. My now wife Priscilla. My 
daughter Gertrude. My brother in law Francis Drake, Exor. 

ANDREW PYNE, of Hill Bishops, Somerset, gent. Will dated 
Mar. 13, 1641, proved Apr. 12, 164& by Catherine Pyne, widow. 
[58 Essex.'] Poor of Hill Bishops & oTStowell, 10/. My daughter 
Jane^ 10/ at 21. My son Andrew, ^^loo at 21. My son Henry Pyne, 
;^So. Residue to my wife, M" Andrew Pjme, Exix. "These worthy 
Divines, M' George Newton, of Taunton, & my gossip, M' Henry 
James, of Kingston, both whose beautiful feet ^ are to me beyond expres- 
sion," Overseers. 

ALENTINE PYNE, Capt &: Master Gunner of England. Will 
dated Dea 20, 1670, proved May 3, 1677. [82 Bale.} My cousin 
Arthur Pyne, of Baltensborough. Many Pynes named. 

Valentine Pyne, Master Gunner of England, second son of Geoige Pyne, of Cuny 
Malet, Somerset, cent Died a bachelor, April 30, 1677, honed nnder a monument 
in the Church of SL Peter, in the Tower of London. 

* Isaiah lii. 7. 


Digitized by 


JOHN PYNE * the elder, of Cuny Mallet, Somerset, esq'. Will dated 
Aug. la, 1676, proved June 14, 1678, by Amy Pyne, the relict [67 
I^eeve.'^ " To be buried in my own lie in the Church, near my first 
wife, in the ni^ht M' Beale, the Minister, to have 20/ if he suiTer me 
to be buried without sound of bells, or any speech or words to be used 
at the grave in any formal, customary, or usual manner." By Indenture 
Aug. II, 23 Ch. II., I have conveyed all my manors, &c., L I confirm 
this. My wife Amy Pyne. To my eldest son John Pyne, 12*. To my 
son Charles Pyne, la*. To many servants, ^tS each. To poor, ;£'io 
for stock. To W Amos Poulett, ;;f 20. My kinsman, Sir Edmund 
Wyndham, K^ Marshal to His Majesty's Hpusehold, ;^5o. To Nicholas 
Copley, esq., 40/. M' Christopher Brome, ;£'io. My kinsman Sir 
WiUiam Wyndham, K* & Bar*, ;^io. Sir Edward Phillips, K\ ;^io, 
M' John Rayner, ji^2oo. Residue to my wife Amy Pyne, Exix. 

VALENTINE PYNE, of Bethnal Green, Commander of the Berke- 
ley Castle. Will dated Jan. 13, 1691, proved Feb. 16, 1691, by 
Ann Pyne, relict [54 FaneJ] l/Ly wife Ann. My son in law Jonathan 
Hyde, ;£'soo. My daughter Mary Pyne. 

AMY PYNE, widow of John Pyne, esq., of Curry Mallett, Somerset. 
Will dated Oct. 28, 1689, proved Feb. 14, 1692-3, by the Exdrs. 
[33 CokerJ] To be buried at Curry Mallett, near my husband. Eliza- 
beth White, widow of my nephew Ignatius White, of Angers, Dorset, esq. 
Ignatius & John White, her sons. Ann Beaton, daughter of my niece 
Mary Beaton, ji^io. My nephew John White, son of my brother Martin 
Whyte, ;^ia My niece Francis Beison (?) My sister Frances Wells. 
Winifired, relict of my nephew Charles Whyte, ^^5. Charles Pyne, 
youngest son of my late husband, a tenement in North Curry. John & 
Charles Pyne, sons of the aforesaid Charles Pyne. Frances, wife of 
Charles Pyne. My fiiend Lady Frances Wyndham, widow of Sir William 
Wyndham, 88 pieces of old gold. My fiiend Sir Edward Philipps. 
Robert Leigh, of S^ Decumans, James Vaux & Thomas Erleham, Exors. 

JOHN PYNE, of Pitney, Somerset, Esq. Will dated July 31, 1696, 
proved June 8, 1697, by the Exors. [125 Pyne,'] To be buried 
near my mother ' in my father's He in Curry Mallet Church. M' Bush to 
preach my fimeral sermon. £$0 to be spent on my funeral. My manor 
of Pitney, &c., to my nephew Francis, third son of my brother Charles 
Pjrne, in default of issue to Charles, next son, &: then to Amy Pyne, 
daughter of Charles Pyne. In default of issue, to my kinsman Sir John 
Hanham,of Wimbome Minster, Bar\ John Stocker&Th : Thomas, Exdrs. 

CHARLES PINE, youngest son of Charles Pyne, esq., of Curry 
Mallet, Somerset Will dated Apr. 12, 1 7 1 2, proved Nov. 22,1712, 
by his brother John Pyne, My elder brother, John Pyne, Exor. To 
M" Jeimings the younger, of Badbery, 10 guineas, & ^^lo for moumbg. 
Witness, John Cockbum, Rector. 

CHARLES PYNE, of Curry MaUett, Somerset, Esq. Will dated 
Apr. I, 1715, proved May 5, 1716, by Frances Pyne, relict of John 
Pyne, senior {sic). Deed between myself & Frances my wife of i* part, 
John Speke, of White Lackington, esq., Thomas Wame, of Swell, esq., 
& William Mowrie, of Low Ham, gent, of 2**' part, & my son John Pyne, 

^ A 67 following Harl. MS. 1445, foL 202, makes John Pyne the second son of 
Hugh. This is probably wrong, for Hngh Pyne in his will (see alwtfe) speaks of bis 
two children, Arthur and Christabd. Tlus pedigree is faulty in many respects. 

* Coheir of Hanham of Wimbome. 

". 73 1 

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of 3** part, by which I have granted my Manor of Pitney, &c. My 

daughter Amy, wife of John Cozen, Esq. My Manor of Northall, in 

Abbots Isle, &c. 
jy^^jo W/ILLIAM TURBERVILLE, of Broad Marston,* Someisct, gent. 
uQo^ 3». YY wiUdatedMar. 21, 1627, proved June 25, 1628. [S4^tfmi!5fiiwf.] 

My daughter Frances. My son Thomas, under 21. My unde, George 

Turbcrvillc, of Wooll, Dorset, gent., Exor in trust. 

JOHN EVERED, of Stockland-Bristol, Somerset, husbandman. Will 
dated Jan. 19, 1641, proved Apr. 30, 1642, by Sarah the relict [46 
CambciL'] My uncle Robert Evered. My brother Edward Evered. 
My sons Robot, Anthony, & William. My daughter Jone. Sarah, my 
now wife, Exix. 

GRIZELL ROGERS, widow, late of Haygrove,* Somerset Nuncu- 
pative Will May 29, 1626, proved Oct. 20, 1628, by her son Edward 
Langford. [92 Bam'ngihm.'] Her son Thomas to have her two tene- 
ments in Durleigh (late^the property of Thomas Rogers, his £&ther) & a 
gold ring. Land in Glouc, Rectory of WithyhiU (Withiel), Somerset, to 
her son Daniel Rogers. Residue to her son Edward Langford, Exor. 

JOHN DALE, of Yatton, Somerset, yeoman. Will dated May 20, 
1628, proved Nov. 25, 1628. [95 Bam'ngAm.'] My wife Margaret 
John Dale, my son, lands held of John Bluett, esq', & of Lord Poulett. 
My daughter Isabel. 

JAMES PERRY, of Langford Budville, Somerset Will dated Sep. 
19, 1628, proved Feb. 12, 1628.9, by Mary Perry the relict. [9 
RtdUy."] To my daughter Joane jQ^o at 18. My wife Mary, Extx, to 
whom my lands for life, & at her death to my daughter Joane. My uncle 
William Chappel, of Staplegrove. My brother John Perry, of Welling- 
ton, Overseer. 

JOHN PERRY, of Wellington, Somerset, Yeoman. Will dated July 
20, 1640, proved Nov. 12, 1640. [155 Coventry^ My sons John, 
JameSy Thomas, & Peter. My daughters Margaret & Grace. My wife 
Agnes. Richard Barker, my son in law. Overseer. 

JAMES PERRY, of Wellington, Somerset, Yeoman. Will (date not 
given), proved Feb. 30, 1645-6, by Frances the relict. [14 Twisse.'] 
Frances, my wife. My sister Deborah. My sister Thomasine Pyne. 

GEORGE DAVIDGE, of Taunton, Somerset, dec'' in foreign parts. 
Admon. July 5, 1627, to his relict Susan Davidge. 
JOHN DAVIDGE,' of Cheddon Fitzpaine, Somerset, gent. Will dated 
Nov. 6, 1628, proved Feb. 3, 1628-9, by Katherine the relict. [21 
J^idUy.'] M^ wife Katherine. My son John Davidge. My daughter 
Elizabeth, wife of William Prideox, jf 20. My daughters, GracCi Mary, 
Agnes, Sarah, Jane, &: Catherine, ;f 100 each. 

STEPHEN BRODRIPP,* of Ditcheat, Somerset, gent Will dated 
Feb. II, 1628. Admon. Apr. 25, 1629, to Joane Brodripp the 

^ Or Marston Magna. * In Bridgwater. 

* Disclaim^ at the 1 591 Visitation (see list in " Somerset Archaeologiod Proceed- 
ings," xzziiL part ii. p. 31). 

* From the DiUheat Registers. 

Steven, son of Wm. Brodripp, bapt 
Joane Brodrib buried. 
Steven Brodrip and Joane Gi£ford married. 
Stephen Brodrip buned. 
Elizabeth Tinney buried. 
William, son of Steven Brodrib, buried. 


June I. 
May II. 



Feb. I. 


Feb. 16. 


Aug. II. 


Aug. 12. 

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relict, during the minority of Joane the daughter. [28 Ridley, "] All my 
lands in Lottesham, Allampton, Stone, East Pennard, Ditcheat, & Bal- 
tonsborough, and in High Holbom, Midd% to my heu^ ; in default to 
Stephen Brodripp, a grandchild of my father's. My sisters & their 
children. My wijfe Joane. To my nephew Stephen Brodripp, ;^ioo. 
My father in law, Robert Tynnye. My daughter Joane, Exlx. My 
2 sisters in law Mary & EUinor GyfTord, 50/. Overseers, my kinsman 
Ralph Brodripp, my nephew Thomas Ames,^ my brother in law John 
Gifford, my nephew Richard White, & John Gifford, my father in law, 
& my ancient friend, M' Assby. 

FRANCIS COX, of Long Ashton, Somerset, gent, died in S' Sepul- 
chre's, London. Nuncupative Will about Nov. or Dec. 1646, 
proved Mar. 13, 1646-7, by Sarah Cox, widow. [6a Fines.'] My brother 
Hugh Cox, & my sisters Rachel & Mary, 40/ each. William, Florence, 
& Dorothy Cox, my brothers & sisters, 10/ each. My father, William 
Cox, of Ashton, my sword. Poor of Long Ashton, 20L Residue to 
Saraii my wife. Francis, my son & only child. My fJEitner, M' Searg^ 
^' '^^' \X7ILLIAM COX, of Long Ashton, Somerset Will dated Oct. 19. 
'^ V 1651. Admon. June 3, 1652, to his nephew William Cox, during 
minority of William Cox, testator's son, who afterwards proved the will 
Jan. 24, i66z, being then of full age. [128 Bawyer.'] My wife Hester 
Cox. My daughters Mary & Rachell. My son Francis, dec''. To my 
son Hugh, my Manor of Axbridge, which I purchased of the Earl of 
Newcastle, my land in Brockley & Tickenham. My daughters Florence 
& Dorothy, jiC4oo each. All the rest of my manors to William Cox, 
my son. Overseers, M' John Bushe, & William Cox, of Failand, 

SARAH COX, relict of Francis Cox, of Long Ashton, Somerset, 
gent, dec*. Will dated Feb. 4, 1653-4, proved Feb. 28, 1653-4, 
by R. Pile. [325 Alchifu] To my brother James Clowes, Chinirgeon, 
;fe3. To my uncle Henry Clowes, 40/. M' Gregory, son of D' Peake, 
40/. M* Hugh Cox, my brother in law, 20/. His two sisters Marie 
& Florence, 20/ for rings. My aunt PUe, 40/, & to her now husband, 
2o/. To Martha Raymond, of Flax Bourton, spinster, 20/. Manor of 
Gatcombe, &c., of Francis Cox, my husl^nd« descended to Francis 
Cox, my son, he being an infant of 11 years old, & I nominate my 
friend and kinsman R. Pile, Chinirgeon, to be his Guardian, then to 
M' Cox, of Warwick Lane, London, Doctor of Physic. 

FRANCIS COX, of Long Ashton, Somerset, gent Will dated 
Apr. 19, 1666, proved Sep. 22, 1668, by the Ex5rs in trust [115 
Hene.'] My wife Joan. My sister in law Fiances Newcourt, ^^5. 
Martha Raymond, ;^io. Francis Lovelace, of Overstowey, £$. Poor 
# of Long Ashton, Barrow, Flax Bourton, 20/ each parish. Sarah * my 
eldest daughter, Gatcumbe Court, plate, &c. My youngest daughter 
Rachel,' my Mill, & Manor of Gatcumbe, &c, Exix. My uncle William 
Cox, of Stanton Drew, gent. William Cox the elder, of Failand, & 
Robert Whiting, of Long Ashton, gent, Exdrs in trust 

^ The Ames fiixnily were of Wyke, in the parish of Bruton. ** Maiy Ames, wife of 
WiUiam Ames, & there daughter Edith, of Week Chamflower, was buried 22 Aug. 
i68a, at Lamyatt in woollen (Lamyat Register.) 

^ Sarah Cox, married Richard Cooke. She died Nov. 29, I704« 

* Rachel Cox married James Sparrow, of Flax Bourton. 


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WILLIAM COX, of Fayland, Wraxall, Somerset, gent. Will dated 
Apr. 6, 1678, proved Dec. 2, 1681. [180 North.'] My wife 
Frances. My son William. My daughters Rachel & Anna. Manor 
of Litton. My son Joseph, Ex5r. 
B. 65. Y^ DMUND LACY, of Shipham, Somerset, gent. Will dated Apr. 4, 
•L--' 1613, proved May i^, 1630, by his son Edmund. [43 Scroop.] 
To my son Edmund, the fiurm of Shipham. Eliasabeth, my now wife. 
My brother Elizeus Lacie. Robert ChevereU, esq., father of my wife. 
I-And in Banwell to my daughter Elizabeth. ;^3oo to my daughter 
Ellinor, & ^^340 to be received of M' Thomas Stroude. Rest of goods 
to my brother in law Edward Bisse, esq', & Edward his son, Ex5rs in 
trust until my son Edmund is 21, & then he to be Exor. My brother 
in law James Bysse. My kinsman James Ford, of Norton Haukewell,^ 
& Richard Gay, of Bath, Overseers. 

Buried at St. Cuthbert's, Wells, May 2, 1613, Mr. Edmund Lacie, of Shipham. 
He married first (1600) Dorothy, daughter of James Bisse, of Batcombe. 

ELIZABETH LACIE, of Axbridge, widow. Will dated Nov. 26, 
1638, proved May 29, 1639. [95 Harvey.'] My son in law 
M' Parker. My son in law M' Edmund Lacie. My daughters Catherine 
& Orian Lacie. 

ORIANA LACEY, of London, gentlewoman. Will dated Dec. 24, 
1641, proved Jan. 27, 1641-2. [13 CambelL] My brother Henry 
Broadripp, of Freshford, Somerset, Clothier. My brother William 
Broadripp. My brother Edmond Lacey. My brother John Parker. 
My cousin Eleanor Crosse. My aunt Lacy. 

ADRIAN HAWTHORNE, of Wells, Minister of God's Word. Will 
dated Oct. i, 1576, proved May 2, 1577. [16 Daughtry.] My 
son Gilbert Hawthorne, otherwise Smithe, my books, all my Artillery, 
Bows, & the Seal of my Chancellorship, & 100 marks at age of 21. 
Residue to my wife Pasca Hawthorne. Overseers, my brother M' 
Walter Bower,' Canon of Wells, M' Anthony Parry, of Stratford under 
Old Sarum, gent., & M' Thomas Earneley, of Bishops Canning. Witness, 
Philip Bisse. 
B. 89. "p OGER ROBINS, of Mynehead, Somerset, gent Will dated 
-t^ Aug. II, 1630, proved Jan. 30, 1631-2. [7 AuddeyT] To my 
five daughters, all such money as is due from my brother James Robins. 
Residue to Elisabeth, my wife, Exix. My brothers in law James Prowse 
and Nathaniel Upton, gent. Overseers. Katherine Upton, a witness. 

JAMES ROBYNS, of Kingston, Somerset, Yeoman. Will dated 
Apr. I, 1 63 1, proved Nov. 21, 1635, by Catherine Robyns, widow, 
[lis Sadler.'] Robert Robyns, my son, jfeio. Phillip & James, my 
sons, jf 10 each. House in Taunton, late in the possession of Tresham 
S* Albon. My son Roger Robyns, ;^io. His children. Residue to 
Catherine, my wife. 
A. 3, B. 13. HTHOMAS WILLETT, of Butcombe, Somerset, Clothier. Will dated 
i. July 3, 1569, proved Oct. 17, 1573, by Edith Willett, the relict 
[31 Petre^ My children, Richard, Alice, Mary, & Elizabeth, ;;^4o 
each at 21. To my son William Willett, my bargain in Blagdon, called 
" the Parks," which I hold of my Lord Strange & Lady Margaret, his 
wife. To my son John Willett, my messuage in Butcombe, which I 

* Or Norton Hantville, near Bristol. 

• He married Elizabeth, daughter of Adrian Hawthorn, of Botley, co. Oxon. B. 12. 


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hold of the Convent of Woodspring. My wife Edith. My son Richard, 
my lesser goblett. My married children, Grace, Margerie, Ann, 8c 
Johan, 40/ each. Thomas, son of William WiUett, 40/. John, son of 
Walter Forde. Thomas, son of Thomas Forde. To my son John 
Willett, a ring which I had of M" Longe. Richard Parker, my son in 
law, an Overseer. 

JOHN WILLETT, of Wrington, Somerset, Qothier. Will dated 
Nov. 13, 1576, proved Jan. 25, 1576-7, by Mary the relict [5 
Daughtfy,'\ My son William, ;^3o. My son Thomas & my daughters 
Margaret & Mary, ;^3o each at 31 or mairiage. Residue to my wife 
Mary, Exix. George Smythie, John Busshe, John Allen, & John 
Whiting, Overseers. 

EDITH WILLETT, of Butcombe, Somerset, widow. Will dated 
Oct. 4, 1575, proved May 22, 1577, by her son John Willett 
[20 Daughtfy.'\ To be buried with my husband, in Butcombe Church. 
My children unmarried, William, Grace, Margery, Agnes, Johan, & 
Alice, 20 nobles each. My daughters Mary & Elizabeth, ;^ioo each, 
according to the will of their late fiither. My daughter Grace Forde, 
the Cup given her by her grandmother Willett. My daughter Mazgaret 
Stock, ^lo. My daughter Alice Hbce, ;^io. Richard Parker, my son 
in law. Thomas, son of John Willett, my son. Johan, daughter of 
William Willett, my son. John Willett, my son, Exor. 

ELIZABETH ALFORD, of Winsham, Somerset, spinster. Admon. 
May 9, 1674, to her brother Joseph Alford, John Alford the father 
bemg dead, & Elizabeth Alford the mother, renouncing. 

JOHANE UPTON, of Butcombe, Somerset, widow. Will dated 
Sep. 4, 1598, proved Nov. 7, 1598. [96 LewytL] To be buried in 
the Cathedral. To S* Cuthberfs, Wells, 3/. My daughter Tamson 
Bushe, for the buying of Waymeram ^ ^200. To 4 maidens in my 
son Bushe's house. Residue to my son in law John Bushe,' Exor. 
TJENRY WOOD, of Culmstock, Devon. Will dated July 16, 1627, 
•*- -■- proved Nov. 6, 1627, by his daughter Mary Wood. [104 SI^nir.\ 
To my daughters Johane & Mary Wood, ^^sooeach at 21, or marriage. 
My lands in Colyford & Crocombe to my son Edward Wood. Lands 
called Chillenwood, in Trull, to my son Robert Wood, &: if he die then 
to my sons John & Edward. My son John. My cousin M' Tristram 
Wood, of Burlescombe, my son in law Richard Prowse^ with my cousin 
Henry Retherdon, Overseers. 
B.92. JOHN RYTHERDON, of Thome S* Margaret, Somerset, gent 
J Will dated Jan. 10, 1572, proved Jan. 26, 1572, by Mary Woode. 
[4 Petre.'] To be buried in the Chancel of the Church, near my wi^' 
William Rytherdon, my son & heir. To Joan Wakeham, ;^io. To 
every of the children of Mary Woodall, ^3. To the children of 
• William Rytherdon, jQ^. I forgive to Trystram Ritherden the debt he 
owes me. Poor of Wellington & Milverton, 5/. To Roger Rytherdon, 
my son, two heifers, my best coate, & my grogTa3nie dublett To 
William Rytherdon the ;^X9 which he oweth me for wool, &c Residue 
to my daughter Mary Woode, Exix. My friends Nicholas Bluett, 
of Cottey, John Wood the elder, esq", & William Bluett, gent., 

^ Probably Wemberham in Yatton. 
* Of Bntcombe^ disclaimed in 1591. 
' The daughter of John Irish, of Canonleigh, Devon. 


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TRISTRAM RYTHERTON,* of Thome S' Margaret, Somerset, 
Clothier. Nuncupative Will, Sep. 23, 18 Eliz., proved Feb. 12, 
1576-7, by Margaret the relict [7 JDaughiry,'] Tristram, son of his 
brother Roger Rytherton. William, son of William Rytherton, his 
brother. To Tristram Woode, his best calf. Mary, daughter of his 
brother William Rytherton. To Catherine & Wilmot Woode, one 
sheep each. To his brother in law, Nicholas Blewett's son, William 
Blewett, one sheep. William Blewett, Richard Morse, & William 
Rytherton, Overseers. 

[This Will was also proved at Wells.] 

^' ^** \X 7ILLIAM RITHERDON, of West town, in Hemyock, Devon. 
VV Will dated Dec 16, 1588, proved Mar. 7, 1588-9, by Isabel* 
Ritherdon, relict [31 Leicester^ My daughters Mary, Katherine, 
Margaret, &: Dorothy. My wife Isabel. Messuages of Ritherdon in 
Holdisworthy, Devon, & Harpsford, & lands, &:c., in Thome S*, Mar- 
garet & Langford Budrille. My son William Ritherdon. Tenement in 
Lighte, in the parish of Milverton, Somerset, called South place, late in 
the tenure of John Ritherdon, my late father. Alice, mother of my 
wife Isabel, & Samuel & John, her brothers. My son Henry Ritherdon, 
my uncles M' William & M' Henry Boreman, my cousin M' James 
Boreman, & Tristram Wood, to be Overseers. 

WILLIAM RITHERDON, of Langford Budville, Somerset, gent. 
Will dated May 16, 1637. {No date of proof,) [Taunton 
Will,'] To Elizabeth' my wife, plate, gold rings, chains, &:c., and my 
farm of Harpford. My cousins Roger & Tristram Wood the younger, 
a lease for years of me & my sister Sanford. To my brother Henry 
Ritherdon, all my land of inheritance, & if he die without issue, then 
to my sisters &: their issue. My sister Jacob.^ My cousin Elizabeth 
Trood, 10/. My cousin Humphry Jacob the elder. Children of 
my sister Sanford, an annuity of jQS. 13. 4 out of my tenement 
"Rolls." My godchildren, being my cousins William Sanford the 
elder, William Sandford, the jrounger, Mary Savadge, & Francis Rither- 
don, 20/. each. To my cousm Robert Webber, an annuity of 20/. My 
sister, Dorothea Ritherdon, Exix. To my brother Heniy Ritherdon, 
my tabell board, &c. . William Every the younger, esq., Roger Wood 
my cousin, & John Fursey the elder, Overseers. 

DOROTHY RITHERDON, of Wellington, Somerset, gentlewoman. 
Will dated Jan. 3, 1661, proved May 17, 1662, by Xtopher San- 
ford. [70 Laud!] Poor of Langford Budville, Thome S* Margaret & 
Wellington. My nephew Humphry Jacob, his son William Jacob, & 
his daughter Katherine Huddy. My niece Mary Flea. My nephew 
Humphry Sanford, ^20. His son Xtopher Sanford, Katherine Bemes(?) 
his daughter. Humphry, William, Henry, & John, sons of the said 
Humphry Sanford the elder, ;^2o each. Xtopher Sanford, son of my 
nephew William Sanford, ;^i5. Solomy,' relict of the said William 
Sanford, ;£*5, & to his other four sons & two daughters, £$ each. My 
cousins Gard & Cockrain. My nephew Xtopher Sanford the elder, 
Exor, My cousin Alice, wife of the said Xtopher. Dorothy, his 

^ Second son of the preceding. He died s.p. 
' Daughterof Peter Ley, of BuckUnd, Devon. 

• She was daughter of Edward Drew. 

* His sister Mary married William Jacob. • For Salome. 


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daughter. My cousin Jane, wife of Xtopher Sadbrd the younger, two 
gold rings. Their son Gilbert Sanford. M' Tristram Wood & M' John 
Thomas, Overseers. 
B. 9a- "p OGER RITHERDON, of Bradford, Somerset, gent. WiU dated 
■I^ Oct 24, 1671, proved Aug. 17, 1672. [Taunton WiU,] Ann, 
my wife. Nicholas Ritherdon, my son. John, my son. Joane, my 
daughter. Josias, my daughter. My son William. 

J ONE RITHERTON, of Bradford, Somerset, widow. WiU dated 
Nov. 20, 1691, proved July 7, 1694. [Taunton WiU,'] My sons 
John and Nicholas Ritherton. To my daughter Jone, house at Buck- 
land * P3nisent To my sister Mary Foster, widow, ;^io. Elizabeth 
Ritherton, my grandchild. Daniel Ritherton, my brother in law. 
A. 8. Tl riLLIAM BLEWETT, of Thome S* Maigaret, Somerset, gent. 

V V Will dated 1581, proved May 2, 1582. [16 Tirwhite,'] My wife 
Mary. My son in law, Tristram Wood. My son Nicholas, under 21. 
My daughter in law ELatherine Parsonne. My daughter in law Wilmote 

[ ARY BLEWITT, of Thome S* Margaret, Somerset, widow. Will 
L dated Jan. 30, 1592, proved May 15, 1593, by her son Tristram 
Wood. [37 NeviU!\ To be buried in the Churchyard of Thome S* 
Maigaret. To the poor 6/8. Four children of my daughter Catherine, 
viz. two by John Parsons, & two by Alexander Carswell,* her present 
husband. Three children of my daughter Wilmot, by her husband 
Roger Robins, 40/ each. My son Nicholas Blewitt, under 21. My son 
Tristram, the next greatest brass panne, &c. My daughter's daughter 
Catherine Robins. William Ritherden, my godson. 
IVriCHOLAS BLEWETT, the Elder, of Ninehead, Somerset, gent 
J-^ Will dated Mar. 7, 1648, proved June 25, 1649, by his son 
Nicholas. [88 Fairfax.] My wife Catherine. My son John. My 
daughter Jane. My sons Richard, Henry, & Edward, jQz each. My 
daughter Catherine, ;^23. My son Nicholas, Exdr. 
nPRISTRAM WOOD,' of Kittesford, Somerset, gent. Will dated 

-■- Nov. 10, 1638, proved June 5, 1639, by Dorothy the relict, & 
Roger Wood the Son. [114 Harvey.] My wife Dorothy. My eldest 
son Roger Wood. My son Tristram Wood & his wife Mary. To Mary 
Davadge & Joane Croke, £^. 6. 8. to buy two silver bowls. My 
daughters Dorothy Wood & Ann (? Amy) Wood, ;£^Soo each at 21 or 
marriage. Witnesses, Richard Culme esq', Phillip Poyntz, & Will: 

DOROTHY WOODE, of Kittesford, Somerset, widow. Will dated 
Oct. 19, 1649, confirmed Feb. 17, 1649-50, proved Aug. 24, 1650, 
by Roger Wood. [131 Pembroke.] To my cousin Edward Crosse,' 
jtSo. My daughter Dorothy, ;^2oo. My daughter Amye, ;^2oo, & a 
silver bowl whidi was my mother's in law. My daughters Mary & Jone. 
My son Tristram Woode, after the death of my son Roger Woode, one 
half of the silver plate, &c. Residue to my son Roger, Exdr. My son 
Tristram Woode & my son in law Robert Everard, Overseers. George 
Hensleigh, a witness. 

DOROTHY WOOD, of Kittesford, Somerset, singlewoman. Will 
dated Apr. 9, 1655, proved Feb. 9, 1655-6, by Roger Wood. [41 
Berkeley.] To be buried at Kittesford. To the poor, 40/. To Tris- 

* ? Burton. » See 1st Series, p. 3. • 1st Series, 3, 82. 


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tram Wood| my brother, a gold ring. My sister Helen Wood. My 
brothers in law Robert Everard and William Dike. Rpger Wood, my 
cousin, ;^20. Same to Dorothy Wood, my cousin. Same to Helen Wood, 
my cousin. To Mary Davage, my sister, ;^ioo. Johan Everard, my 
sister, ^200. Robert Everard, her now husband. Am;^ Dike, my 
sister, ;f 100. William Dike, her husband. My cousin Dorothy 

ROGER WOOD, of Overtown, in Kiddesford, Somerset, gent Will 
dated Sep. 3, 1657, admon. Feb. 18, 1657-8, to Robert Everard, 
during minority of Roger Woode, testator's nephew, proved Apr. 3, 
1672, by the said Roger Woode then of full age. [91 Wbotian.] To 
be buried under the N. Wall of the Church. ;6 1<>^ towards building a 
new He, to be paid to Joan Everard, my sister. My brother in law 
Robert Everard, of Spaxton, gent, my sister Joan Everard, Henry 
Upton, of Burlescomb, Devon, & William Doble, of Pitmister, gent., 
Overseers in Trust. Roger Woode, son of my broUier Tristram Woode. 
Dorothy & Helen, daughters of the said Tristram. My sister Amy 
Dike. ;f 100 due to James Prowse, esq., of Norton.^ ^50 due to 
Heniy Evered, gent Phillip, daughter of my brother Tristram Woode. 
My sister Mary Davidge. Codicil Dec 7, 1657. Codicil Dec. 18, 
1657. ;f 200 for building the new He*. 

THOMAS WOOD, of Kittesford, Somerset, esq. Will dated July 
II, 1688, proved Oct 20, 1689, by John Sandford. [46 Enf] 
£Zo on my funeral. My wife Bridget, ;6 'o^* ^7 nephew, Geoige 
Wood Powell, ;^ioo at 21. My nephew Roger Powell, ;^ioo. To 
the Honoured Lady Elizabeth, mfe of my entirely beloved ^end John 
Sandford, of Ninehead Flory, ;f 10 for a ring. Residue of my goods 
to John Sandford, Esq., Exdr., & all my lancb, not settled or disposed 
of, to him for ever. 
A 68. "D LASE RADBERDE, of Drayton, Somerset, gent. Will dated Sep. 
-■-' 29, 1576, proved Mar. 5, 1576-7. {11 DaughtryJ] My wife Cicillie,* 
my farm of Westover, & lands in Mulcnelney. My cousin James Ashe, 
Overseer. My brother William Radberde, clerk, my moiety of the 
Manor of SouUi Petherton, late possession of the dissolved Monastery 
of Brewton. Lands in Kinsbuiy which I purchased of M' Humphry 
Wabx>nd, esq. My brother Barnard Radberde, lands in Aller, &:c. 

HarL 1559^ fol. 5. 

John Radboxd, of Lambrdke, Somerset ^ Mary Ronion. 

I 1 1 ' ; 1 I 

. Richard «■ Alice,* Walter y I)<»^^y William, Blase >» Cicely, AgDci, Alice, Gertrude, 
Radbard, daogh- Rad- Clavel- a Priest Rad- . . . married mar- married 
of Lam- terof bard, shey. berd, of Wilts. . . . ried . . . 

broke. Nicho- of of West- Fetter, . , . Wayett. 

las Fits- Alter. over. (or Pittar.) Baley. 




Mazy. Alice. 

DAVID JONES, of Wells, Somerset, gent. Will dated May 28, 
1577, proved July i, 1577. [28 Daughtrey^ His eldest son, 
Anthony, to have his lands. His six children, William, William \sic\^ 

' ix. Norton Fitzwarren. See ist Series, 82. 
* Daughter and heir to Hues of Wilts. 

' From the Charlton Musgrove Registers. Mrs. Alice Rodbert buried March 6th, 
1585. See also CoUinson, II. 171. 


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Catherine, Emma, Francis & Jane to divide his goods. Witness, M' 
jy Jones, Canon of Wells. 

JOHN JONES, of Wells, Somerset, yeoman. Will [no date] proved 
Feb. I, 1582-3, by William Jones. [6 HoweJ] To be buried in the 
Cathedral. Thomas Jones, of Gray's Inn, London, oweth me jQ^^ 
which I give him. Margaret Bourne oweth me 3/. My brother Sir 
William Jones oweth me £6 6. 8, which I give between my brother Sir 
William & my brother Richard. All the accompts between my Master 
& me, to William Jones the elder, my Master's son. The ring that was 
on my master's finger at his departure, to the said William Tones. My 
sword & dagger to my brother Philip. To my mother, ^10, which I 
had of her for my preferment. My ^cousin William Jones, ^ Parson of 
Wraxall. My brother Richard, Exor * 

WILLIAM JONES, D' of Civil Law, & Canon of Wells. Will 
dated May 13, 13 Eliz., proved June 3, 1589, by Thomasine, the 
relict [53 Leicester^ Poor of Blandford, Dorset, of Chew Magna, 
Dundry & Chewstock, Somerset, 40/ each parish, & of Stowe,' being 
member of Chew, 20/. Divinity Books to M' William Phivian & Rice 
Thomas. My friends, D' Lloyd, M' Doctor Jones & M' D' Ambrey. 
M' Thomas Hewes, my son in law. M' Richard Upton, my father m 
law. My mother in law. Residue to Thomasine Arwell, alias Jones, Exlx. 
Westcote's O IMON WORTHE, of Washfield, Devon, gent Will dated Aug. i, 
"Devon," O 1563, proved Mar. 31, 1564, by the relict [8 Stevenson.'] My 
^ eldest daughter Winifred Berde, jl^io. My second daughter Elizabeth 

Spering. My daughter Ursula, ^10. My daughter Johne, ;f 40, for 
her marriage. To my daughter Mary, 20/. To Henry Worthe, my 
son, my apparel, &c. To my son Arthur Worthe, my chain of gold. 
To the Church of Washfiel^ 40/. My wife Elizabeth, Extrix. My 
brother John Fortescue, William Summaster & Walter Babington, 
[ OHN WORTH,' of North Petherton, Somerset, esq', dec^ Admon. 
Feb. I, 1567-8, to his son Thomas Worth. 

RICHARD WORTHE, of Dunster, Somerset. Will dated Nov. 9, 
1571, proved Feb. 8, 1571-2, by Jone, the relict [4 DaperJ] To 
be bur' in die Churchyard of Dunster, adjoining to my father's tomb. 
To the Church, 6/8, & to the poor, 20/. I give £6. 13. 4 to the onlie 
use of those younge beginners that exerciseth, or shall hereafter, the 
arte of Cloth making in the Borough, by John Wilkins, John Sexton & 
William Worthe, the beginner to give good security for the same. I give 
^3. 6. 4 for ledier potts for the safegarde of the said Towne, if the 
same thro mushap shall chance to be fiered. If my wife Jone marry 
any that shall not dwell in Dunster, then £6. 13. 4 shall be paid to the 
above uses in addition. To my brother William the ring that was my 
brother John's. My wife shall find Jone Skinner in meat & drinke & 
learning, according to the last Will of her mother dec''. To my brother 
William, all my estate for term of years in the Borough, which I bought 
of one Anthony Atwoode, Oct 9, 10 Eliz. Residue to my wife Jone, 

* B.63. 

* ue, Stowey; the mother chorch was Chew Magna. The Jones family were 
seated at Stowey House, afterwards the propery of Jones-Burdett as late as 184a 

' There were two families Worthe of Luckham, and Wrothe (or Worthe) of N. 
Petherton. See A. 91, B. 12a - 

II. 81 m 


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''ILLIAM WORTHE, of North Petherton, Somerset. Will dated 
Aug. 2, 1577, proved Oct. 9, 1577, by Joan Worth, the relict [40 
DaughtryJ\ My wife }oan. My sister Ellinor. My brother Smith* 
My brother John Worthe. 

WILLIAM WORTHE, of Dunster, Somerset WiU dated Dec. 2, 
1595, proved June 27, 1599, by Elizabeth Wprthe, the relict. 
[47 Kidd,'] Angett, my daughter, J£^^ with six silver spoons of the 
Apostles' heads. To my son Hugh, my land in West Str. & if he dies 
without issue, then to my son Andrew. My son Hugh, ^20, at 23, & 
my son Andrew, ;^2o, at 21. Residue to Elizabeth my wife. My 
brother John Keeper, & my cousin Walter Worthe overseers. 

JOHN WORTH,' Parson of Higham, Somerset Will dated 19 Dec., 
1606, proved 14 Feb., 1606-7, by Hugh Worth, Esq. [21 HudU- 
ston^ My brother M' Hugh Worth. My nephew Edward Hoard, &c. 

HUGH WORTH, of Dunster, Somerset, dec*. Admon. July 3, 1610, 
to his mother Elizabeth Worth, & his brother Andrew Wordi. 
AGATHA WORTH, of Dunster, Somerset Admon. Feb. 27, 1617- 
18, to her brother, Andrew Worth. 
B. 120. -p ICHARD WORTH, of Luckham, Somerset, Gent. Will dated 
-C^ Aug. 17, 1637, proved Feb. 16, 1637-8, by Mary the relict [11 
Lee^ To the poor, 40/. My wife Mary, Exix., to whom Residue. To 
my two daughters, 1000 marks each, at marriage. My grandchildren. 
To my son John Worth, the lease of a tenement called Pitt, in Timbers- 
combe, &c., he paying to my two daughters ^50 each. My friends, 
Thomas Luttrell, esq., Charles Stayning, Esq., & Henry Byam, Clerk, 
Overseers. My son Alexander Worth. My grandchild Mary Worth, 
a silver bowl of ;£io. My other three grandchildren a piece of plate 
of 40/. 

In Loooombe Church is a mural monument to Richard Worth, gent., who died 
Aug. 17, 1637 ; also to Mary, his wife, and Richard, their son. His wife Manr was 
daughter and heir of William Harrison, gent., who died Dec. 18, 1615, aged 7a 

ALEXANDER WORTH, of Luccombe, Somerset. Will dated July 
4, 1646, proved Jan. 20, 1646-7, by his mother Mary Worth, [i 
Finest So much of the legacy of my cousin George Francklyn, as 
remains unpaid. Poor of East & West Luccombe, & Doverhay, 40/. 
among them. Poor of Bumham, ;£5, of Woolavington, ;^3, Imber- 
combe' & Carhampton, John Arundel, of Trerise, my landlord, 
;f ioo, which he oweth me, forgiven on mortgage of the Barton of East 
Luccombe. My wife Sarah, ;f xo, & a diamond ring. My brother John 
Worth, & my sister Cecill Worth, all my estate in the Rectory of Wilton, 
then to my cousin Elizabeth Worth, 2*^^ daughter of my brother John 
Worth. To Mary, eldest daughter of the said John Worth, lands in 
Burnham, after the death of my wife. To my cousin Cecill Worth, 
^50, at 2 1. My aunt Brent, ^20. My fatiier in law M' George 
Dodington, a gold ring of 40/ & his coat of arms engraven. My mother 
in law M" Agnes Dodington, a ring of 40/. My cousin Alexander 
Franke \sic\ a silver bowle. My cousin Robert Franklyn, ;^3o, & all 
the household stuff which was his father's. Goods of my uncle Walter 
Worth, of Harwood, to my cousin Mary Worth. Mortgage of the Barton 
of East Luccombe to my mother, she pa3dng my cousin Robert Franck- 
lyn ;;^20 for so many years as she shall live, then to my brother John 

* Rector 1599— 1606. « Timberscombe. 


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Worth, he to pay my sister Cedll Worth ;^20o. My cousin Elizabeth 
Worthy 3"^ dau^ter of my brother John. Residue to my mother, 

JOHN WORTH,* of Timberscombc, Somerset, gent. WiU dated 
Nov. II, 1645, proved July 20, 1647. [160 Fines.] Poor of Tim- 
berscombe & Luccombe, j£$. My mother Mary Worth. My sister 
Cecil Worth. My cousin John Worth, of Washfield, the suit of apparel 
which my brother Alexander Worth gave me. Cecil Worth, my youngest 
daughter, a Rent charge of ;f 30, issuing out of Bickham. Maria Wonh, 
my eldest daughter, my Rectory of Wilton, near Taunton, then to Eliza- 
beth, my second daughter. My grandfather Harrison, dec^ Two 
tenements in the tenure of Susan Byam, &c Residue to my second 
daughter Elizabeth Worth, Exix. 

ANDREW WORTH, of S* Giles' in the Fields, Midd*, Esq., Customer, 
of Bridgewater, Somerset Will dated July 16, 1683, proved Sep. 4, 
1683, by Janis Hughes, power reserved to Richard Blackford, who again 
proved Nov. 2, 1683. [109 Drax.} To be buried there. (?) To the 
R^ Hon. Thomas Windham, Esq.,H.M. Gentleman of the Bedchamber, 
an old piece of gold. Thomas Purcevall, of North Weston, Somerset, 
Esq., 20 guineas. My cousin Madam Worth, of Somerset, widow, a 
piece of old gold of Q. Elizabeth Regis, called the Royal Sovereign. 
Her daughter Sarah Worth, my cousin John Worth's wife. My cousin 
Bridget Moore. M" Powell, relict of M' John Powell. My sister 
Elizabeth Cox, widow, at Dunster. My sister Christian Worth. My 
brother William Worth. Lands in Dunster & Carhampton. The lease 
I hold of Sir Hugh Stewkley. M' Richard Blackford, of Dunster. My 
sister Christian Worth hath a lease of a house & four acres, of Esquire 
Poyntz, for her life. Hannah & Sarah, da* of m^ brother William Worth, 
j£S each, provided they are baptized accordmg to the usage of the 
Church of England, & frequent the services of that Church, otherwise 
12' each. My cousin John Cox, ;£2o. M** Jane Hughes, my friend, 

MARY WORTH, of Luckham, Somerset. Will dated Aug. 12, 
1697, proved Oct. 11, 1699. [? Taunton WiU:\ My da' Sarah, 
& Christian, wife of my son John Worth. Their children. My cousin 
William Pyncombe. M' William & M' Francis Byham. ^630 Inven- 
tory. (Coat of Arms.) 

SARAH WORTH, of Luckham, Somerset, spinster. Will dated 
May 8, 1699, proved Oct. 11, 1699. [^ TaunUm WiU:\ My brother 
John Worth, &c. " ^£"390 Inventory. 
B. 17. \yf ARY BYAM, of Luckham, Somerset. Will daited May 30, 1687, 
i.Vl proved May 2, 1707, by Mary Wood. \Taunton IViU.] My 
brothers William, Anthony, & Francis. My sister Cedlia. John, 
Heniy, Byam, & Charles Wood, the 4 sons of my sister. My niece 
Cecilia Wood. Residue to my niece Mary Wood, Exix. My cousins 
Thomas Henly & Francis Pierce, Overseers. 

JOHN WORTH, of Luckham, Somerset, gent Will dated Apr. 23, 
1715, proved Mar. 24, 1715-16, by Thomas Worth. [? Taunton 
Will,'] Poor of Luckham, jif 10, of Luxboro, £$. My youngest son 
John Worth, lands in Cutcombe, &c. My daughter Sarah Worth, ;^3oo. 
My daughter Mary Worth, ;£6oo. My eldest son Thomas Worth, 

* He married Cicely, daughter of Ant Trevillan of Yarnscombe, Devon. 


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Ex5r. My son in law Robert Cutcliffe, and my daughter Susanna his 
wife. My son in law John Bradford & my daughter Christian his wife. 
(Coat of Arms.) 

SARAH WORTH, of Luckham, Somerset, spinster. Will dated 
March i, 1715, proved Oct 10, 1716, by her brother John Worth. 
' [? Taunton WillJ] My brother John Worth, ^500. My brother 
Thomas Worth, ;fc 100. My two sisters Susanna CutclifFe & Christian 
Bradford, 21/ each. Residue to my brother John Worth, Exdr. 

JOHN WORTH, of East Luckham, Somerset, Esq. Will dated 
June 15, 1730, proved Aug. 25, 1733, by John Bradford & Fr. 
Squire, Clerk. [232 FrtceJ] Lands in Oakford, Devon. My sister 
Susanna Cutclifie, wife of Robert Cutcliffe, of Ilfracombe, esq., to have 
my manors, &c., to her & her heirs, then to Henry Worth, a** son of 
John Worth, of Washfield, Devon, Esq. 
P- 43' A/T ATTHEW GRENE,i of Milton Clevedon, Somerset, Esq'. Will 
^^ dated May 20, 16 Eliz., proved Feb. 5, 1577, by Catherine* the 
relict. [8 Lanyl^,'] By deed of May 19, I have granted to James 
Bysse, my son in law, & Thomas Aishe, Esq., my lands in Milton, 
Wanstrow, Wilkenthorp,' & Thorn Coffin in Trust. To my son John 
Grene, 100 marks. My daughters Ursula, Elizabeth, & Jane. My son 
James Grene. My youngest daughter Mary, 200 marks. Residue to my 
wife Catherine, Exix. 

JAMES HODGES, of Milton Clevedon, Somerset, gent. Nuncupa- 
tive will, Mar. 4, 1640, proved May 21, 1641. \Zo Evelyn,'] To 
Bartholomew Greene, his grandchild, " One great silver boll." Residue 
to Frances his wife, Exix. 
A 91. T7 DWARD WROTHE, of North Petherton, Somerset, dec^ Ad- 
■t-' mon. May 26, 161 2, to his brother John Wroth, Esq. 
^^IR THOMAS WROTH, of Petherton Park, Somerset, knight WiU 
dated Feb. i, 167 1, proved Aug. 24, 1672, by Sir John Wroth. 
[106 Eure.] To be buried in the Chancel of my Chapel at Newton 
Placey, Somerset, without any ceremony, Heralds, Sermon, &c. My 
great losses during the last 20 years. I was bom in the parish of S^ 
Stephen, Coleman Street. My- nearest relations there buried. My 
friend M' Timothy Locket, Minister of Thurlexton, to bury me, & ^10 
for his pains. M" Blake, sometime wife of M' George Musgrave, dec*^., 
& her sister M" West, wiife of M' Morgan, dec*., both of North Pether- 
ton, jQ$ each, for their care of my dear wife in her sickness. My friend 
& tenant M' George Musgrave, of North Petherton, jQio. My brother 
Sir Peter Wroth, dec*. My household chaplain, ;^io. My nephewSir 
John Wroth, Bart., son of Sir John Wroth, my brother, to be Exdr. 

^ From the Milton-Clevedon Registers. 
1596. Dec. 20. The woishipful Mrs. Katherin Greene buried. 

1602. Tune 9. Bartholomew Greene, Esq., buried. 

1603. June 2. William Greene, gent, buried. 
1607. April 27. Eliz. daughter of John Greene, Esq., baptised. 
161 2. Feb. 4. Mary, daughter of John Greene, Esq., baptised. 

* 161 5. Jan. 28. Jane, daughter of John Greene, Esq., baptised. 
1 6 19. April 28. John, son of John Greene, Esq., baptised. 
1624. Nov. ID. James Greene and Gartrid Russe, wydow, married. 
1610. May 10. Henry Hodges and Ellinor Wookey, married. 
' Daughter of Hugh Fortescue, of Filleigh, Devon, buried at Milton, Dec. 2a 
' In the parish of Horsington. 



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irjAME ANN WROTH/ of Wells, Somerset, widow. Will dated 
^-^ Sep, 27, 1682, proved Feb. 17, 1682-3, by the Exons in Trust 
[30 DraxJ] To be buried at Newton Placey, in North Petiierton. My 
daughter Sophia, wife of Charles Mattock, gent. 
A. 57. 93. O IR JOHN WROTH. Will dated Oct. i, 1672, proved Nov. 8, 
O 1677, by M' Peregrine Pahner, esq., & Thomas Palmer, gent, 
power reserved to the other £x5r, Nathaniel Palmer, who again proved 
31 Jan., 1677-8. [121 Hale.'] Six score pounds to my mother out of 
my lands so as long as shee lyve. ;f 100 to my sister out of my estate, 
& the use of that money till shee comes of age, or marriage. To my 
household servants ^10 each. M' Palmer & his two sons, Guardians 

to the Children & £x5rs. To my uncle Thomas, ;£*6o. To 

Waferer, ;£'ioo. This was read to Sir John Wroth in the time of his 
sickness, and being asked ''Whether it was his desire?" he said 
" Yes," he being then of good memory & understanding. Witnesses : 
Elias Bachiler, of Stogursey, Clerk, Elizabeth Waferer, wife of Mirth 
Waferer, of Winchester, Hants, D.D., & Richard Scuriett 

SIR THOMAS WROTH. Will (no date), proved Mar. 31, 1722, 
by his daughter Lady Cecily Acland, wife of Sir Hugh Acland, 
Bar^ [65 Marlborough!] AIT my estate, real & personal, to my eldest 
daughter Cecily Wrotfi for her life, & after her decease, to her first son 
& his issue male, he taking on him the name of Wroth. If not, then 
my estate to my daughter Elizabeth, with the same powers, & so on. 
;;^4ooo more to Miss Betty,' & £'^S^ annuity out of my estate. 
jQto yearly for ever, for the maintenance of ten poor boys at Charity 
Schools, in clothing & schooling, to be nominated by the Owners of 
Petherton Park. 1721. March 16. Handwriting sworn to by Peter 
Davis, of Wells, & John Mascoll of Stogursey, gent 

(See pedigree of Wroth.) 

CHRISTOPHER PALMER, of South Petherton, Somerset, dec*. 
Admon. Aug. 6, 1589, to his sister Elizabeth Buckerell alias 
/ Palmer, by John Buckerell, her husband 

PEREGRINE PALMER, of Faulield, Stogursey, Somerset, esq. 
Will dated June 26, 1682, proved Nov. 6, 1684, by his son 
Nathaniel Palmer. [152 HareJ] To be buried at Stogursey, near my 
late wife. Poor of Stogursey, & of many parishes in Sussex. My bro- 
ther Robert Gray, D.D., ^100. My sister Lady Coney, ;f 200. My 
grandchild Sir Thomas Wroth, ;^2o. My grandchild Elizabeth Wroth, 
^200. Ann Palmer, daughter of my cousin Thomas Palmer, of Hart- 
ing, Sussex, ^50. Thomas Palmer, her son, my godson, £$0, 
Barssham Farm, in Angmering, Sussex, Manors in Somerset, & Week(?), 
& Donnington, Sussex, to the use of my son Nathaniel Palmer, in tayle 
or otherwise, on his marriage with Frances, daughter of Sir William 
Wyndham, Kn* & Bar*. Trustees of my lands, &c.. Sir Halswell Tynte, 
Bar*, John Ashford, of Ashford, esq., Henry Bull, of Shapwick, esq., to 
pay ^6,000 to my grandchild Elizabeth Wroth, at 21, or marriage. 
Mary, eldest daughter of Thomas Palmer, of Harting. .... Hinton, 
eldest son of Sir John Hinton, D' of Physic. My son Nathaniel 
Palmer, Ex5r. 

' Daughter of William, Lord Charlemont. 
' Afterwards wife of Thomas Palmer. 



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Thomas Wroth, of Blenden Hall, « 
in Bezley, Kent, died i6ia Will 
dated Aug. 4, 1610, preyed Feb. 
II, 1610-11, by his brother John 
Wroth, (16 Wood.) 

Joanna Bulmer, daughter and 
heiress of Thomas Bulmer. 

S» Thomas Wroth =- 
bought Newton 
Placey and North 
Petherton. Ob. 
8.p. 1672. 

Sir John Wroth, 'j^ 

Sir Peter Wroth,' 
buried May 12, 
1644, at Bexley. 

Margaret Dering. 

See belcnv. 




Sir John Wroth, « 
born 1626. 
Created Bart. 
Nov. 29, 1 66a 

I Ann, daughter of Lord 
Charlemont, and widow 
of Sir Paul Harris and 
of Sir Ralph Gore. She 
died 1682. 

■ T t I 


Sophia Wroth, 
married Charles 

Sir John Wroth, -va Elizabeth Pahner. 
Bart., died 1677. 

Sir Thomas Wroth, < 
Bart, M.P. for 
Bridgewater and 
Wells, died at Kil- 
lerton, 27 June, 
1721, aged46. 

Mary, daughter of 
Francis Osbaldes- 
ton, of Alders- 
brook, Essex. 

WilUam Long, ^ Elizabeth Wroth, 
of Newhouse, 



Sir Hugh Acland, < 
Bart, M.P., bap- 
tized Jan. 26, 
1696-7, died 29 
July, 1728. 

Cecily Wroth, 
heiress. She 
married 2ndly, 
Aug. 13, 1729, 
Rev. Thomas 

Elizabeth Wroth, 
married Thomas 
Palmer. He died 
1734. She died 

1737. S.p. 

I. William «fi Ann Lottg«M2. Wadham 

of South, 


Sir Thomas Acland, -» Elizabeth, daughter 
Bart , died 1785. of Thomas Dyke, of 

Tetton, married at 
Kingston, Somerset, 
Tan. 7, 1743-4. died 
May, 1753. 

Arthur Acland, < 
bom 1726, in- 
herited the 
Palmer estates 
on decease of 
Palmer. Died 

! Elizabeth, daughter 
of William Oxen- 

Sir John Acland, < 
of Fairfield, Bart., 
bom 1756. 

Elizabeth Fuller. 

Sir Peregrine Acland, »> Fanny Leader, 
Bart., bom 1789, died married 1815. 


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I. Griselda Caryll. 

' Sir Thonuis Palmer, * 
died 1583. 

■ 2. Catlierine, daughter 
of Sir Edward Strad- 
ling, of S< DonatB. 

John Palmer, -■ 
of Pacham, 
died 1587. 

daughter of 
Sir Hugh 
Vemai, of 



Sir Thomas Palmer, > 
of Fairfield, died 
1605. Admon. Feb. 
8, 1605-6, to his re- 

Dorothy, daughter 
of Thomas ^^alet, 
of Enmore. She 
remarried Six Ralf 

Catherine, married 
Sir Thomas Hin- 
ton, of Chilton, 

I. William Palmer, 
died 1652, s.p., 
buried in Westmm- 
ster Abbey. 

2. Col. Per^ine =7= Ann, daughter of 

Palmer, married 
church, April 20, 
1654, died 1684. 

Nath' Stephens, 
of CO. Glos.,bom 

Nathaniel Palmer, 7 Francis, daughter 

died 1717. 

of Sir William 
Wyndham. She 
died 1 7 12. 

Robert Pahner. 


Sarah, married 
R. Smith, 
of Pear Tree, 


Thomas Palmer, 
bachelor, M.P. 
for Minehead, 
died 1680. 

, I. Thomas Palmer >«> Elizabeth, daughter 
(the Antiquary), ob. of Sir Thomas 
*•?• *734» «g«i 5»« Wroth, died 1737. 

2. Peregrine ■« . . . . 3. Elizabeth, baptized at 
Palmer, M. P. Long- S' Decumans, Somer- 

for Oxford, man. set, Nov. 26, 1695. 

died 1762. 4. Francis, 

s.p. 5. Catherine. 

6. Aim, died Nov. 27, 
1 701, aged 44, buried 
in Wells Cathedral. 



Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Peter Wroth, K^ 
Anthonie, sonne of Sir Peter & his Ladie Mwrgaxtt Wroth. 
Jeane, daughter of Sir Peter Wroth. 
Thomafl, lOo of Sir Peter Wroth. 
Thomas, son of Sir Peter Wroth. 
Edward, son of Sir Peter & Margaret Wroth. 
Peter, son of Sir Peter & Margaret Wroth. 
Henne, son of Sir Peter & Duat Maraaret Wroth. 
ThoBUtf, son of Sir Peter & his Ladie Margaret Wroth. 
Anne, poBthumoos danghter of Peter & Margaret Wroth. 
Thomas, son of John Wroth & Lady Harris, wife. 

Pete|% son of Anthonie, sonne of Sir Peur Wroth, of Blendeo Hall, bapt at S* Bride^s, 
Febi 34. 
1653. Not. Z0. John, son of M' John Wroth & the Lady Harris. 

May 96. 



Nov. 13. 

Nov. 93. 
1636-7. Mar. 7. 
1639-40.^ — 



1633. Nov. 92. Thomas, son of Sir Peter Wroth. 
2635. Nov. 93. Edward, son of Sir Peter & Elisabeth (I) Wroth. 
2644. May 28. Sir Peter Wroth. 



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WILLIAM PALMER, of Kingston, Somerset, Clerk. Will dated 
Feb. 20, 1634, proved Nov. 26, 1636, by Isabella Palmer, widow. 
[1x2 Pile,'] My daughters Mary & Miriam. My sons John, Jonathan, 
Joseph, & William. My grandchildren William & Margaret Beadon. 
A 57- 117ILLIAM PALMER,* esq., late of Farefield, Somerset, but at his 
V V death, of the City of Westminster. Admon. Aug. 19, 1652, to 
his brotl^er, Peregrine Palmer, Esq. 

WUliam Palmer, esq., buried in Westminster Abbey, Aug. 6, 1652. He was 
eldest son of Sir Thomas Palmer, knight, by Dorothy, daughter of Thos. Malet, of 
Enmore. He died s.p. 

THOMAS PALMER, of Fairfield, Somerset Will dated July 25, 
1733, proved June 13, 1735, by Elizabeth Palmer the relict, the 
Exors in Trust renouncing. [130 Duciel] If I die in Somerset, to be 
buried in the Church of Stoke Courci, in the night. Funeral not to 
exceed ;^5o. To my brother Peregrine Palmer, ^50, & all arrears 
from Hadworthy in North Petherton, from Moorhouse in Kilton, & 
Holbrokes in North Petherton, & leasehold estates of the same, 
as held from M' Luttrell & the heirs of the Blewitts. To my brother 
Peregrine Palmer, Sir William Wyndham, Bar*, & Peter Davis, of Wells, 
esq., ;f 1,500 in Trust, the interest for my sister Ann Palmer.* To my 
brother & sister Acland, assigned by Deed, ;f 6,000, interest thereof to 
be divided among my four eldest sisters. My friends John Cole, of 
Baygrove, Leicestershire, Marmaduke Allington, of Lincoln's Inn, 
esq., & John Millner, of Great Russell Street, Bloomsbury, esq., Exors 
in trust of all my latods, &c., 30 guineas to each. I have given my dear 
wife more than her due, & therefore let no one blame me if, in so 
doing, I have put an end to my own fiunily. The provision I have 
made for my brothers & sisters is more than I would have done from my 
own estate, if I had not been assisted by her fortune. All her estate is 
by deed, settled on me & my heirs for ever. In case I survive her, I 
think myself in conscience obliged to make her the best return I can, 
which is to give her the entire possession of an estate redeemed by her 
own generosity. What I do is from myself, without the knowledge of 
any person whatsoever. Codicil, Sep. 3, 1734. Some small sums of 
money due to me from M' John Malet & Charles Catford, they not to 
be ddled upon to repay these. Codicil, Sep. 4, 1734. That the 
calamitous illness, which I have been so long afflicted with, & to which 
all the persons I have applied to have neither been able to find the 
cause or the cure, may after my death be of use to some other unhappy 
persons who may be in the same condition, & may be helped by the 
knowledge, I direct my body to be opened in the presence of D' 
Anderdon, of Bridgewater, M' Lucas, of Wells, & M' Good, who 
attended me in my last illness. My Coffin to be enclosed in lead. No 
funeral Sermon or escutcheons. My dearest Betty,' by all the love that 
has been between us, not to hinder my last request Six of the watch- 
men to carry me to the gfave. (Affidavit by Peregrine Palmer to the 

' See Sir Thomas Phillipps* *' Visitoti<m of Somersetshire," p. 125. 
' According to the Sir Thomas Phillipps' pedigree, she married Francis Rolle, of 
' Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Sir Thomas Worth. 

88 ^ 

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A. 57. pUZABETH PALMER, of Fairfield, Somerset, relict of Thomas 

-■--' Palmer, esq. Will dated June 15, 1737, proved Nov. 3, 1738, by 
Peregrine^ Palmer. [268 Broadripp.'] To be buried in Stoke Courci 
Church with my husband. My four sisters in law, M** Frances, Eliza- 
beth, Rachael, & Catherine Palmer, & my sister in law M** Ann Palmer, 
money in trust for them. My manors, &c., to my brother in law M' 
Peregrine Palmer. * My godchildren, the eldest daughter of John Bamp- 
fylde, of Hestercombe, esq., & Susannah, daughter of George Trevelyan, 
of . . . Devon, 50 guineas each. My late father Sir Thomas Wroth. 
My kinswoman M" Mary Oxeuham, wife of William Oxenham, of New 
House, Esq. My sister Cicely, dec*, wife of Sir Hugh Acland. To 
Lady Mary, Countess Dowager of Derby, 50 guineas. jQzoo for a 
Marble Monument in Stoke Courci Church, in the Isle belonging to 
Fairfield, in remembrance of my father Sir Thomas Wroth & my husband 
My mansion house at Auler, &:c. Many jewels, plate, &c., mentioned, 
& '' a gold medal with effigies of the late King Charles." Codicil, 
Nov. 9, 1737. Pictures, jewels, &c. I have but one more request, 
" Dearest Brother to live at Fairfield, and many, & I hope to God you 
will have children to enjoy what little is left." 

1st Scries, 14. TITILLIAM RAYNES, of Leigh on Mendip, Somerset, §ent Will 
VV dated Aug. 31, 1630, proved Nov. 29, 1630, by Philip Raynes. 
[100 Scroope,"] My son Hugh & his four children, Hester, Sarah, Alice, 
& Lidia. John & Francis Ra^es, sons, & Dorothy the daughter of 
John Raynes, dec^. My son m law George Samson. My daughter 
Ann Samson. My sister Edith Hooper. My son Philip Raynes, Exor. 

Hutchins,lv. TOHN WINTERHAYE, of Northover, in S' John the Baptist, 
453' J Glaston, Somerset, gent. Will dated Jan. 14, 1629, proved Nov. 17, . 

1630. [99 Savape,'] To be buried there near my father & mo^ier. 
My wife Elizabeth. My sons in law John Re3molds & Giles Refolds. 
My daughter Frances, wife of John Reynolds. My daughter Ehzabeth 
Winterhaye, ;^6o. 

B. 18. "p OBERT BYFLEET, of Bratton, Somerset, dec* at Tisbury, Wilts. 

•■^ Admon. Mar. 12, 1663-4, to his sister Frances Gildon, alias 

HENRY CLARKE,* of WeUs, Somerset, Esq. Will dated Sep. 3, 
JfS74i proved June 20, 1582. [27 lyrwhite,'] To be buried at 
S' Cuthbert's, near my daughter Elizabeth. To my wife Elizabeth, 
;£'ioo "in oulde golde." My sons William & Thomas. My cousin 
Sir Rowland Clarke. My cousin John Cawode. 

riLLIAM CLARKE, of Wells, Somerset, Esq., dec". Admon. 

Sep. 7, 1586, to Joane Norrys, wife of Hugh Norrys, Esq., & 

Elizabeth Baker, Mary Lawe, & Ann King, sisters of dec"*. 

B. 23. T OHN CLARKE, of Wells, Somerset, gent. Will dated Sep. 29, 

J 1631, proved May 5, 1632, by Marie the relict. [47 Audeley,"] My 

house in Est Wells to my. son John Clarke at 21. My wife Marie, my 

house, Closehall, she to be Exix, & to whom residue. M' Anthony 

Murrie & M' William Bower, Overseers. 

B. 12. TOHN BOUCHER, of Coley, East Harptree, Somerset, Clothier. 

J Will dated Oct. 25, 1631, proved Sep. 21, 1632. [92 Aiideley."] To 

be buried with my late wife Johan Boucher. My son in law Hugh 

* See " History of Wookey," by Rev. T. S. Holmes, p. 145. 
II. 89 a 


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, Pearde, Clerk. My son in law Masachiel Bernard. My grandchild 
John Boucher. William Boucher, son of my son in law Charles Boucher. 
My daughter Bernard. 

CHARLES BOUCHER, of East Harptree, Somerset, Clothier. Wll 
dated Aug. 4, 1658, proved Apr. 19, 1661, by his son William. 
[55 May,] To the poor, 40/. My wife Grace Boucher. To my 
daughtet Mary Curtis, ;^4o. My grandchild Thomas Curtis. My 
brother in law Francis Howland. My grandchildren, John, Lydia, & 
Stephen Curtis, ;;^ioo each. The seven children of my son William 
Boucher, viz., Sarah, Mary, Joan, Grace, William, Charles, & Ann, 
;^ioo each at ai. My sister Cicely Pea, 40/. My son John Curtis & 
his wife, 20/ each. My son William Boucher, £x5r. My brother in 
law M' Hugh Peard & M' Charles Thurlburgh, my Minister, Overseers. 

HUGH PEARD, of West Harptree, Somerset, Clerk. Will dated 
Sep. 13, 1660, proved June 27, 1661, by Elizabeth Pearde [98 
May."] To be buried in the Chancel near my wife. My daughter in 
law M" Frances Norman. To the parish, my " Bishop Hall's Works," 
in folio, & my Exix to set up a shelf to hold it, in the Church, with a 
Chain. Residue to my daughter Elizabeth Peard, Exix. M' Arthur 
Norman, my son in law, & M' William Boucher, my kinsman. Overseers. 

MARY WARD, of Sea, Ilminster, Somerset, Spinster. Will dated 
Feb. 18, 1629, proved Mar. 20, 1629. [24 Scroop^,'] My brother 
Roger Wade (sic), j^2o of the money due to me by Bond from Sir 
Nicholas Halswell. My sisters Jane Long» Alice Illari,^ & Catherine 
Carr. '* M' Humphry Walrond shall lay out my funeral expences." 
B. 9. 63. /CHRISTOPHER WALE, of Yatton, Somerset, gent, wai dated 
^ Aug. 19, 1592, proved May 16, 1593. [37 NeviiL'] To my 
daughter Mary, ;^2o which my uncle Howe oweth me as Exor to 
Ephraim Best, my wife's brother. Tenements in Wraxall. My brother 
Thomas Wale. To Owen Wale,* my brother, & Elizabeth Fisher & 
Dorothy Quicke, my sisters, 10/ each. Residue to my wife Susan, 
^IR EDWARD ROGERS,' K*, Comptroller of the Sovereign Ladie 
the Queen's Majestic. Will dated Apr. 21, 1560, proved May 21, 
1567, by George Rogers. [11 Bahingtan,'] To be buried as my son 
George Rogers shall think best. To my son Thomas Throckmorton, a 
short ^own of damask, furred with foxe, & to my daughter, his wife, a 
ring with a diamond, the lesser of the two. My son Thomas Harman, 
a short gowne of taffata, furred with black cony. My son John Chettel, 
a night gown of black taffeta, furred with black cony. M^ cousin Henry 
Rogers, a night gowne of clothe furred with foxe. My sister Katherine 
Kirton, 3 kyne & one jugge of silver, being at Pilton, & the which I 
was wont to drink in there. To Elizabeth Chamberlayne, otherwise 
Clasie, one gilte bolle being silver, all gilte, with a cover, 2 kyne, 2 oxen, 
one bull, & one ring wiA a diamond. To John Coker, jQio^ one 
standing cup with a cover of silver, which is at Pilton, & one of my 
geldings with saddle, &c. George Marshall, my servant, ;^io. Roger 
Bingham, ;^io. John Clasie the younger, my servant, j^2o. William 
Walronde, my servant, ^^5. My servants here as well as at Pilton. 
Edward Chettell, son of John Chettdl, ^£'20. Vicars' of Pilton & 

*B. 63. • Of Wraxhall. 

' He mairied Mary, daughter and co-heir of Sir John Lisle of the Isle of Wight ; he 
was knighted 1548. 



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Cannington, 10/ each, & 40/ among the poor there. Residue to my 
. son George Rogers, Exor. 
B. 12S. A NTHONY ROGERS,* of Bradford, Wilts, esq. Will dated Nov. 1 2, 
-**- 1580, proved Apr. 25, 1581, [15 Darty'] To be buried in my 
Chapel at Bradford. My son in law John Hall, esq., my daughter 
Dorothy, his wife, & their children John & Alice Hall. Ann Byssye, 
my daughter in law, wife of Richard Bissye. My brothers Richard & 
Ambrose Rogers. To Sir George Rogers, K*, the cupborde, &c., in my 

SIR GEORGE ROGERS, K*. Will dated June 25, 23 EHz., proved 
Nov. 6, 1582, by Jane,* the relict. [40 Tyrwhiie,'] Church of 
Pilton, 100/., & of Cannington 100/. My son William Rogers ^100 at 
21. My daughter Mary Rogers ^1,000 at 23 or marriage, out of the 
manors of West Pennard & Kingsbury. These manors to my son 
Edward Rogers. Jane my wife shall occupy my mansion of Cannington, 
& parsonage, &: milles, &c. To Edward, my chain of gold, & half of 
my plate, &a If he dies without issue male, then the manors to my 
son William. Residue of goods between my wife & my son Edward. 
To my son William, lands which I purchased of my cousin Anthony 
Rogers, esq., in Bradford, & lands called Warells Wood, which I pur- 
chased of Edmund Coltehurst, esq., & lands in Wimbome S* Mary, 
Dorset. My good friends & kinsmen John Popham, esq., H.M. Attor- 
ney General, Sir Amias Paulett, & Sir John Horner, Overseers. 

EDWARD ROGERS, of Cannington, Somerset, Esq. Will dated 
Aug. 27, 1627^ proved Nov. 19, 1627, by Catherine Rogers,' widow. 
[116 Skinner.'] My daughter EUinor, wife of John Huddie, esq., 1,000 
marks. Penelope Rogers, my young^t daughter, ;^i,5oo. My wife 
Catherine. My son Greorge Rogers, my interest in the manors of Por- 
lock & Borsington, My third son Edward, my grounds at St)mte, 
Somerset, & house of Knighton in Stogursey. Henry, my youngest son, 
;^5oo. My brother in law Sir Francis Popham, Overseer. My wife 
Catherine, Exix. My son and heir Sir Francis Rogers, k\ 

SIR RICHARD ROGERS, of Eastwood Park, Glouc, kn*. WUl 
dated July 26, 1635, proved Sep. 10, 1635. [9^ SadkKl My 
brother in law Henry Martyn, Esq. I am Exor to my father Robert 
Rogers, dec"^. Alderman of Bristol. My wife Mary, Exix. My sister 
Sarah, wife of Henry Billingsley, esq. My sister Ellen Rodway. My 
daughter Mary's Tomb in S^ Thomas' Church, Bristol. My cousin 

CATHERINE ROGERS, of Cannington, Somerset, widow. Will 
dated Apr . . ., 1637, proved June 15, 1637. [84 Goare,} To be 
buried at Cannington. George Rogers, my second son, Exor, to whom 
all my plate. Residue between my two younger sons, Edward & Henry. 
To Henry Rogers, my son, ;£i,soo. Witnesses, Jane Hele, Mary 
Wynter, John Hele. 

She was widow of Edward Rogers. 

GEORGE ROGERS, of Cannington, Somerset, Esq. Will dated 
Jan. 18, 1637, proved by Sententise, May 5, 1638, by John Hele. 

^ He maxried Ann, daoi^ter of Thomas Wroughton of Broughton, Hants. 

• Daoghter and heir of Thomas Winter of Clapton (sole heir of Edward Winter, by 
d. of Sydenham. Sir T. PhilUpps, " Visitation of WUts.") 

* Daughter of Sir John Popham. Their daughter Amy married Henry St Barbe 
of Ashxngton, and died 162 1, aged 33. (CoUinson, I. 236.) 


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[56 Z€€,] John Heak, of Wembuiy, Devon, Ex5r. My three risters, 
LSidy Jane Hele,* Lady Mary W3mter,* & Mrs. Ann Hyde,* all my plate. 
To my two youngest brothers, Edward & Henry Rogers, my lands of 
Poiiock, Worthy, & Borsington, in trust, till my nephew Hugh Rogers, 
son and heir of my eldest brother Sir Frands Rogers, comes to age of 
21, & if he dies before, then the lands to return to Edward & Henry 
Rogers, my brothers. Poor of Cannington ^100, and of Pordock 
;;^ioo. To my brother Henry Rogers, all my land in Cornwall for ever. 
To Capt. John Bamfield ^20, and all my horses. 

EDWARD ROGERS, of Clyfton, Dorset, Esq. Wll dated Sep. 6, 
1639, proved Nov. 22, 1639, by Henry Rogers. [177 ^ofvey.'] 
To my brother Henry Rogers, all my lands in Somerset & elsewhere, & 
the lands devised to me by my brother George Rogers. Poor of Can- 
nington ;;^ioo, & of Porlock, ji^5o. Residue to my said brodier Henry 

HENRY ROGERS, of Cannington. Somerset Will dated Sep. i, 
1672, proved Sep. 7, 1672. li^yEurtJ] My nephew Warwick 
Bamfield, ^if 1,000. My nephew John Winter, esq., ^1,000. Sir Edward 
Hungerford, K.B., ^200 in plate. His daughter Rachel Hungerford, 
£$j in remembrance of my niece, her mother. My niece Anne Rogers, 
;i^5oo. My nephew Sir John S* Barbe ;^5oo, & his brother Edward S* 
Barbe. Two daughters of my dec"* niece Lady Katherine Poole, ^300. 
My niece Lady Mary Drax, j^soo. George Winter, eldest son of my 
nephew John Wynter, ;;^2oo, and John Wynter, younger son, an annuity 
of £s^» Mary & Ann, daughters'of my nephew John Winter, ^500. 
Katherine Hyde, daughter of my dec* sister Ann Hyde, ;;^5oo. My 
nephew Sir Francis Popham, K.B., ;^2oo in plate, in remembrance of 
his dec"* wife Lady Helena. My kinsman, William Warre, son of Thomas 
Warre, of Shepton Beauchamp, ;^5oo, Exot, & if he dies, then to Thomas 
Warre the younger. My niece Letitia Popham, daughter of Sir Francis 
Popham, ;65>ooo at age of 16. 
A. 59. C IR JOHN POULETT. WiU dated Jan. 3, 1436, proved Jan. 22, 
B. 83, 88. O 1436. [. . . Luffnam.^ To be buried in the Chancel of the Blessed 
Catherine* of Noney. To the churches of Fisherton & North Pederton. 
My wife Constance. Walter Hungerford, Lord of Heytesbury, one of 
the overseers. 

WILLIAM POULETT. Will dated Aug. 15, 1436, proved Jan. 22, 
1436. [. . . Luffnam.'] To be burial in the Church of North 
Pederton. My wife Alice. 

Brass in Vestry of North Petherton, Somerset, to Eleanor, wife of William Powlett, 
and daughter of John Delamere, Lord of Nunney. She died April 28th, 141 3. 

SIR GEORGE PAWLETT, of Crundale, K\ Will dated Aug. 9, 
1558, proved Jan. 28, 1558-9. [25 WelUs,'] My brother the Lord 
Marquess of Winchester. Lord Windsor, my father in law. My wife 
Elizabeth, Exix. 

THOMAS, LORD POWLETT. Will dated May 24, 1566, proved 
July 26, 1566. [20 Crymes^ To be buried at Netherbury. My 
sons George & Xtopher. Residue to my wife Lady Mary. 

» Wifeof Sir Fran. Hele, of Wembury, Devon. Burke*s "Extinct Baronetcies," 253. 

* Wife of Sir Geo. Wynter of Dyrham, co. Glos. 

* According to Sir T. Phillipps, Visitation of Wilts, she married (? as first husband) 
Paul Methuen, Preb. of Wells. 

* This was a chantry. See ** Somerset Incumbents,** p. 156. 



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CHRISTOPHER PAWLETT, of Wdls, Somerset, Yeoman. Will 
dated Jan. 30, 23 Eliz., proved Mar. 9, 1580, by his relict. [9 
Darcy,"] My daughter Joan Pollard, ^2o« Salathiel King, my sisters 
son. My sister Bennett Herle, lo/. Residue to Fortune, my wife. 

DAME ELIZABETH PAWLETT, of Crundale, Hants, sometime 
wife of Sir George Powlett, & sithence wife of Raphe Scrope, dec*. 
Will dated March 30, 1600, proved Nov. 11, 1601, by Sir Hamden 
Powlett. [76 Wbodhall.] My son Giles Powlett. 

SIR RICHARD PAULET, of Herriard, Hants, K^ Admon. Nov. 
13, 1618, to his daughter Lady Lucy Jervoise. A former admon. 
1 6 14, to his relict Lady Anna Paulet. 

WILLIAM POWLETT, of Melplash, Dorset, esq. Nuncupative 
will, Jan. 8, 1620-1, proved Jan. 27, 1620-1. [10 Dale.'] My 
son John Powlett My daughter Barbara, jQloo. My wife Eleanor. 

ELEANOR POWLETT, of Melplash, Dorset, widow. Will dated 
Mar. 5, 1629, proved Feb. 3, 1634-5. [13 SadlerJ] To be buried 
at Netherbury, near my husband William Powlet, dec*. Thomas Paulet 
my eldest son. My son John Paulett the elder. My daughter Preston. 
My daughter Ann Fitzjames. My daughter Frances Foulkes. John 
Poulett the younger. M' John Fitejames, my son in law. My daughter 
Barbara Preston. My daughter Elizabeth Geasford My son in law, 
John Foulkes. My godson John Fitzjames. William, heir to Thomas 
Powlett. Ann Fitzjames, an Exix. 

EDWARD POWLETT,' of North Petherton, Somerset, gent. Nun- 
cupative will Apr. 20, 1635, proved July 10, 1635. [Taufiton WUL'] 
To Elizabeth, his wife, his watch. To Alexander Popham, gent., his 
brother in law, his best cloake & six books. To his youngest daughter 
Katherine, one silver spoon. To his daughter Mary, one chest Resi- 
due to his wife Elizabeth, Exix. George Popham, a witness. 

WILLIAM POULETT, of Cottles, Wilts. Will dated Feb. 4, 1633* 
proved Aug. 27, 1638, by his son Giles Poulett. [99 Lee.'\ My 
daughters Frances Poulett & Susan Browne. My grandchild, Ann 
Seymour. My son Giles Poulett, Ex5r. 

ROBERT PAWLETT, late of Minehead, Somerset, but dec* in S* 
Andrews, Holbom. Admon. Jan. 26, 1652, to Richard Pettingall, 
gent, in behalf of Ann Pawlett the relict, & Ann Gamlin otherwise 
Pawlett, wife of Hugh Gamlin, & daughter to the defunct. 

WILLIAM PAWLETT, of Netherbury, Dorset, Esq. Nuncupa- 
tive Will, May i, 1644, proved 6 Feb., 1653-4, by Elizabeth Paw- 
lett, the only surviving Exix. [345 Alchin.^ I give all I have to my 
two sisters Elizabeth & Susan Pawlett, living at Bridport, Exixs. Before 
John Pawlett & others. 

GYLES POWLETT, of Oxford, gent Will dated June 10, 1657, 
proved Mar. 29, 1661. [49 MayJ\ My nieces Jane, Elizabeth, & 
Ann Powlett, money to each. My nephew Robert Browne. My niece 
Amy Symes. Her six daughters. My nephew Richard Powlett. My 
nephew Bernard Powlett, of Cottles, Exor. 

GEORGE PAWLETT, late of Bream, Glouc, dec*. Admon. Nov. 
18, 1669, to his son William Pawlet^ esq. 

* He was son of George PouleU, of Goathurst, and died before his father. He 
married ist. Dorothy Worth, of Glastonbury ; 2ndly. Dec. i6th, 1629, at Thurlexton, 
Somerset, Elizabeth Popham. 


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ROBERT POWLET, of S* Clement Danes, Midd', gent. WiU dated 
Mar. 20, 1669-7, proved Apr. 11, 1670, by Margaret the relict. 
[50 Penn.'] My nieces Mary & Elizabeth Gamlyn« My brother & 
sister Gamlyn. My wife Margaret, Exjx. 

SUSANNA POULETT, of Hinton S* George, Somerset, spinster, 
but dec* in S* Martins in the Fields, Midd*. Admon. Feb. 2, 
1683-4, to her mother Lady Susanna Poulett, widow. 

HERCULES POWLETT, of S* Clement Danes, Midd*, dec*. 
Admon. Feb. 11, 1686-7, to his son Hercules Powlett. 
GEORGE PAWLETT, citizen & Goldsmith of London. Will dated 
Sep. 30, 1687, proved Oct. 12, 1687. [128 Foof] To be buried 
at Paddington. My mother Margaret Pawlett, ^5. My brothers John, 
William, & Joseph Pawlett. M" Elizabeth Seaman, 20/. My sister 
Frances Pawlett, ExTx. 

AMOS POULETT, of Hinton S* George, Somerset, bachelor. Will 
dated Feb. 2, 1649, ^dmon. Jan. 8, 1689. [132 JBunce,] My 
niece M" Florence RoUe, 2"* daughter of my brother Dennys Rolle, 
^^c*> jCS^^f which my sister Lady Cholmeley has now in her hands. 
Sententiae Nov. 4, 1673. Suit between Lady Rorence Rolle & Florence 
Pigott, sister. 

WILLIAM POULETT, gent. Will dated Mar. 3, 1691, proved 
Mar. 28, 1699. My wife Mary Poulett My grandchild Hugh 
Price. My daughter Margaret Price, Exix. jC^oj. 
HarLSoaxxi. "CDMUND WYNTER. Will dated Mar. i, 1549, proved Feb. 23, 
(Glos.) 271. ■t-' 1550. [6 Bucke,'] To my cousin John Winter, son of my uncle, 
Richard Winter, dec^ '* the hoUe apparell, ymplements & furniture of 
three chambers as they now stand, the bedds excepted, the borde stand- 
ing in the Hall that commonly serveth for the Altar, and 2 formes & 2 
stool3rs.*' Residue to Eleanor, my wife. My friendiis Alex : Popham & 
Nicholas Halswell, Overseers. Witnesses, John Cufife, Alexander 
Sydenham, gent., & Nicholas Bluet, gent. 

WILLIAM WINTER, of Stepney, Midd*, dec*. Admon. Oct. 12, 
1603, to his relict Eleanor Winter. 
ARTHUR WINTER, of Clapham (Clapton),' Somerset, dec*. Admon. 
Jan. II, 1647-8, to his sister Mary, wife of Daniel Johnson. 
Harl. Soc. QIR WILLIAM FILLOL, of Wodelands, Dorset, K*. Will dated 
XX. 39. O May 14, 1527. [23 Parch.'] To be buried in the Quire of the 
Grey Friars of Sarum. Dame Dorothy, my wife. *' A solempne obsequie 
at Tarrant Abbey." " I will that, in the best wise that may be, that the 
wall above the high awter wyndowe be made playne, in Horton Church, 
with playster of parys, yf yt made' be reasonable had, & that playne 
& surely made, that Jesus be paynted therevppon, sitting upon a 
Rainbow, in as large stature as the rome will give, & underneath hym 
ymages arysing in significance of the Dome to come." My daughters ' 
Katherine & Anne. My nephew Sir Thomas Trenchard, Ex5r. 

LADY BARRE, wife of Sir John Barre, K*. Will dated Feb. 3, 
1484, proved July 23, 1485. [18 ZoggeJ] My kinsman Robert 
Greyndour. Sir John Barre. My daughter Elizabeth, Countess of 

^ The Arthur family owned the manor of Clapton ; it passed with Mary Arthur to 
her husband William winter. (Collinson, iii. 178.) 

■ Made [= may-ed] local for nitiik/, 

* Katherine married Edward, Duke of Somerset, and Anne married Sir Edward 


Digitized by 


Worcester. My father & mother, Thomas & Ratherine Rygg. Thomas 
Beynam & Alice his wife. Philip Beynam, my Chantry Preste. 

JOAN CONNOQK, of Lyllesdon, Somerset, widow. Will dated 
Oct. 27, 1621, proved Sep. 14, 1633, by Thomas Williams. [81 
RussdL'] To be buried in the Church of Comwood, Devon, near my 
late husband, Philip Cole, esq'. Poor of North Curry, Somerset, & of 
Comwood & Harford, Devon, ;^io each parish, for a stock, & ^50 
between the churches of the same, for repairing & beautifying them. 
My sister Thomasine Buller,* my border which my father gave me, my 
gowne & kirtle, &c. Sir Thomas Prideaux, my son in law, an annuity 
of £so. My daughter in law Lady Cooke, my two bracelets of gold. 
My son in law John BuUer, ^10, & jQso among his four children 
at 21. William Ceeley, of North Curry, esq', jQioo^ & "my cup of a 
white shell with a foote & cover." My cousin Robert Paulett, all the 
household goods which I bought of the Exors of Richard Connock, my 
late husband, at Lillysdon. To Elizabeth Paulett, his daughter, ;;^2o, 
now in the hands of Humphrey Arundell, my servant, & another jQ^o 
at age of 21, or marriage, & if she dies before, the money to be divided 
between her four brothers at ages of 21. My cousin Thomas Williams 
the younger, my best border set with diamonds, & my sugar box. To 
Adam Williams, my two silver tonnes. My cousin Arthur Williams. 
John Gibbs, vicar of North Curry, " my browne stone cup, with a foot 
& a cover of silver." My cousin William Hockmore, esq., my best gold 
ring set with 8 diamonds. To Humphry Arundell, my servant, £so. 
My cousin Thomas Williams the Elder, of StooflFord, Devon, Esq., to be 
Ex5r, he to have the use of my goods. William Hockmore & Humphry 
Arundell, Overseers. Acknowledged to be her last will, Apr. 2, 1633, 
found in her house at Lillesdon, sealed up in a paper. 

She was the daughter of Thomas Williams, of Stoford, Devon. She married 1st. 
FhiUp Cole, by whom she had an only son, Richard Cole, who died 1619, and whose 
wife, Radigon Boscawen, remarried Sir William Cooke, of Highnam. She married 
2ndly. Richard Connock, of Lillesdon, in North Curry, Somerset. Apparently she 
had a daughter, wife of John Buller, and another daughter, wife of Sir Thomas 

WILLIAM BEAMONT, of Wells, Somerset, gent. WDl dated 
Sep. 18, 1632, proved Jan. 26, 1632-3, by Edward Wykes, & 
Robert Toope. [6 JRussdl.'] To the Fabric of S* Cuthberts, 20/. To 
the poor at my funeral, 40/. To my wife my great doble gilt boll with a 
cover, & ;i£7oo if she release certain lan(k from her dower. My 
daughter Francis, an annuity of ^24, out of my lands in Glouc, & out 
of Uiree closes of meadows, in the possession of M" Blanch James, 
widow, in the parish of S* Cuthberts, which I lately bought of M' James 
Goodwyn. My son Anthony Beamont, ;£soo. My daughter Mary, 
^500, & a silver bole. My daughter Elizabeth, ;^4oo. My daughter 
Grace, ^350. My Ex5rs to allow them maintenance. My friends M' 
Edward Wykes, Robert Godwyn, Richard Toope, & William Bellamy, 
to dispose of my lands, &c. My cousin Eleanor Martyn, £$. My 
brothers and sisters Children, 20/ each. My mother. My brother & 
his wife, my sister Clannington & my sister Murry, rings of 10/. If my 
son John should die, lands to come to my son Anthony. My son John, 
under 24. My daughter Mary. 

TOHN BEAMONT, of Wells, Somerset. WUl dated Mar. 5, 1634, 

J proved May 8, 1635, by Alice Beamont, widow. [48 SadlcrJ\ My 

* Wife of Francis Buller, see A. 13. 


Digitized by 


eldest son William. My son John. My daughter Elizabeth, & her 
husband John Oker. My daughter Frances. To my son Thomas, all 
my books of Physic & Surgery, my shop, drugs, &c. My brother in law 
Richard Hodges, senior. My cousin George Bull, Overseer. 
1st Series, 21. TT* MMA ESCOTT, of Bridgewater, Somerset, widow. Will dated 
-tl' Nov. 16, 1632, proved May 24, 1633. [35 JRussell."] Tobias 
Venner, D' of Physic. William Harvey, of Bridgewater, gent M" 
Dowsabel Hunt. M' Will. Venner. Elizabeth, daughter of M' John 
GUbert M" Mary Webber, wife of M' Thomas Webber. My sister in 
law the widow of Arthur Escott, dec^. Catherine Peach, daughter of 
Henry Peach, Exix. 

ELIZABETH ESCOTT, of Holestoney,* in par. of Cutcombe, 
Somerset, widow. Will dated Mar. 5, 1646, proved July 18, 1650, 
by Christian Escott. [110 Pembroke.'] Poor of Cutcombe, 20/. My 
son Xtopher Escott, gent, a gold ring. His daughter Elizabeth Escott. 
Gifts to my granddiildren. Residue to my daughter Christian Escott, 
Exix. Nicholas Younge, Clarke, & my son Xtopher Escott of Cut- 
combe, Overseers. 
1st Scries, 24. 'liriLLIAM SLADE, of Kingsden, Somerset, gent Will dated 
V V Nov. 1, 1632, proved June 30, 1633, by Elizabeth, the relict 
[52 Russell,"] To be buried at Kingsden, in Uie He of S* Catherine. 
My son William Slade, £$. My son Edward, at 26. My sons Thomas 
& Hugh. My daughter Maiy Smith, wife of William Smith. Elizabeth 
my wife, Exix. 
CoUinson, L lyjICHOLAS BAKER,' of Ilton, Somerset, gent. WUl dated Dec 
4^' -L^ 20, 1632, proved July 5, 1633, by Alice the relict [65 Russell.] 

My daughter Ann Smith. My wife Alice. My grandchildren Philip & 
John Smith. My sons Nicholas & Thomas. Frances, wife of Thomas. 
My son in law John Smith. My son Euseby Baker. My son Gabriel 

PETER CREECH, alias POWELL, of Charlton Mackrell, Somer- 
set, gent Will dated Apr. 3, 1633, proved Nov. 2, 1633, by 
William Hurd the younger, husband of Grace Creech. [94 Russell.] 
To be buried at Charlton Mackrell, in the South He. Edith Faulkner, 
my brother's vrife, jQ$. Robert Creech, my brother's son, of Glaston- 
bury. Jane Gilbert, my brother's daughter. William, son of my bro- 
ther. John Martin, my sister's son. Henry, my brother's son. Grace, 
daughter of Robert, my brother's son, Exix. 
1st Series, 39, Y\riLLIAM SEALEY, Mercer, of Bridgewater, Somerset. Will 
^ VV dated Felx 18, 1632, proved Mar. 24, 1633 (1633-4), by Joan 

the relict [22 Seager.] My sons in law, John Devenish, clerk, & 
Humphry Blake. My brother Edward Sealey, & Bartholomew Safford, 
clerk, Trustees. 

JOANE SEALEY, of Bridgewater, widow. Will dated July 28, 1640, 
proved June 25, 1641. [74 Evelyn.] My daughter Joane, wife of 
John Devenish, dark. My son William Sealey, &c. 

Will dated Mar. 10, 1633, proved July 26, 1634. [66 Seager.] 


B. 44. iy/[ ARY HACKSHAW,' of Hinton S* George, Somereet, widow. 

To be buried in the Churchyard of Hinton, near my first fiusband M' 

* Old Stowey. 

' He was great-grand&ther of W. Baker, D.D., Bishop of Bangor, and then of 
Norwich, who was buried at Bath Abbey, 1732. ' 
» See 1st Series, 23. 


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Henry Martin's tomb. My son William Martin, ;;^io, & my wedding 
ring by which I was contracted to his father. To my daughter Eliza- 
beth, at 21, the ring by which I was contracted to her father, &c. My 
late husband, M' Robert Hackshaw, had a lease in Comb Flory, which 
I leave to my brothers M' Gregory Gibbs & M' William Laurence, in 
trust for my daughter Mary Hackshaw. Residue of my goods to my 
friend M' Richard Gore, Parson of Hinton,/& my brother in law M' 
John Gough, of Merriott, in trust for Mary Hackshaw, my daughter. 
To my uncle George Gibbs, 20/. My daughter Mary Hackshaw, Exix. 
My sister M" Elizabeth Lawrence. 

THOMAS LATCHE, of Churchill, Somerset, husbandmaa Will 
dated Aug. 26, 1598, proved Nov. 10, 1598, by Joyce Latche, the 
relict. [94 LewynJ] To my son Richard Latche, a house in Broad- 
well. Do ... . &c. at 21. His uncle Edmund Latch. My daughter 
Isabel Latch. My brother John Latche. My sons Thomas, John, & 
Joseph. My daughter Joyce, ;^8o. My daughter Mary Latche, £^o> 
Residue to Joyce my wife. My brothers in law Joseph & Robert 
Rattle, overseers. 

ISSABLE LATCH, of Langford, Somerset, widow. Will dated 
Mar. 3, 7 Charles, proved Sep. 16, 1633. [Wells Reg^.^ To my 
sons John, Thomas, & Philip, 12^ each. My daughters Joan Pyper & 
Joyce Jefieries. Residue to my son William Latch. Sam : Watts & 
Sam : Edgell, Overseers. 
[OHN LATCH, of Winscombe, Somerset, yeoman. Will dated 
June 7, 1633, proved Aug. 8, 1634. [73 SeagerJ] To be buried in 
Churchill Church. Isabel, daughter of Philip Latch, & my god- 
daughter. Other children of my brother Philip. Daughters of my 
sister Joan Jefferies. John, Robat, Morris, Jane, & Elizabeth, children 
of my brother in law, Robert Hert. Mary, his daughter, jQ$. To my 
brother William Latch, one tagged cow. Wife of my brother William 
Latch, lands in Congersbury hdd of Q. Elizabeth's Hospital. My wife 
Johane, Exix. 

''ILLIAM LATCH, of Langford, Somerset, yeoman. Will dated 
Sep. 18, 1639, proved May 12, 1640. [59 Coventry,'] My bro- 
thers Thomas & Philip. Joan Petties, my sister. Residue to Mary 
Larder, widow, my sister in law. 
Collinson, iii. 'T'HOMAS LATCH, of Over Langford, Somerset, Esq. Will dated 
581. ± Apr. 26, 1652, proved Sep. 17, 1652, by Robert Latch, gent. 

[193 Botvyer!\ My sons John, Edmond, & Robert Latch. My daughter 
Mary Hunt and her children. My son Samuel Latch. My brother 
Miles Wolfe. lands by Lease of Sir John Jennings,^ K.B. My son 
Augustine Latch. My friend M' Thomas Edwards, Parson of Kingston 
Seymour, £z. 

SARAH LATCH, late of Langford, Somerset, widow, dec*. Admon. 
May 4, 1657, to her son Robert Latch. 
SAMUEL LATCH, of Churchill, Somerset. Will dated May 26, 
1665. Admon. July i, 1678, to his brother Robert Latch. [48 
iryde,\ My brother Robert. My sister Mary Hunt My uncle MUes 

' The father of this Sir John married, secondly, Dorothy, daughter of Thomas 
BuU)eck and relict of John Latch. See A. 98, and Somt. Arch. Soc. xxxi. p. 43. 
II. 97 o 


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ANTHONY HODGES, of Clifton, Glouc, gent. Will dated Aug. 
13, 1633, proved Aug. 20, 1634, by his son William Hodges. [77 
Seager.] To be buried in the Chancel of Clifton Church, near my wife. 
My daughter Margaret, ;;^5oo. My daughter Mary Horner, ^100, 
until paid, convenient meat, drink, & lodging, fit for one of her degree. 
My daughter Alice Hipsley, ;^i5o. My son John Hodges, ;6^oo. 
His children. Residue to my son William Hodges, Exor. My brother 
Lawrence Hodges, my son John Hodges, & my loving friend Thomas 
Wale of Clarum Overseers. 

THOMAS HAWKER, of Vagg, Yeovil, Somerset, gent. Will dated 
Sep, 23, 1634, proved Nov. 24, 1634, by Sarah the widow, & again 
May 6, 1637, by Thomas Hawker the Son. [102 Seager,"] Sarah, my 
wife. To my daughter Sarah ^700, & to my daughter Frances, ;^Soo. 
My mother Adrye Hawker, ;^5. My sister Mary Hartwell. My sister 
Elizabeth Appletree, jC^o. My cousin Hugh Hawker, of Ilmister, 
;^2o. All my goods, &c., to Thomas Hawker, my son, Exor. 

SARAH HAWKER, of Vagg, Yeovil, Somerset, Widow. Will dated 
Apr. 4, 1637, proved May 6, 1637. [62 Goare.] To be buried 
with my husband. Churches of Yeovil & Chilton. Money to my 
daughters Sarah & Frances, at marriage. My mother in law Hawker. 
My sisters Bonner & Ball, & my cousin Elizabeth Colston, 20/ for 
rings. My cousin Hugh Hawker. My son Thomas Hawker, Exor. 
My mother Mary Compton, of Wigbeare, in South Petherton, widow. 
My brother Henry Bonner, of Waston in Combe S* Nicholas, gent., & 
Henry Bonner, his son, Overseers. Education of my son Thomas 
Sarah Compton married at South Petherton, March 6th, 1627, to Thomas Hawker. 

i623Visita- T^HOMAS HAWKER, of Spaigrove, Battcombe, Somerset, Esq. 
tionofWUts, 1 Will dated Mar. 11, 1628, proved June 24,11636, by Ladie' 
P* ^ Hawker, widow, power reserved to his daughter Ladie Hawker. [75 

Fi/e."] To my wife Ladie Hawker, all my goods, &c. My daughter 
Elizabeth Bisse, wife of Edward Bisse the younger, of Spargrove. My 
daughter Ann Blake, wife of William Blake of Kensington, Middlesex, 
esq. My daughter Ladie Hawker, ^1,000, now in the hands of 
William Blake aforesaid, & also various sums of money owing to me on 
bonds, &c., & if she dies during her minority & before her marriage, 
John Fillott, gent, my brother in law, to be my Exor. 

Thomas Hawker married, 1594, lAdie, daughter of William Fillol, of Woodlands, 

THOMAS HAWKER, of Vagg, Yeovil, Somerset, Esq. Will dated 
Dec. 30, 1696, proved Mar. 15, 1696-7, by the Exixes. [56 I^ne.] 
To ray wife Elizabeth, ^£150. My son George Hawker, all my lands 
except that in Martock & Bowerhinton, &c. To my son Charles, 
^1,000 at 21. To my daughter Elizabeth, ;;^i,ooo at 20. My mother 
Elizabeth Hawker, & my sisters Sarah & Mary Hawker, Trustees & 

CHRISTOPHER POOLE, of Dunster, Somerset, gent. Will dated 
Jan. 26, 1632, proved Mar. 14, 163S [? 1634]. ISeager."] Mes- 
suages, &c., in Whitecombe (Withycombe), Somerset, to John Poole, 
my son, in de&ult of heirs to Jane Poole, my daughter. Farm called 

* Tliis is a Christian name. 


Digitized by 



Sundell in Whitcombe. Urith, my now wife. Agreement between us 
before marriage. I had children by a former wife, then living. I gave 
a bond of ;^4oo to Robert Hawkins, my brother in law. I gave to my 
wife Urith the use of ^£20, & all my malt, corn, &c., my house at 
Dunster. Residue to my son John Poole, Exor. My uncle John 
Welshe, M' John Farthing, & William Webber, of Carhampton, to 
Administer during the Minority of my son. "Jane Hooper, my chil- 
dren's grandmother on their mother's side, nor M' John Question, her 
son, not to intermeddle with my £x5r, lest they should cozen & deceive 
him^ as formerly they have done myself, my wife, & children. All 
people are not to hearken to their syren songs, for they will deceive the 
wisest & honestest hearted, if they will give credit to their Egyptian & 
hypocritical words." 

1st Series, 46. TV/f ARY GERARD, widow of WiDiam Gerard, of Trent, Somerset. 
iVl Will dated Oct. 22, 1634, proved Jan. 5, 1634-5. [5 ScuH^J] 
My daughter Lady Hansby, my Cabinet, &c. My sister Allen, ^40. 
The daughter of my son Edward Gerard. My grandchild Elizabeth 
Gerard, ;6ioo* ^V grandchildren Mary & Ann Hansby, ;£ioo each. 
Francis & Ralph. My grandchild Rosse. My cousins Edmund CoUes 
&. Robert Allen, 20/ each. My cousin John Comberford. My cousin 
Thomas Comberford, Exor. 

AMY B AYLIE, of Fivehead Magdalen, Dorset Will dated May 30, 
1632, proved Mar. 20, 1634-5. [^27 Sad/er.'] My brother Thomas 
Newman. My brother Frolicke Baylie. My brother Richard Denne. 
Poor of George Hinton, Somerset My sister Rachel Baylie. 

MATTHEW WARREN the Elder, of Bristol, Clothier. WiU dated 
Jan. 24, 1634, proved Apr. 21, 1635, by his son Matthew Warren. 
[33 Sad/er.'] My kinsman Sir Richard Rogers, Kn*, ;;^io. "To John 
Chocke that hath been a long time a spinner to me, one of my suits of 
apparell, a shute, hats, hose, shoes, &c" My brother M' Henry Gibbes, 
Alderman. My brother M' George Knight, &c. 

1st Series, 16. 'IITILLIAM LOTTISHAM, of Long Ashton, Somerset, dec*. Ad- 

VV mon. Oct 30, 1576, to his relict Frances Lottisham. Another 

grant was made June 7, 1^97, to his son Hugh Lottisham, of goods 

unadm* by Frances the relict, also dec*. A third grant May 14, 1601, 

to Oliver Lottisham, next of kin. 

B. 7a AITILLIAM LOTTISHAM, of Taunton, Somerset, Esq. Will 
VV dated May 4, 1635, proved Nov. 10, 1635, by Mary Lottisham, 
widow, [in Sad/^.] I am seised of a third part of the Manors of 
West Lydford, North & South Barrow & Puriton, Somerset, & mes- 
suages, &c., in Lottisham Green, &c. My trustees of my lands, Richard 
Colome, esq., Roger Warre, of Hestercombe, Esq., John Worsley, of 
Imbercombe, esq., & Thomas Trevilian, gent My son John Lottisham, 
^300. To my daughters Elizabeth & Joane, ^500. I desire Edward 
Warr, esq., and Andrew Walton, gent., to join in the s*ile of the Manor 
of Puriton to pay debts. My trustees to convey to my son Oliver 
Lottisham the Manors of West Lydford & North & South Barrow. 
Trust reposed in Edward Warre & Andrew Walton by my dec* father 
Oliver Lottisham. They to procure the Wardship of my son Oliver. 
Parsonage of West Lydford to my wife Mary, & all my goods, &c. 

He married Mary, daughter of Edward Warre» of Cbipley^ Somerset. 


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MARY LOTTISHAM, of Chipley, Somerset, widow, dec*. Admon. 
Apr. 13, 1668, to her nephew John Eyre. 
JOHN LOTTISHAM, of Chipley, Somerset, dec*. Admon. Dec 4, 
1669, to his cousin John Eyre, esq. 
B. 66. T OHN LUND,* of Wells, Somerset, gent Will dated May 11, 1635, 
J proved Jan. 19, 1635-6. [i -ftTf.] My cousin Edward Hipsley, of 
Turham Court, gent., Exor. James Godwin, esq', & my son in law 
William Basket, Overseers. My daughters, Sibella Ticknell, Blandina 
Coxe, & Frances Bushell. 

CHRISTIAN HELLYAR (widow of Henry Hellyar,* late of Coker, 
Somerset, gent.), late of Clovelly, Devon. Nuncupative Will on 
S* Michael's day, 1635, proved Feb. 4, 1635-6, by her father William 
Cary. [18 ^-P/T?.] To be buried with her husband. Her father 
William Carey, esq', Exor. Jane Cole, her husband's daughter. Robert 
Chester, her godson. She was sick in the house of Gregory Cole, of 
Petersham, Surrey. 

WILLIAM HELYAR, Clerk, Archdeacon of Barstaple, Devon. 
Will dated Oct. 29, 17 Charles, proved Apr. 5, 1647, by his 
grandson William Helyar. [70 Fines.'] My kinsman Nicholas Helyar, 
of East Coker, Somerset. John, Henry, Richard, Robert, & Mary, 
children of my dec' son Henry Helyar. An Almshouse near my 
mansion at East Coker, &c. 
His wife was buried in Exeter Cathedral. 
1st Series, 59. 'T'HOMAS BLAKE, of Wedmore, Somerset, yeoman. Will dated 
J- Dec. 17, 1580, proved Jan. 27, 1580-1, by Isabell the relict. [3 
Darcy,] My sons Thomas & John, My daughters Luce & Elizabeth. 
Residue to Isabell my wife, Exix. William Baber, & my brother John 
Blake, overseers. 

ROBERT BLAKE, of Porlock, Somerset, Clerk. Will dated Apr. 17, 
1646. Admon. June 23, 1646, to his brother George Blake. {S^ 
ThvisseJ] My daughter Mary Blake, ExIx. My sister Ursula & her 
husband. My sister Mary & her husband. My father M' Elias Blake, 
Parson of East Anstie. 

AGNES BLAKE, of Halse, Somerset, spinster. Admon. Jan. 23, 
1646-7 * to her brother Robert Blake. 
ANN BLAKE, widow of William Blake. Will dated Nov. i, 1650, 
proved Apr. 6, 165 1, by her daughter Ann Blake. [7 GreyJ\ 
Lands in Kensington & Brompton, Midd, & ;^8oo, to my daughter 
Ann Blake, at age of 23, but my son Xtopher Blake to have the lands 
on payment of J6^o<^ ^o her. My friend John Maynard of the Middle 
Temple. My daughter Mary Blake, ^100. To my dear mother M" 
Lady Hawker, my sister Bisse, & my sister Chafin, 20/ each for rings. 
Poor of St Andrew, Holbom, jQ^. Residue to my daughter Ann Blake, 

ELIZABETH BLAKE, of Overstowey, Somerset, widow. Will dated 
Dec. 22, 165s, proved May 16, 1656, by John Sellick. [174 
Berkeley,'] To poor of Halse & Overstowey. My son John, jQ^o. My 
daughter Grace, ^80 at 21. My son Robert My brother John Sellick, 
my brother in law William Hawkins, & my cousin George Comer, Over- 

* Spelt Lande in B. 66. 
^ He was son of Archdeacon Hellyar. 
^ In a duplicate entry the date is 1647-48. 

Digitized by 


B. 121. T17ILLIAM BLAKE,* of Bridgewater, Somerset, D' of Laws. WUl 
^ ^ dated Oct. 24, 1667, proved Nov. 30, 1667, by Nicholas & Ben- 
jamin Blake. [146 Carr.] To the poor of Bridgewater, ;^ioo. My 
brother Humphry Blake, ;feio. Nicholas Blake, ;tSo- Brothers Ben- 
jamin Blake and Alexander Blake, j£so each. To George, Robert, 
Sarah, Elisabeth, & Bridget, children of my brother George Blake, of 
Plymouth, dec*, j£$o among them. To the two children of my niece 
Gorges, of Fowey, Cornwall, dec*, ;^4o. My sister Bowdich, of Chard- 
stock, Dorset, ^ 10. My niece Sarah Blake, daughter of my brother 
Humphrey Blake, ;£$. To my niece Bridget Chapell,,^ia My farm 
at Knowle in Bawdripp to my brothers Nicholas & Benjamin Blake, for 
raising l^ade^. All my plate to my niece Sarah, daughter of my 
brother Benjamin Blake. 

GEORGE BLAKE, of Plymouth, Devon, gent Will dated Feb. 3, 
1666-7, proved Feb. 19, 1667-8. [15 Ifme,] My sons George & 
Robert My daughters Bridget &: Jane. My son in law William 

RICHARD BLAKE, of Exeter, merchant Will dated March 31, 
1690, proved Jan. 22, 1702-3, by Johanna Crosse, [i I>€gg^»] 
My cousin Elisabeth Kempe, daughter of Alexander Kempe, late of 
Wellington, Somerset, deer. Residue to my sister in law Johanna 
Crosse, daughter of my father in law John Crosse, of Trull, Somerset, 
gent, Exix. 

MARY BLAKE, relict of William Blake, merchant, of Bridgwater. 
Will dated Jan. 20, 1725, proved May 15, 1727, by Henry Sellick. 
[107 Farrant,'] Thomas Mintume, my first husband. To Henry Sellick, 
of West Mondcton, ;^2o. Many Sealeys named* 1 

CoUiDson, i. "p ICHARD GURNEY, of Cory Malet, Somerset, gent (Date of 
33. A. 26. JX ^11 not given.) Proved Apr. 28, 1540. [^Taunton Registry J] To be 
buried at Cory Malet, & to have such ceremonies at the burial, as it 
shall be thought best by Johanne, my wife. To her all my lands, &c., 
in Newport, Curry Malet, &c., & at her death to my right heirs. To my 
eldest daughter, Johane, ;^2o. My son Richard Gurney &: Johane my 
wife, Exdrs. 

RICHARD GORNEYE, of Cory Mallet, Somerset, gent. Will dated 
Sep. 23, 1556, proved Sep. 22, 1557. {Wells Registry.) My mother 
Johan Gomeye, widow. To my infe Mary, for her life, manors, lands, 
&c., in Cory Mallet, Stowey, Fjrsshed, & Newport, Somerset, which were 
the inheritance of Richard Gomey, my father, dec^ My sister Johan 
Gomey. My sister Agnes Hill My sister Alice Sharpies, widow. My 
cousin John Gomey, of Ilton. My interest in the term of the Manor of 
South Petheiton, by grant of Edw. VI. Closes of lands in Attemore, by 
grant of Sir James Fitzjames, &c. Residue to Mary, my wife. My 
trusty friends, Sir Ralph Hopton, Kn^ and John Homer the younger, 

RICHARD BROKE, Esq. WiU dated Nov. 24, 2 Edw. VL, proved 
Jan. 5, 1548, by his relict Dame Ann Mountjoye.' [22 Poj^well.'] 
To be buried in the par. Church of Westbury ' under the Plaine. My 

^ In ist Series 59 (note 6) by an error Humphrey Blake [will 1559] is said to be 
&ther of Admiral Blake (bom 1599). Acoorduig to B. lai the admiial's fiuher was 
another Hmnphrey Blake. 

' She was widow of Charles, filth Lord Mountjoy. 

» i.e. Westbury, Wilts. 


Digitized by 


daughter Dorothy, lands in Westbury, & my cheyne of gold. To my 
other daughter Marie my interest in the parsonage of Buckland, co. 
Somerset. Residue to my wife Dame Ann Mountjoye. My friends 
John Bonham, esq., M' Thomas Champneys, & M' Ley. 

ELIZABETH BROOKE, Gentlewoman. Will dated Apr. ii, 1589, 
proved Apr. 29, 1589, by Thomas Ivie, senior, [43 LeicesterJ] To 
my godson, the son of my cousin Henry Harvie,* jQ6^ which his father 
oweth me. To my cousin Stokes,* all the money as he doth owe me, 
jQ^y also one cuppe of silver. To my cousin Clerkes daughter Elizabeth 
40/ out of the ^22 which her father oweth me. All such goods & 
money that I brought with me to M" Wisdome's house, which is 40/, 
& all such apparel as is with me there, I give to M" Wisdome. Residue 
of my goods to M' Thomas Ivie, the Elder, esq., my cousin, Exor. 
A. 26. r^HARLES GORGES, late of S' Clement Danes, co. Midd., dec^ 
B. 41,42,122. V^ Admon. May 9, 1650, to his relict Joane Gorges. 

WALTER GREENE, of Walton Park, Somerset, esq'. Will dated 
June I, 1704, proved Aug. 4, 1705, by his nephew Walter Greene. 
[100 Gee,"] To be buried in the Gaunts Church, Bristol, or, if I die at 
Grittleton or Winterboume Stoke, by my father & mother. My sister 
Rebecca, wife of Robert Wiltshire, of Grittleton. My farm at Clevedon. 
My sister in law the widow of my brother. My kinswoman M" Margaret 
Strode, of London, & her son & daughter. My friend & neighbour 
Thomas Luttrell, of Clevedon, ;£io. My nephew Walter Greene, of 
North Bradley, Wilts, Exor. 

WILLIAM COLBY, of Thurlbear, Somerset, gent. Will dated 
June 30, 1679, proved Jan. 5, 1679-80. [3 Bath.'] My sister 
M** Jadcson, of Harston, Leicestershire. My sisters M" Alice Barton & 
M" Jane Colby, of Jolland. My brother M' John Colby. 

LADY THOMASINE CRISPE, of the Isle of Thanet, but dec* in 
Warwick Lane, London. Admon. Apr. 20, 1680, to her daughter 
Lady Ann Powle. 

ROBERT GYBBES, Clarke, quondam Prior* Montis Acuti. Will 
dated June 2, 1560, proved Sep. 15, 1560. [46 Meliersh.'] To be 
buried in the Chancel of S^ Catherine, at Montague. My brother 
Walter Gibbes & his son John Gibbes. M' Thomas Hawker, of Vagg, 
gent, an Exor. 

EDWARD GIBBS, of Nether Stowey, Somerset, gent. WiU dated 
Jan. fad, 1640, proved May 23, 1642, by his relict Thomasine. 
i6s Cambeil!] Gifts to Nether Stowey. I have spent ;;^4o on a Gallery 
or the Church. Poor of Doddington & Stogursey. Henry Stake, of 
Ke)msham, gent, dec*, & his son William Stake, of Chilcompton. My 
wife's children. Children of my son in law George Hippisley, of 
Pennard, gent Children of my son in law M' Nathaniel SelUcke. 
Thomasine, Grace, Agnes, & Mary, daughters of George Hippisley, 
gent, jQ^o each. John Hippisley his son and Elizabeth his daughter, 
;i^ioo each at their ages of 21. An annuity of ;^20 to my daughter in 
law M" Elizabeth Hippisley, as long as she is unmarried. Robert, 
George, Edward, & Ann, sons & daughters of M' Nathaniel Sellick. Ann, 
wife of Nathaniel Sellick. M' Gregory Sindercomb, Vicar of Nether 

^ Nicholas Harvy married Joane, daughter of Richard Ivy of West Kington. See 
B". 47, where ior guy xtaAjvy, 
' See 1623 Visitation of Wilts, p. 78. The Ivies were of West Keinton, Wilts. 
' Collinson ill 313, gives Robert Whitelocke as the last Prior of Montacute. 


Digitized by 


Harl. Soc. 

XX. (Dorset), 

p. 46. 


Stowey. Richard Meredith, Vicar of Stogursey. M' John & M' Francis 
Dodington, sons of my noble friend Sir Francis Dodington, ;;^io each. 
John S* Albon, son of John S* Albon, of Alfoxton, esq., ;^io. Residue 
to my wife Thomasine, Exix. 

THOMASINE GIBBS, of Nether Stowey, Somerset, widow. Will 
dated Sep. i, 1646, proved Mar. 8, 1646-7, by Thomas Hippisley. 
[52 Junes.] My daughter Ann Sellecke & her sons Robert, George, & 
Edward Sellecke, & her daughter Thomasine Sellecke. Thomasine 
Hippisley, daughter of George Hippisley, dec*, jC4^* Grace, Rose, 
Sarah, Ann, Elizabeth, & Mary Hippisley, daughters of the said George. 
Residue to John Hippisley, son of my son George Hippisley, dec*. 
Thomas Hippisley, & my kinsman Christopher Dodington, Exors in 
trust. My brother George Dodington, & M' Syndercombe, Vicar * of 
Nether Stowey, Overseers. 

GEORGE GIBBS, of Crewkeme, Somerset, gent. Will dated July 
3, 1652, proved Oct 16, 1652, by Mawdlyn Gibbs. [237 Bowyer.] 
My wife Mawdlyn. George & Alexander, sons of Thomas Gibbs, my 
son* My son John Gibbs. My youngest son George Gibbs. 

GREGORY GIBBES, of Wayford, Somerset, esq. WUI dated 
28 Oct., 1680 (date of probate not given). [Taunton J^egistryJ] To 
be buried in the Church of Crewkeme, in the Dawbneys Isle there. My 
daughter Grace Hooper. My daughter Joane Gibbes, the virginalls in 
my parlor. Gregory Sandys, son of my sister Katberine Sandys. My 
three sisters Mary Bayly, Joan Elisdon, & Katherine Sandys. My son 
Hugh Dawbney Gibbes. 

(The seal broken, but apparently the Daubeny Arms.) 

HUGH DAWBENEY GIBBS, of Wayford, Somerset, esq'. WiB 
dated Sep. 4, 1694, proved June 18, 1700, by his sister Joane 
Grinstead. [130 Noe/.] Lands in Wayford & Chellinton to trustees, 
John Hodder, of Litton, Dorset, gent., & Richard Norris, of Netherhay, 
yeoman. My nephew Nicholas Hooper, ;£2oo. My sister Joan 
Grinstead. My nephew Hugh Horton, of Yetminster. Poor of Crew- 
keme, 50/. My sister Grace Miles (or Mills), ^5. Ann Grinstead, 
daughter of my sister Joane Grinstead, Exix. 

TDENJAMIN CULME, of Cannonleigh,' Devon, esq. Will dated 
-D 15 Feb., 1660-1, proved 2 Nov., 1663, by Jane Culme the relict 
liiS /uxon,] My Manors, &c., in Devon & Somerset, to my first son 
by Jane my wife, in default to my other sons. My said wife Jane, 
£idx. My kinsman John Courtney, esq., & my uncle John Pleydell, 
esq., Overseers. Mem : 22 Aug., 1663. He desired Jane his wife to 
pay certain other legacies, viz., to his sister Elisabeth Culme, a mill & 
estate in West Lydford. To his mother Deborah Culme & his aunt 
Dame Elisabeth Newcombe (sic) [Newcomen], ;^5oo each, to be raised 
out of the said Manors. To M' John Baker, M' Henry Fry, & M" 
Susanna Culme, ;^2o each. Charles Courtney, ;;f 20. Poor of Burlis- 
combe, ^20. To his uncle Olyver Pleydell, ;^4o. 

SUSANNA CULME, of Buckerell, Devon, spinster. Will dated 
May 20, 1689, proved Nov. 20, 1689. [152 Ent] 1 bequeath 
£So for a piece of plate to my cousin Anthony Hungerford. 

■ Instituted Aug. 22, 1631. 
^ In the parish of Burlescombe. 


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A. 28. B. 47. M ICHOLAS HARVY, of Brockley, Somerset, Esq'. Nuncupative 
•L^ will Sep. 7, 1586, proved Sep. 27, 1586, by his son Henry Harvy. 
[ Weils Registry,'] First he desired God to be merciful! vnto hym, and 
the people to pray for hym. To Bryget Harvy his daughter, ^10 in 
money. To Bryget & Aielce his daughters, a feather bedd. Residue 
to his son Henry Harvy, £x5r, requiring him to be good to Matthew 
Node his old servant. 

THOMAS HARVEYE, of West ShefFord, Berks. Will dated i 
Sep. 1620, proved Dec. 31, 1620, by Elisabeth Harvie the relict. 
[114 SoatneJ^ " I give unto the Church of West Shefford a convenient 
plate to came the bread in at tymes of the Adm" of the Blessed Sacra- 
ment, such an one as shall be fittest in the discretion of my Overseer." 
NICHOLAS HARVEY, of Brockley, Somerset, Esq., dec'*. Adroon. 
Oct 25, 1639, to his relict, Sarah Dyer alias Harvey. 
CHRISTOPHER HARVEY, of Hutton, Somerset, dec*. Admon. 
Apr. 29, 1650, to Elisabeth Harvey his relict. 
I ACE HARVEY, of Henton Park in Crewkeme, Somerset, spinster. 
Will dated Oct. 16, 1657, proved Nov. 28, 1657, by Francis & John 
Harvey. [403 Ruthen,'] To be buried with my father and mother at 
Moorlinch. My brothers Francis & John Harvey, of Bridgwater. 
My sister Agnes, wife of John Harvey, of Henton Park, gent., & 
Anne &: Elisabeth her slaughters. Henry, son of my brother Henry 

THOMAS HOOPER, of Wells, Clarke. Will dated Jan. 24, 1568, 
proved Mar. 2, 1568. [8 Sheffield,'] Poor of South Petherton, 10/. 
M' Geoffrey Upton & my cousin his wife, rings of gold. Their daughter 
Mary, my god-daughter, 20/. Residue to John Dane (or Daiie) my son 
in law. 

HTHOMAS HOOPER, of Carhampton, Somerset. Will dated Feb. 
-*• 26, 1581,* proved Apr. 26, 1581, by his relict (no name). [14 
Dany.] My son Georce Hooper. My daughters Johan & Grace, 
;;^2o each, & Mary, jC^S> My son Richard, ;;£io at 21. My wife, 
Exix. My cousin M' John Courte the younger, & Henry Mills, Over- 
seers. Thomas Luttrell, esq., owes me ^3, George Luttrell, esq., 
jQ6. 13. 4, Geoiige Escott, 40/, & Lawrence Escott the elder, 41/8. 
A 35. TAMES HOWPER, of Meriet, Somerset, gent Will dated June 10, 
J 30 Eliz., Codicil Jan. 13, 1597-8, proved Feb. 4, 1597-8, by Henry 
Howper. [i$£etiiyn.j M' Alexander Atkins to preach my funeral sermon. 
My brother Richard Howper. My cousin Edward Wilmot, of Culham, esq. 
My cousin Humphry Watkins, gent, ;i£io. My brother Anthony Bagge, 
200 marks. My brother Burie, ^10. My son Edward Burie, ;;£ioo. 
My brother Creswell, ;;£io for his wife, my sister. My kinswoman, Ann 
Codrington, & my godson Edward Codrington, ;;^2o each. The wife 
of Robert Cheverell, iny cousin, jCio, My sister Addington, 100 marks. 
Edward Addington, ^20. Ferdinand Addington, Alice Addington, & 
Anne Addington, ;;^2o each. Poor of Meriet for a stock, ;^ioo. To 
my wife Dorothy' in lieu of dower, Bowe with two mills & ground, & 
half of my silver plate, beds, &c. My kinsman Henry Howper, Exor. 
Sir Hugh Portman, Kn\ & M' John Portman, Overseers, 20 angells 

» ? 1580-81. 

' Daughter of Servington of Longford, Wilts. 

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THOMAS HOOPER, of Sixpenny Hanley, Dorset Will dated 
Aug. II, 1661, proved Oct. 15, 1661, by Rachel the relict [158 
May,'] My thr^ee daughters, Jane, Rachel & Dorothy. My wife M" 
Rachel Hooper, daughter of Richard Bingham, esq. My only son 
Hopton Hooper. My daughter Elizabeth, dec*, wife of William Talke, 

ALEXANDER POPHAM,. of Sherston, in North Petherton, Somer- 
set, gent Will dated Oct 27, 1680, proved May 4, 1688. [Taun- 
ton J^eg^J] Residue to my sister M" Margery Catford, Exix. Further 
Admon. May 27, 1691, of goods unadm* was granted to Daniel Yeates, 
Exor of Margaret Catford. 

MARGERY CATFORD,* of North Petherton, Somerset, widow. 
Will dated Jan. 14, 1688, proved Jan. 18, 1689 (1689-90). 
[Taunton I^e^."] My nephew Thomas Yeates. My nieces Mary Bun- 
combe & Katherine Coward. To Elizabeth Yeates my niece, ^io,'to 
be paid to M' Alexander Popham, of Bridgwater, in trust for her. Resi- 
due to my nephew Daniel Yeates, £x5r. ' 

THOMAS PARKER, of Elborough, in the parish of Hutton, Somer- 
set, gent Will dated Oct 18, 1644, proved June 18, 1647. [115 
FinesJ] To my eldest son Thomas Parker ;^ioo. His son Thomas 
Parker. My son John Parker. My son Edward. My daughters Mary 
White & Elizabeth Phelps. My sons in law John White &: William 
Phelps. My wife Mary. , . 

B. 113, TITILLIAM TYNTE, of Wrington, Somerset, gent. Will dated 
. - ^V June 10, 1650, proved Feb. 20, 1650-1. [39 Gny,'] My son 
Edmund Tynte holds leases & lands in Rosemarket, Pembrokeshire. 
Anselm Naish, my daughter's son. 

Wrington Registeis. Burials. 

1626. , Oct 4. Katherine, wife of Mr. WUIiam Tynte. 

1636.' March ad Robert, son of WiUiam Tynte, gent, 

1637. Aug. 2. WUIiam, son of WUIiam Tynte, gent. 

165a June 15. Mr. William Tynt dyed and was buried June i6. 

DOROTHY MORGAN, sole surviving daughter & heiress of William 
Cifrewast, of More Critchill, Dorset, Esq. Will dated Dec. 22, 
1598, proved Feb. i, 1599-1600. To be buried by my father in More 
CritchiU Church, with a memorye of me with the posy " I believe in the 
Resurrection of the Dead." To the parish Churdi & poor of Glaston. 
My approved friends Sir Robert Napper, kn*, & John Fitzjames of Red- 
linch, Esq. Parsoriage of Glaston, West Pennard &: Bradley, Somerset, 
late in the possession of my late husband Hutchings. An annuity to 
my husband M' Morgan. 

THOMAS MORGAN, of Hurst in Lidney, co. Glouc*;, gent. Will 
dated Dec. i, 1660, proved June 14, 1664, by William Morgan. 
[68 Bruce.] To be buried with my wife in Lidney Church. Gifts to 
the poor, & for Sermons. My brother William Morgan, Elizabeth, his 
wife, & his sons &: daughters, viz. Thomas (eldest son), Somerset, 
Richard, Anne & Maiy. My sister Anne Watkins. My sister Jane 
Merrick of Ross. M" Kemeys, of Caldicot, widow (sister of my late 
wife), & her daughters Katherine & Mary Kemeys. My brother in law 
Richard Morgan, <^ Nailsey, Somerset, esq. (brother of my lat^ wife), & 
his eldest son Richard Morgan, my godson. His two daughters Ann 
Newborough & Mary Moirgan, £s ^^h- Lady Alice, wife of Sir 

^ See ante, p. 48. 
11. 105 p 

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Nicholas Throckmorton, & Lady Ellinor, wife of Sir William Catchmaye, 
£5 each. William, son of my brother William Morgan. ;;^ioo for my 

riLLIAM MORGAN, of Wells, Somerset, gent Nuncupative 
Will, Feb. I, 1674-5, proved Feb. 16, 1674-5, by Mary Morgan 
the relict [16 I>ycer!\ Mary, my wife, shall have my Parsonage 
during her life and that of my brother Thomas. Witnesses, Thomas & 
Jean Codrington. 

WILLIAM MORGAN, of Hurst, Lydney, co. Glouc, esq. Will 
dated Mar. 24, . . . Ch. II., proved May 28, 1681, by Elisabeth 
Morgan the relict [75 I^orth.'] To be buried at Lydney with my 
mother, brother, & youngest daughter. My eldest son Thomas Morgan. 
My youngest son Richard. My eldest daughter Anne, relict of John 
Jones, gent. My grandchildren John Jones & Elisabeth Jones. My 
sister Watkms 

THOMAS MORGAN, of Hurst, Lydney, co. Glouc. WiU dated 
Apr. 26, 1681, proved May 28, 1681, by Eleanor Morgan the 
relict. [75 North.'] Personal estate of my wife Eleanor Morgan. My 
son Thomas Morgan. William, John, & Elisabeth, children of my 
sister M" Ann Jones. My eldest son Thomas Morgan, under 21. 

ANN MORGAN, of S' Giles in the fields, Midd*. Will (date 
omitted) proved by her daughter Ann Jones, June 27, 1690. [92 
Dyke."] My deceased husband. To S* George's parish, ;^ioo, & to 
the poor, ^50. My son Morgan. My daughter Ann Jones. My sons 
Richard, William, & Thomas Morgan. Rings to my brothers Richard 
Master, D' Master, Robert Master, & my sisters Smith & Wise. To 
my granddaughter Ann Jones, my ear-rings, silver tankard, &c. 
K- 75- "p ICHARD MORGAN the elder, late of Easton in Gordano, alias 
-t^ S* George's, Somerset, now of Bristol, esq. Will dat. Nov. 16, 
1709, proved Dec. 9, 1709, by his spn Richard Morgan, junior. [292 
Lane.'] To be buried in the parish church of Weston in Gordano pri- 
vately, between 10 & 11 o'clock at night. Bell to be tolled two hours 
before & after, with the prayers of the Church of England to be read 
at my funeral. Poor of S** George's, ;^ioo at jQ$ per Cent for those 
who come to Church & receive the Sacrament, & ;;^io to the needy 
poor on the first Sacrament day after my burial. Poor of Lancarven, 
CO. Glamorgan, jQ^^ of Weston & Wraxall, 20/, & of Nailsey, 40/. To 
my eldest son Richard Moigan & his wife, ;^2o for mourning, & all 
my plate. To my daughter Ann Morgan, ^2,000 on the day of her 
marriage, & interest on the same till then, & jQio for mourning. My 
eldest daughter Joane, wife of Edward Bisse, of St George's, clerk, /^^(^ 
per ann. & ;^8oo, also ;i^io for mourning. My youngest son, ;;^5o 
per ann. & ;^io for mourning, he to live & to be cared for by my 
eldest son. My housekeeper M" Ann Bisby, & George Freeman, 
' gent, £S' 

JOANNA MORGAN, of Bristol, widow. Will dated Dec. 10, 1707, 
proved Apr. 12, 1708, by William & Ann Brewster. [94 Barrett.] 
My children Joanna, Richard, Susanna, Elisabeth, wife of M' Joseph 
Watkins, & Ann, wife of William Brewster, esq. 

RICHARD MORGAN, of Hurst, co. Glouc, esq. Will dated Mar. 
X3, 1711, proved June 28, 1717, by Eleanor Morgan the relict 
[117 Whitfield.] My two brothers in law Charles Probart, of the 
Citgood(?), in Pencill, Monmouthshire, & Joseph Watkins, of Bristol, 


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gents. Trustees of my lands in Barbadoes, &c. My wife Eleanor 
Morgan, Exix. Codicil Feb. s, 1716. My five younger children. 

ABEL MOYSEY, of St. Andrew Undershaft, London. Will dated 
Feb. 21, 1733, proved Jan. 19, 1736, by Mary Moysey the relict 
[9 IVa^e.'] My stock in the shop. My son Abel & my daughter 
Molley. My sister 'Elizabeth Atterbury. My sister Swann. My sister 
Biddel. My brother Nathaniel 

A 55. T17ILLIAM NORRICE, of Milverton, Somerset Will dated June * 
VV g^ iS73f proved Nov. a, 1573, by Elisabeth Norrice,' the relict. 
[3* -ft/fr.] To Alice, my daughter, my white beare cupp of silver. 
My daughters Elizabeth & Johan. My son in law Silvester Huishe.* 
My daughter Huishe. To John Norrice, my son, all my lands, &a 
My brother Englishe & Alice his wife. My son Robert Norrice. My 
cousin Hugh Norrice. My brother Thomas. Residue to my wife 

B. 8a LJUGH NORRIS/ of S* Decumans, Somerset, dec*. Admon. July 
•*— ■- 31, 1598, to his son Thomas Norris. 

THOMAS NORRIS/ of Bath, gent, Will dated Mar. 26, 1616, 
proved Apr. 17, 1616, by his brother John Norris. [31 Co^*'\ I 
have bought of my brothers Arthur & John Farwell* the Parsonage of 
S^ Decumans. Thomas & John, sons of my brother John Norris. My 
sister Ann. My wife. 

JANE NORRIS, wife of John Norris, of S* Decumans, Somerset, 
esq. Will (no date) made during her husband's life, proved Sep. 5, 
1629, by John Norris. [81 I^idley.j My two brothers in law Thomas 
Beare & George Pepwell. Lands devised by my father. Arthur Fare- 
well, my late dec* husband, of whom I was Exix. My husband to 
enjoy the Manor of Barrington. My eldest son Arthur Farewell. My 
son Philip Farewell. 

JOHN NORRIS, of S5 Decumans, Somerset, esq. Will dated June 
17, 1646, proved July 25, 1650, by Dorothy Norris. [117 P^em- 
brokeJ] Poor Of S*' Decumans, 40/. The Parsonage of S* Decumans 
secured to my son Thomas Norris for his portion & his wife's jointure. 
My son Ames Norris, £2$ yearly. My daughter Ann Pawlett, ;^2o 

. yearly. Her three children, Robert, Thomas, & Alice. My daughters 
Dorothy & Elisabeth Norris. My lands in Bridgwater. My son John 

. Norris has by grant of Letters iPatent, the Office of Customer & Col- 
' lector of the Ports of Bridgwater & Minehead, for my use & benefit 
Robert Pawlett, late husbapd of my daughter Ann Pawlett. My three 
daughters Dorothy, Elisabeth, & Joan, Exixes, my goods, &c, among 
them^ Codicil^ Apr. 14, 1650. Thofnas Norris, of Hill Bishops, 
Somerset, gent., standeth bound to John Norris, his father, of S* Decu- 
mans, esq., in a bond of ;£i,2oo, for the payment of jQito yearly for 
16 years, after the death of John Norris, to his Exors. 

The s^d Tohn Norris mairied ist Elisabeth .... buried at St Deciimans, March 
13th, 1607-8. 2ndly. at St. Decumans, July 6th, 1609, Joan, daughter of William 
I^ewes. 3rdly. Jane, daughter of Sir ThOmas Phelips, of Barrington, and widow of 
' Arthur Farewell, buried at St. Decumans, July 27th, 1629. 

granted to 

Hugh Norris and his two sons. CoUinson iii. 228. 
' 1 61 6. Ap. II. Mr Thomas Norris was buried at Bath Abbey. 


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ELIZABETH NORRIS, late of Damucus pS" Decmnansl Somer- 
. set) spinster, decf. ^droon. June 17, 1657, to her mother Elisabedi 

JOHN N0RRI8,* of Mynehead, Sotaerset, gent Will dated Nov. 25, 
1668, proved May 14,. 1669, by John Norris. [59 C0keA My. 
daughters Alice Norris & Mary Norris, £s^ ^<^b* ^7 ^^ Thomas 
Norris, ;^ioo at age of 15. My daughter £lifiabeth« * Lands in Old 
Cleeve. My wife Mary Norris, Exiz*. 

ANN NORRIS, of Bath, Somerset, dec''. Admon. May 8, 1679, ^o 
her brother John Norris* 
1st Series, 79. A NDREW LUTTRELL, of Spaxton, Somerset, gent Will dated 
/j^ May 17, 1665, proved Sep. i, 1665. [JVells J?<^.] My brothexs 
Thomas & Edward Luttrell, my kuids in Cornwall & elsewhere between 
them. To Thomas, my brother, ;£4o, in the hands of Sit John Warre, 
Kn*. Elisabeth & Joane Luttrell, my sisters, £$0 between them. To 
Frances, Edward, & John, three children of John Bellamy, ;£'io for 
their benefit My mother Frances Luttrell, one gold ring, now in the 
custody of my aunt Joan Collard. My sifter Frances Bellamy. Residue 
to Thomas Luttrell, my brother.. Inventory, ^£"21 2, 

THOMAS LUTTRELL, of Clevedpri, Somerset, hu3bandman. Will 
dated Apr. 3, 1684, proved . . . Aiig., 1684. IM^el/s Iieg^J\ My 
' son Thomas Luttrell, Exor. My daughter Mary Luttrell, £10, My 
wife Jone to havfi a sufficient maintenance allowed her by my Exor. 
My daughter Prudence Jones &* her son John Jones. Inventory, 
£aoi 2. {sic). 

Genealogist, T OHN DODDINGTON, of Marston Bigot, Somerset, dec''. Admon. 
1877, p. 23, J Feb. I, 1604, to his relict [? daughter] Mary HipSley, ** •^ • '• 
ton, & to Richanl Hippisley, husband of the said Mary. 

ELIZABETH DODDINGTON, of tentrebach, Monmouthshire, 
dec^ Admon. 11 Mar., 1658-9, to het cousin-german Philip 
Jones, esq., alias Sir Philip Jones, Kn*. . • 

ARABELIA DODINGTON, of S' Margaret's, Westminster, Spmster. 
Will dated July 30, 1697, proved Dec. 21, 1726, by Alicia BuBb. 
[252 Shalier.'] To be buried in S* Giles jn the Fields, Midd. AU 
my goods, &c., to my sist^' Alicia Bubb, of Westminster, .widow, 

ALICE BUBB, of S* Anne's, Westminster, widow. Will dated Jan. 
24, 1720, proved Mar. 23, 1720 (1720.1), by her son Geoi^e 
Dodington. [43 Buckingham,'] To be buried in S* Anne's, near my 
deceased sister Arabella Dodington.. To my niece M" Hester Deverel^ 
wife of William Deverell, ;£ioo. To two servants, ;£'25o each. M' 
Joseph Staples & M" Alice Flower, of Salisbury, ;£'2oeach/ M" Eliza- 
beth Sadler, 20 guineas for mourning. To M' Abraham Hatchet, Post 
Master of Blandford, ;£'2o. To my niece Hester Deverell, ;^iob more. 
Residue to my son George Dodington, esq., Exor. Codicil. To M'^ 
Elisabeth Aubery, ^^400. M" Judith Bubb, ;^ioo. 

ROOKS DODINGTON,. of Horsington, Somerset, spinster. Will 
dated June 14, 1728, proved Mar. 21, 1728-9, by Edith Dodington. 
[70 Abbott,'] To my sister Margaret Jackson, the interest of jj^so'for 
her life, & then the s^ sum to her daught^ Margaret Jackson. • My 

' Daughter of Sir George Farwell, of Hill Bishop. 

^ He was buried on Dec. 2, his widow on Dec. 17, 1668.' He was a strong Royalist 
and had to compound, having raised a troop of horse for the Kingb 


Digitized by 


1st Series, 

niece Edith Jackson, my best gown. My kinswoman Alice Sbaw 
Overman, my wrought gown. M;^ niece Mary Overman, my gold 
locket To my brother Geoige Dodington, esq., my silver casters. My 
sister Sibley, my silver salver. Her daughter Elizabeth & my sister 
Mary, wife of William Overman, esq., j^s for mourning. My sister 
Sarah Mason. My aunts Bennet & Rooks. To my brother George 
Dodingtoq, my^ copyhold estate in Lambeth & £$0. To my sister 
Edith Dodington, iny shares in the King's Head Inn at Lambeth, &c. 
24. p\AME BLANCH KEMEYS, alias Mansell, of Llandeme, Gla- 
J-^ morgan, dec'. Admon. Apr. 30, 165 1| to her husband Sir Charles 
Kemeys, Kn^ & Bar*. 

CHARLES KEM YS, esq., of S* Mellions, Monmouthshire, bachelor, 
dec^ Admon. JUI7 . . • 1653 to his brother David Kemys. 
1st Scries, 58. TTENRY BARON, of Wells, Somerset, Linen draper. WUl dated 
^ 1 Apr. 30, 1640, proved Mar. 10, 1640-1, by his son Henry Baron, 
Frances Baron, testator's wife^ being dead, [z^ Evelyn.'] To my eldest 
son Alexander BarOn, & my son James Baron, each two of mv best 
silver spoons. To my daughters EUenor & Lude, rings of 30/ eadi. 
My grand-daughter Sarah Sparke, 5/. My daughter Frances, £zo. 
My son Arthur, 20/. My wife to have the occupation of my dwellmg 
house during die term I have therein, '&^ after her death to my son 
Henry. Residue to my wife Frances & my son Henry, Exdrs. Codicil 
Aug. 9, 1640. More to my daughter Frances, ;i^30, & to my son 
Arthur. My cousin Tristram Towse, 10/ for a ring. My son Henry 
Baron, Exor, as my wife is very sick. Item, He gave to his sister Cox 
& sister Home, 5/ each. 

RICHARD CARPENTER, Professor of Divmity, Pastor of Sheviock, 
Devon. Will dated Aug. 9, 1625, proved Feb. 17, 1627-8, by the 
relict Susan Carpenter. [11 Barrington.'] In the name of God the 
. Father, the inexhaustible fountain of goodness, of God the sonne, the 
Incomprehensible wi§dom of the Father, & of God the Holy Ghost, 
the Indivisible power of them Both, Three distinct Persons in Office, 
but One and the same Eternal, Invisible & only live God in Essence, 
to whom I ascribe & desire, to be ascribed all praise, power, majestic, 
& do honour & glory now & for ev^. To Susan Carpenter, the 
daughter of the most worthy John Trevelyan, of Nettlecombe, esq^ 
dec^ my most loving, faithful, & dearly beloved wife, not as any recom- 
• pense of her inaniibld desearts — who for her rare vertues of Chastity, 
Charity, fidelity, frugality, & above all, of religious piety & pitty towards 
' ihe poor, des^tveth to be honoured, loved, & highly esteemed — ^to^her, 
I saie, my vertuous, unfaignedly living & entirely beloved wife — J be- 
^ queath my great golden signet ringe, w^ as an especial giiifte was be- 

queathed to us by her good Father of blessed memory, bearing in the 
scale thereof the ancient antis of Nettlecombe House, & having this 
poesy <^ Disce mori "—desiring her for the continuacion of the donors 
worthy Remembrance, to take such order, that it may pass as an heir • 
loom to the male children of our Marriage successively — to the longest 
liver of them, & so to their posteritie.' To my son John Carpenter, 
now Student at Exeter Coll: Oxon. My eldest daughter.Susan. My 
daughter Mary. My son Richard. My 3'' daughter Ann. My 4*** 
daughter Elisabeth. My 3^ son Edward. My 5*^ daughter Sarah. My 
4^ son & youngest cluld Thomas. My brother John Carpenter, of 
Salisbury. My three sisters, Jane, Ann, & Agnes. Residue to my 


Digitized by 


wife Susan, Exix. Tenement of HOI. M' D' Hakewdl & M' J. Del- 
bridge to be Assistants. 

His wife Susan was bom 1588, and was danghter of John and Urith (Chichester) 
Treyelyan. Nettleoombe Register— Married 1606, Sept ist, Mr. Richard Carpenter 
and Mrs. Susanna Trevelian. 

GEORGE JOYCE/ of Evercreech, Somerset, gent. Will dated 
Feb. 23, 1640, proved May 31, 1641, by Simon Courte. [54 
JSvefynJ] To be buried at Evercreech. j£6 to buy a new Chalice. ^ To 
the poor j£^ioo for a stock." To my nephew Edward Courte a silver 
bowle. My brother Richard Joyce & his children. My sister Catherine 
Courte, 20/. My cousin Amy Stroude, 20/. My cousin Joyce of Wells, 
j£$ a year. My cousin John Watson, the same. My cousin John 
Courte, 20/. To my cousin Edward Court, a great chest standing in the 
HalL Residue to my nephew Simon Court, Ex5r. M' James Dugdale 
& Edward Bisse, the younger, Esq., overseers. 

JOHN WALTER, of Broad Brunsdon, in Highworth, Wilts. Will 
dated Dec. 18, 1638, proved May 15, 1640, by Anne the relict [56 
Coventry^] To the poor, 20/. All my goods to ihy wife Anne. Further 
Admon. Nov. 20, 1660, to Ailn Butcher alias Lovcden, wife of John 
Butcher, niece from the daughter & nearest of kin of John Walter, 
senior, Ann Watts, the relict, being dead, 
ist Series, 72. /^RACE PHELPS, widow of Henry Phelps, of Poriock, Somerset. 
vjr Will dated Jan. 6, 1636, proved June 26, 1637, by Agnes Hens- 
leigh. [86 Groare.'] To be buried at Poriock. Money to the Church 
& Poor. Michael, son of Roger Hill, ^10. My brother Francis Hill, 
j^2o. My sister Jane Churley. My sister Jane March, of Chipstable, 
& her husband Thomas Marshe (sic). To Agnes Hill,*my mother, ;;^2o. 
John, son of Robert Hensleigh, of Sel worthy, 10/. Robert, son of 
Henry Hensleigh, of Selworthy, 10/. Residue to Agnes Hensleigh, my 
only daughter, Exix. 

ANN PHELPES, of Yeovil, Somerset, spinster, dec*. Admon. 
Dec. 13, 1650, to her brother Giles Phelpes. 
GILES PHELPES,. of Stoford, Somerset, dec*.' Admon. July 6, 
1650, to his brother Peter Phelpes.' 
JEROME HARVEY, of Hound Street, Marksbury, Somerset, gent. 
Will dated Jan. 19, 8 Cha", proved Mar. 14, 1637. [34 LeeJ\ To 
be buried at Compton Dando, with a £Eiir tomb, & ^20 allowed for it 
j^ioo to the use of the poor. My master. Sir Francis Popham, "whose 
love I confesse I have injoyed to my greate comfort, in my life time. 
To John, son of Roger Harvey, ;^3o. My cousin Richard Harvey, son 
of my brother Richard Harvey. 
Berry's Hants, T> OBERT LANGRISH, of Winscombe, Somerset, gent. Will dated 
336. -tv Nov. 28, 1636, proved Apr. 23, 1638, by Dorothy Ldngrish, widow. 

[50 Lee,"] My mansion of MackwAl.* Dorothy, my wife. My sons 
Theodore, Robert, & Nathaniel My daughters Prue & Dorothy. My 
sons Edmund, Thomas, & Samuel. My brother M' Gabriel Ludlowe. 

THOMAS LANGRISH, late^f Weymouth, Melcombe Regis, Dorset, 
& of H.M. ships Margate, Windsor, & Bredah^ dec^. Admon. 
Apr. 24, 1703, to Robert Akers, Attorney for Dorothy Langrish, the 
relict* . . 

* Matthew Joice of Evercrich was disclaimed in 1623. See B. 13a 

* Or HuQstrete. 

' Maxmill. See Collinsbn iii. 613. 

Digitized by 


THOMAS LANGRISH, of S* Paul's, Covent Garden, Midd«, lately 
Captain of the Royal fireship, « le Earl Galley," dec*, Admon. 
Nov. 2, 1703, to his relict Judith Langrish. 
1623 Visita- /^ILES TOOKER. WUl dated Apr. 25, 1618, proved Jan. 30, 1623-4, 
Ij^^f Wilts, Vjr by Edward Tooker. [3 Byrde.-] To my wife^ ^200 per ann. 
^' ' My sons William & Edward. My daughters children by William Chafyn,* 

;^ioo to each. Codicil Aug. 30, 1623. My daughter's children by M' 
Arthur Sneeth. My brother Charles. My brother William Eyre. 

ELISABETH TOOKER, widow of Giles Tooker, of Maydenton,' 
Wilts. Will dated 2 Mar. 1627-8, proved 24 Jan., 1628-9, by 
Wlliam Tooker. [4 I^ui/^,] To be buried at Maydenton, near my 
husband. My son Edward Tooker. Elizabeth & Mary Chafyn, my 
daughter's children. Their sister Willoughby Chafyn. To my brother 
Thomas Eyre, 30/ for a ring. Giles Tooker, son of my son Edward 
Tooker. To three children of my son William, ;^2o each. William 
Tooker, Exor. 

TRYSTRAM TUCKER, of Wells, Somerset, gent. Will dated 
Jan. 10, 1635, proved May 9, 1638, by Gertrude Morgan.* [60 
Z^eJ] To be buried at Hemyock, Devon. William & Marie, children 
of John Morgan, esq., 10/ each. My son in law William Moigan, esq., 
& my daughter Gertrude, his wife. 

JOHN TUCKER, of Huish, Somerset, gent. Will dated Oct 4, 
1634, proved June 29, 1639, by Susanna, the relict [113 jffarveyJ] 
To be buried at Huish, & to the poor j£s- To each of my children's 
children, ;j^io. Children of my son John. My daughters Alice & 
Ann, ;^ioo each. My son Thomas, under 21. My wife Susanna, 

JOHN TOOKER, of Norton Hall, Somerset, Esq. Will dated Apr. 5, 
1687, proved Apr. 28, 1687, by Dorothy Tooker, the relict [46 
Foot,"] My son John Tooker, an annuity of jj^20, during ^e life of my 
wife Dorothy. To my son James, at age of 24, ;£'4oo out of my farm 
of Welton, Somerset. My son Trevethy Tooker, ;£^2oo at age of 30. 
My four daughters 'Margaret, Elisabeth, Honor, & Mary Tooker, ;;^25o, 
at ages of 21 or marriage. My sister Ann Tooker, ;^2o. Estates, &c, . 
to my wife for her life, then to my son John Tooker. 
]V/| ARGARET TOOKER, formerly of Chilcompton, Somerset, now 
-l-^A of S* Martins in the Fields, Midd*, spinster. Will dated June 21, 
1694, proved June 25, 1694, by Abraham Barbour. [143 Box.'] My 
sister Mary Maroris, j£s. My sister Elisabeth. My sister Honor 
Bull, & my brother Trewethy Tooker, 20/ each for rings. Residue 
to Abraham Barboiu:. My aunt Jane Ellis. My cousin Margaret 

JAMES TUCKER, of Cbarlton, Somerset, gent Will dated Oct. 18, 
1694, proved April 11, 1695, by Joanna Tucker the relict [60 
Irfy.'] To be buried at Doulting. Poor of Doulting & Shepton Mallet. 
My sons William & Samuel. My brother Samud Tucker. My son 
Cary Tucker, ;£^ioo. My daughter Joanna, ;;^3oo. My sons in law 
Stephen & Walter. My brother in law Thomas Cary. My nephews 
Thomas Cooth & James Bert. ' 

^ Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Eyre, of Sarum. 

• Of Sealis Clev^on, now Zeals. Sec 1623, Visitation of Wilts, p. 57. 
' I.e. Maddincton. 

* B. 76. 


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JOHN WILLS, of Chesdboro, Somerset, gent Will dated July 26, 
1637, proved May 10, 1638, by his son John Wills. [65 Lee.'] To 
be buried at Cheselboro. My daughter Agnes & her children. Francis, 
my grandson. My wife Brulget. All my lands, &c., to my only son 
John Wills. 
B. 91. T^IMOTHY REVETT,* D.D., Archdeacon of Bath,' Canon Residen- 
A tiary trf" Wells. Will dated Mar. 17, 1637, proved June 30, 1638, 
by Katherine the relict. [76 Lee,"] Books to Library. Poor of 
* Cheddar, Compton Martin, Knowle, &;c. To my sons Arthur & 
Timothy, ;^34o, in the hands of my friend Tristram Towse, of Wellij. 
My cousin M' William Bull. My brother M' Thomas Coward. Bish (?) * 
lake & D' Duck, godfathers of my son Arthur. My sister Philip James. 
My wife Katherine^ Eidx. 

ARTHUR REVETT, of Wells, Somerset, gent Nuncupative will 
June 35, 1647, proved Aug. ao, 1647, by his mother Catherine. 
[173 Fines.] My brother Timothy Revett My mother Catherine. 

TIMOTHY RIVETT, of WeUs, Somerset, gent Will dated Dea 
22, 1679, proved May 20, 1680, by Henry Strode. [64 BathJ] To 
be buried in the Cathedral, near my father. Rings to ly William 
Peirse,^ Archdeacon of Taunton, his son William Peirse, cousin Charles 
Mattocke, & his wife Jane, my cousin, Mary Coward her sister, Edward 
Strode, of Downside, &c. My cousin Thomas Peirse, son of D' Peirse, 
^5oa To Edward Strode, ;fci,ooo in trust, to pay to children of my 
cousin Jane Mattock, jQso^ &c. Gifts to poor. William Peirse, brother 
of Thomas Peirse. My goddaughter M" Mercie Strode, two gold chains. 
M' Heiuy Strode, of Ham, Exor. 

JAMES KEENE, of Tickenham, Somerset, Clerk. Will dated Aug. 
14, 1638, proved Oct 5, 1638. [128 Lee,J\ To be buried in the 
Chancel of Winford, Somerset, my native place. My son James, jQio 
at 14. My son John. My daughter Elinor. My wife Ma^« Poor of 
Tickenham, 1/6. 

FRANCIS KEENE, of Wells, Somerset, gent Nuncupative WiU 
Oct 26, 1660, proved June 7, x66i, by Jane Keene the relict 
[98 May.] I give all to my wife, 
xst Scries, 9a T^HOMAS HURDE, son of Andrew Hurde, of Long Sutton, 
' i Somerset, dec*. Will dated Aug. 2, 1583, proved Oct. 24, 1583. 
[8 Buits,] My mother. My brother John Hurde. My three sisters 
Joan, Agnes, & Maxy. My sister Isabd, wife of H. Greene^ of Sarum.. 
My unde Robert Burridg. 
B. 58. \kTlLLlMA HURD the elder, of Kingston,' Somerset, gent WiU 
V V dated Apr. 14, 1638, proved Oct 17, 1638, by Joane * the relict & 
Thomas Hurd the son. [129 Lee,] To my grandchild Joseph 
Francklin, £20. My daughter Judith, wife of Thomas Rawe. • My son 
William Huid. My daughter Jane Haskett My son George Hiird. 
My daughter Hester Francklyn. My wife Joane Hurd, rents of my 
lands in Ilchester, &c. 

WILLIAM WILLOUGHBY, of Cadbury, Somerset, Esq. WiU 
dated Sep. i, 1635, proved Nov. 2q, 1638, by Alice WUloughby 

' ' His wife was dan^ter of Fnmds James. She was living i647.» 

* From 1613 to 16^ ' Bishop Lake died in 1626. 

* Vicar of Kingsbury Episcppi (see Walker's " Su&rings of the Clcigy," ii. 73)- 
' Kingsdon near Somerton. See B. 144. 

* Daughter of John Thwaits, of WiUesford, Wilts. 


Digitized by 


the relict [153 Zee.'] ;^2,ooo in the hands of William Willoughby, 
of Knoyle Odieme, Wilts, esq., & Thomas Weston, of Calewe Weston, 
Dorset, esq., in Trust. My son William Willoughby shall have ;^4oo, 
& my daughters Alice, Jane, & Katherine Willoughby, ^£^200 each. 
My wife Alice Exix. My sons Thomas, Richard, John, Michael, & 
Emeley Willoughby, ;£'ioo each. My youngd^t son Xtopher Wil- 
loughby to the care of his mother. Codicil Sep. 17, 1638. 
i623yuita. ^ITTILLIAM WILLOUGHBY/ of West Knoyle, alias Knoyle 
p.°s8. y Odiame, Wilts, esq., widower, dec*. Admoa Apr. 10, 164S, to 

his son Bampfield Knoyle. 
(5iV, but qaery Willoughby.) 

CHRISTOPHER WILLOUGHBY, of Bishopston, Wilts, esq. Will 
dated Oct. 19, 1680, proved Feb. 17, 1680-1. [18 North,'] To be 
buried in the Chancel of Bishopston. To my cousin M' George Wil- 
loughby, of London, merch^ for his life, the Rectory of Bishopston & 
Manor. His son Xtopher Willoughby & his daughters Barbara & 
Elizabeth Willoughby. To my wife Mary, j£^o per ann. Rectory of 
S* Martin's New Sarum, Rectory of Uphaven. jC^5<^ per ann. to my 
wife Mary. To Sh: John Willoughby, & Mary & Elizabeth, his sisters, 
;^io per ann. each. My late wife's old friend, M" Mary Wheeler. 
My cousin Mary Maddox, wife of M' Richard Maddox, manor of 
Watchfield, Berks. My sister Hercules (sic) Locke, ;^8o. Her son 
Xtopher Locke, jCjo. To the daughter of M' Henry White, of Knoyle, 
jCiS' To Sir John Willoughby, K*, of the habitt of Christ, & his 
sisters Mary & Elizabeth, ;;^8o each, being the children of my cousin 
Robert Willoughby, of Maderoes. My cousin Capt Henry Sheeres. 
Willoughby Atkins, son of my sister Ann Atkins. To Barbara, daughter 
of my cousin George Willoughby, jf 400, to her daughter Elizabeth, 
;£'4oo, and to her son Xtopher, ;;^2oo. My brother in law William 
Willoughby, esq., £50, His sister Edith Willoughby, ^50. My 
father in law's two sisters, ;^40. My uncle Carpenter's children. To 
the poor of Fovant, where my father, M' Richard Willoughby, was 
bom, ;^so for a stock, &c. Inscription on my grave, " Here lyeth the 
body of Xtopher Willoughby, happy in his first wife, whom he now lies 
by, but unhappy in his last wife." Residue to my cousin George Wil- 
loughby, Exdr. 

SIR GEORGE WILLOUGHBY, of Bishopston, Wilts, Knt. Will 
dated Dec. i, 1693, proved June 4, 1695, by his son Christopher 
Willoughby. [108 Irdy.] My granddaughter Barbara Gerrard, jC20o, 
To the rest of my grandchildren ;£io each. My two daughters & their 
husbands, ;£'io each. To my daughter Elizabeth Bayntun, an annuity 
of jC^Of out of my estate at Newcastle by Lease from the Bishop of 
Carlise, & after her death, j£s^ each to my daughter's two children, 
Henry & Elizabeth. I wish to be buried at Bishopston, by my wife, a 
black marble stone to be laid over us, to cost jCS^' Residue to my son 
Christopher Willoughby, esq.,'Ex6r. 

His daughter Elizabeth married Thomas Baynton, of Little Charfield, and his 
daughter Barbara married Thomas Garrard, of Lambome, Berks. 

JOHN WILLOUGHBY, of Henstridge, Somerset, bachelor, dec**. 
Admon. Mar. 10, 17 11- 12, to his sister Jane Willoughby, spinster. 

^ He married Elinor, daughter of Hugh Bamfield, of Cadbury, Somerset, and his 
sister Amie married Thooias Weston. 

II. 113 q 

Digitized by 



CoHinson liL 

243. 547. 
1st S. 59. 

ELIZABETH WILLOUGHBY, widow & relict of Richard Wil- 
loughby, late of Sanford Orcas, Somerset, gent, dec^ Will dated 
Oct. 13, 1715. Adraon. May 26, 1722, to her niece Elizabeth Hunt, 
widow, & resid^ Legatee, the Trustees & Exdrs having renounced. 
[108 Marlboro.'] My body to be buried without pomp or ostentation, 
in some evening, within three or four days after my decease, in the 
churchyard of Sanford Orcas, near my husband Richard Willoughby. 
My Exors to expend ^£'20 on my funeral, to be bestowed as my niece 
Elizabeth, now wife of John Hunt, esq., shall direct. To the poor of 
Sanford Orcas, £^, To my dear Cousin & niece the Lady Russell, 
Elizabeth Hunt, Edmund, Richard, & Katherine Loyd, sons & 
daughters of my dec* brother Edmund Loyd, one guinea each for a 
ring. Each of my servants, 20/. To Mary, daughter of William Pratt, 
of Thurloxton, gent., £1$. To the children of John Hunt, es(l., one 
guinea each for a ring. To Elizabeth, daughter of my now tenant & 
late servant Thomas Downe, 40J. To my friends John Pagett, of 
Poyntington, clerk, Thomas Ludwell, of Brewton, gent, & William 
Pratt aforesaid, & their heirs, &c., all such lands of inheritance as now 
or shall be on Mortgage unto me, & all my other lands of inheritance 
not otherwise disposed of, by deed, in trust for the sole use & benefit 
of my said niece Elizabeth Hunt & her heirs for ever. All the residue 
of my goods, chattels, &c., to the abovenamed Trustees, whom I ordain 
as Exors to pay my debts, legacies, &c., and to pay to William Wil- 
loughby, of West Knoyle, Wilts, j^^ijooo, being what my deceased 
husband, by his last will, or by deed of Settlement of his Manor, farm, 
or demesne Land in Sanford Orcas, did order to be paid to him. My 
Trustees to place at Interest the residue of my moneys during the joint 
lives of John & Elizabeth Hunt, the Interest to be paid to the separate 
use of Elizabeth Hunt. If she outlive her husband, all the capital to 
be paid to her. If John Hunt survive her, then the same mone3rs to 
be paid & divided between Edmund, Dodington, & Elizabeth Hunt, 
the three younger children of the said John & Elizabeth Hunt All 
my household goods. Jewels, silver plate, gold rings & watches to 
Elizabeth Hunt for her own use. Codicil May 14, 17 19. The said 
recited devise to extend to all lands & mortgages that I am now seised 
of, for the sole & separate use of my niece Elizabeth Hunt Whereas 
I have for safety's sake, my own house not being safe, sent my best 
plate, linen, & household goods to my said niece Elizabeth Hunt to 
keep for me, the particulars of which she has, by a note under her 
hand, acknowledged the receipt of, the same shall go to the said 
Trustees as my residue estate. Nov. 26, 1756. Admon. was granted 
of goods left unadministered by Elizabeth Hunt, of Sanford Orcas, 
widow, to Francis Newman & Lionel Seaman, two of the Exors named 
in the will of the said Elizabeth Hunt 

JOHN FRY, of Combe S* Nicholas, Somerset, gent Will dated 
Jan. 2, 1635, proved Nov. 20, 1638, by Dorothy Fry the relict 
[166 Lee.] My kinsman Robert Chute & Julian his wife. My wife 
Dorothy, Exix. My brother in law John Richards. My cousin David 
Yea,* Overseer. 

THOMAS SLOCOMBE, of Eastcote, Stogumber, Somerset, gent. 
Will dated July 23, 1638, proved Nov. 16, 1638, by Elizabeth 

* Collin son iii. 290. 

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Slocombe. [167 Zee.'] Joane Slocombe my mother, a ring of gold, 
20/. John my youngest son. My eldest son Thomas. David my 2"* 
son. Residue to my wife Elizabeth, Exix. My friends Thomas Hol- 
beach,* of Whitchurch, alias Filton, Somerset, & William Carswell, of 
Ashpriors, gent., Overseers. ^ 

DAVID SLOCOME, the elder, of Lydiard Episcopi, Somerset, 
gent Will dated Aug. 15, 1646, proved Feb. 7, 1649-50, by the 
Exors. [30 Pembroke,'] To the poor, ;^2o. George Hukeley, my son 
in law. My wife Eleanor. My son David Slocombe, under 21. 
Thomas Dyke, of Kingston, gent., John Cridland, of Spaxton, gent, & 
Edward Webber, of Taunton, Clothier, Exors. 

DAVID SLOCOMBE, of Bishop Lydeard, Somerset, gent. Will 
dated June 18, 1673, proved Nov. 27, ^673, by Katherine the 
relict [151 Fye,] My wife Katherine. My eldest son David. My 
sons Richard & George. 

' B. SS- 

Note. — Second Series, p. 49, 1. 3, for Huntspill read Hunstillj which is in Chilton. 
See Collinson iii. 88. 

Note. — First Series, p. 71, note i. Hensley of Leigh in Old Cleeve is a dififerent 
family from Henleigh of Leigh in Winsham. 



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Abarougb, Hercules, 3X 

Abbington, Andrew, 56; Margaret, 56, 

Abell, Mary, 18 ; William, 18. 
Acland, Arthur, 86; LsAy Cicely, 85, 

86, 89 ; Lady Elizabeth, 86; Elizabeth, 

86 ; Lady Fanny, 86 ; Sir Hugh, 85, 

86, 89 ; Sir John, 86 ; Sir Peregrine, 

86 ; Sir Thomas, 86 ; , 88. 

Adams, Alice, 12. 

Addington, Alice, 104 ; Anne, I04 ; 

Edward, 104; Ferdinand, 104, 
Aeres. See Eyre. 
Aishe, Ann, 24 ; Humphrey, 65 ; Tames, 

24 ; John, 65 ; Nicholas, 18 ; Thomas, 

Akers, Robert, i la 
Aldworth, Elizabeth, 54; Francis, 54; 

Martha, 54; Robert, 54. 
Alford, Elizabeth, 77 ; John, 77 ; Joseph, 

77 ; Mary, 20 ; Matthew, 20. 
Allen, Agties^^ ; Elizabeth, 23 ; Emblem, 

63 ; Rev. Henry, 35 ; Jane, 23, 63 ; 

John, 23, 77 ; Mary, 23 ; Rev. Richard, 

63; Robert, 99; Strode, 23; Susanna, 


Allington, Marmadnke, 88. 

Allott, Catherine, 39, 40 ; John, 39, 40. 

AHsopp, Frances, 63. 

Ames, Edith, 75 ; Mary, 75 ; Thomas, 

75 ; AVilKam, 75. 
Ancastle, Katherine, 25. 
Anderdon, Dr., 88. 
Anderton, Elizabeth, 37. 
Andrews, Abigail, 50; Elizabeth, 49, 

50 ; Emma, 38 ; Humphrey, 50 ; Jane, 

58; John. 6, 49, 5ft; Joseph, 58; 

Thomas, 6. 
Anketill, Ann, 18 ; John, 18. 
Anthony, Martha, 70 ; Rebecca, 70 ; 

Thomas, 70. 
Appletree, Elizabeth, 98. 
Arnam, Agnes, 22 ; Elizabeth, 22 ; Ellen, 

22 ; Francis, 22 ; Mary, 22 ; Nicholas, 

Arnbrey, Dr., 81. 
Arthur, Dorothy, 24 ; Edward, 24 ; 

Mary, 94. 

Arundell, Ann, 45 ; Cicelv, 26 ; Edward, 
26 ; Rev. Francis, 24, 62 ; Humphrey, 
95 ; John, 82 ; Sibella, 62 ; Thomas, 
62 ; William, 62. 

Arwell, Thomas, 8x. 

Ashby, > 75. 

Ashe, Anne, 68 ; James, 80 ; John, 36. 

Ashfield, Humphrey, 47 ; Margaret, 47. 

Ashford, Rev. Edmund, 63; Frances, 
63 ; John, 85. 

Askym, f 54. 

Atkins, Rev. Alexander, 104 ; Ann, 113; 
Richard, 20; Willoughby, 113. 

Atterbury, Elizabeth, 107. 

Attwood, Anthony, 81. 

Aubrey, Elizabeth, 108. 

Avery, Christian, 70 ; Dorothy, 51 ; 
Jacob, 51 5 James, 7a 

Baber, Francis, 11, 45, 66; John, 30; 
Robert, 66 ; William, loa 

Babington, Walter, 81. 

Bachiler, Rev. Elias, 85. 

Bacon, William, 17. 

Bagg, Anthony, 104. 

Bapgett, George, 61. 

Baker, Alice, 96 ; Ann, 96 ; Anstice, 
54 ; Rev. Edmund, 20 ; Elizabeth, 89, 
107; Euseby, 96; Frances, 96; Ga- 
briel, 96; John, 35, 103; Nicholas, 
96; Thomas, 96; Dr. W., Bishop of 
Norwich, 96. 

Bale, Elizabeth, 39. 

Baley, Alice, 80. 

Ball, Susanna, 60 ; , 98. 

Bamfield, or Bampfield, Amias, 29; Ann, 
29 ; Elinor, 113; Elizabeth, 32 ; Hugh, 
113; Sir John, 32; John, 89, 92; 
Thomas, 11 ; Warwick, 92. 

Bancke, Ann, 10 ; Thomas, 10. 

Banfield, Frances, 64 ; Jane, 64 ; Kathe* 
rine, 64 ; Mary, 64 ; Robert, 64 ; 
Ursula, 64 ; William, 64. 

Banister, Charles, 5 ; Edward, 5 ; Eliza- 
beth, 5 ; James, 5 ; Jane, 5 ; Katherine, 
5 ; Margaret, 5 ; Mary, 5 ; Thomas, 5. 

Barbour, Abraham, iii. 

Barfoot, Joan, 36 ; Thomas, 36. 


Digitized by 


Barker, John, 50 ; Richard, 74 ; Rer. 

Dr. mlliam, 55. 
Barley, Grace, 62 ; Sibella, 62. 
Barnard, Ann, 51, 60; Bathshna, 51; 

Christian, 36, 51 ; Rev. Edward, 52 ; 

Edward, 51, 60 ; Elizabeth, 51 ; Jane, 

51, 66; Joan, 51; John, 36, 51; 

Josias, 51 ; Nathaniel, 51, 55 ; Sarah, 

51 ; William, 51. 
Bunes. Su Bemes. 
Baron, Alexander, 109; Arthur, 109; 

Ellenor, 109 ; Frances, 109 ; Henry, 

28, 109 ; James, 109 ; Lucy, 109. 
Bazre, Elizabeth, 94; Sir John, 94; 

Lady , 94. 

Barrett, William, 30. 

Bartlett, John, 61. 

Barton, Alice, 102. 

Baskerville, James, 16, 17 ; Mary, 29. 

Basket, William, 100. 

Bassett, Dionis, 58 ; Edward, 30 ; Isabel, 

30 ; Sir William, 43 ; William, 58. 
Bath, William, Earl of, 62. 
Bayly, Amy, 99 ; Frolick, 99 ; Mary, 54, 

103 ; Rachel, 99. 
Baynard, Ann, 31 ; Benjamin, 31 ; 

Catherine, 31, 33, 34 ; Dr. Edward, 

31 ; Edward, 30-32, 34 ; Elizabeth, 

31-35 ; Frances, 31, 33, 34 ; George, 

S^-32; Giles, 31; Grace, 31, 33; 
eniy, 30; Joan, 31, 33; John, 31, 

32, 34; Mary, 30-34; Nicholas, 31; 

Philip, 31 ; Rachel, 31-34 ; Ralph, 31, 

32 ; Sir Robert, 30 ; Robert, 31 ; 

Thomas, 30-34 ; Lady Ursula, 3a 
Bajmton, Elizabeth, 113; Henry, 113; 

Thomas, 113. 
Beadon, Margaret, 88 ; William, 88. 

Beale, Rev. , 73. 

Beamont, Alice, 95 ; Anthony, 95 ; 

Dorothy, 8; Elizabeth, 8, 95, 96; 

Frances, 95, 96 ; Glidd, 8 ; Grace, 

9S ; Henry, 8 ; John, 95, 96 ; Mary, 

95 ; Thomas, 8, 96 ; William, 95, 96. 
Bcare, Thomas, 107. 
Bearsley, Mary, 45. 
Beaton, Ann, 73 ; Mary, 73. 
Beere, or Bere, Agnes, 24 ; Ann, 24 ; 

George, 56; Mary, 34, 56; Richard,. 

Beison, Frances, 73. 
Bellamy, Edward, 108; Frances, 108; 

William, 95. 

Bennett, Edward, 62 ; ^ I09« 

Berde, Winifred, 81. 

Berks, Thomas, Earl of, 37. 

Bernard, Masachiel, 9a 

Bemes, Katherine, 70. 

Berry, Elizabeth, 14 ; Nicholas, 14. 

Berryman, Christopher, 69; Joan, 69; 

John, 69 ; Richard, 69. 
Bert, James, iii. 

Best, Ephraim, 90 ; Joane, 54 ; Susan, 90. 
Betts, William, 45. 
Beynam, Alice, 95 ; Rev. Philip, 95 ; 

Thomas, 95. 


Bickham, or Bidcombe, Aldred, 67-( 
Ann, 6d» 67, 68; Charity, 67, ( 
Helen, 07, 6iB ; Hugh, 32 ; Toanc, 67, 
68 ; John, 67 ; Mary, 67 ; Rachel, 32, 
42 ; Thomas, 64, 67 ; William, 67, 68. 

Bicknell, Magdalen, 63. 

Bickton, William, loi. 

Biddell, , 107. 

Big^, Thomas, 54. 

Billingsley, Blanch, 7 ; Henry, 7, 91 ; 
Sar^, 91 ; Thomas, 7. • 

Bingham, Edith, 65 ; Nicholas, 64 ; 
Rachel, 105; Richard, 105; Rpger, 

Bisby, Ann, 106. 

Bisse, Agnes, 4 ; Amy, 5, 6 ; Ann, 4-6 ; 
Beatrix, 4 ; Bessie, 4 ; Dorothy, 4, 76 ; 
Edith, 5, 6 ; Rev^ Edward, 4, 106 ; Ed- 
ward, 4, 6, 76, 98, 1 10 ; Elesinor, 3, 6 ; 
Eliza, 3; Elizabeth, 4, 5, 66, 98, 100; 
Frances, 3, 4; George, 4, 6; Gilbert, 3; 
Grace, 6 ; Hester, 5, 6 ; James, 3-6, 76, 
84 ; Jane, 3 ; Joane, 4, 106 ; Joanna, 
4 ; Tohn, 3-6 ; Jorden, 4 ; Joyce, 5 ; 
Katherine, 5, 6 ; Lady, 4; Magdalen, 
4; Margaret, 4-6; Mary, 3-5, (A\ 
Nicholas, 4 ; Rev. Dr. Philip, 3 ; 
Philip, 4, 67, 76; Robert, 5, 6; 
Samuel, 3 ; Sarah, 3, 5 ; Strode, 5 ; 
Susanna, 5 ; Thomas, 6 ; Rev. Upton, 
4 ; William, 4-6. 

Bissett, Robert, 51. 

Bissy, Aim, 91 ; Richard, 91. 

Blackall, Christopher, 39. 

Blackford, Richard, 83. 

Blackmore, Agnes, 48. 

Blake, Agnes, 100 ; Alexander, Id ; 
Ann, 13, 98, 100; Arthur, 13, 14; 
Benjamin, loi ; Bridget, lOi ; Cathe- 
rine, 14 ; Christopher, 100 ; Dorothy, 
13; Edmund, 13, 14; Edward, 13; 
Rev. Elias, 100 ; Elizabeth, 13, 14, 
100, loi ; George, too, loi ; Grace, 
100; Humphrey, 13, 96, loi ; Isabel, 
100 ; Jane, 13, loi ; Joane, 14 ; 
John, 13, 100 ; Lucy, 100 ; Mary, 
13, 100, loi ; Nathaniel, 13, 14; 
Nicholas, loi ; Richard, 13, loi. 
Admiral Robert, loi ; Rev. Robert, 
100; Robert, 13, 100, loi ; Roger, 
13 ; Sarah, 14, loi ; Thomas, 100 ; 
Ursula, 100 ; Dr. William, lOi ; Wil- 
liam, 13, 98, 100, loi ; , 84. 

Blewett, or Blewitt, Dorothy, 64; Ed- 
ward, 64, 79 ; Elizabeth, 8, 33 ; 
Francis, 33 ; Henry, 64, 79 ; Jane, 
79 ; Joan, 33 ; Jo^in, 8, 33, 34, 64, 74, 
) ; Katherine, 8, 79 ; Margaret, 64 ; 


larv, 8, 79 ; Nicholas, 64, 77-79, 94 ; 
Rachel, 33 ; Richard, 64, 79 ; Sir 
Roger, 8, 19 ; Tristram, 64, 79 ; Wil- 
liam, 64, 77-79 ; 1 88- 

Blower, Margaret, 27. 

Body, Agnes, 49. 

Boland, Alice, 69 ; Walter, 69. 

Bond, Edith, 23 ; Elizabeth, 23 ; Francis, 

Digitized by 


62 ; Leonard, 23 ; Maiy, 62; Thomas, 

Bonham, John, 102. 

Bonner, Henry, 98. 

Booth, Elizabeth, 54; GeOi|;e, 54; Mar- 
garet, 54 ; Nathaniel, 54. 

Boreman, Henzy, 78; James, 78, Wil- 
liam, 78. 

Boscawen, Radigon, 95. 

Boucher, Ann, 90 ; Charles, 90 ; Cicely, 
90; Grace, 90; Joan. 89, 90; John, 
89, 90; Mary, 90; Sarah, 90; Wil- 
liam, 9a 

Bound, Jane, 46. 

Bourne, Dr., 81 ; Margaret, 8l. 

Bowdich, , loi. 

Bowen, Susan, 9. 

Bower, Adrian, 51, 54, 55 ; Alice, 55 ; 
Ann, 55 ; Catherine, 55 ; Charity, 55 ; 
Charlotte, 55 ; Edburroe, 55 ; Edmund, 
28, 54, 55 ; Edward, 26 ; Elizabeth, 54, 
55 ; Helen, 55 ; John, 55 ; Maria, 55 ; 


Sapiens, 55; 

5n, 55 ; J 
^ .-55; Nan, 55. . .. 

Susan, 9, 55 5 Thomas, 54, 55 ; Rev. 
Walter, Canon of Wells, 54, 76; 
Walter, 55 ; William, 55, 89. 

Bowerman, ^drew, 12. 

Bradford, Christian, 84 ; John, 55, 84. 

Bragg, Joane, 58 ; Richard, 20, j8. 

Bramble, Temperance, 38 ; William, 38. 

Brent, , 82. 

Brett, Alexander, 29; John, 29; Mar- 
garet, 29 ; Mary, 29. 

Brewster, Anne, 106 ; William, 106. 

Bridger, Agnes, 27 ; Edmund, 27; Joan, 

Bridges, Alice, 69; Barbara, fo; Ed- 
wuxl, 69, 70 ; Elizabeth, 69 ; Ellinor, 
69; Isaac, 70; Jane, 70; Joane 69; 
Margery, 69 ; Martha, 70 ; Mary, 70 ; 
Rebecca, 70 ; Sarah, 70 ; Thomas, 69, 
70 ; William, 46. 

Bngges, , 7. 

Britton, John, 57. 

Brodripp, Henry, 76 ; Joane, 51, 74, 75 ; 
Mary, 29 ; Ralph, 75 ; Richard, 59 ; 
Robert, 29 ; Stephen, 74, 75 ; Williimi, 

Brome, Hugh, 37 ; Christopher, 73. 

Bromley, Henzy, 44 ; Thomas, 44. 

Brooke, Lady Ann, loi, 102 ; Dorothy, 
102; Elizabeth, 102; Mary, 102; 
Richard, loi. .Sf^ Gourd. 

Brouncker, William, 32. 

Browne, Alexander, 22 ; Christopher, 26, 
36 ; Edward, 26 ; Eleanor, 22 ; Eliza- 
beth, 5 ; Henry, 22 ; Hester, 5 ; Joan, 
30 ; John, 26 ; Judith, 69 ; Mary, 5, 
9 ; Richard, 22, 30 ; Robert, 26, 93 ; 
Susan, 93 ; Thomas, 22. 

Bubb, Alice, xo8 ; Arabella, 108 ; Judith, 

Buckerell, Elizabeth, 85 ; John, 85. 

Buckland, Elizabeth, 33 ; John, 33, 50, 

Bueres, Jane, 40. 

II. 121 


Bulbeck, Dorothy, 97 ; Thomas, 97. 

Bulein, Rev. ^ 34. 

Bull, GeoigQ, 96 ; Henry, 85 ; Honor, 
III ; Jane, 7 ; William, 7, 112. 

Bullens, Sir Barrington, 59. 

BuUer, Francis, 95 ; John, 95 ; Thoma- 
sine, 95. 

Bulmer, Joanna, 86 ; Thomas, 86. 

Buncombe, Christopher, 22 ; Mary, 22, 
105 ; William, 22, 23. 

Burford, Thomas, 30 ; , 44. 

Burridge, Robert, 112. 

Burries, Mary, 49 ; William, 49. 

Bury, Edward, 104. 

Bush, Elizabeth, 21 ; John, 35, 66, 75, 
77 : Tamson, 77 ; Rev. , 73. 

Bushell, Frances, 100. 

Butcher, or Bowcher, Abigail, 50 ; Ann, 
49i 50, 110 ; Christian, 49 ; Elizabeth, 
49, 50; George, 49, 50; Henry, 49, 
jo; Joan, 50; John, 49, 50, no; 
[argery, 49 ; Maiy, 49, 50; Nathaniel, 
49) 50 ; Philip, 49, 50 ; Theophila, 
49 ; Thomas, 49, 50 ; Walter, 49. 

Byam, Anthony, 83 ; Cecilia, 83 ; Fran- 
cis, 83 ; Rev. Henry, 82 ; Mary, 83 ; 
Susan, 83 ; William, 83. 

Byfleet, Frances, 89 ; Robert, 89. 

Byrt, Richard, 64. 

Bythesea, Ann, 51, 60, 61 ; Christian, 61 ; 
Edward, 61 ; Elizabeth, 60 ; Jane, 61 ; 
John, 60 ; Joseph, 51, 60, 61 ; Mary, 
61 ; Philip, 60 ; Robert, 61 ; Thomas, 
60 ; William, 60, 61. 

Caesar, Sir Julius, 9 ; Lady , 9. 

Camington, John, 29. 

Cannington, Mary, 29; Robert, 30; 
WilUam, 29, 30 ; , 95. 

Cannon, , 58. 

Carent, Rev. George, 24. 

Carey, or Gary, Christian, 100 $ George, 
55; Thomas, in ; Walter, 22; Wil- 
liam, loa 

Carlisle, Bishop of, 113. 

Came, John, 41. 

Carpenter, Agnes, 109 ; Ann, 109 ; Ed- 
ward, 109 ; Elizabeth, 109 ; Jane, 109 ; 
John, 109 ; Mary, 109 ; Rev. Richard, 
' 109 ; Richard, 109 ; Sarah, 109 ; Su- 
san, 109, no; Thomas, 109; 9 


Carr, Catherine, 9a 

Carswell, Alexander, 79 ; Catherine, 79 ; 
William, 115. 

Cartwright, Lady, 42. 

Caryll, .Griselda, 87. 

Catchmay, Lady Ellinor, 106 ; Sir Wil- 
liam, 106. 

Catford, Agnes, 48 ; Ambrose, 48 ; Ann, 
49 ; Avis, 48, 49 ; Catherine, 48, 49 ; 
Charles, 88 ; Dorothy, 48 ; Elizabeth, 
48, 49 ; Isott, 48, 49; Jane. 48» 49; 
Joane, 48 ; Rev. John, 49 ; John, 48, 
49 ; Margaret, 48, 49» I05 ; Mary, 49 . 
Nicholas, 48 ; Robert, 48, 49 ; Sarah, 

Digitized by 


48y 49 ; Thomasine, 48 ; Walter, 17, 

48, 49 ; William, 11, 48, 49. 
Cauley, John, 64 ; Margaret, 64. 
Cavcll, Anthony, 35. 
Cawode, John, 89. 
Ceeley, Elizabeth, 21 ; John, 21 ; Milli- 

cent, 21 ; William, 21, 95. 
Chafin, Elizabeth, ill; Mary, III; 

Thomas, 40 ; William, iii ; Willough- 

by, III ; , 100. 

Chamberlayne, Elizabeth, 90. 
Champemowne, Lady Gabrielle Roberta, 

10; Gawen, 10; Ursula, 10. 
Champneys, Thomas, 102. 
Chapell, Bridget, loi. 
Chappel, William, 74. 
Charlemont, Ann, 85, S6; William, Lord, 

Charles IL, 72, 89. 
Charleton, Anne, 26 ; Charlotte, 55 ; 

Mary, 26 ; Sasannah, 26 ; Rev. Walter, 

26, 55 ; Walter, 26. 
Chaunt, Ann, 24. 
Cheeke, Elinor, 3 ; Geoi^e, 63 ; Henry, 

63 ; Thomas, 3. 
Chester, Robert, 100. 
Chettell, Edward, 90 ; John, 90. 
Cheverell, Christopher, 28; Elizabeth, 

76 ; Robert, 76, 104. 
Chichester, Joan, 66 ; John, 66 ; Urith, 

iia ' 
Chilcott, Ellen, 69 ; EUinor, 69 ; Joan, 

69 ; John, 69 ; Rev. Richard, 69 ; 
' Richard, 25, 69. 
Chiswell, Rev. James, 53. 
Chock, John, 99. 
Cholmelev, Lady Catherine, 42, 94; 

Sir William, 42. 
Churchey, Elizabeth, 35 ; George, 35 ; 

John, 35 ; Nicholas, 35. 
Churley, Jane, no. 
Chute, Julian, 114; Robert, 114. 
Cifrewast, Dorothy, 105 ; William, 105. 
Clarke, Ann, 89; Clement, 60; Eliza- 
beth, 89, 102 ; Henry, 89 ; Joane, 89 ; 

John, 89 ; Margaret, 60 ; Mary, 89 ; 

Sir Rowland, 89 ; Samuel, 34 ; 

Thomas, 89 ; William, 89. 
Gasie, Elizabeth, 90 ; John, 9a 
Clavelshcy, Dorothy, 80. 
Claxton, William, 28. 
Cleves, Afi[nes, 38 ; John, 38. 
Clifton, Alice, 59 ; Catherine, 65 ; Fran* 

cis, 59 ; Sir John, 59 ; John, 65. 
Qothier, Edith, 5 ; Elizabeth, 5 ; John, 

4, 5 ; Margaret, 4, 5. 
Clowes, Henry, 75; James, 75; Ser- 
geant, 75. 
Cockbum, Rev. John, 73. 

Cockes, , 65. 

Cockrain, , 78. 

Codrington, Ann, 104; Edward, 104; 

Jean, 106; Thomas, 106. 
Coker, John, 90. 
Colby, Alice, 102; Jane, 102; John, 

102 ; William, 102. 

Cole, Gregory, too ; Jane, too ; Joan, 
95; John, 88; Philip, 95; Radigon, 
95 ; Richard, 95. 

Coleman, Ann, 51. 

Colford, Agnes, 38 ; Bridget, 38 ; Cathe- 
rine, 38 ; Dorothy, 38 ; Edward, 38 ; 
Elizabeth, 38 ; Ellen, 37 ; Ellinor, 38; 
Francis, 38 ; John, 37, 38 ; Maiy, 38 ; 
Nicholas, 37, 38 ; Thomas, 38 ; Wil- 
liam, 38. 

Colinge, Beatrix, 26 ; Catherine, 26 ; 
Temperance, 26 ; William, 26. 

CoUamore, John, 57. 

Collard, Joan, 108 ; Thomas, 38. 

Colles, Ann, 41 ; Dorothy, 41 ; Edmund, 
99 ; Elizabeth, 41 ; John, 41, 68 ; 
Margaret, 41 ; Nicholas, 68 ; Roger, 

Collett, , 27. 

Collins, Thomas, 44, 69 ; William, 61. 

Colman, Mary, 34; William, 34. 

Colmer, Ann, 21 ; Robert, 21. 

Colome, Richard, 99. 

Colston, Elizabeth, 49, 98 ; John, 49 ; 
Mary, 49 ; William, 49. 

Colthurst, Eidmund, 91. 

Combe, Agnes, 22; Edmund, 22, 23; 
Elizabeth, 22 ; Giles, 22 ; Joan, 22 ; 
John, 22 ; Joseph, 22 ; Mary, 22 ; 
Winifred, 22. 

Comberford, John, 99 ; Thomas, 99. 

Compton, Henry, 59; Mary, 59, 98; 
Richard, 35 ; Sarah, 98. 

Conant, Rev. John, 36. 

Coney, Lady, 85. 

Connock, Joan, 95 ; Richard, 95. 

Constaatine, Elizabeth, 34. 

Cooke, Edward, 16 ; Elizabeth, 18 ; Ga- 
briel, 69 ; Joan, 51 ; Margerv, 69 ; 
Lady Radigon, 95 ; Richard, 75 ; 
Sarah, 75 ; Thomas, 51 ; Sir William, 
95 ; William, 18, 35 ; , 15. 

Cooth, Jonathan, 65; Thomas, III. 

Copley, Nicholas, 73. 

Comer, Georee, 100. 

Cornish, Hu^, 64 ; Jane, 64. 

Corpe, Elizabeth, 48. 

Cossins, Joan, 54. 

Costley, Rev. Nicholas, 68. 

Counsell, Isabel, 50 ; Johan, 50 ; Rich- 
ard, 68. 

Court, Catherine, no ; Dorothy, 21 ; 
Edward, no ; Joan, 21 ; John, 21, 22, 
104, no; Simon, 21, no; lipomas, 
21 ; William, 21. 

Courtney, Charles, 103 ; John, 103 ; 
Mary, 34 ; William, 34. 

Coward, Alice, 12; Amy, 32; Anna, 
33 ; Capt, 12 ; Catherine, 26; Chris- 
topher, 12, 26, 27 ; Edward, 26, 27 ; 
Elizabeth, 12, 26, 27, 33; Frances, 12, 
27 ; Francis, 26, 27 ; George, 27 ; 
Grace, 32 ; Jane, 3, 27, 33 ; Joan, 12 ; 
John, 26, 27, 33 ; Katherine, 26, 27, 
105 ; Mary, 12, 26, 27, 32, 33, 112; 
Moigan, 3; Robert, 26; Susannah, 


Digitized by 


33 ; Thomas, 26-28, 32, 33, H2 ; Wil- 
liam, 12, 26, 27, 33. 
Cox, Ann, 65, 67 ; Anna, 76 ; Blandina, 
100 J Cornelia, 67 ; Dorothy, 4, 66, 
67, 75; Edward, 66, 67, 69; Eliza- 
beth, 66, 67, 83 ; Florence, 75 ; 
Frances, 62, 76; Francis, 35, 66, 67, 
75 ; George, 69 ; Hester, 75 ; Hugh, 
75 ; James, 67 ; Jeremias, 67 ; Joane, 
66, 75; John, 35, 66, 67, 69, 83; 
Joseph, 35, 66, 765 Josias, 66, 67; 
Katherine, 67 ; Margaret, 30, 65, 67 ; 
Martha, 66 ; Mary, 35, 65-67, 69, 75 ; 
Philip, 66 ; Rachel, 75, 76 ; Rebecca, 
67 ; Richard, 28 ; Robert, 65-67 ; 
Samuel, 35, 66 ; Sarah, 75 ; Thomas, 
65-67 ; William, 10, 67, 75, 76 ; Dr. 

^ » 75 ? 1 109. 

Cozen, Amy, 74 ; John, 74. 
Crawley, Edward, 45 ; Elizabeth, 45. 
Creech, alias Powell, Edith, 96 ; Grace, 

96 ; Henry, 96 ; Jane, 96 ; Peter, 96 ; 

Robert, 96 ; William, 9I6. 

Creswell, , 104. 

CrewkemCjJohn, 29. 

Cridland, Thomas, 67. 

Crispe, Ann, 102; Lady Thomasine, 

Croke, Joane, 79. 
Crokehome, John, 41. 
Crook, Rev. Samuel, 10. 

Croome, , 67, 

Crosse, Alice, 52 ; Ann, 10 ; CharleSj^ 

10 ; Edward, 79 ; Eleanor, 76 ; Frances, 

10; Johanna, loi ; John, loi ; Richard, 

49 ; Sarah, 49 ; Susan, 10 ; Thomas, 

Crassing, Elizabeth, 36 ; Francis, 36 ; 

Philip, 36, 
Crossman, Grace, 52 ; Sarah, i6. 
Cuffe, John, 94 ; William, 94. 
Culme, Benjamin, 103 ; Deborah, 103 ; 

Elizabeth, 103 ; Jane, 103 ; Richard, 

79; Susanna, 103. 
Culpeper, 'Lady Elizabeth, 35 ; Sir John, 


Cunningham, ^ 66. 

Cupper, Elizabeth, 22 ; Ellen, 22 ; John, 

22 ; Mary, 22. 
Curtis, John, 90 ; Lydia, 90 ; Mary, 90 ; 

Stephen, 90; Thomas, 90. 
CutclifTe, Robert, 84 ; Susanna, 84. 

Dabinott, Joan, 27. 

Dabyn, Joan, 27 ; Christopher, 27. 

Dale, Isabel, 74 ; John, 74 ; Margaret, 

74; William, 66. 
Damer, Edward, 21 ; George, 21 ; John, 

21 ; Joseph, Earl of Dorchester, 21. 
Dane, fane, 104. 
Daniell, John, 36 ; Philippa, 36 ; Richard, 

Darke, John, 19. 

Daubeny, Thomas, 37 ; , 103. 

Davidge, Agnes, 74 ; Elizabe^i, 74 ; 

George, 74; Grace, 74; Jane, 74; 

John, 74; Katherine, 74; Mary, 74, 
79, 80 ; Sarah, 74 ; Susan, 74. 
Davies, Dorothy, 30 ; Eleanor, 30 ; 
Elizabeth, 30 ; Isabel, 30 ; Joan, 30 ; 
Mary, 30; Rice, 30, 69; Rev. Row- 
land, 23. 
Davis, Peter, 5, 85, 88 ; Susanna, 5.* 
Davison, Joanna, 33 ; John, 34 ; Joseph, 

Da we, Agnes, 61 ; Awdry, 61 ; Dorothy, 

61 ; Edmund, 19 ; Elizabeth, 61 ; 

Giles, 61 ; Grace, 61 ; Henry, 61 ; 

Jane, 104; Joane, 61 ; John, 61 ; 

Richard, 61 ; Robert, 61 ; Samuel, 61 ; 

William, 61. 
Day, Elizabeth, 4, 5 ; Giles, 4, 5 ; 

Grace, 5 ; Mary, 4, 5 ; Nathaniel, 4, $• 
Dean, Ann, 18 ; Dr. Henry, Chancellor 

of Bath and Wells, 18. 
Debden, Ann, 68 ; Elizabeth, 68 ; John,' 

68 ; Margaret, 68 ; Mary, 68 ; Richard, 

68 ; Thomas, 68. 
Delamere, Eleanor, 92 ; John, 92. 
Delbridge, J., no. 
Denne, Richard, 99. 
Demys, John, 19. 
Derby, Mary, Countess of, 89. 
Dering, Sir Cholmeley, 43 ; Margaret, 

• Devenish, Francis, 65 ; Joane, 96 ; Rev. 

John, 62, 96. 
Deverell, Hester, 108 ; William, 108. 
Deverill, Catherine, 50 ; John, 50. 
Dey. See Day. 
Dike, Amy, 80 ; William, 80. 
Dillon, Lady Catherine, 44; Elizabeth, 

Doble, Agatha, 25 ; Bartholomew, 27, 

28 ; Christian, 28 ; George, 28 ; Joan, 

27 ; John, 22 ; Margaret, 25 ; Nicholas, 

28 ; William, 27, 2I, 80. 
Dodington, Agnes, 82; Arabella, 108; 

Christopher, 103 ; Edith, 108, 109 ; 

Elizabeth, 108; Sir Francis, 103; 

Francis, 103 ; George, 45, 82, 103, 108, 

109; John, 60, 103, 108; Margaret, 
108 ; Mary, 108, 109 ; Rooks, 108 ; 

Sarah, 82. 
Dorrington, Ann, 55 ; John, 55. 
Dovell, Christian, 67 ; William, Abbot 

of Cleve, 14. 
Downe, Elizabeth, 114; Thomas, 114. 
Drake, Francis, 72 ; Priscilla, 72. 
Drax, Lady Mary, 92. 
Drew, Edward, 78 ; Elizabeth, 78 ; 

Thomas, 42. 
Drewry, Bridget, 38 ; William, 38. 
Duck, Dr, Arthur, 7, 26, H2; Mar- 
garet, 7. 
Dugdale, Ann, 41 ; James, no. 
Duling, Eliabeth, 56. 
Dyer, Frances, 63 ; Francis, 63 ; John, 

37, 63 ; Sarah, 104. 
Dyke, Elizabeth, 86; Thomas, 86, 115. 
Dynham, Agnes, 9 ; Eleanor, 9 ; Jasper, 
9 ; John, 9 ; Katherine, 9. 


Digitized by 


Earle, Giles, 15. 

Earlsham, Edward, 69 ; Jane, 69 ; John, 
69 ; Thomas, 69. 

Earneley, Thomas, 76. 

Edgell, Samuel, 97. 

Edmunds, James, 26. 

Edwards, Agnes, 50; Catherine, 26; 
Christopher, 50 ; Gertrude, 39 ; Jane, 
50 ; John, 50 ; Marmadnke, 50 ; Mary, 
50 ; Rev. Thomas, 97 ; Thomas, 16, 
26, 50 ; Ursula, 50 ; William, 50. 

Elbridge, Elizabeth, 54. 

Elisdon, Joan, 103. 

Elliott, Andrew, 64 ; Anthony, 64 ; 
James, 64 ; Jane, 64 ; Joane, 64 ; 
Katherine, 64 ; Mary, 64 ; Robert, 
64 ; Susan, 64 ; William, 64* 

Ellis, Jane, ill. 

Elrington, Ann, 9 ; George, 9 ; Gertrude, 
9 ; Henry, 9 ; John, 9 ; Margaret, 9 ; 
Thomas, 9. 

Elye, Dorothy, 26 ; Frances, 26 ; James, 
26 ; Joane, 26 ; John, 26. 

English, Alice, 107. 

Erleham, Thomas, 73. 

Ernie, Rev. Dr. Edward, 54 ; Eleanora, 
54 ; Sir Michael, 54. 

Escott, Arthur, 96 ; Christian, 96 ; Chris- 
topher, 96; Elizabeth, 96; Emma, 
96 ; George, 104 ; Lawrence, 104. 

Estcourt, Edmund, 10 ; Jane, 10. 

Estmond, Nicholas, 9. 

Evan«, Abigail, 46. 

Everard, Johan, 80 ; Robert, 79, 8a 

Evered, Anthony, 74; Edward, 74; 
Henry, 80; John, 74; Jone, 74; 
Rol)ert, 74 ; &irah, 74 ; William, 74, 

Everett, John, 62. 

Every, John, 63 ; Mary, 63 ; Simon, 63 ; 
William, 78. 

Ewens, Matthew, 46. 

Eyre, Anthony, 18 ; Christopher, 59 ; 
Elizabeth, ill ; SirGervase, 18 ; John, 
100 ; Mary, 18 ; Robert, 30 ; Thomas, 
III ; William, 11 1. 

Farewell, Arthur, 107 ; Elizabeth, 108 ; 

Sir George, 108; Jane, 107; John, 

107 ; Philip, 107. 
Farmer,- Edward, 34. 
Farthing, John, 99. 
Faulkner, Edith, 96. 
Fauntleroy, Agnes, 40 ; Cicely, 40 ; 

John, 40 ; William, 40. 
Fellgate, Philippa, 7 ; William, 7. 
FilloU, Ann, 94 ; Ladv Dorothv, 94 ; 

Katherine, 94; Lady, 4» 90; Sir 

William, 94 ; William, 4, 98. 
Fisher, Elizabeth, 90. 
Fitzjames, Alice, 80 ; Ann, 93 ; Sir 

James, loi ; John, 40, 47, 93, 105 • 

Mary, 46 ; Nicholas, 80 ; Richard, 46 ; 

Thomas, 40. 
Flea, Mary, 78. 
Flower, Alice, 108. 

Ford, Grace, 77 ; James, 76 ; John, 77 ; 
Thomas, 77 ; Walter, 77. 

Forman, Sir Thomas, 7. 

Fortescue, Catherine, 84 ; Elizabeth, 81 ; 
Huffh, 84 ; Jane, 56 ; John, 56, 81 ; 
Richard, 19 ; , 6. 

Foster, Joane, 79 ; Mary, 79. 

Foulkes, Frances, 93 ; John, 93. 

Fowler, Cicely, 59. 

Fownes, Alice, 45 ; Thomas, 45. 

Frampton, Elizabeth, 35 ; Robert, 6a 

Francis, William, 24. 

Franke, Alexander, 82. 

Franklin, Ann, 10 ; George, 82 ; Hester, 
1X2 ; Joseph, 112 ; Mary, 70 ; Richard, 
70 ; Robert, 82. 

Freeman, George, 106. 

Fry, Dorothy, 114 ; George, 71 ; Henry, 
61, 103 ; John, 61, 114 ; Margaret, 61, 
71 ; Mary, 29 ; Sarah, 61 ; Silvester, 
57 ; Thomas, 61 ; Tristram, 61 ; Walter, 
61 ; William, 61 ; Wilmot, 61. 

Fuller, Elizabeth, 86. 

Fursey, John, 78. 

Fytch, Dorothy, 8 ; Rev. Henry, 8. 

Gallop, James,' 61. 

Gamhn, Ann, 93 ; Elizabeth, 94 ; Hngh, 
93 ; Mary, 94. 

Gard, , 78. . 

Garrard, Barbara, 113 ; Thomas, 113. 

Gatchell, Agnes, 7 ; Alice, 7 ; Dorothy, 
8; Elizabeth, 7, 8; Henry, 7, 8; 
Joane, 7, 8 ; John, 7 ; Mary, 7, 8 ; 
Susanna, 7 ; Thomas, 7, 8. 

Gatcombe, Elizabeth, 62 ; George, 62 ; 
Joan, 62 ; John, 62 ; Richard, 62 ; 
Robert, 62 ; Thomas, 62. 

Gay, Richard, 76. 

Geasford, Elizabeth, 93. 

Geoige, Elizabeth, 47 ; Thomas, 6. 

Geraird, Edward, 99 ; Elizabeth, 99 ; 
Mary, 99 ; William, 99. 

Gibbon, Elizabeth, 54. 

Gibbs, Alexander, 103 ; Amy, 56, 58, 
60 ; Ann, 102, 103 ; Dorothy, 39, 56 ; 
Edward, 102 ; Elizabeth, 56, 58, 102 ; 
George, 97, 103 ; Grace, 103 ; Gregory, 
39, 56, 58. 60^ 97, 103 ; Henry, 39, 
56, 99 ; Hugh Daubeny, 103 ; Joane, 
103 ; Rev. John, 95 ; John, 39, 56, 
58, 102, 103 ; Katherine, 103 ; Magda- 
lene, 54, 103; Margaret, 56, 58; 
Mary, 39, 56, 58, 103 ; Nanne, $8 ; 
Rev. Robert, 102 ; Thomas, 103 ; 
Thomasine, 102, 103; Walter, 102; 
William, 29, 39, 56, 59, 60; , 53. 

Giiford, Rev. Anthony, 54; Anthony, 
54 ; Ellinor, 75 ; George, 65 ; Joane, 
65, 74; John, 61, 75 ; Mary, 53, 75 ; 
William, 53 ; , 48. 

Gilbert, Elizabeth, 96 ; Jane, 96 ; John, 

Gildon, Frances, 89. 

Gill, Lady Joan, 59 ; Sir John, 59. 


Digitized by 


Glanville, Eleanor, 3a 

Glasse, Henry, 7 ; Mary, 7. 

Gobble, or Goble, Alice, 65 ; Ann, 65 ; 
Joan, 65 ; John, 65 j Mary, 6$ ; Rich- 
ard, 65 ; Susan, 65 ; William, 65. 

Goddard, Mary, 69 ; , 69. 

Godsall, Dorothy, 23 ; Frances, 23 ; 
Mary, 23 ; Robert, 23. 

Godwin, or Goodwin, Elizabeth, 28, 66 ; 
James, 28, 95, loo ; Jane, 69 ; John, 
28 ; Margery, 28 ; Mary, 28 ; Robert, 
95 ; Dr. , 12. 

Gollop, Roger, 39, 

Goning, Ann, 66. 

Good, , 88. 

Goodman, Margaret, 41 ; — 1-, 41. 

Goodrich, Eleanor, 30 ; Major William, 


Goodson, Samuel, 67. 

Gore, Lady Ann, 86; Sir Ralph, 86; 
Rev. Richard, 97 ; William, 52. 

Gorges, Charles, 102 ; Edward, 16 ; 
Ferdinando, 67; Joane, 102; Sir 
Robert, 70 ; ^ loi. 

Gorney. See Gumey. 

Goswell, Mary, 17 ; Sackville, 17. 

Gough, Amy, $6^ 58, 60; Elizabeth, 60; 
Francis, 60 ; George, 60 ; Hugh, 60 ; 
John, 56, 60, 97 ; Mary, 60 ; Robert, 
60 ; William, 60 ; Zenobia, 60. 

Gould, Agnes, 20; Benjamin, 21 ; Han- 
nah, 21 ; Joan, 21 ; John, 20, 21, 23 ; 
William, 20. 

Gourd, iUias Brooke, Rev. James, 22; 
Joane, 22. 

Gover, Joane, 22 ; John, 22. 

Gower, John, Lord, 42. 

Grant, Arthur, 33 ; Grace, 33. 

Gray, Lady Dorothy, 87 ; Sir Ralf, 87 ; 
Rev. Dr. Robert, 85. 

Greene, Bartholomew, 84; Catherine, 
84; Elizabeth, 84; Gertrude, 84; 
Giles, 9 ; H., 112 ; Isabel, 112 ; James, 
84 ; fane, 84 ; John, 84 ; Mary, 84 ; 
Matthew, 84 ; Rebecca, 102 ; Ursula, 
84 ; Walter, 102 ; William, 84. 

Gregory, Margaret, 25 ; , 75. 

Greyndour, Robert, 94. 

Griffith, George, 50 ; Mary, 49. 

Grigson, Francis, 3. 

Grimes, Angel, 19 ; Ann, 19 ; Henry, 
19 ; Joan, 19. 

Grinslade, Ann, 64 ; Isott, 64 ; Thomas, 

Grinstead, Ann, 103 ; Joane, 103. 

Grosvenor, iUias Gravenor, , 45, 

Grove, Anne, 50 ; Thomas, 50. 

Grover, Elizabeth, 54. 

Gunter, Blanch, 7 ; Edward, 46 ; Eliza- 
beth, 7 ; Francis, 6 ; Jane, 6, 7 ; John, 
46 ; Phillis, 7 ; Thomas, 7. 

Guppy, Margaret, 12; William, 12. 

Gumey, Agnes, loi ; Alice, loi ; Joane, 
loi ; John, lOi ; Mary, loi ; Richard, 


Gwyn, Rowland, 41. 

Hackshaw, Elizabeth, 97 ; Mary, 56, 58, 

96, 97 ; Robert, 56, 97. 
Hakewell, Dr., no. 
Hall, Alice, 91 ; Beata, 44 ; Bishop, 90 ; 

Dorothy, 91 ; Frances, 6^ ; John, 91, 
Halswell, Hugh, 26 ; Malet, 07 ; Maiy, 

12; Sir Nicholas, 65, 90; Nicholas, 

ia» 94. 
Hanham, Sir John, 73. 
Hannam, Frideswide, lo; Henry, 10, 

22 ; James, 22 ; Joane, 22 ; John, 10, 

Hansby, Ann, 99; Maty, 99; Lady 


Harbin, Agnes, 38 ; Ann, 38, 39 ; Brid- 
get, 38, 39 ; Charles, 39 ; Christopher, 
38, 39 ; Edward, 39 ; Elizabeth, 39, 
43 ; Emma, 38 ; Frances, 39, 43 ; 
George, 38 ; Gertrude, 38, 39 ; Henry, 
38; John, 38, 39; Katherine, 39; 
Robert, 38, 39 ; Samuel, 39 ; Sarah, 
39 ; Temperance, 38 ; William, 38, 39, 
43, 59 ; Wyndham, 39, 43- 

Hardinge, Cicely, 21 ; Henry, 21 ; Leo- 
nard, 21 ; Ralph, 21. 

Hardistry, John, 53. 

Harman, Thomas, 90. 

Harrington, George, 5a 

Harris, Lady Ann, &, 87; Mary, 56; 
Sir Paul, 86. 

Harriss, Mary, 56. 

Harrison, Alexander, 25 ; Mary, 82 ; 
Richard, 40 ; William, 82, 83. 

Hart, Ann, 53 ; Arthur, 53 ; Charles, 53 ; 
Lady Elizabeth, 52, 53 ; Elizabeth, 97 ; 
Henry, 53 ; Jane, 97 ; John, 97 ; Mar- 
garet, 53 ; Mary, 97 ; Morris, 97 ; Sir 
Richard, 53 ; Richard, 53; Robert, 97 ; 
William, 53. 

Hartgill, William, 4a 

Hartwell, Mary, 98. 

Harvey, Agnes, 104; Alice, 104; Ann, 
71, 104; Bridget, 104; Christopher, 
104 ; Edith, 36; Elias, 64 ; Elizabeth^ 
104 ; Francis, 104 ; Henry, 102, 104 ; 
lace, 104; Jerome, no; Joane, 64, 
102 ; John, 71, 104, no ; Julian, 71 ; 
Mabley, 71 ; Magdalene, 71 ; Mary, 
8 ; Nicholas, 102, 104 ; Richard, no ; 
Roger, 1 10 ; Sarah, 66, 104 ; Thomas, 
71, 104 ; Walter, 36 ; William, 96, 

Harward, Marian, 47. 

Haskett, Jane, 112. 

Hatchett, Abraham, 108. 

Hathom, or Hawthorn, Rev. Adrian, 
76 ; Adrian, 54, 55 ; Elizabeth, 54, 
76; Rev. Gilbert, 26; Gilbert, 55, 
76 ; Pasca, 76 ; Thomas, 54. 

Haveland, Matthew, 55 ; Robert, 55. 

Havilland, de, £unily of, 9. 

Hawker, Adry, 98; Ann, 98, 100; 
Charles, 98 ; Elizabeth, 4, 98 ; Frances, 
98 ; George, 98 ; Hugh, 98 ; Lady, 4, 
98, 100 ; Mary, 98 ; Sarah, 98 ; 
Thomas, 4, 98, 102. 

Hawkins, Robert, 99 ; William, 100. 


Digitized by 


ftayce, Frances, 3 ; John, 3 ; Richard, 3. 

Hayes, Agnes, 50; Eleanor, so, 51; 
Elizabeth, 50 ; Eustace, 51 ; Francis, 
50; Tohan, 50; John, 51 ; Margaret, 
50; Ralph, 50; Thomas, 50. 

Haynes, Dorothy, 6x ; Elizabeth, 61 ; 
Honor, 61 ; Hopton, 61 ; Margery, 
61 ; Mary, 61 ; Roger, 61 ; Thomas, 

Hayward, Rev. Richard, 36. 

Heath, Saxey, 7. 

Hele, Agnes, 35; Elizabeth, 35; Sir 
Francis, 68, 92 ; Grace, 35 ; Lady 

Jane, 68, 92 ; Jane, 91 ; Joane, 69 ; 
ohn, 91, 92 ; Robert, 69 ; Sir War- 
wick, 68. 

Helliard, George, 27. 

Hellyar, Christian, 100 ; Henry, 100 ; 
John, 100 ; Mary, 100 ; Nicholas, 
ioo ; Richard, 100 ; Robert, 100 ; 
Rev. William, Archdeacon of Barn- 
staple, 100 ; William, 9, 100. 

Henborough, Jane, 22. 

Henicott, Elizabeth, 6 ; William, 6. 

Henley, Thomas, 83. 

Hensleigh, Agnes, no; George, 79; 
Henry, no; John, no, Robert, no. 

Herle, Bennett, 93. 

Hert. See Hart. 

Hewes, Thomas, 81. 

Hext, Lady Agnes, 56; Amias, 55-58; 
Ann, 55, 50; Barbara, 57; Lady 
Dionis, 56-58; Sir Edward, 56-58; 
Edward, 55-58 ; Elizabeth, 56-58 ; 
Francis, 56, 57 ; Geoi^, 56 ; Jane, 
56, 58 ; Joan, 55-57 ; John, 56, 57 ; 
Mary, 56 ; Matthew, 57 ; Melior, 55, 
57; Philip, 55-58; Philippa, 55; 
Richard, 55, 57 ; Sibley, 57 ; Thomas, 
55-58; William, 55. 

Hicham, Margaret, 50 ; Thomas, 50. 

Hill, Agnes, loi, 1 10 ; Benjamin, 3 ; 
Christian, 27; Edith, 3; Elizabeth 
63; Francis, no; Grace, no; Han- 
nah, 3 ; Jane, 1 10 ; Magdalene, 63 ; 
Mark, 3 ; Mary, 3 ; Michael, 1 10 ; 
Philip, 3 ; Prudence, 3 ; Rev. Richard, 
14 ; Roger, 57, 1 10 ; Sarah, 3 ; Rev. 
Dr. William, 3 ; William, 63. 

Hilliard, William, 37. 

Hillier, Dorothy, 14 ; John, 14. 

Hinkson, Joane, 62 ; Richard, 62. 

Hinton, Lady Catherine, 87; Dr. Sir 
John, 85 ; Sir Thomas, 87. 

Hippisley, Agnes, 102 ; Alice, 98 ; Ann, 
103; Edward, 100; Elizabeth, 102, 
103 ; George, 102, 103 ; Grace, 102, 
loj ; John, 102, 103 ; Mary, 102, 103, 
108; Richard, 62, 108; Rose, 103; 
Sarah, 103 ; lliomas, 52, 103 ; Tho- 
masine, 102, 103. 

Hiscocks, Ursula, 12. 

Hixe, Alice, 77. 

Hoard, Edward, 82. 

Hobbs, Christian, 61. 

Hockmore, William, 95. 


Hodder, John, 103. 

Hodges, Alice, 59, 96, 98; Ann, 59; 
Anthony, 98 ; Bridget, 60 ; Eleanor, 
22, 68, 84 ; Elizabeth, 63 ; Emma, 60; 
Frances, 84 ; George, 68 ; Giles, 59 ; 
Henry, 63, 84 ; Isott, 64 ; James, 60, 
84; Joan, 59, 60; John, 22, 59, 60, 
64, 98; Lawrence, 59, 60, 98; Mar- 
garet, 68, 08 ; Mary, 22, 59, 60, 98 ; 
Richard, 96 ; Robert, 64 ; Susan, 59, 
60 ; Thomas, 59 ; Walter, 59 ; Wil- 
liam, 59. 98. 

Hodson, Rev. Richard, 4. 

Holbeach, Thomas, 115. 

Holcombe, Susanna, 37. 

Holder, Capt. Benjamin, 34. 

Holmes, Rev. T. S., 89. 

Holway, Elizabeth, 39. 

Holworthy, Agnes, 24 ; Christian, 24 ; 
Dorothy, 24 ; Elizabeth, 24 ; Helen, 
24 ; Hercules, 24 ; John, 24 ; Katha- 
rine, 24; Margaret, 24; Mary, 24; 
Philip, 24 ; Richard, 24, 55 ; Robert, 
24 ; William, 24. 

Hooke, , 50. 

Hooper, Dorothy, 104, 105 ; Edith, 89 ; 
Elizabeth, 105; George, 104; Grace, 
103, 104 ; Henry, 104 ; Hopton, 105 ; 
James, 104 ; Jane, 99, 105 ; Joane, 
104 ; Mary, 104 ; Nicholas, 103 ; 
Rachel, 105 ; Richard, 104 ; Susan, 
47; Thomas, 104, 105. 

Hopkins, Elizabeth, 18; James, 18; 
Penelope, 18. 

Hopton, ^hur, 61 ; Sir Ralph, loi ; 
Robert, 12, 13. 

Home, , 109. 

Homer, Edward, 10 ; Sir John, 46, 91 ; 
John, loi ; Mary, 98 ; Thomas, 6. 

Horsford, , 7. 

Horton, Hugh, 103. 

Hoiuxie. S££ Hurd. 

Howe, Alexander, 62 ; Henry, 62, 64 ; 
Robert, 62 ; , 90. 

Howland, Francis, 90. 

Hoyle, Thomas, ii. 

Huddy, EUinor, 91 ; John, 91 ; Kathe- 
rine, 78. 

Hues, Cicely, 80. 

Hughes, Jane, Ss» 

Huish, Anstice, 107 ; Edward, 13 ; 
Julian, 63 ; Silvester, 107. 

Hukeley, George, 115. 

Hulbert, Ann, 53 ; ^— , 67. 

Hungerford, Anthony, 103 ; Sir Edward, 
92 ; Rachel, 92 ; Walter, 92. 

Hunt, Dodington, 1 14 ; Dowsabell, 96 ; 
Edmund, 114^ Elizabeth, 114; Ellen, 
61 ; Henry, 61 j John, 61, 114 ; Julian, 
61 ; Katherine, 61 ; Mary, 97 ; Robert, 


Huntingdon, Henry, Earl of, 57 ; Kathe- 
rine, Countess of, 57. 

Huntley, Edith, ii ; John, ii, 25; 
William, 96. 

Hunton, Agnes, 56. 

Digitized by 


Hurd, Agnes, II2; Andrew, 112; 
George, 24, 112; Grace, 96; Hester, 
112; Isabel, 112; Jane, 112; Joane, 
112; John, 112; Judith, 112; {Cathe- 
rine, 24; Maiy, 112; Thomas, 112; 
William, Hi. 

Hurle, Henry, 52. 

Hatchings, Dorothy, 10$. 

Hutchins, Arthur, 60; Emma* 60; 
Richard, 61 ; Thomas, 61. 

Hyde, Ann, 92 ; Lady Jane, 42 ; John, 
43 ; Jonathan, 73 ; Katherine, 92. 

niari, Alice, 9a 

Irish, Alice, 71 ; Arthur, 71 ; Christian, 

70 ; Edmuni 30, 71 ; Elizabeth, 71 ; 

Gabriel, 71 ; George, 71 ; Henry, 71 ; 

T<iinf>e. It • Tnhn ■Jn. TO. IT. TT ' 


Israel, Margaret, 27. 
Ivey, Joane, 102 ; Mary, 29 ; Richard, 
102 ; Thomas, 102. 

Jackson, Edith, 109 ; Joseph, 66 ; Mar- 
garet, 108 ; Miles, 35 ; William, 35 ; 
, 102. 

Jacob, Humphrey, 78 ; Mary, 78 ; Wil- 
liam, 78. 

James, Alice, 61 ; Blanch, 7, 95 ; Fran- 
cis, 7, 112; Rev. Henry, 72 ; Jane, 
7; Katherine, 112; Philip, 36, 112; 
William, 44, 61. 

Jeanes, or Jeane, Edmund, 8 ; John, 8, 
62 ; Richard, 8 ; Thomas, 8. 

{eay, Susannah, 26 ; Thomas, 26. 
efferies, Joan, 97 ; Joyce, 97 ; Rev. 

Richard, 11. 
Jenkins, Elizabeth, 65 ; Ellen, 37 ; Rev. 

Humphrey, 6$ 5 John, 37 ; Sarah, 37 ; 

Rev. Thomas, 65 ; William, 37. 
Jennings, Agnes, 14 ; Ann, 9 ; Dorothy, 

97; Elizabeth, 9, 37; Jasper, 20; 

Joan, 19 ; Sir John, 66, 97 ; Marma- 

duke, 9, 19, 37, 58 ; Mary, 9, 37 ; 

Robert, 19 ; Thomas, 9, 14, 15 ; , 


Jervoise, Lady Lucy, 93. 

Jessop, Margaret, 12; William, 1 1. 

Johnson, Daniel, 94$ Mary, 94; Wil- 
liam, 31. 

Jones, Anne, 69, 106; Anthony, 80; 
Bluet, 34 ; Catherine, 81 ; David, 80 ; 
Eleanora, 54; Lady Elizabeth, 53; 
Elizabeth, 34, 52-54, 106 ; Emma, 81 ; 
Francis, 81 ; Jane, 81 ; Joan, 52 ; 
John, 34, 52, 81, 106, 108; Margaret, 
54, 71 ; Mary, 52- U ; Mary Eleanor, 
54 ; Sir Philip, 108 ; Philip, 81 ; Pru- 
dence, 108 ; Richard, 52-54, 81 ; Ro- 
bert, 71; Samuel, 52; Sarah, 69; 
Thomas, 52, 69, 81 ; Thomasine, 81 ; 
Sir William, 52, 53, 81 ; Dr. William, 

Canon of Wells, 81 ; Rev. William, 81 ; 
William, 52-54, 80, 81 ; Dr. , 81 ; 


fones-Burdett, , 81. 
ordan. Dr. Edward, 23; Edward, 23; 
Lucv, 23 ; Mary, 23 5 Thomas, 23 ; 
Sir William, 23. 
Joyce, Catherine, no; Elizabeth, 64, 69 ; 
George, no; Joan, 69; Joyce, 64; 
Matthew, no; Richard, 69, no; 
Thomas, 69 ; William, 69. 
Joyliflfe, John, 5 ; Mary, 5. 

Keene, or Keane, Agnes, n ; Edmund, 
II ; Elinor, 112; Elizabeth, ii; 
Frances, n ; Francis, 112; Rev. 

James, 112; James, 112; Jane, n, 112; 
oane, 69; John, n, 112; Lucretia, 
22; Mary, ii, 112; Richard ii, 69. 

Keeper, Elizabeth, 82 ; John, 82. 

Kelson, John, 15. 

Kemble, Margaret, 47^ William, 46, 47. 

Kemmell, A^es, 38. 

Kempe, Alexander, loi ; Elizabeth, loi i 
Phillis, 7 ; William, 7. 

Kemys, Aim, 15-17; Lady Blanch, 109; 
Sir Charles, 15, 16, 109; Charles, 15, 
109 ; David, 109 ; Edward, 15, 16 ; 
Geora:e, 15, 16 ; Lady Tane, 15 ; Jane, 
15, 16 ; John, 23 ; Katherine, 15, 105 ; 
Lewis, 15; Lady Margaret, 15, 16; 
Mary, 15-17, 105 ; Rachel, 17. 

Ken, Dr. Thomas, Bp. of Bath and Wells, 
16, 17. 

Kenbury, Elizabeth, 65 ; John, 65. 

Kenn, Edmund, 15 ; Edward, 23. 

Kerslake, Mary, 34 ; Peter, 34. 

Kerwood, Mai^, 25 ; Nicholas, 25. 

Keymer, Giles, 64 ; Mair, 64. 

Killifrew, Lady Elizabeth, 56, 57 ; Eliza- 
beth, 58 ; Sir Joseph, 56, 57. 

Kinestone, Thomas, 7. 

King, Ann, 89 ; Joane, 64 ; Margery, 49 ; 
Salathiel, 93 ; Thomas, 49 ; ^ 40. 

Kinglake, William, 62. 

Kirby, Andrew, 39 ; Mary, 39. 

Kirton, Katherine, 9a 

Knapton, Albian, 71 ; Mary, 71. 

Knight, George, 99; Maiy, 24; Tho- 
mas, 24. 

Lacy, Alice, 65 ; Anne, 65 ; Catherine, 
76 ; Dorothy, 76 ; Edmund, 76 ; Eliza- 
beth, 65, 76; Elizeus, 76; EUinor, 
76 ; Mary, 65 ; Oriana, 76 ; William, 

Lake, Bishop, 112. 

Lampson, John, 68 ; Nicholas, 68. 

Lande. See Lund. 

Langford, Bernard, 71; Edward, 74; 
Elizabeth, 71 ; Margaret, 71 ; Mary, 
71 ; William, 71. 

Langhome, John, 70 ; Martha, 70. 

Langrish, Charles, 34; Dorothy, no; 
Edmund, 1 10 ; Judith, in; Nathaniel, 
no ; Prue, no ; Robert, no; Samuel, 


Digitized by 


no; TWodorCy no; Thona^ iic^ 

Langtoo, Jom, Co ; Toseph, 53. 
fanham, Ann, 67 ; Isott, 67. 
Tanidgn, France^ 1 1. 
Laidcr, liary, 97. 

Laige, ,58. 

Latch, Angnsdne, 97 ; Dorothy, 97 ; 
Edmimd, 97 ; laabel, 97 ; Joan, 97 ; 

iohn, 97 ; JoMph, 35, 97 ; Joyce, 97 ; 
I«n^, 97 ; Philip, 97 ; Richard, 97; 
Robot, 97 ; Sanniel, 97 ; Sarah, 97 ; 
Thomas, 35, 97 ; William, 97. 

LftTor, Amy, 59 ; VAmunti, 59 ; John, 
59; Thomas, 591 

Law, Maiy, 89. 

Lawrence, Charles, 68 ; Sir Edward, 59 ; 
Elizabeth, 56, 58, 97; Frances, 59, 
68 J Francis, 23 ; Geoige, 68 ; Joyce, 
59; Richard, 68; William, 39, ^,60, 

. 97 ; * 31- 

Leader, Fanny, 86. 

Leigh, Catherine^ 26 ; Robert, 73 ; Tho- 
mas, 36. 

Lester, Allen, 24 ; Ann, 33, 24 ; Dorothy, 
23, 24 ; Edith, 23 ; George, 24 ; Israel, 
24 ; John, 24 ; Leonard, 23. 

Lerersedge, Edmund, 41, 63; Frands, 
52 ; Margaret, 41, 47 ; Robert, 40, 47, 
52 ; Roger, 47. 

Lewis, or Lewes, Elizabeth, 16 ; Joan, 
107 ; Katherine, 64 ; Richard, 15 ; 
Rowland, 16 ; Thomas, 17, 64 ; Wil- 
liam, 107. 

Ley, Alice, 78 ; Isabel, 78 ; John, 78 ; 
Feter, 78 ; Samuel, 78 ; , 102. 

Lie. See Lye. 

Lincoln, Betty, 2a 

Linton, Elizabeth, 20 ; John, 2a 

Lisle, Sir John, 90 ; Maiy, 90. 

Liverse^e. See Lcrersedge. 

Lloyd, ^mund, 114 ; Edward, 6 ; Eliza- 
beth, 114 ; Hugh, 7 ; Jane, 6 ; Kathe- 
rine, 114 ; Richard, 114 ; Thomas, 31; 
Dr. , 81. 

Locke, Agnes, 11 ; Ann, li ; Bathshua, 
51; Christopher, 63, 113; Edward, 
II ; Elizabeth, ii, 63 ; Frances, 11 ; 
Hercules, 113 ; Isabella, 63 ; John, 1 1, 
63 ; Lewis, 63 ; Nicholas, 1 1 ; Peter, 
II ; Thomas, il. 

Locket, Rev. Timothy, 84. 

Lockstone, — , 64. 

Lon^, Ann, 37, 86 ; Deborah, 37 ; 
Diana, 37 ; Elizabeth, 37, 86 ; George, 
9, 37 ; Henry, 37 ; James, 31 ; Jane, 
90; Lislebone, 53; Mary, 9, 37; 
Sir Robert, 54 ; Robert, 37 ; William, 
37, 86 ; , 77. 

Longman, , 87. 

Lotlisham, Elizabeth, 99 ; Frances, 99 ; 
Hugh, 99 ; Joane, 99 ; John, 99, 100 ; 
Mary, 99, 100 ; Oliver, 99 ; William, 

Loveden, Ann, iia 
Lovelace, Francis, 75. 

Lwar, Aflo, 59; Aallioiiy, 59; CiodI, 
59; Emannel, 59; Joan. 59, 

Lncas, ^ 88. 

Ludlow, Dorothy, iio; Gabriel, lia 

Ladwell, Tboaia% 114. 

Land, John, 28, loa 

LnttreU, Alexander, 44 ; Andrew, 108 ; 
Ann, 29; Edward, 108; Elizabeth, 
108 ; Frances, 108 ; Geoige, 104 ; 
lane, 51; Joone, 108; John, 29; 
Maiy, 108; Pradeno^ 108; Thoaiasy 
82, 102, 104, 106 ; , 44. 8& 

Lyde, Comeliai^ 53; Elinbrth, S3; 
WiUiaai,53; ^,52. 

Lye, John, 64 ; Robert, 64 ; Ursula, 64. 

Lygoo, Henry, 30; Isabel, 30L 

Lynham, Isott, 48, 49; Ridiaid, 48. 

Lyte, Johan* & 

Maddoz, Mary, 113; Richard, 113. 
Malet, Dorothy, 87, 88 ; Gawen, 8, 59 ; 

Joan, 8; John, 88; Richard, 8; 

Thomas, 87, 88. 
Manchester. See Montagu. 
Manning, Alice, 70 ; Dorothy, 70 ; 

George, 70 ; John, 70 ; WUUiam, 70. 
Mansel^ Blanch, 109. 
March, Jane, 113; Thomas no- 
Maroris, Mary, ill. 
Marriott, Elizabeth, 23. 
Marshall, Elizabeth, 69 ; Frances, 71 ; 

George, 90; Joan, 12; John, 71; 

Thomas, 71. 
Martin, Eleanor, 95 ; Henry, 56, 91, 97 ; 

James, 60 ; John, 96 ; Maiy, 56, 58, 

91, 97; PrudUa, 56; Thomas, 56; 

William, 97. 
Maiy II., Queen of England, 43. 
MascoU, John, 85. 
Mason, Sarah, 109^ 
Master, Dr., 106 ; Richard, 106 ; Robert, 

Matthews, Margaret, 16, I7. 
Mattock, Charles, 85, 86, 112; Jane, 

112; Sophia, 85,86. 
Maultus, Mary, 13. 
Mauncell, Richard, 47. 
Mawdeley, Elizabeth, 46. 
May, Catherine, 24 ; Elizabeth, 24 ; 

Fiances, 24 ; Jane, 24 ; Ursula, 24. 
Maynard, John, loa 
Mayo, Elizabeth, 68 ; Toane, 68 ; Richard, 

68 ; Thomasine, 68 ; William, 68. 
Mead, Richard, 44. 
Meades, Ann, 65 ; Robert, 65. 
Meares, Edburroe, 55. 
Medlam, Ann, 18 ; *Tohn, l8» 19. 
Medlicot, Edward, 69. 
Meredith, Richard, Dean of Wells, 35, 

Merewether, Christopher, 70 ; lane, 70 ; 

Tolin, 70; Martha, 70; Maiy, 70; 

Richard, 7a 
Merrick, Jane, 105. 
Methuen, Ann, 92; Paul, Prebend of 

Wells, 92. 


Digitized by 


Methwin, Anthony, 32; Gertrude, 32, 

Mewe, James, 22 ; Joane, 22. 
Michel, John, 13. 
.Milbome, Lady Ann, 25 ; Charles, 25 ; 

Dorothy, 25 ; George, 2$ ; Giles, 24 ; 

Grace, 24, 25 ; Henry, 25 ; John, 25 ; 

Mary, 25 ; Richard, 25 ; Susan, 25 ; 

WilUam, 25. 
Miles, or Mills, Grace, 103 ; Heniy, 104. 
Milles, Joane, 60 ; John, 60. 
Millner, John, 88. 

Mintume, Mary, loi ; Thomas, loi. 
MitcKbll, Ann, 18 ; Charles, 18 ; Isott, 

14 ; Jane, 18 ; Joane, 18, 19 ; John, 

14, 18, 66 ; Thomasine, 19. 
Mogg, DoroUiy, 14; William, 14. 
Mohun, or Moon, Mary, 15 ; Thomas, 

22 ; William, 15. 
Moleyns, Thomas, 40. 
Mompesson, John, 58. 
Montagu, Henry, Earl of Manchester, 30 ; 

Capt. James, 30 ; Mary, 30 ; Robert, 

Montgomery, Lady Gabrielle Roberta, 

Moore, Bridget, 32, 33, 83 ; Elisabeth, 

32, 33 ; Francis, 32 ; Gertrude, 32, 

42 ; Grace, 32, 33 ; Jasper, 3a ; Joan, 

33; Margaret, 32, 42 ; Mary, 48; 

Rachel, 32, 33, 42 ; Thomas, 32, 33 ; 

Thomasine, 48. 
Morgan, Lady Ann, 25 ; Ann, 28, 29, 

105, 106; Christopher, 28, 29, 40; 
Dorothy, 105 ; Edward, 28 ; Eleanor, 

106, 107 ; Elizabeth, 28, 29, 105, 106 ; 
George, 28, 29; Gertrude, 29, ill; 
Jane, 105 ; Joane^ 106 ; John, 28-30, 
III ; Margery, 28 ; Mary, 28, 29, 105, 
106, III ; Mihill, 62 ; Philippa, 28 ; 
Richard, 105, 106 $ Robert, 28, 29 ; 
Somerset, 105; Susanna, 106; Thomas, 

15, 16, 10$, 106$ William, 28-30, 40, 
41, 105, io6» III; ^,84. 

Morley, ^— , 44. 

Morris, Julian, 36 ; Richard, 36. 

Morse, Richard, 78. 

Morton, Thomas, 28. 

Mounsell, Peter, 36. 

Mountjoy, Lady Ann, loi, 102 ; Charles, 

Lord, loi. 
Mowrie, William, 73. 
Moysey, Abel, 107; Elizabeth, 107; 

Mary, 107 ; Molley, 107 ; Nathanid, 


Muclestone, , 7. 

Murray, Anthony, 89; 9 95. 

Musgrave, Agnes, 27; Dorothy, 44; 

George^ 84; John, 27; Mary, 27; 

Philip, 27 ; Smion, 27 ; Thomas, 8, 

27 ; William, 27 ; , 8. 

Muttlebury, Thomas, 9. 
MychelL .Sm BiitcheU. 
Mynne, Jane, 7 ; Nicholas, 7. 

Naish, Anselm, 105. 

Napper, Edith, 37 ; Sir Robert, 105, 

Newborough, Ann, 105. 

Newcastle, Earl of, 75. 

Newcomen, Lady Elizabeth, 103. 

Newcourt, Elizabeth, 56; Frances, 58, 
75 ; Hester, 56 ; Jane, 56 ; John, 39, 
56 ; Mary, 39, 56, 58 ; Philip, 56, 58 ; 
Priscilla, 56 ; Richard, 58 ; Roger, 56, 
58 ; Thomas, 56 ; Toby, 56. 

Newdigate, Henrietta, 44. 

Newman, Francis, 1 14 ; Thomas, 99. 

Newton, Agnes, 71 ; Dorothy, 18 ; 
Eleanor, 18 ; Rev. George, 72 ; Hes- 
ter, 18 ; Jarvis, 18 ; Sir John, 18 ; 
Lady Mary, 18 ; Penelope, 18 ; Sir 
Theodore, 50, 52. 

Node, Matthew, 104. 

Norman, Arthur, 90 ; Frances, 90. 

Normansell, Richard, 53. 

Norris, Agnes, 68 ; Alice, 107, 108 ; 
Ames, 107 ; Anne, 107, 108 ; Anstioe, 
107 ; Dorothy, 107 ; Elizabeth, 107, 
108 ; Frances, 68 ; Henry, 68 ; Hugh, 
89, 107 ; Jane, 107 ; Joane, 89, 107 ; 
John, 107, 108; Mary, 108; Richard, 
103; Robert, 68, 107; Stephen, 3; 
Thomas, 107, 108 ; William, 107. 

Northcott, , 61. 

Norton, Sir Daniel, 30 ; , 41. 

Nutccxnbe, Christian, 28 ; Joan, 28 ; 
Mary, 28 ; Nicholas, 28. 

Oker, Elizabeth, 96 ; John, 96. 

Oldisworth, Arnold, 9. 

Orange, Eliza, 3; Frances, 3; Hum- 
phrey, 3 ; Joanna, 3 ; John, 3 ; Wil- 
liam, 3. 

Orme, Humphrey, 27. 

Ormerod, Anne, 62, 64 ; Elizabeth, 62, 
64; Jane, 62; Joane^ 62; Rev. Oliver, 
62 ; Richard, 62, 64 ; Robert, 62. 

Osbaldeston, or Osboldston, Francis, 86 $ 
George, 46 ; Margaret, 46 ; Muy, 86 ; 
Rogers, 46 ; Sarah, 46 ; Simon, 46. 

Overman, Alice Shaw, ICH^ ; Mary, 109 ; 
William, 109. 

Overton, Christoi^ieri 27, 37; Elizabeth* 

37; •Q. 

Owen, EUinor, 30 ; George, 30; Griffith, 

30; Joan, 30; Mary, 30; Robert, 3a 
Owsley, Edward, 24; Florence, 24; 

George, 24; /oane, 24; Mary, 24; 

Samuel, 24 ; William, 24. 
Oxenham, Ann, 86 ; Elizabeth, 86; Mary, 

89 ; William, 86, 89. 

Page, Frances, 3i> 33f 34; Rev. John, 
31. 33. 34 ; Julian, 25, 

Pofrett, Rev. John, 114. 

Pame, John, 49. 

Painter, Mfljy, 5a 

Palmer, Ann, 85, 87-89; Lady Catherine, 
87; Catherine, 87, 89; Christopher, 
85 ; Lady Dorothy, 87, 88 ; Dorothy, 
87; Elizabeth, 85-89; Frances, 85, 
89 ; Frands, 87 ; Lady Grlselda, 87 ; 



Digitized by 


Isabella, 88 ; Jane, 45 ; John, 87, 88 ; 
Jonathan, 88 ; Joseph, 88 ; Maxy, 85, 
87, 88; Miriam, 88; Nathaniel, 85, 
87 ; Per^:rine, 85, 87-89 ; Rachel, 
89; Robert, 87; Sarah, 87; Sir 
Thomas, 87, 88 ; Thomas, 85-89 ; 
Rev. William, 88; WUliam, 87, 88. 

Parker, Edward, 105 ; Elizabeth, 105 ; 
J'ohn, 76, 105 ; Mary, 56, 105 ; Richard, 
77 ; Thomas, 56, 105. 

parry, Alice, 61 ; Anthony, 76 ; Arthur, 
61 ; Benjamin, 61 ; James, 61 ; Jane, 
23 ; Owen, 61 ; Robert, 61 ; Rowland, 
61 ; Sarah, 61 » Stephen, 23 ; Thomas, 

Parsons, Edmnnd, 35 ; John, 79 ; Kathe- 
rine, 79 ; Sapiens, 55 ; Susan, 55. 

Partridge Arthur, 60 ; Bridget, 6a 

P^ttl, Elizabeth, 21 ; Hugh, 21 ; John, 

Paulett, or Ponlett, Alice, 92, 107 ; Sir 
Amias, 91 ; Amos, 73, 94 ; Ann, 93, 

i 107 s Lady Anna, 931 Barbara, 931 
Bennett, 93 ; Bernard, 93 ; Catherine, 
93 ; Christopher, 92, 93 ; Lady Con- 
stance, 92; Dorothy, 93; Edward, 93; 
Eleanor, 92, 93 ; Lady Elizabeth, 92, 
93 ; Elizabeth, 64, 92, 93, 95 ; Fortune, 
93 ; Frances, 93, 94 ; Sir George, 92, 
to; George, 92-94 5 GUes, 93 5 Sir 
Hampden, 93; Hercules, 94; Sir 
Hugh, II ; Tane, 93 ; Joan, 93 ; John, 
Lord, 71 ; Sir John, 92 ; John, 58, 64, 
7i» 93» 945 Joseph, 94; Lucy, 93; 
Margaret, 94; Lady Mary, 39^ 92; 
Mary, 93, 94; Sur Richard, 93; 
Richard, 93 ; Robert, 93-95* lo7 5 Lady 
Susan, 94; Susan, 93, 94; Thomas, 
Marquis of Winchester, 92 ; Thomas, 
93, 107 ; William, 92-94 ; , Lord, 


Payne, Hellena, 24; John, 24; , 6a 

Pea, Cicely, 90. 

Peach, Cauerine, 96; Henry, 96. 

Peake^ Dr., 75. 

Pearce, Robert, 35 ; Toby, 61. 

Pcard, Elizabeth^ 90 ; Rer. Hugh, 89, 

Peck, Eliitabeth, 22. 
Peirse, Ann, 18; Thomas, 112; Dr. 

William, Archdeacon of Taunton, 18, 

112; William, 112. 
Pelham, Elizabeth, 52, 531 Lucy, 52, 

53; Thomas, 52, 53. 
Pellsant, Elizabeth, 7 ; John, 7. 
Pembroke, Earl of, 16. 
PennelL Sa Pinnell. 
Penny, Ann, 11 ; Dorothy, 11 ; Edith, 

II ; Giles, 11. 
Pepwell. George, 107. 
Percevail, Elizabeth, 25. Su PurcevaU. 
Perkins, Mary, 31. 
Perrin, Jane, 11 ; John, 17. 
Perry, Agnes, 74 ; Christian, 27 ; De- 
borah, 74 J Frances, 745 Grace, 74; 

James« 745 Joanc, 74; John, 74; | 

Margaret, 74; Mary, 74; Peter, 74; 
Robert, 13, 52; Th<Mna8, 74; Tho- 
masine, 74. 

Petter, Agnes, 80. 

Petties, Joan, 97. 

Pettingall, Richard, 93. 

Phelips, Arthur, 27; Jane, 107; Mary, 
26; Richard, 26, 27; Sir Thomas, 

Phelps, Agnes, no; Ann, 65, no; 
Ciscell, 65 ; Elizabeth, 65, 105 ; Giles, 
no; Grace, no; Henry, no; Isott, 
65 ; John, 65 ; Magdalene, 65 ; Mary, 
65; Peter, no; Thomas, 65; Wil- 
liam, 105. 

Phillips, or Phillipps, Daniel, 5 ; Deborah, 
{; Sir Edward, 73; Elizabeth, 5; 
Lady Grace, 72 ; Jolui, 5 ; Margaret, 
5; Richard, 5* 12 ; Stephen, 5 ; Sir 
Thomas, 26, 88, 91, 92. 

Philpton, Elizabeth, 12, 13. 

Phivian, William, 81. 

Pickfiat, Anne, 47 ; Thomas, 47. 

Pierce, Francis, 83. 

Piers, Dr. William, 27. 

Pieott, Florence, 94. 

Pike, John, 63 ; Magdalene, 63, 

Pile, R., 75 5 f 75- 

Pingle, Cyprian, 59. 

Pinkney, Rachel, 32, 34, 35. 

Pinnell, Elizabeth, 53 ; Heory, 52, 53. 

Pmney, Hester, 67 ; , 67. 

Piper, Elizabeth, 9 ; Joan, 97 ; John, 9. 

Pitman, Agnes, 4, 5 ; Anne, 4, 5 ; Ayice, 
4, 5 ; Edith, 5 ; Edward, 4, 5 ; Eliza- 
beth, 5 ; Magdalen, 4, 5 ; Maigaret, 5; 
Michael, 4, 5 ; Nicholas, 4, 5 ; Richard, 
4, 5 ; Sarah, 5 ; Stephen, 5 ; Walter, 

4> 5* 
Pitt, Abigail, 36 ; Ann, 36 ; Benjamin, 
" (I; Bridget, 65; Christian, 36; 


Jioeiy, 64 ; Dorothy, 37 ; Edith, 36, 
65 ; Edward, 56 ; Elizabeth, 36, 37, 
65 ; Frances, 30 ; Henry, 36 ; Hester, 
36; Joan, 36; John, 35, 36, 64, 65 ; 
Jonathan, 9, 36, 37 ; Julian, 36 ; Mar- 
garet, 36 ; Mary, 30, 36, 37 ; Matthew, 
36, 51 ; Philippa, 36; Rachel, 36; 
Richard, 36, 37; Samuel, 37 ; Sidrach, 
64; Susanna, 36, ^7; Thomas, 36; 
Thomasine, 19 ; WUliam, 30^ 35-37- 

Ptttar, Agnes, 8a 

Pitts, Mary, 2a 

Piatt, Jane, 47 ; Richard, 46, 47. 

Pleydell, John, 103 ; Oliver, 103. 

Plympton, Ann, 4. 

Pollard, Alice, 65 ; Ann, 65 ; Dorothy, 
65 ; Elizabeth, 19 ; George, 18 ; Gert- 
rude, 65 ; Tane, 65 ; Joan, 19, 93 ; 
Lewis, 19, 65. 

Poole, Christopher, 98 ; Elizabeth, 25 ; 
Jane, 98 ; John, 98, 99 ; Lady Kathe- 
rine, 92 ; Mary, 22 ; Urith, 99. 

Pope, Bryan, 12; EUzabeth, 62 ; Joane, 
22, 62; LewiSy 22; Maigaret, 12; 
Walter, 62. 


Digitized by 


Popham^ Rev. Alexander, 8 ; Alexander, 
8, II, 15, 49, 93, 94, 105; Amy, 91 ; 
Ann, 15 ; Catherine, 91 ; Dorothy, 15 ; 
Edward, 15; Eglyn, 14; Eliiabeth, 
I4» 93; Sir Francis, 91, 02, no; 
George, 14, 15, 93 > Lady Hdena, 92 ; 
Jane, 14; Sir John, 91 ; John, 14, 15, 
91 ; Letitia, 92 ; Marmaduke, 14 ; 
Margery, 105 ; Mair, 8 ; Melior, 56 ; 
Melissa, 14 ; NichoUs, 14 ; Richard, 
14; Sarah, 15, 49; Thomas, 8; Wal- 
ter, 14, 56. 

Porter, William, 59 ; , 67. 

Portman, Sir Hugh, 104 ; John, 104, 

Potenger, Tames, 37. 

Poulden, Christopher, 59. 

Poulett. Sa Paulett. 

Powell, George Wood, 80 ; John, 83 } 
Marmaduke, 9; Sir Nicholas, 16; 

Roger, 80; Samuel, 37; , i6, 

Ste Creech. 

Powle, Lady Aim, 102. 

Poynes, Humphrey, 56 ; Joan, 56. 

Poyntington, Ann, 23. 

Poyntz, Eleanor, 30; Nicholas, 30; 
Philip, 22, 79 ; , 83. 

Prater, Alice, 47 ; Amy, 47 ; Ann, 47, 
48 ; Anthony, 46, 47 ; Bartholomew, 
47; Cassandra, 46; Dorothy, 47; 
Dulsabell, 47 ; Edward, 46 ; Elizabeth, 
47, 48; Ellinor, 46, 47; Francis, 46; 
George, 46, 47 ; Giles, 47 ; Grace, 46; 
Humphrey, 46, 47; jane, 46, 47; 
John, 47, 48; Kathenne, 47; Mar- 
garet, 46, 47 ; Marian, 47 ; Mary, 46 ; 
Nicholas, 46, 47; Richard, 46, 47; 
Robert, 48 ; Susan, 47 ; Thomas, 46 ; 
William, 46. 

Pratt, Dr. John, 14; John, 17; Maiy, 
18, 114; William, 18, I14. 

Prattent, Joane, 26. 

Preston, Barbara, 93. 

Price, Christian, 51 ; Hugh, 94 ; John, 

35; Margaret, 94; William, 69; , 


Prideaux, Elizabeth, 74; Sir Thomas, 
95 ; William, 74, 

Prigg, John, 19, 64 ; Kathenne, 64. 

Probart, Charles, 106. 

Provender, Dorothy, 47 ; George, 47. 

Provis, Amy, 32 ; William, 32. 

Prowse, Brid^t, 39; James, 76, 80; 
John, 25; Richard, 77; Roger, 22; 
William, 15, 35, 66 ; , 15. 

Pnnchard, Ann, 65 ; Bridget, 65 ; Jane, 
65 ; John, 65 ; Mary, 65 ; Richard, 65, 
Sarah, 65; William, 65. 

Purcevall, Thomas, 83. Sm Percevall. 

Putt, Agnes, 27; Nicholas, 27; Sir 
Thomas, 44. 

Pym, John, 24. 

Pyncombe, William, 83. 

Pyne, Amy, 71, 73, 74; Andrew, 72; 
Ann, 71, 73 ; Arthur, 71-73 ; Cathe- 
rine, 72; Charles, 73; Christabella, 
71-73 J Dorcas, 71 ; Dorothy, 71 ; 


Gertrude, 72 ; Grace, 72 5 fienry, 72 ; 
Hercules, 72 ; Honor, 71 ; Hugh, 58, 
71-73 ; Humphrey, 71, 72 ; Jane, 72 ; 
John, 71, 73 J Julian, 71, 72; Lewis, 
71 ; Mabel, 72 ; Margaret, 71 ; Mary, 
71, 73; PluliPf 71; Prisdlla, 72; 
Richard, 71, 72 ; Ruth, 71 ; Susan, 
71 ; Thomas, 71, 72 ; Thomasine, 74; 
Valentine, 71-73 ; William, 71. 
P., Sir Thomas, 07. 

Qaestion, John, 99. 
Quick, Dorothy, 9a 

Radberd, Agnes, 80 ; Alice, 80; Barnard, 
80; Blase, 80; Cicely, 80; Dorothy^ 
80 } Gertrude, 80 ; John, 80 ; Mary, 
80; Richard, 80; Walter, 80; Rev. 
William, 8a 

Ramsay, , 54. 

Rattle, Alice, 35 ; Joan, J5 5 John, 35, 
66 ; Joseph, 35, 97 5 Katherine, 35 ; 
Mary, 35, 66 j Philip, 35 ; Robert, 35, 

Rawe, Judith, 112; Thomas, 112. 

Rayment, — ^, 59. 

Raymond, Arthur, 63 ; Elizabeth, 63 ; 
George, 63; Giles, 63; Joan, 631 
John, 63 5 Katherine, 63 ; Lucy, 63 j 
Margaret, ill; Martha, 75 ; Mary, 63 ; 
Nicholas, 63; Orion, 63; Samuel, 63; 
Sisley, 63 ; William, 63. 

Rayner, John, 73. 

Ravnes, Alice, 89 ; Ann, 89 ; Dorothy, 
89 ; Edith, 89 ; Francis, 89 ; Hester, 
89 ; Hugh, 89 ; John, 89 ; Lydia, 89 ; 
Philip, ^ ; Sarah, 89 ; WUliam, 89. 

Rebotier, Rer. Ellas, 6 ; Ellas, 6 ; 
Katherine, 6 j Margaret, 6. 

Redman, Elizabeth, 67; Francis, 671 
Rebecca, 67. 

Reeves, Ann, 39. 

Revett, Arthur, 1 12; Katherine^ 112} 
Rev. Dr. Timothy, Archdeacon of 
Bath, 26, 27, 35, 55, 112; Timothy, 

Revnolds, Frances, 89 ; Giles, 89 ; John^ 

Richards, George, 28; John, 114. 

Richardson, Mary, 65. 

Rigg, Katherine, 95 ; Thomas, 95. 

Ritherdon, Ann, 79 ; Daniel, 79 ; Doro* 
thy, 78 ; Elizabeth, 78, 79 ; Francis, 
78 ; Henry, 77, 78 ; Isabel, 78 ; Joane, 
79; John, 77-79; Josias, 79; Kathe- 
rine, 78 ; Margaret, 78 ; Mary, 77, 78 $ 
Nicholas, 79 ; Roger, 77-79 ; Tristram, 
77,78; William, 77-79. 

Ritson, Catherine, 14; Elizabeth, 14; 
Jane, 14 ; John, 14 ; Robert, 14. 

Roberts, Jane, 27 ; Joane, 22 ; Thomas, 
27 ; William, 22. 

Robins, Catherine, 76, 79; Elizabeth, 


Digitized by 


76; Tames, 76; Philip, 76^ Robert, 
76; Roger, 76, 79 J Wilmot, 79- 

Robinson, Bridget, 53 ; Elizabeth, 53 ; 
Sir John, 53 ; John, 53 ; Mary, 53. 

Roche, Agnes, 9 ; Edmund, 9. 

Rodbert. See Radberd. 

Rodney, Dorothy, 30 ; Sir Edward, 50, 
64, 09 ; Sir George, 30 ; Henry, 40 ; 
Jane, 40; John, 40, 41 ; Maurice, 

Rodway, Ellen, 91. 

Rogers, Ambrose, 91 ; Ann, 91, 92 ; 
Anthony, 91 ; Daniel, 74 ; Dorothy, 
91 ; Sir Edward, 90 ; Edwud, 40, 91, 
92 ; Elizabeth, 6 ; Ellen, 91 ; EUinor, 
91 ; Frances, 40 ; Sir Francis, 91, 92 ; 
Sir George, 91 ; George, 90-92 5 Grizell, 
74 ; Henry, 90-92 ; Hugh, 92 ; Lady 
Jane, 91 ; Jane, 68, 92 ; Sir John, 40 ; 
John, 46 ; Katherine, 6, 40, 90, 91 ; 
Margaret, 46 ; Lady Mary, Qi ; Mary, 
40, 91, 92 ; Penelope, 91 ; Sir Richard, 
91, 99 ; Richard, 91 ; Robert, 91 ; 
Sarah, 91 ; Thomas, 74 ; William, 

Rolle, Ann, 8S ; Dennis, 94 ; Lady 
Florence, 94 ; Florence, 94 ; Francis, 

Romsey, Mary, 17. 

Ronion, Mary, 8a 

Rooks, — , 109. 

Rose, or Rosse, Churchill, 37 $ Elizabeth, 
37 ; James, 71 ; Nicholas, 28 j , 


Rosewell, Michael, 74. 

Rossiter, Edward, 22 ; Winifred, 22. 

Roynon, Alice, 52 ; Charles, 52 ; Cle- 
ment, 52; Dorothy, 52; Elizabeth, 
52; Francis, 52; George, 52; Ger- 
trude, 52 ; Grace, 52 ; Jonn, 52 ; Mar- 
garet, 52 ; Mary, 52 ; Peter, 50, 52 ; 
Robert, 52 ; Simon, 52 ; Thomas, 52 ; 
William, 52. 

Rttgg, Henry, 38. 

Rnss, Gertrude, 84. 

Russell, Lady, 114. 

Ryall, Simon, 61. 

Ryres, Sir John, 38. 

Sadler, Alice, 47 ; Elizabeth, 108. 
Saffin, Agatha, 25 ; Edward, 25 ; Eliza- 
beth, 25; Geoige, 25; Hu^h, 25; 

Toane, 25 5 John, 25 ; Katherme, 25 5 

Margaret, 25 ; William, 25. 
Safford, Rev. Bartholomew, 48, 96; 

Catherine, 48. 
St. Albyn, Grace, 32; John, 32, 103; 

Tresham, 76. 
St Barbe, Amy, 91 ; Edward, 92 ; 

Henry, 91 ; Sir John, 92. 
Samboume, Thomas, 47. 
Sammes, Sir Gerard, 10 ; Lady Ursula, 

Samson, Ann, 89 ; George, 89. 
Samways, Jasper, 20 ; Joseph, 20 ; Mary, 

20; Richard, 20. 

Sanders, Ann, 50 ; Edward, $0 ; Elisa- 
beth, 36; Geoige, 50; Philip, 50; 
William, 36, 50. 

Sandford, or Sanford, Alice, 14, 78; 
Ann, 34 ; Anthony, 14 ; Rev. Ashford, 
8 ; Christopher, 78, 79 5 Dorothy, 78 j 
Lady Elizabeth, 80 ; Elizabeth* 8, 14; 
Gilbert, 79 ; Henry, 78 ; Humphrey, 
78 ; Jane, 14, 79 ; John, 14, 78, 80 ; 
Katherine, 78 ; Maigaret, 14 ; Salome, 
78 ; WiUiam, 34, 78 ; . 78- 

Sands, Maiy, 27 ; William, 27. 

Sandys, Emanuel, 59, 62, 63; Fnmds, 
63 ; Gr^nory, 103 ; Katherine, 103 ; 
Maiy, 62; Simon, 63; William, 62, 

Saunders, Catherine, 24; Ellinor, 69; 

Helen ; 24 ; Walter, 69. 
Saunderson, Thomas, 24. 
Savage, John, 35; Mary, 78; Walter, 

Saville, Catherine, 42. 
Scrope, Lady Elizabeth, 93 ; Ralph, 93. 
ScudEunore, Eliza, 3 ; George, 3 ; Thomas, 


Scurlett, Richard, 85. 

Sealey, Edward, 96 ; Joane, 96 ; William, 
96 ; , loi. 

Seaman, Edward, 60 ; Elizabeth, 60, 94 ; 
Grace, 60; Dr. John, 60; Lionel, 
114 ; Mary, 60 ; Samuel, 60 ; William, 

Sellick, Alice, 17 ; Ann, 17, 18, loo, 102, 
103 ; Christopher, 17 ; David, 17 ; Doro- 
thy, 17; Edward, 102, 103; Elizabeth, 
17, 18, 100; Geoiiee, 102, 103 ; Henry, 
49, loi ; H., 8; Joane, 17, 18; Rev. 
Dr. John, 13, 17, 18 ; John, 17, 18, 
100; Margaret, 17; Rev. Nathaniel, 
18 ; Nathaniel, 102 ; Penelope, 18 ; 
Robert, 17, 18, 103; Susannah, 18; 
Theophila, 18 ; Thomasine, 103 ; 
William, 17. 

Serjeant, Bridget, 34 ; Rev. John, 34. 

Servington, Dorothy, 104. 

Sexey, Elizabeth, 10 ; Hugh, 10 ; Joane, 
10; John, 10; Ursula, 10; William, 

Sexton, John, 81. 

Seymour,^ Ann, 93; Edward, Duke of 
Somerset, 04 ; Hester, 18 ; Katherine, 
Duchess ot Somerset, 94. 

Shandos, Lord, 44* 

Sharley, Mary, 37. 

Sharpies, Alice, loi. 

Sheeres, Capt. Henry, 113. 

Sheppard, Alice 71 ; Edmund, 71 ; 
James, 42 ; Tohn, 71 ; Mary, 71. 

Shercombe, Christian, 24; Henry, 24; 
Joan, 24. 

Sherwell, Maiy, 68 ; Robert, 68. 

Shute, Ann, 36 ; Thomas, 36. 

Sibley, Elizabeth, 109. 

Simcocks. See Symcocks. 

Sindercomb, Rev. Gregory, 102, 103. 

Skinner, Jone, 81. 


Digitized by 


Slade, Edward, 96 ; Elizabeth, 96 ; 

Hugh, 96 ; Maiy, 96 ; Thomas, 96 ; 

WiUiam, 96. 
Slape, Joan, 17 ; John, 17, 69 ; Maiy, 

09 ; reter, 69 ; Richard, 69 ; Robert, 

69 ; Thomas, 69 ; Tristram, 69. 
Slocombe, Chari^, 68; David, 115; 

Eleanor, 115; Elizabeth, 114, 115; 

George, 115 ; Joane, 115 ; John, 115 ; 

Katherine, 115; Richard, 115; Thomas, 

114, 115. 
Sloper, Mary, 6$ $ Simon, 65. 
Smith, Alice, 55 ; Ann, 96 ; Gilbert, 76; 

Rev. John, 55 5 John, 60, 96 ; Mary, 

17, 60, 96; Philip, 96; R., 87; 

Sarah, 87 ; Thomas, to ; William, 

96; ^,7*27,82, 106. 

Smithers, or Smithes, Elizabeth, 66; 

Jane, 51, 66 5 Joane, 66, 67 ; John, 

35» 5*t 67; Judith, 66; Mary, 66; 

Sarah, 66* 
Smythe, Rev. Sir John, 49 ; John, 59^ 
Smythie, George, 77. 
Sneeth, Arthur, III. 
Snell, Bathsheba, 3a 
Somerset See Seymour. 
Sottthcote, Elizabeth, 5a 
Southworth, Edward, 6, 7 ; Elizabeth, 

7 ; Henry, 7, 26, 35 ; Jane, 6, 7 ; 

Johan, 26 ; Margaret, 7 ; Thomas, 7, 

Sparke, Andrew, 71 ; Dorothy, 71 ; 

Sarah, 109. 

Sparling, , 45- 

Sparrow, James, 7| ; Rachel, 75. 
Speed, Aiidrew, 67, 69; Ellinor, 69; 

Hugh, 69 ; Richard, 

Speke, Sir George, 70'; George, 9; 
Hugh, 9 ; John, 9, 73 ; Mary, 9. 

Spering, Elizabeth, 81. 

Squire, Rev. Fn, 84. 

Stake, Henry, 102 ; William, 102. 

Stalling, Giles, 39 ; John, 25 ; Margaret, 
25 ; Sir Nicholas, 39 ; Lady, , 35. 

Stanley, Ann, 65 ; Philip, 65. 

Staples, Joseph, 108. 

SUpleton, Sir Robert, 30 ; Ursola, 30 ; 
Lady, , 30. 

Starr, Mary, 37 ; ^,58. 

Staunton, Richard, 9. 

Staverton, Henry, 72 ; Mabel, 72. 

Stawell, Abigail, 36 ; Edward, 58 ; 
Lady Elizabeth, 56-58 ; George, 58 ; 
Sir John, 56-58 ; Ralph, 36. 

Staymng, Charles, 82. 

Stedman, George, 7o. 

Stephens, Ann, 87; Joane, 51, 57; 
Nathaniel, 87 ; William, 57. 

Stevenson, John, 41 ; Margery, 41. 

Stewkley, Sir Hugh, 83. 

Steynings, Charles, 59; Cicell, 59. 

Stidman, Alice, 65 ; Ann, 65 ; Bridget, 
65 ; Frances, 65 ; George, 65 ; Mar- 
caret, 65 ; Mary, 65 ; Susan, 65. 

Stulard, John, 20. 

Stock, Margaret, 77. 

Stocker, Gertrude, 38 ; John, 38, 73. 

Stokes, , I02, 

Stone, Alice, 23 ; Elizabeth, 39 ; Mary, 

56; William, 56. 
Stonehouae, Dionis, 56, 57; Edward, 

58; George, 56; Sir James, 58; 

Nicholas, 58 ; Walter, 58. 
Stoughton, Mary, 23. 
Stonrton, Lady Agnes, 40 ; Ann, 41 ; 

Cassandra, 40 ; Charles Baron, 40, 41 ; 

Dorothv, 40; Edward, Baron, 40; 

Edward, 40 ; Elizabeth, 41 ; Francis, 

41 ; George, 40; Giles, 40; Grissell, 

41 ; Henry, 41 ; Jane, 40 ; John, 40 ; 

Marnuret, 41 ; Mary, 29, 40 ; Philip, 

40 ; Roger, 40 ; Thomas, 41 ; William, 

Lord, 41 ; William, 40, 41. 
Strachey, Elizabeth, 54 ; John, 54. 
Stradling, Catherine, 87; Sir Edward, 

Strange, Lady Mamret, 76 ; Lord, 76. 
Strangways, Elizabeth, 6; Grace, 6; 

John, 6, 29. 
Strode, Amy, no ; Lady Catherine, 42 ; 

Catherine, 43; Edward, 27, 42, 43, 

51, 112 ; Elizabeth, 51, 66 ; Geoffrey, 

51 ; Sir George, 41 ; George, 51 ; 

Henry, 1 12 ; James, 51 ; Jane, 42»43f 

51; Joane, 51; John, 23, 42, 5M 

Margaret, 102 ; Mary, 66 ; Mercy, 43, 

112 ; Sir Nicholas, 42, 43 ; Rebecca, 

42, 43 ; Sarah, 51 ; Thomas, 76 ; Col. 

William, 42, 43, 66 ; William, 51, 66, 

Stuckey, Hester, 63. 
Studdier, Joan, 68 ; John, 67, 68. 
Style, George, 71 ; Robert, 19. 
Styvard, Edmund, 35 ; John, 35. 
SuUey, John, 28. 

Sulyurd, , 41.- 

Summaster, William, 81. 

Sutton, Alke, 12 ; Sir William, 12. 

Swann, , 107. 

Sweeting, Christopher, 25; Edith, 25; 

Elizabeth, 2^ ; Johane, 25 ; John, 25. 
Sydenham, Alexaiider, 94; Catherine, 

17; Dorothy, 17; George, 28; 

Thomas, 17; Walter, 17. 
Symcocks, Alexander, 12; Alice, li, 

12 ; Ann, 12, 13 ; Christopher, 12, 13; 

Dyer, 12, 13 ; Elizabeth, 12, 13 ; 

Hugh, 12, 13; Humphrey, 12, 13; 

Joane, 12 ; John, 12, 13 ; Katherine, 

12, 13 ; Margaret, 12 ; Mary, 12, 13 ; 

Susan, 12, 13 ; Thomas, 1 1, 12 ; Rev. 

William, 12. 
Symes, Agnes, 27 ; Alice, 27 ; Amy, 93 ; 

Christopher, 27 ; Joan, 27 ; John, 27 ; 

Margaret, 27 ; Rachel, 33 ; Thomas^ 

27; William, 27, 33. 
Symmes, John, 71, 

Tabor, Ellinor, 51. 

Talbot, Elizabeth, 21 ; John, 21 ; Mar- 
wet, 21 ; Maiy, 21 ; Robert, 21, 28; 
Col. , 3a 


Digitized by 


Taike, Elizabeth^ 105 ; Wi]]iain» loj. 
Tanner, John, 9. 
Taunton, Rev. John, 32. 
Tavemer, Judith, 66 ; Mary, 66. 
Taylor, Acnes, 21 ; Elizabeth, 7 ; John, 

7» «i» 38- 

Temys, John, 25. 

Terry, Agnes, 23 ; Christopher, 23 ; 
Florence, 23 ; Francis, 23 ; J oane, 23 5 
Katherine, 23 ; Margaret, 23 ; Nicho- 
las, 23 ; Thomas, 23. 

Thomas, John, 79 ; Rice, 81 ; Thomas, 

Thompson, — , 53. 

Thome, Ann, 10; Arthur, 10; Joane, 
58 ; John, 58 ; Mary, 58 ; Richard, 
58 ; Susan, 10 ; Vincent, 58 ; William, 

38, 58. 

Thorpe, Dorothy, 58 ; Jane, 58. 

Throckmorton, Lady Alice, 105 ; Sir 
Nicholas, loiS ; Thomas, 9a 

Thrupp, John, 49 ; Theophila, 49. 

Thurlbuigh, Rev. Charles, 9a 

Thwaits, Joane, 112; John, iia. 

Thynne, , 91. 

Ticknell, Sibella, loa 

Tillotson, Dr., 52. 

Tilly, Elizabeth, 66, 67 ; John, 66, 67. 

Tinney, Elizabeth, 74 ; Joane, 75 ; Ro- 
bert, 75. 

Tocknell, Edward, 49 ; Mary, 49. 

Tooker. See Tucker. 

Toope, Robert, 95. 

Tovey, Elizabeth, 69. 

Towill, William, 38. 

Towse, Agnes, 71 ; Alexander, 7a ; Ann, 
55 ; Tohn, 55, 71 ; Julian, 71 ; Maria, 
55 ; Mary, 55 ; Tristram, 55, 71, 109, 
112; ,0. . 

Trenchard, Bndget, 32 ; Lady Elizabeth, 
29 ; Sir Thomas, 29, 32, 94. 

Trevelyan, or Trevillian, Agnes, 19-21 ; 
Alice, 19, 20; Amos, 42; Ann, 19, 
20, 44 ; Ajastice, 21 ; Anthony, 21, 83 ; 
Avice, 19 ; Bartholomew, 19 ; Brideet, 
9 ; Catherine, 21 ; Cicely, 21, 83 ; 
Dorothy, 19 ; Edmund, 19 ; Elizabeth, 
SK>> 21, 37 ; Rev. George, 20 ; George, 
19-21, 44, 89 ; Gertrude, 21 ; Henry, 
19, 21 ; Isabel, 19 ; James, 20; Joan, 
19-21; Sir John, 42-44; John, 19-21; 
44, 109, no; Lewis, 19; Mabley, 19, 
Margaret, 44 ; Marmaduke, 9 ; Mary, 
19-21, 43 ; Millicent, 21 ; Nicholas, 
19; Ralph, 19, 20; Richard, 9^ 19, 
20; Robert, 19, 20; Susannah, 44, 
89, 109, no ; Sir Thomas, 37 ; Tho- 
mas, 19-21, 37, 99; Urith, no; Wil- 
liam, 19. 

Trevcr, — , 7« 

Trood, Elizabeth, 78. 

Trott, Rev. John, 15 ; Sarah, 15. 

Trowbridge, Alice, 23; Dorothy, 23; 
John, 23 ; Thomas, 23. 

Troyte, Cecily, 86 ; Rev. Thomas, 86. 

Trudgean, Catherine^ 41. 

Tucker, or Tooker, Alice, in ; Ami, 
ni; Caiy, in; Charles, in; Doro- 
thy, III ; Edward, in $ Eliizabeth, 
in ; Gertrude, 29, in ; Giles, in ; 
Honor, in ; James, in ; Joanna, 
III; John, in; Margaret, in; 
Mary, 56, in ; Samuel, in ; Susanna, 
in; Thomas, in;Trevethy, in; 
Tristram, 29^ 30^ in ; William, in. 

Tuckey, Temperance, 26 ; Thomas, 26. 

Turberville, Cassandra, 40; Elizabeth, 
59 ; Frances, 74 ; George, 74 ; John, 
9, 59 ; Katherine, 39 ; Nicholas, 54 ; 
Thomas, 74; Troilns, 40; William, 

rr59»74. , 

Turner, Charlotte, 44. 

Tuttell, Ann, 65. 

Tuxwell, John, 66 ; Mary, 66. 

Tynte, Edmund, 105 ; Sir Halswdl, 85 ; 
Halswell, 17 ; Sir John, 17 ; John, 
17; Katherine, 105; Robert, 105; 
William, 105 ; , 16, 17. 

Upton, Eli^beth, 13; Geoffrey, 104; 
0^^> x4 ; HeniT, 80 ; Johane, 77 ; 
Katherine, 76 ; Nathaniel, 76 ; Richard^ 
81 ; Tamson, 77 ; Thomasine, 8l. 

Vaux, James, 73. 

Venn, Avis, 49 ; Johane, 25 ; John, 49 ; 

Maude, 25 ; Thomas, 17, 48, 49. 
Venner, Dr. Tobias, 96 ; William, 96u 
Vemai, Elizabeth, 87 ; Sir Hugh, 87. 
Vincent, , 58. 

Wade, Eleanor, 18; Roger, 90. 
Wadham, Alice, 40 ; Elizabeth, 35 ; 

Nicholas, 25 ; , 42. 

Wadman, Edward, 5 ; John, 5 ; Susanna^ 


Waferer, Elizabeth, 85 ; Rev. Dr. Mirth, 

WiJceham, Joan, 77. 

Wakeman, Elizabeth, 3a 

Waldron, Henry, 9. 

Wale, Christopher, 90; Dorothy, 90; 

Elizabeth, 90 ; Maiy, 90 ; Owen, 90 ; 

Susan, 90 ; Thomas, 90, 98. 
Walker, Edward, 24 ; Margaret, 24. 
Walkewood, Maiy, 63 ; Rev. Toby, 

Walrond, Alice^ 47 ; Edward, 46 ; 

George, 46; Gertrude, 52; Grace, 

60 ; Humphrey, 60^ 80^ 90 ; Thomas, 

Walter, Lady Anne, 37; Anne, no; 

Sir John, 37 ; John, iia 

Walters, , 17. 

Walton, Agnes, 56 ; Andrew, 57, 99 ; 

Elizabeth, 26 ; Ellinor, 57 ; James, 

57 ; Melior, 56; Thomas, 56. 
Ward, Alice, 90; Catherine, 90; Jane, 

90; Maiy, 90; Roger, 9a 
Wareham, Acnes, 54 ; Joan, $4 ; John, 

54 ; MagdfUene, 54 ; Richard, 54. 
Warman, Christian, 64 ; Ursula, 64. 


Digitized by 


Waine» Thomas, 73. 

Warneford, Thomas, 3a 

AVarr, Catherine, 8; Edward, 99; Sir 

Francis, 49 ; Joan, 8 ; Sir John, 108 $ 

John, 25 ; Mary, 99 ; Richard, 8 ; 

Roger, 8, 99; Thomas, 8, 92$ William, 

92 ; Lftdy , 44. 
"Warren, Ann, 24 ; Matthew, 99 ; Susan, 


Washer, , 3. 

Watkins, Anne, 105, 106; Elizabeth, 
106; Humphrey, 104; Joseph, 106$ 
Maigaret, 68 ; Mary, 15, 26 ; Richard, 
25 ; Rowland, 15 ; WiUiam, 26. 

Watson, John, 1 10. 

Watts, Agnes, 14 ; Andrew, 57 ; Ann, 

14, 65, no; Arthur, 14; Dorothy, 

15, 65 ; Edith, 65 ; Edmund, 14, 15 ; 
Edward, 14 ; Eleanor, 15 ; Elizabeth, 
14, 15, 64, 65 ; Erasmus, 14 ; Hugh, 
65 ; Israel, 24; James, 57 ; Joan, 14, 

39 ; John, 14, 1$, 39 » Maiy, 15, 39, 
65; Nicholas, 39, 64, 6$; Peter, 15; 
Rebecca, 65 ; Richaid, 65 ; Samuel, 

I4» I5> 97; Thomas, 15; William, 

Wayett, Gertrude, 8o. 

Weare, Humphrey, 57 ; Tobias, 15. 

Webbe, Agnes, 23; Alice, 235 Bene- 
dict, 23 ; Dorothy, 66 ; Martha, 2^. 

Webber, Alexander, 9, 38; Christian, 
9; Edward, 9, 115; Grace, 9; Jane, 
9; John, 9; Jonc» 9; Mary, 38, 96; 
Robert, 78 ; Thomas, 96 ; William, 9, 

38, 99 ; , 3«. 

Webley, Mary, 67 ; William, 67. 
Weekes, Ann, 64 ; Joane, 64 ; Maigaxet, 

64 ; Richard, 64. 
Wells, Frances, 73. 
Welsh, Christian, 70 ; John, 99 ; William, 

Welstead, Ann, 36 ; Robert, 36. 

West, , 84. 

Westcote, Humphrey, 19. 

Weston, Anne, 113 ; Thomas, 113. 

What . . ., William, 3a 

Wheeler, Ajm, 38 ; Mary, 113. 

Whitbonme^ John, 4. 

Whitcombe, Christian, 51 ; Dorothy, 51 ; 

Hugh, 51 ; Joan, 51. 
White, Charles, 73 ; Elizabeth, 30^ 56, 

73 ; Frances, 44 ; George, 3«, 34t 3S; 

Henry, 113; Ignatius, 73; John, 73, 

105 ; Martin, 73 5 Maiy, 32, 34, 105 ; 

Philip, 56; Richard, 75 ; Robert, 30; 

Sarah, 30 ; Dr. Thomas, 44 ; Thomas, 

jo; Wmifired, 73. 
Whitelocke, Robert, 102. 
Whiting, Arthur, 64 ; Catherine, 64 ; 

Emblem, 63 ; Geom, 64 ; Hercules, 

64; Isabella, 63; John 26, 63, 77; 

Mary, 64 ; Richazd, 63 ; Robert, 75. 
Whitmore, William, i6. 
Wilde, Agnes, 14 ; Francis, 14 ; John, 

14 ; William, 14* 
Wilford, f 41. 

Wilkins, John, 81. 

Wilkinson, Rev. John, 57, 58. 

Willcoz, Jane, 37. 

Willett, Agnes, 77 ; Alice, 76, 77 5 Ann, 
77 ; Edith, 76, 77 ; Elizabeth, 76, 77; 
Grace, 77 ; Johan, 77 ; John, 76, 77 > 
Market, 77 ; Margery, 77 5 Maiy, 76, 
77 ; Richard, 76, 77 ; Thomas, 76, 77 ; 
William, 76, 77. 

Williams, Adam, 95 ; Arthur, 95 ; Eliza- • 
bcth, 30 ; Joan, 95 ; Rice, 30 ; Roger, 
•50; Thomas, 95 ; , 7, 72. 

Willoughby, Alice, 1 12, 1 13 ; Lady Anne, 
94; Anne, 113; Bamfield, 113; Bar- 
ban, 113; Christopher, 113; Edith, 
113) Sir Edward, 94; Elinor, 113; 
Elizabeth, 113, 114; Emeley, 113; 
Sir George, 113; Geoi]ee, 113; Her- 
cules, 113 ; Jane, 113 5 Sir John, 113; 
John, 8, 113; Katherine, 1x3; Mary, 
X13; Michael, 1 13$ Richard, 113, 114; 
Robert, 113; Thomas, 113 ; William, 
112-114; 131. 

Wills, Agnes, 112; Bridget, 112; Fran- 
cis, 112; John, 112. 

Wilmot, Edward, 104. 

Wilshere, Eleanor, 63 ; William, 63. 

Wiltshire, Rebecca, 102 ; Robert, 102. 

Winchester. See Paulett. 

Windham. See Wyndham. 

Windsor, Lord, 92. 

Wines. See Wyne. 

Winter, Ann, 92; Arthur, 94; Edmund, 
94; Edward, 16, 91; Eleanor, 94; 
George, 92; Jane, 91; John, 92, 
94; Maiy, 91, 92, 94; Richard, 94; 
Thomas, 91; William, yi, g4. See 

Winterhaye, Elizabeth, 89 ; Frances, 89 ; 
John, 89. 

Wisdom, , 102. 

Wise, , 106. 

Wogan, John, 28 ; Mary, 28. 

Woffe, Matthew, 15; MUes, iSt 35» 97- 

Wood, Amy, 79, 80 ; Ann, 79 ; Bridget, 
80; Brian, 83; Catherine, 78; Cecilia, 
83 ; Charles, 83 ) Dordthy, 48, 79, 80; 
Edward, 77; Helen, 80; Henry, 77, 
77» 83 ; 

80; Tristram, 48, 77-80; Wilmot, 78, 


Woodall, Mary, 77. 

Woodfoid, Robert, 47. 

Woodward, John, 18 ; Joyce, 52 ; New- 
ton, 18. 

Wooker, Ellinor, 84. 

Woolcot, John, 69. 

Wootton, Elizabeth, 62; Frances, 62; 
Grace, 62; Humphrey, 63; Mary, 62; 
Richard, 62. 

Worcestor, Elizabeth, Countess o( 94. 

Womell, Agnes, 10 ; AnstK^ 10 1 Eli- 
sabeth, 10; Florence, 10; FranceB, 
10; Frideswide^ 10; Jaiiies« 9^10; 


Digitized by 


Jane, lo; John, 9, lo; Jonc, 9; 
Joseph, 10 ; Joyce, 9 ; Margaret, 10 ; 
Mary, 10 ; Philippa, 10 ; Samuel, 10; 
Thomas, la 

Worsley, John, 90. 

Worth, Agatha, 82 ; Alexander, 83, 83 ; 
Andrew, 82 ; Angett, 82 ; Arthur, 81 ; 
Christian, 83, ^; Cicely, 83, 83; 
Dorothv, 93; Elizabeth, 81-835 El- 
linor, 02 ; Hannah, 83 ; Henry, 81, 
84 ; Hugh, 82 ; Joan, 81, 82 ; Rev. 
John, 82; John, 81-84; Maria, 83; 
Mary, 81-83; Richard, 81, 82; Sarah, 
82-84 > Simon, 81 ; Susanna, 84 ; 
Thomas, 81, 83, 84; Ursula, 81; 
Walter, 82; WiUiam, 81-83; Wini- 
fred, 81. 

Wrey, Lady, 44. 

Wroth, Lady Ann, 85, 86 ; Ann, 87 ; 
Anthony, 87; Cicely, 85, 86, 89; 
Edward, 84, 87 ; Lady Elizabeth, 86, 
87; Elizabeth, 85-89; Jeane, 87; 
Joanna, 86 ; Sir John, 84-86 ; John, 
84, 86, 87 ; Lady Margaret, 86, 87 ; 
Lady Mary, 86; Sir Peter, 84, 86, 
87 ; Peter, 87 ; Sophia, 85, 86 ; Sir 

Thomas, 84-89 ; Thomas, 85-87 ; , 

81. . 

Wroughton, Ann, 91 ; Thomas, 91. 

Wykes, Edward, 28, 95. 

Wylett, Dorothy, 66 ; John, 66 ; Mary, 

Wyndham, or Windham, Alice, 44, 45 ; 
Ann, 43, 45, 86 ; Barbara, 45 ; Beata, 
44; Lady Catherine, 42; Catherine, 
42, 45 ; Sir Charles, 44 ; Charles, 44 ; 
Charlotte, 44; Christabella, 43, 45, 

71 ; Christian, 45 ; Sir Edmund, 44, 
79; Edmund, 42-45, 71, 72; Sir Ed- 
ward, 42 ; Elizabeth, 41-43 ; Lady 
Frances, 73 ; Frances, 39, 4245, 85 ; 
Sir Francis, 43, 44; Francis, 39, 41- 
45, 87; Lady Henrietta, 44; Hen- 
rietta, 45; Henry, 45; Hester, 45 J 
Sir Hugh, 41 ; Brigadier Hugh, 43 ; 
Hugh, 39, 43; Humphrey, 41-43 5 
Lady James, 44 ; Jane, 41-45 ; Joan, 
42, 43 ; Sir John, 32, 41 ; CoL John, 
42 ; John, 41-45 ; Lucy, 44 ; Mabel, 
72 ; Margaret, 32, 42 ; Lady Margery, 
41 ; Maria, 44 ; Mary, 42-45 ; Mercy, 
42, 43 ; Rachel, 32, 39, 43 ; Rebecca, 
41-43 ; Richard, 45 ; Sarah, 45 ; 
Thomas, Baron, 45 ; Rt. Hon. Thomas, 
83 ; Thomas, 32, 4I-46, 72 ; Sir Wad- 
ham, 45 ; Wadham, 42, 45, 86 ; Sir 
William, 41, 42, 73, 85, 87, SS; WU- 
liam, 41-43, 45 ; Winifred, 43 ; Yate- 
ley, 32 ; Zacharias, 41. 

Wyne, John, 18 ; Theophila, 18. 

Wynter, Sir George, 92 ; Lady Mary, 
92. See Wmter. 

Yea, David, 114; Jane, 2t. 

Yeates, Daniel, 105; Elizabeth, 105; 

Thomas, 105. 
Yede, John, 9 ; Jone, 9. 
Young, James, 44 ; John, 31, 33 ; Pelle- 

grino, 49 ; Rachel, 33 ; Theophila, 49 ; 

Major-Gen. , 44. 

Younge, Rev. Nicholas, 96; Thomas, 


Zonch, Rev. Henry, 4. 

E&RATUM.— p. 128, 1. 27, for Jane, 113, mn/Jane, no. 


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